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Jan 15, 2018
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

KA Engineering Chainrings and Pulley Wheels

Ka Engineering

• Aluminum pulley wheels for 12-speed SRAM Eagle rear derailleurs
• Machined from 7075- T651 aluminum alloy and anodized
• Available in 12 colors.
• Weight: 21g with caps
• Upper pulley has a 12 tooth flat profile, the lower has a 14 tooth narrow/wide profile.
• €64.99

Ka Engineering

• 7075-T651 alloy chainring
• Variable offset depending on the chainring size
• GXP and Cinch direct mount options
• 12 anodized color choices
• All rings are 1x10, 1x11 and Eagle 12-speed compatible.
• €56.00

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesKA Engineering is a technological company that produces hi-end titanium and aluminium cycling components. KA does everything from machining and anodizing to packaging products inside their factory in Kiev, Ukraine.

iXS Trigger Protective Jersey

iXS Trigger protective jersey

• Removable Xmatter protective foam at back and shoulder
• NockOut absorbent padding at chest and rips
• Lightweight, compact, moisture wicking and breathable
• EN1621-2:2014 L1 (Back) / EN1621-1:1997 (Elbow) certified.

iXS Trigger protective jersey

• FlexZip, stretchable YKK zipper for increased ergonomic comfort
• Sizes: XS - XXL, also available in kids sizes
• €229

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Trigger upper protective jersey is designed for heavier terrain and competition. It features a certified Xmatter protective foam where heavy impacts must be absorbed such as back and shoulders, along with elbow protection. A NockOut absorbent padding protects the chest and ribs. A tight fit, an ergonomic cut and a high level of moisture wicking and breathability provide a high level of comfort and safety. 

BTR Trail Tool and Tough Rake

Check Out January - BTR Trail Tool

• 185 x 250mm Trail Tool head
• Both tools are zinc plated with hexavalent passivation
• Sharp edge for digging and chopping roots
• Toothed edge for raking and breaking soil
• Flat face for tamping down
• Lock holes for security
• Handmade by Burf and Tam in the UK
• £75 GBP

Check Out January - BTR Tough Rake

• 125 x 400mm Tough Rake head
• Both tools are supplied with a 30mm diameter, 1.4m long wooden handle
• Toothed edge for raking and breaking soil
• Reinforced back & flat face for tamping down
• Straight back for smoothing soil
• £80 GBP

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThere’s no point in having bombproof bikes if you don’t have the right tracks to ride them on; that’s why we made this take on the McLeod tool.

Raking, chopping, digging, packing down… We haven’t found anything more versatile than the Trail Tool! It’s a tough tool, built to last – its 30mm diameter handle too. Oh, and those holes are for locking it to a tree so you can leave it trailside for next time.

Built for breaking up, moving and packing down soil, the Tough Rake comes into its own when building dirt jumps and trails. Its 40cm wide head takes the hard work out of dragging earth and sculpting contours. The teeth are aggressive enough to bite into and move packed soil, and the straight back creates smooth lines with ease. Once you’ve created the shape you want, the Tough Rake is strong enough to tamp down your creation.

Mr Wolf 'Recchie Handguards

Check Out January - Mr. Wolf Recchie

• Guards to protect hands and controls
• Injection molded plastic
• Black or white base colors
• 13x accent colors
• 148 grams
• Made in Italy
• €49

From the manufacturer:
bigquotes'Recchie is a product designed for rider safety and to protect the most exposed parts on your bike: hands and brakes.

'Recchie design provides high protection, smoothly integrated into bike balance and geometry. Its ribs and tapers, studied in detail, make ‘Recchie durable and lightweight.

'Recchie completely protects the rider’s hands and continues to develop horizontally until it covers the brake levers and cables.

Vaude Moab Pro 22L Pack

Check Out January - Vaude Moab Pro 22L

• Ergonomic suspension system
• Ortema CB1 light, multi-layer protector TÜV/GS tested
• Adjustable hipbelt
• Volume: 22L
• Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 19 cm
• Load range: 3 - 8 kg
• Weight: 1565 grams
• Eco-friendly and fair manufacturing
• Royal blue and green / black
• €200

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Moab Pro has your back covered on tour. Technically demanding cyclists can really count on this lightweight protector backpack. The ergonomic body-contact suspension system with integrated impact protection offers a close fit to protect your vertebral column, and has an adjustable hip belt that can be adapted to your body size for custom-fitting comfort and protection. The shoulder straps and wide hip belt are made from air permeable, stretchy material to help ensure a perfect fit and best stability on rough terrain. Organizer pockets in the main compartment and front compartment as well as side mesh pockets keep your things organized and easily accessible en route. The divided tool compartment in the bottom of the pack can be removed if needed.

Renthal Push-On Ultra Tacky Grip

Check Out January - Renthal Push On Ultra Tacky

• Exclusive Ultra Tacky compound
• Knurled grip section for ultimate control
• Block pattern outer edge for durability
• Medium flange for added control and shifter compatibility
• 135mm length
• Secure, expander end-plugs
• Double grooved for grip-wire
• MSRP - £11.95 / $15.95

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesFollowing demand from our World Cup DH and EWS riders, we have developed this Ultra Tacky compound version of our popular Push-On grip.

Developed over the last two race seasons, the grips has been used with great success. MS Mondraker athlete Danny Hart used this grips to secure numerous DH World Cup wins and a World Championship. And in EWS, Commencal Vallnord’s Cecile Ravanel has totally dominated the 2017 season, using the Renthal Push-On Ultra Tacky grip.

Renthal's unique and exclusive Ultra Tacky compound constantly produces and renews a sticky surface coating. The resulting adhesive grip surface massively increases control and reduces fatigue. If the grip loses its stickiness, simply wash with clean water and allow the grips to air dry to re-activate. The sticky surface remains active in wet or dry conditions and works equally well with or without gloves. The Ultra Tacky compound gives ultimate control in all conditions.

The dual stage pattern of the Push-On grip offers maximum grip, performance and durability, whilst retaining rider feel.

Renthal Push-On grips are designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer.

Onza Aquila

Check Out January - Onza Aquila

• Aaron Gwin signature DH tire
• Size: 27.5x2.40
• ETRTO:62-584
• Weight: 1325g
• Price: $85 USD (GRP 40) / $80 (RC2 45a)

Check Out January - Onza Aquila

• Casing DHC
• TPI: 40x40
• Bead Steel/Wire
• Rubber: VISCO GRP 40 / RC2 45a

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesTogether with Aaron Gwin we have developed the Aquila, a thoroughbred downhill tire, designed for the toughest World Cup tracks. Like the birds of prey in their environment, Aaron is top of the pack, choosing only the best equipment he can get. Downhill tracks of the world, be warned!

The Aquila has landed.

MENTIONS: @iXSsports, @BTRfabrications, @renthalcycling, @KaEngineering


  • + 217
 Gonna zip ty those hand guards on my wrist backwards to keep myself from jerking off so much.
  • + 5
 You made my day man
  • + 3
  • + 7
 I'm going to do it as per normal to stop people trying to stop me!
  • + 2

How can you see with palms so hairy?
  • + 1
 If there's a will, there's a way my man
  • + 53
 $135 Canadian for a rake. Seems a bit expensive.
  • + 21
 Buy cheap, buy twice
  • + 15
 @mattvanders: Buy nice or buy twice.
  • + 102
 @mattvanders: Buy cheap. Stash on side of trail.
  • + 126
 @mattvanders: Buy 13 1/2 rakes at normal price and get all your friends to help build the trail, then go for a rip 13.5x sooner.
  • + 6
 Mines has been through two harsh winters outside and is still going strong, best piece of equipment you can buy.
  • + 14
 @mattvanders: I'm a big fan of the buy once cry once rule.....but I don't really feel like it applies to rakes.
  • + 24
 I have my $10 Canadian tire rake for 20 years. It gets used. A rake is a rake. Rakes get hidden on the trail. No one wants to carry a rack back and forth.
  • - 70
flag employee7 (Jan 15, 2018 at 15:09) (Below Threshold)
 @happychucky: Anyone bitching about the cost of a nice trail building tool doesn't build. A $10 Canadian tire rake won't build a trail worth riding.
  • + 29
 @employee7 ouch did I hurt someone feelings. Yep one need a 135 rake to build a proper trail and maybe 100 gloves to and 2000 chainsaw and a 300 dollar wheelbarrow. The dirt needs the best on those tails. Smile
  • - 63
flag employee7 (Jan 15, 2018 at 15:16) (Below Threshold)
 @happychucky: No hurt feelings at all. Enjoy riding that freshly raked walmart parking lot.
  • + 17
 @employee7: ok will do.....We are not as classy here on the island as those in rest of Canada I guess.
  • + 37
 anyone that thinks 135 bucks for a rake is reasonable is an idiot. ... check this out... the pyramids were built, the panama canal dug, and holes for snitches scooped with standard tools. im sure a friging bike trail for dorks can be maintained with them too. sorry if reality bops someones ego, or id, or whatever.
  • + 13
 @Zimm0326: now thats some perspective
  • + 6
 Only rich people can afford to buy cheap tools.
  • + 26
 @otto99: next time you pass fellas in the highway laborors union, stop and marvel at their skills with a rake and spade.... maybe stop and ask. say "hey, i ride a 7000 dollar trek, and i cant figure out how to work that. where is the titanium anodized molded second generation so its grams lighter starter lever? is that shovel boost? if not it may be too flexy for me to plow this chunder. theres a new standard, you know"
  • + 8
 @Zimm0326: thanks for the laugh. That is funny and sums up the whole biking industry these days.
  • + 4
 Slap an Enduro sticker on it, instant best seller! I’m sure those Flow trail builders will be happy! Most of the trails in Santa Cruz are now groomed so I ditch my Nomad for a 5010!
  • + 1
 bought a good one for 80$ 5 years ago hah it's still going strong
  • + 5
 @employee7: you better stop riding just about every trail you ride then!!
  • - 18
flag employee7 (Jan 15, 2018 at 18:23) (Below Threshold)
 @mhoshal: which trail do I ride that was built with a $10 rake.
  • + 8
 @Zimm0326: Reminds me of what else can be done with a spade. I saw this article a couple weeks ago -

SLAUGHTERED BY A SPADE - Brit SAS soldier ‘decapitated ISIS fighter with a SPADE after running out of bullets during six-hour battle’

That's one useful spade.
  • - 21
flag employee7 (Jan 15, 2018 at 18:33) (Below Threshold)
 @Zimm0326: I guess I am saying if you have spent time building you can appreciate a quality tool. But you are right. If we only had a large indigenous population to exploit we could build great things with standard tools.
  • + 2
 @employee7: probably all of them lol
  • - 16
flag employee7 (Jan 15, 2018 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 @mhoshal: I mostly ride trails I have built myself.....with a $60 McLeod and a $70 machete. All you losers keep complaining about the price of things. That’ll show em.
  • + 5
 No kidding. What can this rake do that my rake can't, at almost $100 difference? I'll take whatever roughness or whatever results from using cheaper tools. If you can call yourself a mountain biker, you should be able to ride such crap without complaining anyway.
  • + 13
 @Zimm0326: pyramids were made by aliens.
  • + 2
 @onemind123: it's true that modern archeologists cannot account for the scale and precision of the great pyramids in Egypt, with the tools that were available to the people at that time.

Computer analysis also has proven that based on the weather wear patterns of the limestone they have to be at least 10,000 to 13,000 years old. As opposed to mainstream belief of 4,000 years old.

The ancients had an very advanced knowledge of the stars and planetary movements.

Another crazy thing the ancient Egyptians figured out,
was that Sirius is a 3 star system (not binary but Sirius A,B, & C) and that the 3rd star was made up of the heaviest matter in the universe.

It wasn't until around 1986 when French astronomers discovered Sirius C, using radio telescopes. Confirming what the ancients already had carved on the walls..

Interesting stuff
  • + 5
 @employee7: you sound like a rich ignorant jackass "loser"
  • + 1
 Lamberton rake for $40 is still the best deal out there.
  • - 2
 that stupid foxy is expensive, the rake or the tool are actually pretty cool. Handmade and built to last. In my experience regular rakes and shovels do not cope very well with trailwork. usually they break very fast. The only downside is you would not want to leave that thing out on the trail. If some of you do not have a birthdaypresent for me yet, i got a tip for you.
  • + 1
 @mhoshal: and yet, he's just an employee! lol
  • + 3
 @otto99: I got one of these (the german version). Actually spadefights were pretty common in WW 2 -hence a lot of the soldiers sharpened theirs.Anyways those spades are foldable, short and not very good for bigger trailworks. At the beginning of the year i carry mine around to eliminate the biggest traildamage (and isis fighters). still want that btr thing
  • + 2
 @employee7: wow. These tools make one Canadian that has never used a shovel, the equivalent of 100000 slaves! F’n A, I’m wrong! It’s a goddam bargain! I bet these were the secret weapons that built the British empire! And now they only want 135! It makes me suspect they are hiding an even more amazing rake for introduction next year, that has more Tavel and pedals even better.... damn, I’m starting to confuse groundbreaking improvements with tools for groundbreaking.
  • + 2
 @otto99: For those interested in expanding their ssd, Joe Rogan podcasts has a few guests speaking on this (Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, John Anthony West) and more interesting subjects like physics, astrophysics, health, and just plain enertainment..
  • + 1
 @Relayden: LOVE the Joe Rogan Podcast, especially that episode with Graham Hancock. So many insanely good guests... Jordan Peterson is another favorite guest on his podcast.
  • + 24
 "Like the birds of prey in their environment, Aaron is top of the pack, choosing only the best equipment he can get"

Do birds of prey hunt in packs now? Do any wild animals, birds of prey or otherwise, choose only the best equipment?
  • + 1
 Hopefully they spent more time on those tires than they did on that sentence.
  • + 14
 $80 to bling out your rear derailleur pulley's? Or is there some added function to KA's part that I am missing. I'm all about the bling factor ... but $80 nearly buys you a gx eagle derailleur to have on stand by for when your fancy derailleur gets claimed victim by some West Virginia rocks
  • + 5
 Yeah, I can't bring myself to buy pulleys. I'm just gonna smash the derailleur anyways.
  • + 74
 or you could get majority ownership of a REALLY nice rake. your choice.
  • + 8
 will a pulley make my 2008 maverick shred?
  • + 5
 Don’t be silly. These aren’t for people that actually ride their bike. Cue dentist jokes.
  • + 1
 @Zimm0326: wow i miss mine -it was stolen afew years ago.wild but cool thing. whats the name of yours? mine was called "watt" and had a bulb painted to the downtube
  • + 1
 Wait, where was that PB article about those "gold" pulley wheels, that were said to be expensive. Weren't they like half the price? lol
  • + 1
 @phile99: This comment won for me... thank you.
  • + 14
 Expensive consumable parts, Tron vest, expensive rake, handguards, pensioners rucksack, BMX push on grips. Who buys this stuff?
  • + 5
  • + 7
 Scary thing is that somebody is! If I ever get to the stage where I'm wearing a shit storm trooper vest on at the trail head, cut my brake hoses and let me end it all.
  • + 3
 @RedBurn: um.... do i have to take back my padded shirt?
  • + 14
 Those aquilas are remarkably similar to minion dhfs..
  • + 27
 Arron "No thanks maxis thats not enough money."
Shortly after... "Hey your tires suck Onza, do you think you could make a DHF and I'll endorse it as my signature tire so I can take a percentage of the sales?"
  • - 4
flag pinnityafairy (Jan 15, 2018 at 14:21) (Below Threshold)
 Not even close. Maxxis Minions on Jenson are $49 and weigh hi 900g
  • + 2
 all dry "DH" tires are exactly the same. Get the one you like the name of
  • + 8
 But these have green logos! That’s worth at least $20 right there! And that extra weight is a strength training feature they forgot to include in the bullet points.
  • + 10
 did any of you losers watch Mont Sainte Anne in 2017?
  • + 1
 @properp: dh casing DHF MaxxGripp is around the same weight really.
  • + 11
 @hamncheez: no I was too busy playing with sharpies
  • + 5
 @hamncheez: bitch I was there
  • + 2
 Wtf how did that post so many times. Sorry pb, that was not expected
  • + 5
 @mangler: how many DHF clones are there now?: G5, Butcher, Onza...
  • + 4
 @e-loop: they go away when you refresh the page. Look now...
  • + 1
 @e-loop: we gotta tighten up the border to keep yous types out
  • + 4
 @ikaika: Forget “looks like a session.” I think the new phrase ought to be “looks like a minion”
  • + 2
 I saw the picture of the aquilas and thought they put a pic of the current Specialized Butchers up by mistake.
  • + 2
 @ikaika: onza Aquila, ibex and citrus. Bonty g4 and g5, wtb Convict. E13 TRS. . . .and on and on.
  • + 1
 Can't believe still that bike tires cost roughly the same amount as tires for my car
  • + 0
 @dro-cfr: shitty tires for your car... Good car tires cost a lot more than good MTB tires.
  • + 11
 Does that $9100 Mondraker come with a rake?
  • + 19
 People who buy $9k bikes don't build trails.
  • + 2
 @colincolin: most but not all people that ride bikes do not build Trail. NO DIG NO RIDE
  • + 6
 I know it's rude, but you better be going Sam Hill fast or something close to use hand guards. Otherwise I'm chirping you on the way by.
  • + 2
 Ever ridden in the Southwest US or Mexico? Cactus, prickly pear, yucca, Joshua tree. A cactus quill in the knuckle is no fun at any speed.
  • + 6
 $138Aus dollar for some folded steel at the end of a wooden pole.
Could someone confuse me with engineering speak to make me want a BTR piece of folded steel... sorry, rake.
  • + 5
 To read a quote from the Maxxis website, “The Standard; often imitated, never duplicated.” I guess they were right, those aquilas are the same damn tire, but 20 bucks more because they’re Aaron's signature.
  • + 4
 If i remeber correctly, the newest vittoria tires (morsa etc) are designed by the same guy who worked on the maxxis.
  • + 1
 @RedRedRe: I believe the goma/morsa line were designed by Colin Bailey. However, The Martello/Mota definitely look like they were designed with Schwalbe designs in mind. Martello/Mota are awesome tires btw.
  • + 7
 Wait, so push on grips are back in? My lock on grips are obsolete?
  • + 4
 i seriously just cut mine off for ergons two weeks ago. ... and shezimm wonders why i wont toss my polyester leisure suits. ... mother....
  • + 6
 They went obsolete for me when I figured out I could buy 5 sets of comfy grips for one pair of comfy lockons. At the rate I go through grips, thats an extra case of beer every few weeks.
  • + 1
 @CruJonez: I love my "regular" grips in the dry, but can't stop them spinning in the wet, I do use hairspray.
Wiring them on seems like too much effort, compared to lock-ons, what's the hot tip?

I do try not to ride in the wet, but my local races don't stop for rain
  • + 3
 @andrew9: Just get lock ons... Sensus Disisdaboss grips are awesome! Plus there are so many other lock-on grips out there that will be just as good if not better than your "regular grips".
  • + 2
 @andrew9: Wiring them is not actually not bad once you have the correct wire, gotta be stainless. Regular ole pliers work fine too. Twist it around a few times, snip the end and push it into the grip.

I guess if you're changing grips a lot it could be a pita, but you'll get really good at it!
  • + 1
 @andrew9: spray paint is the hot tip
  • + 5
 how bout a sub 50$ checkout? Beer is a perfectly ok example of a great 50$ option, cause who doesn't want a 2-4
  • + 4
 For 50$ you could nearly get 2 2-4. Unless you live in one of those “can’t buy beer at the grocery store” provinces...
  • + 2
 My GX Eagle jockey wheels stuffed up, jammed and ruined a 3 week old mech. I could drop nearly $130 AUD to replace the flimsy stock wheels, but I'm gonna just go back to 11spd until SRAM sort their crap out.
  • + 2
 Can you please also specify the diameter of grips from now on?
This might be even more important than the length (more than 130mm anyway).
  • + 3
 Yo! Renthal, can you make a 'lock on' version of Kevlar full waffle MX grip for MTB?
  • + 0
 Thanks iXS! With your all new vest I can now fully transition into a bionic man. I will now be sending the largest road gaps on my e-mountain bike knowing that I cannot get hurt! This opportunity for riding features I otherwise have no business attempting is one that I won't take for granted. I will be attempting a backflip off of a 2ft tall wood kicker I built in my garage today!
  • + 1
 i just want to take a chance and say i have been on the onza ibex (freeride casing) for the past while. they are really good tires. i have a tendency of tearing tires and the ibex has taken a beating and still running fine.
  • + 4
 I'm on the Ibex, and the casing is great, tough, and supportive in the corners at reasonable pressures. However, the tread pattern both rolls slowly and doesn't grip super well compared to a Maxis.
  • + 2
 @hamncheez: I have ridden the Ibex in 2.4 along with a her not-recognized sister, the Maxxis HR2. The Ibex had better traction and cornering IMHO, that's why I mounted it on the front and relegated the HR2 to the back. I couldn't stand the Maxxis in 3C Maxxterra slipping off every wet/slick rock and root. The Ibex felt tacked to the ground for comparison.
  • + 3
 These hipster tools are outrageous! Are they also vegan friendly?
  • + 2
 We gave Ukraine billions for defense, the least they could do is give us a $40.00 chain ring.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 made my day
  • + 1
 Those pulley wheels would look good on DJ Khaled's necklace. Fine metalcraft.
  • + 1
 Not quite a seamless Google translate for the Mr Wolf 'Recchie Handguards propaganda. The website is no better.
  • + 1
 300$ pulley wheels! any for my sram 9speed XO?
  • + 1
 "hexavalent passivation"

  • + 0
 I thought ONZA also manufactures Maxxis tires?
  • + 3
 No, Cheng Shin.
  • + 1
 Dem prices though Blank Stare
  • + 1
 Onza MinQuila...

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