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Nov 3, 2017
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

MudHugger Front Race

Check Out November - Mudhugger FR

• Fits: 26", 27.5", 27.5+ (Boost)" and 29" wheels
• Includes zip ties
• Length 450mm
Check Out November - Mudhugger FR

• Weight: 80 grams
• Free standard delivery
• Price: £25 GBP / $35 USD / €29 EUR

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe FR (Front Race) was designed with the help of World Cup and Enduro World Series riders during 2014. Weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length the FR provides awesome mud/spray stopping performance without breaking the bank. Additionally, the lower fender braces help to hide and protect the fork seals from mud and grime that would otherwise pile up and work its way into your fork. Sweet!

Afton Keegan

Check Out November - Afton Shoes

• Intended use: dirt / trail / mountain biking
• Afton’s proprietary Intact® rubber Shore A of 60
• Mono-directional interior shank
• Outsole constructed specifically to interface with a flat pedal yet provide traction when climbing and descending hills off the bike
Check Out November - Afton Shoes

• Vented lateral and toe areas backed with air mesh
• Anti-microbial molded foam insole
• Reinforced toe and heel protection
• Price: $99.99 USD / €99.99 EUR

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesAfton Shoes is proud to introduce the Keegan, a new way of thinking about a flat MTB shoe.

Casually inspired yet extremely technical, the Keegan is anything but ordinary. We have developed a custom shank and outsole to work together in perfect harmony. Tired of having your feet hurt from weeping over the pedals after a long descent? We were too, and developed our own proprietary mono-directional shank which is stiff over the pedals but allows you to walk naturally. It also reduces vibration, gives more pedal power, and helps with hard landings or impacts. Mix that with our Intact Rubber with a Shore A of 60 which is soft and tacky yet durable and other protective/reinforced features, the Keegan does not disappoint.

Gore Power Trail Thermal

Gore Power Trail Thermo Jersey
• Zip pocket on back
• Reflective piping on back
• Thermo-stretch functional fabric
• Gripper elastic on bottom hem
• Colors: blue, grey, red, black
• Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
• $130 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesVersatile Thermo-Stretch jersey that looks great on and off the bike. The blend of fabrics combines function with style and comfort, and lots of little extras make this a truly multi-talented piece. 

Silca T-Ratchet T-Torque multi-tools

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque multi-tools

• Ti-Torque Beam for Measuring 2-8Nm
• 72-tooth ratchet with convertible magnetic extensions
• Hex bits (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm)
• Torx bits (T10, T20, T25)
• 2-mm Phillips bit
• Titanium and Aluminum construction
• Weight: 30 grams
• $99 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesWeighing in at a mere 30 grams, the Ti-Torque is a featherweight tool that transforms a highly delicate maintenance function into an easy, highly portable, and on-the-go accurate adjustment. Equipped with a torque measuring extender that provides real-time feedback, the Ti-Torque beam now has three separate scales on it; 2-6, 3-5 and 4-8. This allows you to more easily see when you’ve reached your desired torque setting.

Other highlights include interchangeable magnetic components to convert from a screwdriver to ratcheting T-Handle in seconds, which gives the user the ability to have several tools at once in an extremely small duck waxed canvas carrying case that fits perfectly into a jersey pocket.

TrailScapes Trail Tools

Check Out November - Trailscapes RakeNBake tool

Rake N Bake

• Size: 28cm x 23cm
• Weight: 1620g
• Worldwide shipping
• Price: Rake N Bake - AUD $165

Check Out November - Trailscapes Half Baked tool

Half Baked

• Size: 30cm x 14cm
• Weight: 1345g
• Price: Half Baked - AUD $120
Rake N Bake + Half Baked bundle - AUD $255

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Rake N Bake and the Half Baked rakes are, in our opinion, the world’s best trail building tools. We were sick of bent tines and of having to replace our rake hoes after almost every project.

Both tools are made in South Australia of the toughest Australia steel, Bisalloy and are pretty much indestructible. Combine it with our custom Australian hardwood handle and you have the meanest trail building weapon.

Check Out November - Warlord BattleAxe

Warlord BattleAxe

• 6mm corten hardened steel
• Mitred edges
• Custom name cutting
• Weight: 2.7kg
• Size: 34cm x 20cm
• Worldwide shipping
• Price: $180 NZD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesWarlord Battle Axes are handmade trail building tools from Wellington, New Zealand. Each one is made from 6mm corten hardened steel and personalised by having the name of your choice plasma cut into the blade. The Battle Axe is intended for a purpose - to help dig, cut, lever, bench, scrape, rake, compact, open beer bottles and give your back and shoulders a good workout. They are robust and will more than handle what they have been built for ...wreaking havoc on the dirt.

So get out there - swing in anger and murder the dirt.

Check Out November - Mac Ride

Mac Ride

• For children ages 2-5
• Ideal for everyday riding and trails
• Easily installed in less than 1 minute
• Price: $199 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesMac Ride allows active participation in the ride. Children aged 2 to 5 have the opportunity to hold on to the bike’s handlebars and experience the feeling of steering. Children can use their feet in the stirrups for balance, and stand up to absorb the ups and downs of the trail in their legs, just like the rider. Mac Ride is not a traditional child carrier, but a tool for allowing your child to be part of the riding experience and no other front mount seats are suitable for children up to age 5.

Mac Ride fits almost every bike: full suspension, cross-country, commuter and town bikes too. Mac Ride is the only seat on the market that fits an off-road bike, suitable for green/easy trail off-road riding.


  • + 107
 What kinda hipster tool set black smith BS are we getting into here.
  • + 102
 Ahh, I see you've noticed our set of hand forged artisan trail tools. May I interest you in our locally sourced wood handles? They really are quite charming.
  • + 44
 You won't see a hipster building trails so so your point is invalid
  • + 23
 you kinda missed the mark on that one, trail tools are for real heroes who do a really hard job that no one thanks them for. Silca tools are for hipsters who would throw that ratchet on top of the table at the cofee shop while wearing pink Rapha shorts and never actually use the thing.
  • + 16
 @fercho25: Just spent my last two rides clearing trails from I big storm. Next few will be with my chain saw strapped to my back... sadly it's a lonely job
  • + 4
 @fercho25: I have a silica ratchet and I don't put it on the table. I just click the ratchet in my hands all day, like a sort of fidget clicker!
  • + 5
 For that price I can tool up an army of diggers Big Grin I mean I understand tools can be expensive because they are made of higher grade materials or have better finish but come on...
  • + 4
 I blame that "Forged in Fire" show... though the contestants are *most definitely* not hipsters.

More like "Smithing Nerds"...
  • + 1
 @fercho25: You are right on Silca.

But this has only been since the company was sold to US owner in 2013.

Before that, Silca made the best pumps. Well priced, lightweight, and lasting a life time.
It is disarming to see another brand who wrote history of cycling being downgraded to consumer gadget.

My advice is to get an old one to whoever needs a floor pump.
  • + 28
 How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?
It's a really big number--you probably haven't heard of it.
  • + 2
 @mbiker35: Thanks for doing what you do. Not enough people out there doing the same
  • + 5
 @fercho25: McCloud. $54 US at my local hardware store. I still feel bad when I leave it under a stump for my next trail buildng day and it's gone (or I can't remember which stump) when I come back, but not as bad as if I lost a $165 imported version.
  • + 3
 @ibishreddin: but they'll have these tools though... as soon as its posted on the radavist...
  • + 1
 @RedRedRe: Sad part is that they probably are still good but the snobbish direction that the company seems to have taken just makes them kind of a joke of their former self.
  • + 2
 with a half decent workshop and an afternoon you could have a considerably superior trail tool rather than spending 165 bucks for a tool head. Heck, with an amazing workshop and several weeks of your life to waste you could make your own frame and not have to pay 1500 for one.
  • + 3
 @mbiker35: Not all heroes wear capes

...some wear chainsaws
  • + 1
 @ibishreddin: no they just sleep on them
  • + 0
 @RedRedRe: Yes (up into the 80's-90s) and no (after that).

The engineering and workmanship behind their stuff is impressive, and the story behind their resurgence is a highly suggested read.:
  • + 0
 @RedRedRe: Ah like 5-10 :[
  • + 1
 Just how baked do you need to be to spend $250 on a funking rake????????
  • + 1
 @richierocket: well to be fair that is the bundle that comes with two and is in australian dollars so converted is about 3 million Canadian pesos
  • + 2
 @codypup: Mcleod. McCloud was a cheesy '70s cop drama.
  • + 31
 Thought for sure I'd see a '15 Intense still sitting in someone's warehouse for under $300 by now.
  • + 31
 Just what I need, another battleaxe at home!
  • + 25
 When you have to build a trail and then fight a grizzly.
  • - 2
 ???????? This^
  • + 13
 Rake n Bake and Half baked are the shit. We have a couple for our trail maintenance team. Sturdiest youll ever use.
  • + 3
 Better than Rogue Hoe Tools? Those are the best I've used so far.. and a bit cheaper.
  • + 2
 Looks like they use a small rake handle? Are they sturdy enough to cut and bench with?
  • + 1
 better than a plasma cutter and an afternoon?
  • + 1
 Rogue Hoes definitely do not use small spindly rake handles. Lol. More than sturdy enough for benching and cutting.
I have a good collection of them, but the 40x is one of my favorite and most used on the trail. Very thick and stout blade and has stood up to a whole lot of rock smashing and prying while trying to bench, dig, and break up extremely rocky soil and go through roots like they’re not even there.
  • + 3
 Having had the pleasure of using the Rake and Half Baked tools they are seriously awesome bits of kit. Same as tools in the workplace, don't just look at the price and buy high quality and youll be set for ages.
  • + 8
 But are the trail tools available in Boost +- sizing??
  • + 2
 Trail tool boostinator will let you convert
  • + 4
 Anyone want a trail tool for half that price, I can make it and put your name in it with my cnc plasma table. Seriously, that's overpriced by a lot. And seriously, if someone wants one message me. I'll make them for cost for clubs that do active trail maintenance too.
  • + 6
 Over half to the warlords made have been donated to trail builders in nz.....def not in it to make mega bucks
  • + 4
 For me at least, this is not the time to be spending money on bike season begins on Thanksgiving when the mountain opensSmile
  • + 2
 Some of us will be building all winter.
  • + 1
 and next will come a premium fender with “UDFP (ultra durable and flexible polymers), TC (Teflon coating for easy mud shedding), ESNS-ZT (extra sticky no slip zip ties) and a GoPro mount that allows your gyro to have some “old school chatter” .... for $400

‘Cause the bike industry can’t help but upscale everything.
  • + 1
 As a parent, the MAC Ride looks a bit dangerous. Obviously the kid must wear a helmet, but he or she will fall from a (much) greater distance from the ground, and probably higher speed, relative to a properly-sized kids bike. Seems like there are or will be product liability issues. Of course, Canadians are less litigious than us Yankees (thankfully)
  • + 2
 I tried one with my son when he was 3,it was safe and he had a great time.I don't often fall when casually cycling around,so wasn't a safety concern.
  • + 1
 My whole family still remembers when I was on a similar seat on my father's bicycle and we went OTB together... Still was a great way to get around.
  • + 1
 Any "Mudhugger" opinions? I was going to ride in the winter, and in mud. Had a "THE" fender back in the day, but it didn't really do much, then broke. Was also looking into the "To peak Defender M1". Too much personal decision, I need to know other's opinions. Less is more often seems to be the answer for bikes, better to have a working one than a fancy one. Thoughts?
  • + 3
 Holy those tools look rad but I could have sworn I saw someone with a kick starter selling something similar for like $40?
  • + 2
 Looking at these, only two words came to mind. Trail. Boss.
  • + 1
 I'd feel bad slamming $165 "worth" of steel into Wellington's rocky terrain. Those edges would be blunt as Trump after one afternoon.
  • + 2
 There are already over 50 warlords slamming into wellington’s Rocky terrain at present and they all seem to be working just fine...
  • + 2
 The Rake n Bake and Half Baked rakes were made to work in extremely rocky terrain too. That's the reason they were born : )
  • + 3
 "weighing in at only 80g but measuring 450mm in length" dam boiiii Wink
  • + 3
 Mudhugger rear mudguard is the best thing since dropper posts.
  • + 1
 For the money it's hard to beat Council Tools FS rated tools, but then again I do have a few Gränsfors Bruk axes.
  • + 1
 Just don’t go shreddin too hard with little junior strapped to your rig!
  • - 2
 You say the battle axe can be "...personalized, by having the name of your choice plasma cut into the blade." Shucks, I'm not totally sure what my "choice plasma" is...I guess i'll pass.
  • + 1
 Ricky Bobby approved.

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