Check Out - September

Sep 4, 2015
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $200 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but feel that you may want to take a look at.

S4P The Bikepark Jersey

• Sublimation printed front with plain black back
• Free shipping within the UK
• All Profits from the sale of this jersey will go to the upkeep of the Bikepark
• S,M, L, XL
• £40.69 GBP
S4P Bike Park jerseys

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesYes we have a Bikepark, and now we have jerseys to go with it! Rep our local spot with our breathable SFORP race jerseys! Limited edition on a first come-first served basis. We aren't making any more of these so that means they are...collectable?

Offset Bushings

• Adjust both your head angle and bottom bracket height to improve handling characteristics. HA can be adjusted by up to 1.5° whilst the BB can be adjusted by up to 1cm
• Can be used to fit shocks with a longer e2e (ie. to fit non DRCV shocks to Trek frames)
• Does not adjust the travel of your bike
• Precision machined from brass to high tolerances
• Non offset, standard hardware also available
• Made to order, for almost any bike / shock combination
• Made in the UK & shipped worldwide
• Price: £10 each ($15.50 USD)
Offset Bushings from

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWe have thousands of riders all around the world enjoying the benefits of Offset Bushings including well known athletes such as Remy Metailler. Recommended by Dirt, MBR & MBUK amongst others! The most cost effective way to transform your ride. Installation can be done at home in just a few minutes.

BTR Trail Tool

• Do-it-all trail building tool
• Zinc plated 190 x 250mm head
• Sharp edge for digging and chopping roots
• Toothed edge for raking and breaking soil
• Holes to lock it up by the trail
• 30mm diameter, 1.4m long wooden handle
• Handmade by Burf and Tam in the UK
• Price £75.00 GBP
BTR Fabrications Trail Tool
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesRaking, chopping, digging, packing do... So far we haven't found anything better suited. It's a versatile tool built to last - it has a 30mm diameter handle too. Oh, and those holes are for locking it to a tree so you can leave it trailside.

Singletrack Bear Spray Holster

• Carry 225g bear spray canisters on your bike
• Works with standard water bottle cages
• Attachment points to zip tie to your frame
• Friction fit design allows for easy assembly
• Price: $15.99
Singletrack Bear Spray Holster
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesCyclists have always struggled with how best to carry bear spray. No one likes a bouncing bear spray can on your hip with traditional holsters and the thought about falling on a can of bear spray just isn't good. The Singletrack Holster allows you to carry bear spray in any standard water bottle cage for easy access when you need it. It also keeps your bear spray protected from falls and impacts.

Your bike doesn't have a cage? No problem. We have included attachment points to zip tie the unit to your bike's frame. The design allows for the spray to remain secure yet you can still pull the canister out if the unit is fixed to the frame.

We Drink Water - Sticker and Pin Pack

• 10 stickers and 4 pins.
• Price: $10 USD
We Drink Water sticker and pin set
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesFor every pack purchased, 10% of profits will be donated to provide clean drinking water for someone in need, via

Answer ProTAPER® Carbon SL Series

• One piece Lay-Up creates dense composite layering, consistent material wall thickness
• Increased strength for better performance
• 15% lighter bars
• 145mm Grit Grip finish at bar ends.
• Widths: 660mm, 720mm, 750mm, 780mm
• Weight: 115g - 215g
• Rise: Flat, 12.7mm & 25.4mm
• Up Sweep: -4°
• Back Sweep: -8°
• Colors: Red, Carbon with Red Graphics
• $175 USD
Answer ProTAPER Carbon SL handlebar
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesFace it. Answer Pro Taper technology is legendary for all the right reasons and still relevant. It puts the stiffness and strength where it's needed in the clamp area and puts the rest of the bar on a diet. Our Carbon SL bars utilize PFL technology (Plastic Foam Lamination) in the manufacturing process. The foam expands in the mold compacting layers and evacuating out all excess resin resulting in an overall lighter weight bar without compromising strength. The result is an ultra-lightweight bar with superior steering precision.

Answer Stein Grips

• Thick pattern grip (All-day comfort and control)
• Leading edge traction logo (Positive grip)
• Weight: 118g (pair)
• Length: 143mm
• Diameter: 29mm
• Surface Smooth dimpled contours w/ flangeless loc on transition
• Colors: Black, silver, red, blue
• $27 USD
Answer Stein grips
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWe're based in Milwaukee -so it should come as no surprise that when we were looking for a new minimalist grip pattern we were inspired by what our hands were holding when we're not riding. The dimpled pattern of a traditional German beer stein lends itself to an excellent grip surface while also putting the riders hands close to the bar for those who still enjoy the feel of the trail. We recommend combining them with any glove in the Answer line-up.

Knog Milkman Combo

• Just as pocketable as the original Milkman, but without the key.
• Still fits in your back pocket.
• Rotating dial lock barrel, with 10,000 unique combinations.
• 900mm retractable steel cable with translucent PVC outer. Crimped to 6.5mm stainless steel locking pin.
• Weighs 132 grams
• Size: 75 x 75 x 20 mm (slips easily in to your pocket)
• Braided steel cable. Zinc die-cast latch with polycarbonate casing
• Body: Injection-moulded polycarbonate
• Colors: Black, Indigo, Red, White.
• $26.95 USD
Knog Milkman Combo lock

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Milkman Combo is a retractable, keyless, steel cable lock that'll loop around your bike frame and any bolted down fat-ass post, locking simply and swiftly but compact enough to fit in your back pocket. Best used for cafe convenience.

CP Gang 'Ambizionz Az a Ridah' Gloves

• XS, S, M, L
• €32.00
Cp Gang
Ambizion Az a Ridah gloves from CP Gang
From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe good homie and BMX OG "Alessandro Barbero" was visiting us in Barcelona for a few days. We were thinking about what the next CPGANG move should be and we always dreamed about having our own gloves one day! We asked ourselves "what would be sick to put on a glove, that has never been done before??" Alex B told us he always dreamed about dropping into a run with BIGGIE and TUPAC watching him...

We f*$%ing laughed our ass off!! Soon enough we started working on this idea and the result turned out to be amazing. Everyone loved it.

Finally, Ambizion Az a Ridah gloves are alive and more legendary than ever!! SGX™ Logo Sock

• Elite Performance Formula, a blend of polypropylene, nylon and spandex.
• Compression fit
• Performance ribbing
• Enhanced ventilation
• Reduced friction profile
• Mens and Women's sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
• $14.99 CAD
Pinkbike SGX socks
From the Manufacturer: SGX riding socks! These babies will keep your feet comfy and ventilated all day long. Throw out those stinky white socks and fill up that sock drawer with these.

These socks feel great, look great, and with SockGuy's signature Stretch-to-Fit sizing and reinforced toe & heel, SGX socks perform like no other. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable performance socks you'll ever wear. Keep your feet happy on those long days of shuttles and single track epics!

MENTIONS: @pinkbike / @Hayescomponents / @cp-gang


  • 119 6
 And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you can get for under $200 in the bike industry. Bear spray zipped tied to your frame, shock bushings, a rake, a shirt, a lock you could bite through with your teeth, gangsta gloves, socks, beer grips, or stickers notifying the world that you drink water! Wow. Although I would probably like that handlebar if I weren't so cranky today.
  • 2 0
  • 4 0
 Someone who calls that a rake=someone who doesn't do enough trailwork to break tools often
  • 2 0
 Oh Grog, someone who calls that a rake is someone who uses hyperbole for humor. Thanks for your hard work on the trails!
  • 79 1
 "Cyclists have always struggled with how best to carry bear spray" Ummmmmmmm maybe? But personally I've always struggled with whether Tupac should be on the right or left glove.
  • 16 2
 If a bear started to charge me im not going to fucking grab my bear spray, im going to pedal as fast as I fucking can!!!!
  • 15 2
 That would be the complete wrong way to handle the situation, you will not outrun the bear. I've been thinking about a way to carry bear spray when I go out for rides. I do a lot of solo riding and there are plenty of black bears in my region. I've had three close encounters since spring, the most notable being about 20' after a long sustained steep where you can't stop and it's on a ridge line. This is a good product for the right person.
  • 30 3
 ^this scrub can't even outrun a grizzly bear lol pussy
  • 13 0
 Does anyone know if it will work on kangaroos and snakes?
  • 7 0
 If tom van steenbergen cant outrun a bear, neither can you
  • 7 2
 Anyone here ever actually tested "Bear Spray"? If you had, you wouldn't be touting it as an alternative to *anything.* Even the 6oz+ big bottles that boast a range of 25-30ft in reality barely cover 6-8ft, and deliver a laughably small quantity and coverage area of product. I've tested dozens of brands and sizes, and wouldn't trust any of them against anything larger than a dog I'm prepared to take on w/ my bare hands.
Standing up tall, making noise, and not acting like dinner is your best bet. I've had good success the half dozen times I've had to use the tactic.
Forget the "Bear Spray" silliness. If you must carry a can, get an air horn - you might actually startle something from more than a couple feet away with that.
  • 6 0
 Ummm...... what about pandas?
  • 2 1
 Bears don't have fangs and poisonous venom. Rattlesnakes do. I'd sooner high-five a bear than be within 10 feet of a pissed-off snake. Give me snake spray.
  • 2 0
 Kangaroo probably, snakes I doubt it. A snakes Gonna bite your ass before you see it Most likely.
  • 4 1
 Snakes are the worst animals.
  • 4 0
 I agree, best bear protection is to let them know you're coming.
  • 4 0
 My wife belly dances and wares these jingle bell bracelets, I stole one and straped it under my seat. It's a little annoying but I only see bears as they are running away
  • 3 0
 nah forget grizzlys and snakes sheep are THE most lethal animals in the world
  • 1 0

Bear repellent should be carried on a "COBRA Single Point Bear Spray Bungee Sling".
  • 1 0
 @nimmo I wouldnt be to scared of black bears. All black bear ive seen run away once they see me. The real threat is if youre around Yellowstone or Alaska and parts of Canada where theres grizzlys and brown bears. If a grizzly or brown bear has cubs and sees you, your f*cked either way. Bear spray wont help you then.
  • 1 2
 I had a buddy who worked for UDAP. He would bring cans of the newest recipe back. I can say this. It's worse than being pepper sprayed. Way worse. It would probably just piss a bear off. When the bike mount for a .338 or modified .457 comes out, then I'll be interested
  • 1 0
 Spinning...I don't know how much time you have spent around bears, but black bears are more aggressive. Being from Alaska and having family member as a bear hunt guide for both kind, I would take more caution around black bears.
  • 1 0

Black bears around Oregon and Washington have a tendency to run off. So far, only hiking, I've come close to 5 black bears. Each one of them saw me and took the hell off. I'm sure they were just as scared as I was.
  • 1 0
 @krashDH85 I'm also a hunter to and I've hunted black bears as well, but there's a reason you have to be sneaky when stalking them because if they catch your sent, they jet. There are some occasions where they aren't scared of you or if you scare them they're pissed but for the most part black bears wont attack you. I would say if you're around a National Park to be very careful because those bears are used to people and moody.
  • 40 2
 WTF, 10$ stickers and ONLY 10% of profit goes to charity?! Are you fukn kidding me?!
  • 7 5
 Looks like $10 for 10 stickers and 4 pins. Not $10 per sticker. Seems like a fair price to me and you can't really complain about any donation to charity no matter how small you might perceive it to be.
  • 8 0
 Fact remains, those sticker are MADE FOR charity. The charity thing is not a byproduct, or so they make it seem...
Or would you buy those things for other reasons than charity?
Honestly, they are printing money right there.
Produce stickers worth not nearly 1$, sell for 10$ and claim it´s for charity, spend only 10% of profit for charity because people don´t realise how much of the profit really goes into the companys pockets. Now go do the math on that.
That´s borderline criminal and shining a bad light on other serious efforts of getting funds for charity.
  • 6 1
 That's almost every charity out there buddy. Don't kid yourselves. Charities are companies and companies cost money to run
  • 2 0
 They´re not a charity. they are a strange anti-softdrink blog, selling the impression of charity.
If i donate 10$ to Unicef or whatever, of course, 9$ will go into beaurocracy and administration. But unlike this case, that´s also charity and necessary for distribution of the money.
The water guys however just give a percentage to charity, whereas the biggest portion goes into their pockets or wherever.
I´m fully aware of how those things work and that of course charity does cost money before there can be something given to those in need, having first hand experience with it. This however is something different.
But whatever.
Not getting into a discussion here. I´d not give my money to them and their shady approach to charity, when there are legitimate efforts out there that i can give to with a good conscience.
Of course, everybody can do what they want with their money :-)
  • 1 0
 I don't really need a $10 sticker kit to advertise that I drink water. Water is obviously better for you than any other liquid. That's nice that they donate a portion of their profits to charity, but seriously, not everything has to be such a loud-and-proud statement. Drink what you want. Water, soda, beer, coffee, piss, or energy drink.
  • 36 8
 Neg prop away, but those gloves are the weakest thing I've seen since BOOST showed its ugly ass head.
  • 16 1
 Yeah, they suck massively. Looks like something from Blackbushe market. This won't mean anything to you but imagine a flea market with only tat, tools and bongs for sale.
  • 9 0
 Gloves: would buy. Bear spray holster: Does bear spray work on poisonous snakes? I'm more worried about those. Lock: looks like a pair of wire cutters would make short work of it. Grips: Look slippy and fat, my Sensus work great. Tool: looks great, go build something IMBA wouldn't approve of with it. The rest of the stuff is ok.
  • 1 0
 So would strong words
  • 2 0
 Or scissors, a dull butter knife, a karate chop or an angry scowl. Simply yanking the bike would pop it off That lock... wow. I'm tempted to buy several of them and watch some "will it blend" style videos, but more like "will it get stolen"
  • 12 0
 Wonder if that bear spray works on Drop Bears?
  • 2 0
 Love it! @deadbeat
  • 4 0 never see them coming, plus Its the Chlamydia you have to worry about with them anyway
  • 8 3
 I only ride park !
I get free shit,bro... aaaand this shirt for under 200, written Bike Park on it.
My grips look like beer (?) but I tell everyone I only drink water.
and if you didn't realized I am trying to RAP here, I will wear BIGGIE vs TUPAC gloves to don't leave any shadow of doubt.
I oNLY RIDE PARK ( ride park-ride park-ride park ) I don't compete but I act like a pro racer
and got lots of cool shit for under 200, even bears respect me now.
  • 8 1
 you know they're scraping the bottom when the most likely purchase is a pair of PB socks
  • 6 0
 The only reason people read these are for jokes really. C'mon guys find some good products. Can't take these articles seriously.
  • 5 0
 So either you can get eaten by a bear because you couldn't reach you bear spray or die because of dehydration and then get eaten by a bear
  • 6 0
 "we were inspired by what our hands were holding when we're not riding", hmmmmmm, mine looks nothing like that.
  • 1 1
 Insert filthy joke here.
  • 4 0
 Guys the bear spray is just a holder for the bear spray you buy on your own........
  • 5 0
 Will the bear spray work on dogs and walkers ?
  • 3 0
 Face it, if you have to tell us that you're legendary and still relevant.. You're probably screwed.
  • 3 0
 Off set bushings.... Done. Slacker head angle and lower bottom bracket here I come!
  • 6 3
 Those gloves are ball-to-the-e-r
  • 2 1
 Those answer stein grips look really slippery to me. They just look too smooth
  • 2 1
 West coast is the best coast!
  • 1 0
 And we sip champagne on our birthday...
  • 1 0
 Pinkbike sock description reads like a condom package.
  • 1 0
 Ribbed for his and her pleasure
  • 1 0
 Can't believe anyone still males 660mm bars.
  • 1 1
 Where can I buy the trail tool in the us? We only have Mclouds here. That look pretty much just like it.
  • 2 0
 Buy one, drill holes in it. 1st world problems solved.
  • 1 0
 I kinda wanna give those grips a try.
  • 2 1
 drink beer!
  • 1 0
 Punkbike socks for me!
  • 1 0
 Socks are tight.
  • 1 0
 this is a great addition
  • 1 1
 those gloves are on some bullshit.
  • 1 0
 Daaamn those gloves tho!

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