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Sep 12, 2017
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but we feel that you may want to take a look at.

Check Out September 2018 Fabric Chamber tool

Fabric Chamber Tool

• 13 functions with ratchet driver
• Hex keys: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
• Phillips head: PH1, PH2
• Flat head: 3, 5
• Torx: T10, T25
• Price: $49.99 USD / £39.99

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Chamber multi-tool offers 13 functions from an efficient T-bar head. A smooth finish caddy protects the tools and ensures the tool doesn’t snag jersey pockets or equipment. The T-Bar system increases functionality and ensures that hard to reach areas of the bike are easily accessed. A reversible ratchet model offers further functionality, providing a simple and elegant improvement upon a cyclist’s essential.

Surly Dirt Wizard 27.5" x 3.0"

• Bead Seat Diameter: 584mm
• Rim width: 35mm minimum
• Casing: 60tpi w/Nylon sidewall protection
• Price: $90 USD / €94.95 EUR

Check Out September 2018 Surly Dirt Wizard

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Dirt Wizard 27.5+ tire uses the same aggressive tread our other plus sized Dirt Wizard tires use with tread block sizes optimized for the specific 27.5+ casing. If you’re not familiar, it’s a tire focused – much like a laser – on providing traction and control on the kinds of surfaces where traction and control are nary to be found. While the tread is the same reliable tread we’re all used to, the 27.5+ Wizard conjured up a new rubber compound that performs better in every way. It’s a compound that yields higher durability and the grip and feel of a much softer tire. We’ve also added sidewall protection for yet more durability as well as a tubeless ready, folding bead. The 3˝ casing inflates to roughly 29˝ overall diameter which gives some benefits of a larger tire like ground approach angle and increased footprint, plus some extra cush.

Check Out September 2018 Unior Multi-tools

Unior Euro Multitools

• Four options from 6-17 functions
• Made in Slovenia
• Price: €17.99 - €42.99

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesDesigned and produced in Slovenia, Europe, from the best materials to the highest standard. Tool spindles are chrome plated, additionally, the tips black oxide coating ensures the highest tolerance and greatest durability. Chrome vanadium 4, molybdenum vanadium 52, chrome-silicon-vanadium 5 are just some of the high-end materials used on the Euro Multitool that make this product the best.

Intend Stiffmaster

• Increase the stiffness of your cockpit
• 13mm stack height
• Suitable for ZS44 headtubes
• One-piece spacers available in 20, 13, 7, 1.5mm
• Weight: 73g
• Made in Germany
• Price: €79 EUR

Check Out September 2018 Intend Stiffmaster Headset

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThis headset increases the stiffness of your 1 1/8" steerer tube. It's not about the stiffness of the fork, it's about the stiffness of the handlebar during one-sided loads. Fast turns, sprinting or horrible rock-gardens, a stiffer cockpit is necessary for fast and hard riding. But it is not done with a stiff handlebar. The handlebar itself should have some small flex for dual-sided loads to increase comfort, one-sided loads should not allow the whole system to bend. The one-piece spacers increase the stiffness further when raising the stem.

Check Out September 2018 Intend Grace Stem

Intend Grace EN Stem

• 35mm length
• 31.8mm handlebar diameter
• EFBE "E-Gravity" tested
• Max rise handlebar 25mm
• Weight: 82g incl titan bolts
• Made in Germany
• Price: €139

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Intend Grace EN stem is indestructible, precise and the best technical solution to combine two cylindric tubes to each other. Four titanium bolts in black, and rounded edges to avoid any stress at the handlebar clamp. Downhill-ready with the lowest weight of a stem in this size. There are lighter ones, yes - but they are longer....

AWK Dual Air for Fox 40

• Fits Fox 40 2016-2017 models, all wheel sizes
• Approximately linear course of the spring characteristic curve
• Made in Germany
• Price: €220
Check Out September 2018 AWK Dual Air for Fox 40

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesThe AWK double chamber system for Fox 40 FLOAT allows individual adjustment of the spring characteristic. In order to obtain a characteristic as linear as possible, an air escape chamber is installed. A moving divider piston, which is guided in a cylinder, separates the different air pressures into the main and the escape chamber. During the compression process, the separating piston is pushed upwards and thus influences the course of the spring characteristic curve.

Pearl Izumi
Pearl Izumi Versa Polo

• Snap front opening for ventilation
• Transfer fabric for optimal moisture management
• Subtle reflective accents for visibility
• 100% polyester
• Colors: eclipse blue, avocado, smoked pearl
• Size: S - XXL
• Price: $70 USD

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesA relaxed fit will make this one of your favorite shirts, with features such as subtle reflective accents and lightweight wicking fabric for on-bike function.

Five Ten District

• Intended use: Urban / commuting
• Flat pedal or clipless versions
• PU-coated leather/synthetic upper
• Reflective back tab
• Stealth Rubber Marathon outsoles
• Colors: Black, Utility Ivy
• Sizes: US 5-14
• Price: $90 USD
Check Out September - Five Ten District

From the manufacturer:
bigquotesWearing dirty mountain bike shoes to work doesn't always go over well with your boss and co-workers. For this reason, we have created the District, available in both clipless and flat-pedal versions. The cycling-specific features include a reflective back tab for night rides, as well as an easily-cleanable, weather-resistant leather and synthetic upper to keep your feet clean and dry. The District walks the fine line of being a fashion-forward shoe with technical cycling features.

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  • + 173
 I think they forgot the intense
  • + 6
 hahaha, came here to say this.
  • + 11
 Under $300, Intense is slightly more then that. Wait for the deals of the month, Intense will be releasing their lineup
  • + 14
 @indydave124: last time I checked they were like 3000, so if you do the math then yes they should be around 300
  • - 12
flag indydave124 (Sep 12, 2017 at 14:15) (Below Threshold)
 @thedriftisreal: Intense isn't that cheap, if they were I'd have a lot more of them in my fleet!
  • + 4
 Ha ha.. I only came to see how much Intense were this month as well.
  • + 0
 @thedriftisreal: you really think the margins are that high in the bike industry? They definitely arent.
  • + 4
 @indydave124: trying to figure out why you got neg propped for providing info...
  • + 4
 @Crooks: I let facts get in the way
  • + 5
 cuz of $70 XXL Pearl Izumi Versa Polo - "A relaxed fit will make this one of your favorite shirts..."
  • + 4
 only issue I have is...none of the bloody clothing companies make anything bigger than 2xl. don't they realise there are bigger riders out there than skinny roadies!!!
  • - 1
 The intense clearance sale came in at 301... didn't meet the criteria this time
  • - 1
 @Hooch73: At the risk of sounding like a colossal douche, here's the reality: If you are actually built that large to need over a XXL, you are massive and probably have extremely limited options for most of your clothing. Go custom (sucks price-wise, but you'll be happy)

The other option is your build isn't massive, but you have some extra meat - you are either a bit heavy, or super built. If you insist on being a body builder by day, mtber by night, refer to the first scenario. If you are a taller dude who likes beer and cheetos a little more than he likes to pedal, you can fix that with more pedaling.

Most people aren't built like Shaq, thus its' hard for companies to make 3XL sizes in active wear when most people won't buy a size that large.

none of this applies to asian brands and some of the euro fit roadie stuff - we all know those run small af
  • + 6
 @trialsracer: Yep - sounded like a colossal douche there.
  • + 2
 That stem tho....
  • + 64
 Finally! A stem that comes with a spatula
  • + 5
 And a wood box
  • + 35
 that Intend branded quesadilla flipper looks sweet!
  • + 16
 I am still trying to figure out why it comes with a freaking spatula
  • + 3
 @fercho25: gotta be to some how get the bars in them holes
  • + 3
 @fercho25: The handlebar clamp only has two bolts. You have to pry it open to slide the bars through. I wouldn't buy it.
  • + 1
 @fercho25: apparently, that spatula is required to install the stem. Don't ask me why, don't ask me how, but that is what it is.
  • + 1
 85 grams!? I'll take a beefier stem for some piece of mind, thank you very much.
  • + 11
 @fercho25: because fitting stems works up an appetite for burgers
  • + 1
 @SirChomps-a-Lot: I hope you're kidding lmao
  • + 1
 @sandboass: nope, that's how it works, anf that is why it comes with the spatula.
  • + 29
 "Increase the stiffness of your cockpit" –Thanks, but I'm okay for now. Call me when I'm 80.
  • + 27
 Those Five Tens are as fashion-forward as Skechers memory foam work shoes.
  • + 22
 The Five Ten orthopedic shoe line for 2018.
  • + 18
 this month it's a who's who in the category of things I'll never buy
  • + 9
 Own the fabric tool. Cool idea, terrible in reality. The fact that the bit slides through the tool itself makes it nearly impossible to get any kind of mechanical purchase between the tool and the screw/bolt/nut that you're trying to work. Any bit of pressure just sends the bit shooting out the opposite side of the handle. Meh x100. It is pretty though.
  • + 13
 I should hope that a tire is under $300
  • + 7
 Wait how is that headset just flying under the radar!? Pinkbike you better get your hands on that and go huck the trail bikes because this is an actual issue that someone is finding a solution to!!
  • + 22
 Because next year sram and trek will collaborate on their new lineup and launch the TURBO a new headset standard that makes your cockpit stiffer for the low low price of not being able to use your current components because they do not fit anymore!
  • + 12
 that's a headset? I read the descrtiption quickly and thought it was some kind of freaky german set of cock rings
  • + 2
 Yeah, I'm interested in how much stuffer it is. Huck pinkbike, Huck!
  • + 1
 Just you thought bikes had reached max stiffness... #stiffnessofthemonthclub #morestiffmorebetter
  • + 8
 The spatula is the last step to go full enduro, Weighting only 2 gr It'll make spreading the wax in your extremities a piece of cake
  • + 5
 For the low low price of 79EUR, you too can

• Increase the stiffness of your cockpit

*double take*
  • + 4
 £90 for a tyre..... Bargain!

NOT! 88 euros gets you a pair of ultra soft addix Magic Mary....
  • + 1
 They are absolute beasts though.
  • + 4
 How long will your cockpit remain that stiff at that length? At what point do I seek professional advice?
  • + 3
 Either 4hrs or 4 rides... something like that I suppose.
  • + 2
 @Ride406orDie: if you give 1 hour rides just take me already #NoHomo
  • + 3
 All these fork upgrades would be great if they were like 100$ cheaper... Frown
  • + 0
 And the wouldn't exist at the level of quality they are
  • + 3
 increase the stiffness of your cock pit. There are other web sites for that.
  • + 1
 I've had some experience with the Unior people. Great tools and incredible customer support! I'd pack my garage with their kits if I could afford them!
  • + 3
 Bolt on stiffness? So sexual....
  • + 2
 How do you get the handlebar into that stem? Just push it through the side and that's why there's a max rise noted?
  • + 4
 And what the hell is e-gravity?
  • + 3
 that spatula must be for the crisco
  • + 3
 Are we all going to ignore the use of "stiff master?"
  • + 1
 FYI if anyone is looking for a new DH lid, CRC has the Aircraft for half price... Looks like I got the last large, down to just XL unfortunately
  • + 1
 I've got a Fabric Chamber tool, it's pretty Goodrich use but if you press too hard the attachment part slides straight through the opposite side.
  • + 1
 AWK Dual Air for Fox 40 and the Five Tens are pretty nice gets, it looks like. The rest? Fine, I suppose.
  • + 1
 the dirt wizard tire looks rad, and i've heard good things - but it is a little worrying that they don't mention a weight...
  • + 5
 Are you looking to put a 3" tire on your xc whip but don't want to blow over 21lbs?
  • + 2
 Just mounted a pair. Way better cornering than the under built Maxxis but does come with a weight penalty.
  • + 1
 @kathwill: I had a set of 29x3 DWs and they were absolute beasts, like Minions on steroids. 1300g a tyre tho.
  • + 1
 They're awesome meats... the measure a little ive 2.8" on a 35mm wide rim so not stoopidly wide.
  • + 2
 The Intend Stiffmaster seems like Giant OD2.
  • + 3
 or 1.5?
  • + 2
 Increase the stiffness of your cockpit...
  • + 1
 "Increase the stiffness of your cock...pit"
  • + 1
 Less than impressive this Sept is - Yoda
  • + 1
 I can wear that pearl izumi for work.
  • + 1
 E-gravity? dafuk???
call me when is tested for "super E-nduro"
  • + 1
 The Versa polo, here's a chance for all you PB engineers to look the part.
  • + 0
 Hey Fabric, it's 2017, get an online store for direct to consumer sales.
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