Check Out - March

Mar 8, 2016
by Paul Aston  
Checkout Logos

Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

Knog POP Lights DUO - http bike lights fun-bike-lights pop-duo.html

Knog POP Lights DUO

• Front - 35 lumens / Rear 5 lumens
• Dimensions : 25 x 25x 75 mm
• 1x AA Battery
• Run time: 6.4 hrs (steady/low), 100 hrs (eco flash)
• Side illumination gives riders 180° visibility
• Tool-less attachment
• Six colours
• Price: €29.90 / $33.00 USD
Knog POP Lights DUO - http bike lights fun-bike-lights pop-duo.html

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWhat's loved by some, might not be so loved by others. So instead of compromising, we at knog have made 10x designs for three lights. Some are mild. Some are wild! But the striking form does not outshine the excellent function. Super bright, AA battery-powered, long runtimes, replaceable straps, and side illumination. So whoever you are, find your POP!

VP Aim Pedals

• Die-Cast Aluminum body
• Forged and heat treated CNC machined Cromoly Axle
• 105 x 105 x 18 mm platform
• Replaceable steel traction pins
• Rebuild Kit available
• Weight: 425g
• Black or silver
• Price: $60 USD
VP AIM pedals - http vp-aim
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesLots of foot huggin lovin and a natural connection to your bike.. thats what you get from VP's all new, dual concave platform design. VP-Aim was developed with input from both top free riders and local soul riders to deliver the right feeling of control and security at the right price. It's still thin, it's still stylish, and it can take all the beating that you can give it and keep rolling on.

Black Spire Crusher Guard

• CNC'd 6061 T-6 Guide Frame
• Lightweight molded thermoplastic component
• Beavertail bashguard protects your teeth
• Fits 26 - 32t or 32 - 38t rings
• All Mountain/XC Racing
• ISCG 05
• Weight: 83g(38t), 76g(32t)
• Colors: Black, Lime Green, Orange, Blue, White & Red
• Price: $49 USD
Blackspire Crusher chain and Chainring protector - http Home
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesFollowing the Bruiser guard, which has been so successfully around the world for the last two years, Black Spire introduces the Crusher, a frame mounted protector designed to eliminate as much lower pivot interference as possible, yet provide maximum protection for chain rings.

AVS Racing Hand Guards

• Aluminium support
• Plastic moulded hand guards
• Optional decals
• Mix and match colour options
• Price: €54.95 / €64.95 with decals
AVS Racing hand guards
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThrough my experience in motorcycle development and my passion and knowledge in mountain biking, I developed in collaboration with top riders including Nicolas Vouilloz, the AVS Racing Hand Guards. Designed to protect levers and hands from branches and other disruptive elements while giving your bike a new modern look! Designed by Arnaud Vincent, a former 125cc motorcycle World Champion in 2002.

Rockwell Coliseum

• The Coliseum: Designed to take gladiator level of use and abuse.
• Water Resistance to 100m
• Dual Time Zone
• Chronograph with 50­ lap memory
• Countdown timer
• Case construction is ABS
• The stadium­size bezel helps protect the lens from scratching
• Price: $109 USD­

Rockwell Coliseum watch

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesRockwell Time sponsors Aaron Gwin, a professional downhill mountain biker from Morongo Valley, California. He is a three-time World Cup overall champion and rocks the Coliseum when he trains and competes.

Reverse RCC 790 SEISMIC Handlebar

• Carbon 100% - modified Layup
• Width: 790mm
• Clamp diameter: Ø 31,8mm
• Upsweep: 5° / Backsweep: 9°
• Rise: 10mm / 25mm
• Weight: 195g (+/- 5% production tolerance)
• Finish: Glossy Carbon and Flat Carbon
• Price: €169,90 ($187 USD approx)

Reverse RCC 790 Seismic Handlebar

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Seismic is our newest handlebar and features our Seismic - technology. We developed this technology over the last two years on request of our race team for a handlebar with appropriate self-damping. We were able to draw on the extensive testing of the EFBe testing laboratory to meet the desire for less arm-pump without compromising the durability of the bar. This handlebar is used by our Solid-Reverse Factory Team with Morgane Charre in the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup.

Reverse Black-One 50mm Stem

• Aluminum 6061 T6
• Length: 50mm
• Clamp Diameter: Ø 31,8mm
• Angle: 0°
• Steer Tube: 1,1/8"
• Weight: 144g (+/- 5% production tolerance)
• Finish: Anodized with Water Transfer Decals
• Price: €84,90 ($95 USD approx)

Reverse Black One Stem

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesOur Black One Enduro stem is designed to meet the changing demands of our customers. The Enduro sport has evolved from a niche sport to an aggressive race format and the bikes have changed as well, as the riding moved to a different level. That is why we decided to build the stem on the safe side of things rather than shaping the last gram off. The stem features a wider clamp width to handle even the widest bars.

Leatt DBX Mountain Lite 2.0

• 2.0L Flat CleanTech bladder & 1.0L luggage
• CE tested and certified as impact protection: Back EN1621-2 Level 1
• Ultra lightweight durable outer shell
• Unique light weight chest harness
• Lightweight helmet carrier system
• Dual hydration tube exit for 2-way routing
• Mesh storage pocket inside the bag
• Optimal AirLine back ventilation
• Heat reflective inner back panel
• One size
• Price: $99 USD

Leatt DBX Lite

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesVery slim and lightweight bicycle hydration system with multi-impact level 1 back protector. The unique chest harness ensures a very solid fit making the waist strap obsolete. The bag hitting your helmet going down hill is now the past. Includes bottom jacket/protector storage straps, heat resistant encapsulated bladder pocket and a strap system for full face or/and MTB helmet.

MENTIONS: @vpcomponents / @BlackspireAaron / @leattphil


  • 132 2
 God knows that people are going to hate on the hand guards.
  • 25 15
 I like em!
  • 22 0
 I wouldn't be suprised if these show up on slalom rigs
  • 12 3
 Would have saved me a broken hand in Whistler. I think they'll look goofy on a MTB just because no one really runs them, but if I rode trees much I'd try them out.
  • 15 0
 Seen people using them at enduro races over here in France, they look like something from a child's bike from Wallmart/Asda
  • 7 1
 I had some of these in the 90's. Got them from Toys r us. I want some of those guards for totally differant reasons. Where I ride its dense gorse bush and after every ride I have knuckles full of splinters. If I can overcome the return to gimp status.
  • 15 3
 Even with PB logo on, which adds some serious coolness, they are still naff as fuck.
  • 8 0
 Hand guards are for MX. Now those "cereal box" kids lights for 30$ USD (scared to convert to CAD) . Now those are off the reality charts.
  • 22 2
 I want toe guards to match, that bolt on to the front of my pedals. Yeah, then I can buy some of those clipless sandals from Shimano.
  • 8 0
 Should be easier than doing actual trail work!
  • 6 0
 maybe some plain black ones...?
  • 4 2
 if nothing else they may be kinder to the trees around here than everyones brake levers, now that your not cool unless your bars are over 750mm all the trees that are on the sides of heavily ridden trails around here are all marked up
  • 5 1
 broke both thumbs and 4 fingers over the years and this guard sounds great. Fashion will NEVER overtake function in the mountain bike world.
  • 3 1
 I think they'd be fine in black, maybe a little goofy but not awful.
  • 2 1
 Many competitors in the Crested Butte EWS mentioned getting their hands brutalized. The skunk cabbage grows fast and tall here in the summer months so it isn't just for protection in the trees... it's also for people who like to go fast on narrow, brushy single track!
  • 4 1
 You'd need a big ol fender on the front and back to balance things out lol.
  • 1 1
 800mm bars on all mountain....TAKE. MY. MONEY.
  • 44 1
 Now you can make your DH bike look even more like a moto!
  • 13 1
 Yeah, look up "turbospoke", i think you may like it.
  • 2 0
 That's too good!!!
  • 2 1
 Noooo! Why is that a thing!
  • 5 0
 Dayummmm! If I was 9 I would be on that! All I had was spokey dokeys, cardboard and clothes pegs which made me sound like Jed Clampett.
  • 1 0
 This is gold.
  • 29 0
 My word. Things we can actually afford AND might want to buy. You've outdone yourself this month PB, keep it up
  • 23 4
 one of the best checkout's yet. shows stuff people would want and they are all affordable. i could buy all 3 and still have money left over.
  • 6 0
 Oops. More stuff has been added to the article since I commented
  • 3 0
 Still some money left, @Jack-T-Media?
  • 1 0
 never had any money to begin with, well after i got in to mountain biking that is... screw you deity and your enticing products. SCREW YOU!
  • 17 0
 Not sure what would hurt more, the yucca plant that near broke my hand or the ridicule I’d get if I rocked those hand guards.
  • 15 0
 Sweet, my watch can now match my stem, bars, and hand guards! So roadie.
  • 3 2
 Don't forget your sweet plastic handguards, those come in colors too
  • 9 0
 I want the hand guards just to annoy half (or more than half) of you.

Who cares...if you want to ride around in bubble wrap to avoid injury or look cool, whatever. I support your bubble wrap. If you want to roll out in a speedo and Keen open toes, I support (but won't watch) your run.

I don't ride nearly hard enough in the requisite conditions anywhere to require hand guards, but if they ended up under the xmas tree I'd install them same day. If you're hating on your hand guards, send them to me.
  • 2 1
 Kudos. I ride at my ability limit on a 120mm 26" trail bike and wear impact vest and shorts plus knee and elbow pads. I learnt early that dented pride dont stop the ride, dented knees and shoulders do.

Stay safe and keep smiling.
  • 3 1
 "120mm 26" trail bike"

....YESSS. I thought I was alone in the universe.

Forgot to say I'd roll that Leatt pack too. #hopingformanybottlelovingreplieshere
  • 3 0
 #f*ckbottles Smile
  • 2 0
 You're not alone @iammarkstewart, there's two of you Wink
  • 8 2
 Bringing a whole new meaning to moto whips..
  • 2 0
 you guys are having such a good time, poking fun about the hand guards, that you're all missing how cool the Blackspire Crusher isSalute

I have the 32T Blackspire Bruiser(pretty much the same thing) on my single ring and it looks great, and can really take a beating....tup

ok you can go back to making fun of the hand guards again Smile
  • 5 0
 Stoked you are enjoying our product!
  • 1 0
 I dont have iscg but do want a half bash as I keep striking and have bent plenty of chain rings, how easy is it to fit a conversion kit or are there non ISCG bash's out there?
  • 2 0
 @adwamski What type of bottom bracket do you have?
  • 1 0
 Is the Crusher slightly bigger or heavier duty as it weights the same but has only two mounting points compared to three on the Bruiser. Which one would I want?
  • 2 0
 The Crusher is the same thickness for the entire bash gaurd where as the Bruiser is the same thickness as the crusher at the bottom than it thins out where it is mounted to the frame. The bruiser is more heavy duty. The crusher is only 2 bolt mount to keep it out of the way of lower pivots on full suspension frames. Both are great options and equally as strong.
  • 5 0
 You WILL get the piss taken out of you with those guards.WHAT A WENDY!
  • 1 0
 I am here for the HANDGUARDS Smile Smile
No wonder they didn't put a picture with them mounted to a bike. If people actually saw what it looks like they would never buy them.
Although I think they go quite well with those oversized moto-like Mudguards they introduced lately. (that I will never get either)
  • 4 0
 Do those hand guards come with a card to stick between your frame and tire?
  • 5 1
 If you buy the hand guards they should come with free spokey dokes.
  • 2 1
 Don't get all the hate with the handguards. I quite like them, would have saved me from a lot of cuts and even a small pointy branch entering my hand right between the knuckles (that one hurt pretty bad).
  • 3 1
 Can you imagine trying to compete with gshock in the durable watch market? Sale is like a lottery: Cross your fingers and hope your customer doesn't know any better.
  • 1 0
 Came to the comments looking for this...even the cheapest g-shocks are still water resistant to 200m and come in at half the price of the rockwell.
  • 2 0
 Ok. Attention newbies/scammers.. the year you took it home isn't the model year of your scat... just cOz you paid in 2015 doesn't mean your crap is 2015
  • 4 0
 Cool watch.
  • 7 6
 Hand guards-for those that are desperate to make their bike look more Moto. Embarrassing
  • 4 2
 And for Enduro racers who don't necessarily know the course - what they think is a fast line around a corner could take their bars through a bush or branch on the other side and guards could help save time if you don't have to avoid such obstacles. I still think they're a bit OTT though, I'd maybe fit them if I heard a track I was racing had some pricklies on it, they'd be straight off again back at the van.
  • 5 0
 That's what heavier duty gloves are for. Unnecessary in my eyes.
  • 4 0
 Make sense if where you live is plagued with this beautiful plant. It´s the case for the atlantic side of Spain/Portugal peninsula. But actually I concur, they´re fugly.
  • 1 0
 I rode in Corsica last September (highly recommendable). There were a lot of very thorny bushes and it was hot enough that you would not want to wear anything more substantial than lightweight gloves. Maybe using the guards it would have looked goofy, but if it had spared me from the bloody finger, maybe I would have given them a go!
  • 4 2
 I've ridden a couple of places where thick gloves weren't enough. I wasn't racing but some guards could have made my ride a lot more enjoyable. I'm still not so hot on them but I do think there could be a time and place for 'em. Does anybody make some plain black ones or are they all in 'look at me'? You could argue that riders wearing a race suit want to look moto too - in fact, I would argue that. Others would say wearing ridiculously bright, logo emblazoned pyjamas has practical benefits to their ride. There's no need to be so dismissive of everything.
  • 2 2
 actually I would like barends that act as a hand guards too. more positions for my hands and no branch hooking. serious. hate me, I love it
  • 1 0
 I like the short bar ends on my Ergon grips because when I clip tree trunks my bars slide off instead of digging in and throwing me over the bars.
  • 2 2
 No hand guards......never.....ever....ever!
  • 1 2
 Lolled at the hand guards, not gonna lie.
  • 1 3
 for the love of all that is good in this world, please get those Sambas out of that photo.
  • 2 5
 I hate the premise of this article every month that it comes out

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