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Oct 4, 2017
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

Mozartt Chain Guides

Check Out October - Mozartt

HXR Carbon
• 28T – 36T
• 3k carbon fiber backplate
• Backplate thickness: 5,0mm
• ISCG 05
• Weight: 53 grams
• €149.00

Check Out October - Mozartt

Piano Guide and Meno Bash Guard
• 28T – 38T
• Direct & S3 mount compatible
• Custom composite developed by Mozartt
• Weight: Piano - 20-25 grams / Meno - 53 grams
• €29.00 – €49.00

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesPersonally, I'm a rider and the owner of Mozartt. From my passion for gravity-fueled bikes grew a strong love for progression. My own company was a "dream come true" and building it from scratch really helped me develop not only possibly the best chain guides out there that I ride on myself and tune in for my friends, but also made me the human I am today. Making it work in the biking world is no bread & butter if you want to keep the quality of the final product, to really be able to say "I made this." This is the biggest reward - seeing your projects on bikes of some of the world's best athletes and hearing that they love it. At this point, I am not able to match my desire to ride every day as a pro, but I am in close contact with all athletes I support so I know first hand if there is room for improvement - there always is!

My riders have been on the World Cup tracks or on the cliffs of Red Bull Rampage, they took notes and designed the Mozartt product line with me, year after year. We are not slowing down, and you won't either with Mozartt on your bike


Dakine Vectra 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

• Quick dry polyester fabric with Polygiene odor control technology
• Chest pocket
• Interior wipe to keep your sunglasses clean
• Colors: midnight / painted palm, carbon / black
• Sizes: S, M, L, XL
• $45 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Vectra biking jersey is a high-performance, trail ready jersey with a casual everyday look perfect for parlaying a bike ride into a brew stop. This lightweight biking jersey is constructed of quick drying pique polyester offering wicking and moisture management along with anti-stink technology.

Ibis Pork Chop Frame Bag
Ibis Pork Chop Frame Bag

• Manufactured by Blackburn. Lifetime warranty
• Internal suspension suspends bag. No straps
• Nylon ripstop outer fabric.
• Padded ballistic nylon side panels
• Water-resistant zipper tape
• Internal storage and elastic webbing keep CO2 cartridges and tools in place
• Ripley version fits any medium, large or extra-large NEW Ripley LS, V3 or V2
• Mojo versions fit medium, large and extra-large HD3, HD4 and Mojo 3 frames.
• $50 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe "Pork Chop" frame bag neatly fits inside the front triangle of the Mojo and Ripley, without the use of paint-dulling straps.The bag is manufactured by Blackburn and comes with a lifetime warranty. Fabric on the outside is nylon ripstop, and the padded ballistic nylon side panels will not rub against your frame. Padding also adds to the durability and there is a water-repelling zipper tape with an easy-to-use zipper pull.

heavy duty DH tubes
biketube accesories


• All widths, wheel sizes, and stem lengths, from freestyle to fat bike
• Free shipping with three or more tubes
• Free 'Tire Sock' with over five-tube orders
• Every tube is individually tested for porosity and guaranteed
• Price: $4.29 for 26" to $8.49 for fat bikes
• Contact: Biketube

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesBiketube Guy cares: Industry veteran Steve Cuomo launched Biketube to offer better products and prices. Biketube brand inner tubes are made to our specifications by our manufacturing partner in Asia, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, making tubes for global brands such as Cannondale and others. We specify only the best materials for our tubes, beginning with a butyl rubber compound produced using a Banbury Mixing process. After vulcanization, a 100% quality inspection is done, ensuring our tubes conform to the JIS K6304 Standard.

Every single Biketube inner tube is individually inspected. Each one is inflated to 135% its normal size, and then checked 24 hours later. If there is any leakage at all, the tube is rejected. Additional leak checks are done using water. Our standard tubes have a 0.9mm wall thickness, which is held to a variation of 0.04mm or less, and which offers, we feel, the best balance between lightweight and puncture resistance. Our valves are of high quality, using brass (or aluminum alloy on our extra lightweight tubes), and the joint and rubber seat area exceed industry standards for tensile strength. We coat each tube with a thin layer of talc, so that they are less likely to get pinched between the rim and tire bead during installation and don’t become stuck to the tire. We guarantee our tubes to be free from valve leaks and other manufacturing defects when they are delivered to you.

Giro D'Wool Gloves

Giro D Wool glove

• New Zealand MAPP Merino wool
• Three piece palm construction
• Touchscreen compatible

Giro D Wool glove

• Colors: black, olive, titanium
• Price: $30 USD

bigquotesThe D’Wool is built off the classic DND glove design, but the upper is made with New Zealand MAPP Merino wool for luxurious comfort and style. This glove offers a supple feel thanks to the Super Fit engineered AX Suede palm that eliminates excess material and bunching. The clean and understated design language looks appropriate on trails, gravel adventures and city streets alike.


  • + 125
 Sooooo.... I guess not much happening in the bike industry, eh?
  • + 137
 They're busy working on the floating island of carbon fiber scrap
  • - 44
flag cartoon (Oct 4, 2017 at 15:50) (Below Threshold)
 guess not for your narrow small world
  • + 4
 Well, the season is coming to an end
  • + 14
 @JustinLund: for you guys maybe Smile
  • + 2
 I feel like pinkbike has slowly sold its soul, paid content is fine but this segment was for closeouts not ads they could at least put in some actual deals mixed in...
  • + 2
 Hahaha!! This is great@properp:
  • + 63
 did i just see an ad for an inner tube... at least its available in 26 #26forlife
  • + 4
 Next week we'll see an add for the return of the VHS!
  • + 19
 Short, and not very intense
  • + 11
 Sh*t. That IS what she said Frown
  • + 17
 Still trying to understand why so many companies think marked needs more chaingudes and chainrings..
  • + 2
 Duh they want your money..........give it too them.
  • + 13
 Those wool gloves look sick
  • + 2
 Would they be hot? Or are they meant for autumn/winter riding?
  • + 7
 @ilikebikesyo: definitely warm, even when wet! That's the main purpose, just rode today in Montana with snow all around us and we were layered in merino wool head to toe except missing these gloves!! Warning...merino wool tends to wear out quicker than synthetic materials.
  • + 12
 This is the worst f'ing segment ever, it's like clickbait for pinkbike. Just came to say that.
  • + 1
 Yeah, that title’s so catchy. I just could resist clicking on it.
  • + 10
 Why would you ever need a chest pocket on your MTB jersey?
  • + 5
 "Clean and understated design language" includes three little Mickey Mouse lines on the back of "trail-gravel-city-appropriate" riding gloves. Gawd
  • + 3
 You're just mad that your design language isn't appropriate for the trail.
  • + 5
 what about the tire lever's with the quick link plyer deal, that looks awesome, tell me more about those, perfect for those impromptu chainless races.....
  • + 1
 Check out this "RioRand" LED night light on for $32.99:

I have been super happy with it considering the price and have started buying it as B-day gifts for friends. IMO this is a f@#! deal and a half considering the cost of good night lights.
  • + 1
 Carefull, I had one similar, knocked it off a 2& 1/2 foot ledge, no damage visible on the outside doesn'the work, openEd it up no damage inside, still doesn't work. I would hate to find that out after a crash. Lol get two and never ride with less then two.

I'll take a more reputable light knowing it's been drop tested.
  • + 1
 @PJD1: I agree. Always ride with two lights. My primary light is a high end Cygolite that I run on my helmet. The RioRand makes a good handlebar light in addition. I've ridden dirt jump lines and bike park DH trails with this set up at night with no issues.
  • + 1
 Props to Ibis for partnering with a company to make "custom" frame bags for their bikes. Being able to have more stuff on the bike and off the rider is a win in my book and to only charge $50, well that's well done.
  • + 4
 giro dnd - awesome product
  • + 3
 Haha this seems like a troll article
  • + 1
 Is it just me or does that tolerance seem pretty large considering how thin the material is? It's about a 4.5% variation... Or is that pretty typical for the industry?
  • + 2
 29 to 50 Euro s
thats 60$ to 120$
for a chunk of plastic.
  • + 2
 Hmmmm. So many things I am not interested in
  • + 1
 I think the Sun Peaks staff got Dakine Vectras for their uniform this past summer
  • + 2
 Carbon bash guard. lol
  • + 1
 Awe; Pinkbike checkout usually makes my month.
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