Video: Mountain Bike Advocacy With The Fellowship of the Wheel

May 23, 2018
by Rosy Metcalfe  
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PRESS RELEASE: Fellowship of the Wheel

Fellowship of the Wheel is a non-profit that advocates for and maintains 120+ miles (8 networks in 7 towns) of public multi-use trails in Chittenden County, VT. We work with private and municipal landowners to create responsibly-built, sustainable trails for the greater community to enjoy their surrounding environment through recreation. FOTW completes over 3500 hours of trail work each season, through the direction of the Trail Crew, with over 1000 hours of volunteer commitment. Funding sources include financial donations from local businesses, partnerships with similar organizations, grants, fundraisers, and membership dues.

By advocating for outdoor recreation opportunities, building with the most sustainable practices, and educating the community we are able to provide people of all ages and fitness levels a chance to appreciate their environment. Trails pass beautiful scenery and historic sites, they link towns, and trails bring community volunteers together while assisting with the creation and maintenance of responsibly-built public trails. It is our hope that this will inspire people to care about their environment in such a way that they make conscious decisions to protect it.

Your involvement is critical to our continued success. If you ride in our area, join the Fellowship today, come out to our trail days, and do your part to keep multi-use trails open. Enjoy!


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 FOTW is such a great group to have here in VT! I can’t say enough good things about their work, the scene up here is so friendly and just exploding! It’s in large part due to the hard work these guys put in. After recent windstorms having highly damaged trails back so quickly seems unreal, the network of workers and volunteers is so tight knit, and just amazing!
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 Home sweet home! Awesome to see FOTW featured on the front page of Pink Bike. Great trails, and great people.
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 That is cool! Unfortunately, central VT MTB scene is too divisive, clique-ish, and opinionated to have such a cohesive scene. Thanks for all you do FOTW!
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 Believe me, the fellowship has its challenges with this, its rooted in protecting and defending whats important to you personally, and our meetings can be both positive and productive or heated and stale, but after decades of hard work by many opinions, we are able to deliver a service that caters and considers all.
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 It certainly reads that way on the internet sometimes (MTBR forums, etc.), especially if it's been raining for a week and people are getting grumpy, but in my experience just about every single person I've met out on the trails has been cool, regardless of their riding style, "clique," fondness for flow, etc. Plus, there's such a great diversity of types of trail to ride, it's pretty easy just not to ride the stuff you don't like or support. When I talk to friends in other states, we're pretty spoiled!
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 @VtVolk: I'm not talking about what I read on the internet, rather what I experience living here. Sure, most people are pretty cool when you meet them out riding. They are stoked because they are out riding! When it comes to being open to other ideas, thoughts, or ways of doing things, that is when it is not so great. To some degree, this is human nature. It seems to run much deeper here than other places I have lived as an adult (21 years in Colorado, plus a few in California and Washington). I guess it is part of the culture in general here, so I should not be surprised. That doesn't keep it from being frustrating and annoying. I have fun riding here, and my technical skills have sharpened for sure. It is just not the culture I am used to. Luckily for me, my favorite riding partner is me! I'm just ranting a bit, and ultimately it is up to me the kind of experience I have. Thanks again to all the people who have put in hard work to create the trails (I do put in time when I can...)!
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 FOTW is great and their network is wonderful, but come visit VT and find out what great riding there is all over the state...WATA, SMBC, MRR...just to name a few.
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 wooooooooooooo fellowship kills it !
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 why can't Bennington county have such good trails? Its tine for southern Vermont to finally start building like whats north
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 good luck with that they concentrate more on running then anything biking related.
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 instead of asking why, do something about it. organize and build.
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 @saymyname: I have been, but our local trail organizations are barely 5 years old so not a whole lot has been built yet
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 Love the trails that FOTW maintains- and killer events!

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