Claudio Rides Stevie Smith's Bike

Jul 26, 2017
by Velosolutions Global  
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Claudio Caluori has been working on the Steve Smith Bike Park in Nanaimo, BC, and recently got to take a very special ride with Mark Wallace. Tiann Smith invited Claudio to ride Stevie’s personal training bike down one of his favourite trails, and the place where his ashes were laid to rest.

You know this is a good one.

It's been amazing to see the mountain bike community come together to create the Steve Smith Bike Park, and we're excited for the opening in a few weeks. The park features a main pumptrack, a kids pumptrack, and a jump park with Flow Form ramps. Velosolutions lead the pumptrack builds, and the jump park build was lead by Jordie Lunn, Luke Fulton and Dan Leney. The whole community of Nanaimo has gotten behind this project, with many people and businesses donating money, machinery, and time to realize Stevie's dream of a bike park there.

The grand opening is August 9th, 1pm, at Beban Park (next to the BMX track) in Nanaimo. There will be World Cup pros, industry supporters, sponsors, and lots of people having a blast and honouring Stevie's memory. See you there!


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 Claudio is a gift to our community. Now If we can just get him and Tippie on a tandem DH bike....
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 For course previews that'll be great please redbull
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 Agreed, but who's Captain and who is stoker. I know my answer, but curious to hear others.
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 @Duderz7: Get Rob in the mix also haha
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 dammit who is cutting onions around here
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 "I hope my sponsors don't mind"

I'm thinking your sponsors are honored by such class.
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 It's very cool of Tiann to let Claudio ride Steve's bike for this amazing opportunity. This is an amazing video. @claudiocaluori Hope you had a blast on Prevost, sucks you couldn't shuttle it. Smile
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 Not only that, but Tiann has put the entire Velosolutions crew up in Steve's old house while they work!
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 @Bomadics: best mom ever
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 She is one amazing woman!!!
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 Can't wait to watch this later...gotta get in the right frame of mind. LONGLIVESTEVIE!!!
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 The second I found out she was on PB and I had to send her a message to tell her what an amazing woman she was. She even responded back! We have traded messages off and on over the years. I am going to watch it while I cook dinner cuz we having onions and I can blame it on that...
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 @Bomadics: That's awesome!
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 @Bomadics: Stevie has got to be smiling. So much love for the dude. So many peeps thinkin bout him, he's gotta feel it. CHEERS CHAINSAW.
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 @rcrdrv: Dude touched so many lives. Such a bad ass.
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 Stevie's death still makes me sad, but its cool to see how respected and remembered he has been. #longlivechainsaw
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 Awesome tribute to Stevie, slaying his favorite trail on his trusty steed. Also, Claudio continues to impress me, first decent on a new trail, on a bike he's never ridden, set up for somebody else, after laying asphalt all day, giving commentary the whole ride, and he still rips!
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 This is bone chilling. So much respect for Claudio
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 I couldn't ride the bike, mentally that would be more of a challenge than riding the trail. As much as an honour and privilege it would be to even be considered to throw a leg over that bike, it just wouldn't be right.
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 The feels are strong
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 Wow! What a great ride! So that's how a World Cup DHer rides Memphis. Respect for the rock drop start and long push up to get there. Trailforks logs says I've ridden Memphis at least 40 times, but never like that! I still remember seeing Steve on Prevost trails and keeping up to him for at least 5 seconds - ok, at least 2 seconds. Always smiling and rippin' with joy! Thanks to Claudio, Tiann, and all the folks that are making Steve's bike park happen!
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 Incredible from all involved Salute
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 That about sums it up. When he arrived at the bottom and Steve's Mum was there I couldn't quite believe it. Awesome
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 i won't be able to ride this sick trail coz' my eyes will be in heavy tears
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 Love Canada, More world cups in Canada please!
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 We used to have Bromont as well, 2008-2009. Proper DH track, that was. Not sure why they took it off the calendar.
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 @sickn3ss: super expensive to host a uci event...
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 What a privilege.
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 Thanks for that Claudio! Welcome to Vancouver Island!
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 @claudiocaluori, you sir are simply awesome. Steve Smith's mom is simply awesome. Lots of love to both of you, and to the crew working on the bike park as well.
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 can't be there on the 9th but will think off you all that make it , will be there four weeks later
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 Just put this on the bucket list.
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 They were riding Memphis on Prevost but I believe Patchworx was his favourite trail.
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 Yes, Patchworks was his fave trail....but he also liked Memphis.
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 Yes Tianna Smith is a great women!!! But every single person who reminds Steve also. It's great too have people remind a nice person. the bike park gonna rock so hard.
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 mad respect for hiking back up to clear everything properly. chain saws up boys...
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 Long Live Chainsaw! It's awesome to see his mother smile and laugh, can't imagine losing a child.
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 Last time I was this early Stevie was kicking ass at the World Cups
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 Excellent, the bottom of Memphis and the jump line, trails I have actually ridden!
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 Memphis? Wait a minute, were they riding Prevost?
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 @chrismaartinfreerider: Yes sir...they are on Prevost! No matter where Steve travelled, he always considered Prevost the best mountain to ride on.
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 @Stevesmom: You are an inspiration to the entire bike community!
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 You can feel the spirit of Steve Smith
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 If there was an eternity that would be where i'd want to spend it. Maybe then i'd be able to shred a new jump line first run like Claudio. #lowkeyboss #longlivechainsaw
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 Claudio, one of the coolest dudes in MtB culture today. We're lucky to have such an ambassador.
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 Awesome, Claudio is such a great ambassador for the mtn bike community. I will make sure I take the ferry to be there for this special day. #longlivechansaw
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 Holy ground now Time to make a pilgrimage Longlivechainsaw !!!!!
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 amazing. now just need to figure out how im gonna get to the west coast of canada for the 9th.
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 Wish I could be there for the opening! Glad to see and hear Steve's Mom laughing and smiling!
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 That was pretty emotional. Respect to Claudio and the Velosolutions crew and all the people making the park happen.
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 What a great community.
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 Claudio you are the man! LongLiveChainsaw!!!
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 It is a little sad. Some things were just meant to be with us forever
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 "Maybe I should talk a little less here..." Claudio is my hero!
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 @BenNbike "the french canadians" hahaha
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 In the feels. Looks a really fun track.
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 Wow !!!

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