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Nov 4, 2016
by Paul Aston  
Check Out is Pinkbike's place to see what's hot for under $300.

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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

SB1 DH Chain Tensioner

• Integrated, adjustable damping
• High-strength aluminum alloys inc. EN AW-7075 T6
• Unrivalled chain tension
• Adjustable chain wrap/length
• Infinitely adjustable alignment (+/-18mm)
• Sealed clamping and spring system
• Locking cage for easy removal of the rear wheel
• Closed cage
• for all 9/10-speed chains
• Weight tensioner: 150g.
• Price: €214.99
Check Out November - SB1 DH Chain Tensioner

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWith our SB1 product range, we specialize in the design and manufacture of Downhill and Dirtbike components, parts that are really made in Germany.

Octane One Chemical Stem and Handlebar

Check Out November - Octane One Stem
Check Out November - Octane One Handebar

• Cold forged 6061 T6 Aluminium + CNC machining
• 31.8mm Ø
• Length: 40 mm
• Rise: 3mm
• Low stack: 31.8mmØ - 36mm
• Opposed steerer tube clamping bolts
• 6mm bolts with 5mm allen key sockets
• Weight: 31.8mmØ ~196g
• Colours: Green, blue, red, black, oil slick
• Price: €35.99, $39.99 USD
• 6061 butted aluminium
• 31.8mm Ø
• Width: 770mm
• Height (extension): 44mm / 1.7”
• Rise: 27mm / 1.1”
• Backsweep: 9 deg
• Upsweep: 5 deg
• Weight: 395g
• Price: €37.99, $42.99 USD

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesOur front loading stem is made of custom forged and machined 6061 T6 aluminium. Incredibly strong, stiff, lightweight, pretty and affordable. Can be used upside down to change the rise. Available in 25.4mm and 31.8mm bar bore size. Now 25.4mm dirt/park/street version available also in limited edition oil slick color.

The Chemical is a modern handlebar designed for 4X, Slopestyle, Freeride and Downhill. It is strong enough to take hardcore beating but light enough to be used for racing. The Chemical is built with super strong custom butted 7075 aluminium.

Vaude Moab Mid STX AM Shoes

• Terracare® certified leather
• Ortholite® Eco Plush PU foam insole
• Vibram® Vert sole
• Specially developed for flat pedal action
• Rubber toe cap
• Anti-slip heel lining
• Colours: Black or Pebble grey
• Price: €180 / £145.00
Check Out November - Vaude Moab Mid STX AM Shoes

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Moab is unique in the market place - a waterproof flat pedal mid-cut shoe. Made from top quality leather this shoe ensures balanced performance with a custom designed Vibram sole. On the flat pedal, the sole provides solid support in the mid region and effective power transfer to the pedal. The front and back sections of the sole have an aggressive profile that offers better foot roll performance and walking comfort while carrying. The waterproof mountain bike shoe made from eco-friendly Sympatex membrane protects the ankle with a higher cut, and comes with laces and a Velcro closure. The Terracare suede leather comes from German production and was ecologically manufactured. The laces are made from recycled PET and certified in accordance with the stringent Bluesign standard. The lining and the insole consist to 50% of recycled materials. Abrasion resistance and shock protection make sure you can enjoy them for a long time. The Green Shape label is your VAUDE guarantee for environmentally friendly products - made from sustainable materials, resource efficient manufacturing and fair production.

Reverse Nico Vink Signature Grips and Handlebar

Check Out November - Reverse Nico Vink Signature Grips
Check Out November - Reverse Nico Vink Signature Handlebar

• Lock On
• Grip pattern: Specially selected handle structure designed by Nico Vink
• Diameter: Ø 30mm
• Width: 130mm
• Weight: 106g
• Price: €19.90
• AL 7075 double butted
• Width: 810mm (etched in 10mm intervals down to 720mm)
• Clamp Diameter: 31,8mm Ø
• Rise: 18mm or 35mm
• Upsweep: 5° / Backsweep 7°
• Weight: 390g
• Price: €79.90

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWhether it's Rampage, in super rowdy terrain, or just big jumps at your local trails - you need a bar you can trust. Therefore Reverse Components created an aluminum handlebar with reinforced walls to obtain maximum durability and strength. The bar is an ample 810mm wide, which can be easily shortened to your preferred width due to the cutting guides. Use with the Vink Black grip which combines secure locking with tough aluminum end caps and a grip design favored by Nico himself, tested at the Fest series and Red Bull Rampage.

OrangeSeal Endurance Tubeless sealant

• Injection system
• Non-corrosive
• Available in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz bottles.
• Price: $10.99 (4oz)
Check Out November - OrangeSeal Tubeless sealant

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesEndurance tire sealant, it's formulated to maximize longevity; enabling riders to go longer between top-offs. All while offering the same quick sealing properties you've come to expect. Whether you're a beginner, expert, or somewhere in-between you will benefit from its proven ability to last up to three times longer. It is proven to seal large punctures up to 1/4" and perform under varying temperatures and altitudes. Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant is compatible with most bike tire systems and is eco-friendly.

MagLOCK Pedals

• Material: Machined 6061 aluminum
• Attractive Force: Approximately 0 – 30 lbs
• ChroMoly steel spindle
• Dimensions: 3.75” x 4.00” x 0.85” (L x W x H)
• Compatible with SPD (2-bolt) biking shoes
• Total Weight per Pair: 974 g
• Weight without Magnets per Pair: 547 g
• Red, Black, or Blue anodized
• Price: $164.99
Check Out November - Maglock Pedals

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe MagLock Bike Pedal is a revolutionary design that utilizes strong neodymium magnets to "clip" the rider's shoe to the pedal. Unlike current mechanically-clipping pedals, when a rider with MagLock pedals is falling over, the natural twisting of his feet will cause his feet to automatically release. No more bloody gashes from falling onto sharp rocks.

Unior Flat Sockets

• Material: chrome molybdenum
• Drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered
• Surface finish: chrome plated according to EN12540
• 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32mm
• Price: €29.90
Check Out November - Unior Flat sockets

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesFlat sockets designed for use on a bicycle suspension fork where the top cap has a very low profile.

Wolf Tooth Valais 25 Seat Bag Mount

Valais 25
Valais 25

Shifts cargo to the bike: Saddle packs are ideal places to securely store tubes, mini tools, and CO2 cartridges
• Clamp-on protector: Uses 25mm of seatpost travel
• Protects seatpost: Protects dropper post stanchions from the wear that occurs at the intersection of saddle bag and seatpost
• Emergency Crutch: The Valais 25 can be used to keep failed posts extended, allowing the rider to pedal out.
• Raceday Travel Limiter: Can be used to limit dropper travel to suit.
• Sturdy Delrin Construction: Injection molded from strong, resilient, and non-marring DuPont Delrin thermoplastic.
• Made in the USA: Wolf Tooth is committed to domestic manufacturing.The Valais 25 is injection molded in New Mexico and assembled in Minnesota
• Fits: Most popular droppers, except some externally operated types.
• Price: $24.95 USD
Wolf Tooth Components

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesLike many riders, the Wolf Tooth Components team has recently rediscovered the joys of unencumbered riding, lowering our center of gravity and increasing our freedom of movement by moving gear from our backs to our bikes. While the classic seat pack is a great place to store little-used essentials out of the elements, their mounting systems can interfere with and often damage modern dropper seatposts. In order to allow saddle bag mounting on dropper posts, the Wolf Tooth Valais 25 mounts to the seatpost upper, providing a secure mounting point while protecting the stanchion from wear and the wiper seal from damage. Injection molded from an engineering-grade thermoplastic, the Valais 25 can also serve as a temporary crutch in the event of a backcountry dropper failure. The dual-lip design securely holds packs with straps up to 25mm wide and at full compression the deep skirt contacts the seal collar first, protecting delicate seals from damage.

Mazama Sidestream Hydration Pack

Mazama Sidestream.
Mazama Sidestream

• Retracting drink tube
• 45 oz.(1.3 L) fill in-pack reservoir
• Gel pocket
• Zippered accessory pocket
• High flow, 360 degree bite valve
• No BPA/PVCng.The Valais 25 is injection molded in New Mexico and assembled in Minnesota
• Price: $58.99 USD
Mazama Designs

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesSidestream's self-storing drink tube allows you to hydrate in-stride without slowing down or taking your eyes off the trail. Just draw-up the bite valve from the waist belt and drink, when you're done let the drink tube recoil back into the pack. Sidestream features a fill-in-pack, 45 oz. reservoir, large bore drink tube and our original high flow DesChutes Bite Valve. Sidestream sits in the small of your back, close to your center-of-gravity for a comfortable, no bounce fit. You stay in balance and your fluid doesn't slosh.

MENTIONS: @OctaneOneBikes / @ReverseComponents / @uniortools

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  • + 106
 Those mag pedals need to be electro-magnets with a bar remote (like we need another remote) that reverse polarity and actually eject you when your about to crash.
  • + 60
 It can also align the electrons flowing in your legs to further improve your performance using magic magnetic properties! but wait, there's more!! Act now and we will throw in a free neck basket to hold all your tools and spare parts
  • + 4
 Actually come to think of it, semi-weak magnets on platform pedals could be a good idea. Like clipless but you could get away with just snapping upwards to un-clip.
  • + 60
 Oh wait I'm an idiot
  • + 17
 @sjdeweese: Maglock pedals are what plants crave
  • - 8
flag takeiteasyridehard (Nov 4, 2016 at 18:08) (Below Threshold)
 @Jimmy0: f*ck trump and hillbilly, I'm gonna vote for beef supreme.
  • + 5
 I heard you can't jump under power lines while using maglock. You may take off and never return!!!
  • - 1
 I reckon they'll be worthless in the mud!... Those magnets won't be able to make a good enough contact when there's a good thick layer of mud on your shoe and pedal...
  • - 10
flag viatch (Nov 4, 2016 at 18:30) (Below Threshold)
 thats funny. was riding today and witnessed a full unclip-fail by some random dude right in front of me. ive tried clips....never again
  • + 7
 But seriously, the magnet on my osprey pack gets loaded with iron bits from the ground...are these not going to get fouled?
  • + 23
 If you buy pedals that weigh a fu¢King kilo you deserve to get ejected off your bike.
  • - 9
flag Marcusthefarkus (Nov 4, 2016 at 21:56) (Below Threshold)
 @viatch: you dont need clipless until you're actually riding aggressive and riding big terrain... theres nothing wrong with sticking to flats as a regular rider, dont even think twice about it.
  • + 7
 @LaXcarp: you can go biking AND hunt for meteorites Wink
  • + 13
 @Marcusthefarkus: yeah? must be lots of clipless at rampage then with that logic...
  • + 1
 @sjdeweese: I'm in dire need of a neck basket. Do you have a 6 for $60 deal on these?
  • + 1
 @unclemuscles: act now while supplies last!
  • + 1
 UR A GENIUS! Smile but that would be awesome.
  • + 1
 @takeiteasyridehard: brought to you by Carl's Jr.
  • + 38
 Moab waterproof shoe... For all that rain in Moab.
  • + 26
 wolftooth valais set tube mount. how handy... it reduces youre dropper post travel. who the hell wants that????? never heard someone complain about a too long drop.. and what has this industrie coming to? the valais can fix your dropper when it fails.. it cant hold the bag anymore since the clamp is near the posts collet. weird product.....
  • + 3
 you are correct,,,you just need fricken strap for gawsakes...
  • + 12
 Cool your boots don't have to buy.
  • + 3
 If your worried about the straps rubbing, a peice of old inner tube will fix it, classic hack for MTB things
  • + 6
 @Earthmotherfu: i know. but was just blown away by the shear madness of it all. its seems the possebilities are endless.. ill lay down the cool aid.
  • + 8
 @piersgritten: Things old inner tubes are good for #3709521
  • + 1
 @WECustomizeBikes: I don't use a bag personally and also don't slam my saddle all the way down,so I could see a use for mrs has a dropper too and I bet she'd like something like this to put all her crap inSmile
  • + 12
 @Earthmotherfu: tell your mrs to crap at home like everyone else, it will make the saddle pack stink less.
  • + 3
 @stumpymidget: colostomy bag hook up dippy.
  • + 11
 Besides the sockets it's all bullocks.
  • + 9
 Normal sockets + grinder = those fancy sockets
  • + 1
 @husstler: or the even cheaper, yet much more time consuming and hand tiring method of using a file works as well!
  • - 2
 @husstler: For the cost of a fork or a new hex top cap I'll pay and have paid for a proper wrench.

Buy the cheap shit lots or the good stuff once...
  • + 2
 @gonecoastal: doing it to your own socket isn't cheap shit bud. You get literally the exact same result, and you could do it to whatever quality socket you desire.
  • + 1
 @nimmo: Okay bud. So buy a Snap-On socket then grind it down to be chamfer-less or just buy the proper one from the start...
I paid ~$30 for the Unior 32mm socket in my toolbox
  • + 1
 @gonecoastal: Too late. I picked up a regular socket on the way home from my LBS after buying tokens, filed it down and had my air cap off the same day without paying what works out to $42 CAD and then waiting for shipping. The price just seems a little steep to me. I don't recall what I paid but it certainly wasn't $42. My LBS also suggested this route as they don't stock the special socket.
  • + 7
 You know, if they made those MagLock pedals out of Polymer instead of aluminum, recessed the magnet panel screws in favor of more foot pins for grip..... I think they're onto something! Straitlines with clipless power.... now that would be a great thing for those of us who Earn our Turns!
  • + 8
 I don't care that you can buy a Shimano Alfine chain tensioner for under 30 dollars (I have like 5), that almost $300 dollar one is amazing!
  • + 15
 You can buy a Saint derailleur for half the price of that chain tensioner
  • + 9
 That wolf tooth thing is silly
  • + 3
 The execution isn't's the idea of a saddle bag on a dropper post that's dumb.
  • + 2
 regardless, they'll still sell some
  • + 0
 As always, Lindarets/Wolf Tooth with another awesome innovation.

Vaude! Suede, fake suede, not good materials for MTB shoes. Suede does not clean well and likes to drink water.

Wait!! $244usd for a SS chain tensioner?

$30 for a socket? WTF?

Those MagLOCK pedals are a great idea, but 974g a pair is heavy!
  • + 3
 this is a killer list! wide reaching and not the usual we see here in the states. keep it up!
  • + 3
 The MagLOCK pedals look great! Hey MikeLevi, are you going to give us a review of these soon?
  • + 7
 You sure about that? 1kg pedals? Where "the twisting motion of your foot" releases them? Isn't that like all clipless pedals??
  • + 28
 @bishopsmike: but think of all the jewelry you can collect off the trail and sell.
  • + 3
 This is like creating a problem to a solution to a problem that already existed type thing.
  • + 5
 @bishopsmike: I've been watching as the mag locks have come from proto to customer availability. They look saweet.

The magnets are removable, to find that perfect clip between stuck in the pedal and release. I think they'd be better then alot of spds in the idea that you could fine tune them(even by cutting a magnet in half) to keep feet on the pedals in the gnar, but realease a hell of alot easier as I dont think its like the "kick of the heal" action. More like break the connection..
  • + 3
 I supported their kickstarter because I'm a sucker for interesting ideas and still have a pair if anyone is interested. Never rode them because of the weight.
  • + 14
 @skeen95: it will also help out other bikers by picking up the nails and sharp objects, thus reducing punctures
  • + 1
 @DrPete: P.M sent.
  • + 2
 Just don't ride through a junkyard. But they will pick up nails and screws off the trail!
  • + 2
 Hey Mazama! The 90's called, and they want their fanny pack back. Oh yeah, and send those shorts and jersey too.
  • + 2
 So with the maglock pedals, if i have titanium rods in both my legs, do i need the plates on my shoes?
  • + 9
 Titanium is barely magnetic.
  • + 1
 Octane one things looks sweet, simple, useful,stiff,well priced,I hope they´ll keep their buisness politics ,I really love the concept of what they do !
  • + 2
 Didn't this stuff used to be under 200?
  • + 1
 Shit would love a waterproof shoe for monsoon season. Anyone know anything about vaude?
  • + 1
 They have been making nice backpacks for a long time. Those shoes look sweet- I didn't know they existed. Still waiting for 5-10 to make an Impact High with boa lacing. Or at least a velcro strap.
  • + 2
 Tried orangesealant...not as good as stans, just a heads up
  • + 7
 Had a wheel I fought with to get to hold air, literally for a week, kept getting leaks from the valve hole. Retaped, switched valves, etc. Finally switched back to Stan's, sealed first try.

A week later a guy showed up to the trailhead, & discovered his front wasn't holding air. Realizes the air is escaping from the valve hole. opens the tire, & what do I see inside? Orange seal.

I don't know if it eats the glue in the tape, or just doesn't seal any small leaks in your tape, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter: I'm not going to use sealant that doesn't work, when I can buy sealant that does.
  • - 1
 in what way? Seal doesnt last as long?

I thought the orange seal was supposed to be better for the longevity of the tire, versus stans sealant of course.
  • + 7
 Tired orange seal - works way better than stans in maxxis tires - no Stan's tumors, switched over entirely. Goodbye, stan's.
  • + 7
 I've had way better experience with Orange Seal...especially on new tire installs. With Stans I always had to fight with it for at least a week.
  • + 1
 Orange Seal works even with my Schwalbe LiteSkin tire, after some time to bed in and seal its gaps. SnakeSkin and all, no effort, works right away. Your input seems more like installation issues or compatibility issues rather than product being faulty.
  • + 0
 @dietersanchez: That explains why the Stan's worked first time. Oh wait, actually, it doesn't, at all. Oh, hey, & I didn't install the other guy's tire, either. So, y'know, keep blaming me for using the sealant that works.

Orange seal worked fine for me. Until it didn't, & it was a nightmare. A nightmare damn near every other person I've talked to, who tried orange seal experienced as well.
  • + 2
 @groghunter: well, for argument's sake, I know lots of people who are happy with Stan's... and lots of people who are equally unhappy with it, which is why they opt for alternatives such as Caffe Latte, Orange Sealant, etc (at least here in Peru).

Usually blame is placed upon customers because they represent the variables in the equation: installation, tire tipe, TPI, sidewalls, TR/UST rims, tape, etc. On the other hand, product is a solution based on a formula, which places specific quantities of ingredients.

How could you explain then that Orange Seal works for some people all over the globe if the product is faulty? We have a coast, we have mountain regions and one of the highest peaks of the entire continent (and people all over the globe come around to ride the "sacred trails", we also have a piece of amazon jungle, and Orange is present all over, while Stans has been left behind. Which should not suggest it's faulty or a scam.
  • - 1
 @dietersanchez: I never said it doesn't work ever, just that it will fail you eventually. I ran it for a year before I had issues. Let me put it this way: there's 2 kinds of people who have used orange seal: riders who have been let down by it, & rider's who haven't been let down by it...yet.

My point is if I try retaping a rim, using different valves, etc, multipe times, & I'm still getting leaks, but then change nothing but the sealant, & it works first try... It wasn't my install. The only thing that changed was the color of the goop in the tire.
  • + 1
 @groghunter: there's 2 kinds of people who have used stan's: riders who have been let down by it, & rider's who haven't been let down by it...yet

orange has been flawless since i switched away from stan's after being let down by it

i turned my anecdote into a broad statement, just like you did
  • + 0
 @xeren: The difference being, I actually provided an example of how I eliminated all other factors when I tested both sealants, when I had a problem, while your anecdote is pure anecdote. Do you have an example of the same tire, rim, tape, & valve sealing with orange seal but not with Stan's? Cause I provided exactly that example in favor of Stan's for my position.
  • + 1
 @groghunter: you don't see how that's still an anecdote? there are still ton of factors you haven't controlled for.

in addition to that, I'm guessing if you started with stans, it would have sealed half way, and then switched to orange, it would have sealed fully. then you would be singing the praises of how orange works so much better
  • + 1
 @xeren: That's a false equivalency argument. Claiming "but it's an anecdote so I'm ignoring it" is a logical fallacy, when you don't have any other contradicting evidence of a greater weight. Your anecdote doesn't have any controls to it, but while mine is not perfect, I did control for most factors, therefore my anecdote has more weight than yours, absent actual controlled testing, or other, more verifiable means.

You're incorrectly claiming all anecdotes are fallacies, & that isn't correct: MISUSE of anecdotes is a fallacy, not just all anecdotes in general. For instance, case studies are hugely useful in medical research, but they are 100% anecdotal. Like most argumentative fallacies, it's shades of gray, not black & white.

I never set out to claim that Orange Seal is completely defective based on my sole experience(that WOULD be a fallacious argument) but that I experienced a failure that i was able to repeatedly produce, & observed in other cases as well, that did not occur with Stan's. Saying that I now have to provide verified evidence is moving the goalposts.
  • + 1
 @groghunter: fine, throw my anecdotes argument out the window. but remember that medical case studies routinely have the smallest sample sizes of any kind of research. 25 data points is enough for a medical study, for a ton of factors which aren't relevant here. and this isn't a medical study. you have like 5 data points.

but again, let's throw out the "my anecdote is better than your anecdote" claim, and all other anecdote talk out.

your "research" into sealant is still completely unscientific, especially when you compare it to the simple fact that orange has a ton of fans, and orange came out much later than stans. that means that most of those people, if they've been running tubeless for a while, have converted FROM stans.

anyway, you didn't control for a bunch of factors, as i said.

1. type of wheel
2. type of rim tape
3. humidity
4. temperature
5. application of rim tape
6. manufacturing errors
7. user errors (this is actually like 15 points)
8. bias
  • + 1
 @xeren: completely unscientific? wrong. It might not meet double blind status, but I definitely controlled for most factors.

To demonstrage, lets go down your list, because it is bullshit:

1. Same rim for both attempts
2. Same rim tape used for both attempts
3. Same environment used, attempts were an hour apart.
4. Same
5. Same rim tape, didn't remove it in between attempts. To summarize the above points, for the nth time, the only thing I changed was the sealant. & all the above factors were the same for tires that I got to successfully seal with Orange Seal, so no, I don't have some weird rim or tape that is the problem.
6. Maybe I got a bad batch of Orange Seal? Sure. but I never gotten a bad batch of Stans, so if true, that would be a point in Stan's favor.
7. Oh look, resorting to veiled ad hominem. "You were too stupid to use Orange Seal." Missing the point once again, because if one sealant is more tolerant of user error, then it's objectively the better sealant. A sealant that is pickier about how you install it is an objectively worse product.
8. Oh right, you don't have any bias in this argument, it's all just me. In fact, I liked Orange Seal better until it wouldn't work. I spent a week trying to get that wheel to seal because I wanted to keep using it.
  • + 2
 Wow... Pretty average month for products eh?

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