Chromag Announces Builder Series with $5 from Every Purchase Going Back to the Trails

Apr 17, 2019
by Chromag Bikes  

Chromag X Trailforks
Here's a nice artsy shot of a mcloud trail tool to draw you in, keep reading to see what's up!

PRESS RELEASE: Chromag Bikes

Photos by Rebecca Ritz

Here at Chromag Bikes in Whistler, BC, we are fortunate enough to have some of the best riding in the world right outside our door. There's over 300km of singletrack in our town that will keep even the keenest rider busy for an entire season. On top of this, we have Pemberton and Squamish just a short drive away with even more incredible riding. Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor is a key destination for anyone who loves to mountain bike.

bigquotesYou probably already know this if you live here or have spent any time on Pinkbike.Chromag Bikes

With so much to ride, we know that these trails don’t get built or maintained on their own. Our communities have volunteer run trail associations that hire experienced trail builders to do the work. On top of this, local riders volunteer to help with the upkeep of our amazing trail network.

As a mountain bike company, we support our local trail associations through various initiatives but we know we can always do more. This year we are launching the Builder Clothing Series to help riders give back to the trails they love.

Everyone appreciates the hard work builders put in (judging by the sh!t eating grins often observed at a trail exit), but not everyone has the time to spare to go out and physically dig. Hopefully, with this initiative, it makes it a little easier to even out the karma.

$5 from every tee or hat sold will be donated to local trail associations in the Sea To Sky region using the Trailforks "Trail Karma" to get the money where it needs to go, into the (dirty) hands of the people that need it.

bigquotesGive back to the trails you love.Chromag Bikes

At Trailforks one of our core beliefs is that mountain biking exists only because there are mountain bike trails. Our aim is to create tools and systems to help associations and builders as much as we can because they make it possible to do the sport we all love.Trailforksbigquotes

The tee is made from a 65/35 poly-cotton blend so it's suitable for riding, going to the pub, or even riding to the pub. The cap is a mesh trucker with all the trimmings and attention to detail you've come to expect from Chromag.

But to be clear this stuff isn't just for builders, it's to support builders so don't be shy if you've never lifted a shovel in your life. Plus the artwork has a map built into it in case you get lost out there.

Here's a photo of Dan Raymond. Usually, he's pretty happy, I guess he's upset you didn't buy a shirt yet.

Dan is the head trail builder for the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association (WORCA) and is the man responsible for the famous Lord of the Squirrels alpine trail. Dan and his team work hard from spring until the snow flies making sure trails are well maintained and adding new trails where they are needed. We are lucky to have people like Dan who are passionate about trail building and happy to be out there in the forest doing their thing.

And there are many more like Dan – people with vision, who give us access to beautiful places and the ability to ride our bikes and enjoy life.

You can follow the donations on the Trailforks app so be sure to give that a peep.

The line will be available at, Chromag HQ, or select stores in the Sea to Sky region. Be sure to pick up a tee or a cap and show your support. If this goes well then we'd love to expand on the line and keep people like Dan outstanding in their field.

See you out there...

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 SOOO AWESOME!! Sam and I were literally just thinking of something like this at Evolution. A way for people to give back to our awesome and unique trail networks and the builders/volunteers, that don't have time or the ability to get out on trail nights or otherwise. Thanks for being so forward thinking and I LOVE that hat map!
  • 9 2
 Pinkbike via Trailforks has the Trail Karma function. Do not hesitate to use that to donate to local trail orgs or to show appreciation. Using it I donated to a few local trail orgs within 10 minutes. Here's the link -
  • 11 1
 Hell yeah - we love this initiative! -NSMBA
  • 6 1
 Way to go ladies and gents from chromag !!!!!
  • 6 1
 right on, guys and gals of c-mag!
  • 4 1
 Does Pinkbike fund any trail building or give back ?
Seems like a good idea especially since this site promotes MTB in a big way certainly in BC.
  • 4 1
 I can only speak for Squamish, but the owner of Pinkbike is very generous with the local club. In creating Trailforks he's also introduced a model to assist clubs all over the world through the trail Karma program. Outside of the grassroots model, that didn't exist before.
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 I'm a builder down here in Arizona and would love to rock that gear but don't see that shirt or hat on the website.
  • 5 2
 It is up on the Shop portion of our website, top right Smile
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 Nicely done
  • 4 1
 So good to see you supporting our trail Cro-Mag!
  • 3 1
 That map on the bill is so cool. I hope to be able to ride those trails one day.
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 Nice one gang! Feed the Friday ride fodder!
  • 2 1
 I love everything about Chromag!
  • 2 1
 Beyond great.
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 @nf-design did it first Big Grin
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 There are lots of brands supporting the trail networks. It's not a competition, it's a collab! Community effort!

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