Christchurch Adventure Park: Blenki's First Ride - Video

Dec 21, 2016
by Jay French  
This week has been huge for mountain biking in New Zealand with the official opening of the Christchurch Adventure Park. A day that has been eagerly awaited by swathes of the mountain biking community. With the park offering 365 days of riding every year, all eyes are on Christchurch.

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I was in shooting some Adventure Park opening goodness for a local print magazine and had decided to take my friend Blenki with me, as my subject matter for shooting. Now, when you have someone like Sam with you, it would seem rude not to harness his capabilities for one's own benefit. So, we set off with our Christchurch Adventure Park guides, Tom and CJ, and headed for the trails.

Guides Tom and CJ are so stoked to be out shredding bike park laps with Blenki.

Guides Tom and CJ are so stoked to be out shredding bike park laps with Blenki.

It's a well-known fact that my riding is considered average at best, and we knew that Wanganui local Tom Oskam could handle a bike, so we strapped GoPro's to both Sam and Tom and sent them on their way, for basically a blind lap of "Moose Knuckle" into "Airtearoa". The results are in the video. Dust. Whips. Shouting.

Sam looks out over Christchurch from just above the top station of the lift.

Sam looks out over Christchurch from just above the top station of the lift.

900 acres of hillside now littered with tracks that are packed in and running sweet. Current conditions are dry and dusty, with goggles being a welcome asset.

One of the old trails that s been brought back up to standard.

One of the old trails that's been brought back up to standard.

The main attraction, the four-person x four-bike chairlift is capable of lifting 1200 stoked Cantabrians to the top, every hour, and is currently the focus of many POV style edits coming from the relatively quiet New Zealand town.

CAP Chairlift

Looks fun, right?

Christchurch Adventure Park mountain biking trails

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 the best thing to rock chch since the quakes haha
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 It's staggering what they have achieved in such a short time. I was so impressed with the number of trails ready for open day. It feels like a well established bike park from day one.

Checking online it looks like half of Christchurch has a mountain bike on their Christmas list :-)
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 Search TradeMe for downhill bikes for sale in Canterbury, and the number is drastically lower than ever before.
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 Yeah, I'm amazed too. I felt that a victory would be getting it opened. The potential of the place means most people would still be happy enough for it to open with a couple of OK trails. They appear to have exceeded that victory by opening with a strong selection of trails. When I checked the facebook page their customer service team appear to be active and friendly in engaging with people complaining or being confused about ticket plans. That's the kind of little detail that is easily missed when people are rushing to meet deadlines. I bet there's been big pressure on the staff. There must have been some serious work and commitment from the people behind this. It's got to be a sign that the park has a strong future. I'm heading up there for a few days before the end of summer.
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 Faaaaak that looks so sick!, stoked to have something like that in my backyard cant wait to get down there!!!!
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 Looks fun. IS fun. See you all there
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 Going to have to get there next year for a trip, looks sick!
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 with a broken rib delaying my entry to the park i can really appreciate this. looks super fun cant wait to get up there
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 Fuck that looks dope. Just a hop skip and a plane ticket across the pond too.
  • + 2
 Are most peeps riding DH or Enduro bikes?
  • + 4
 I was there on opening day and I have to say it's about 70% enduro 30% DH bikes, everything in the park at the moment is definitely rideable on an enduro bike but a DH would add a bit of security on the steeper parts of some of the tracks.
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 Well, i am going to go ride there this avro!!
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 Let's see if the rain keeps that dust down. Should be sweet in there.

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