Claudio's Course Preview: Tandem Attempts - Vallnord DH World Cup 2016

Aug 31, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Something tells me the Rach/ Claudio thing isn't quite water under the bridge yet...
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 Atherton crew needs to chill out
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 @ross005: Not like them.
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 @ross005: i am unaware of what happened
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 also wondering what you are referencing...
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 @ross005: Why? She is #1 and the winning-est DH rider in history (male or female). Maybe she needs to focus, maybe some family stuff went down, maybe a sponsor thing. Most people that dominant in what they do whether business, pro sports, etc., are hyper focused to get them there. No they aren't out acting like Palmer or Bryceland. They are just quietly focused. Sad that many see them as being unchill vs. focused on what they do.
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 Bikes of Our Lives- My new favorite soap opera!
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 @moose-619: Claudio basically said the only reason why she's so fast is because she follows her brothers
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 For you guys not aware of the situation, there was a big kerfuffle over a comment Claudio made during her race run in MSA. Something to the effect of making it sound like she's only fast because she rides with her fast brothers.
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 @SebSilva: Ripped Claudio on instagram for mentioning during the MSA broadcast that part of the reason she was so fast was because she rides with her bros, not because she busts her ass. Both are probably true and kind of dumb by Claudio, but it was quite the rant, maybe more to the story, maybe she's sick of media, who knows
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 @moose-619 @SebSilva, remember last round during Rachel's run Rob Warner was like "how is Rachel so fast" and Claudio replied "probably because she trains with her brother"? Well Rach completely whipped back at Claudio saying she's fast because she trains hard and that sort of carry on.
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 Wow those Athertons have some tissue paper thin skin. So she is saying none of the other girls bust their asses? She grew up chasing her older brothers yeah that's a big factor in why your faster, that and natural talent but to say it's because you bust high ass is a slap in the face to all the other racers IMO.
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 @Highrevkev: he didn't say it like that.

He said "Probably because"

Big difference.
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 Lets hope that is not the case. If it is then it is very petty. She took his words and assumed it was super sexist when in fact he just chose words wrong. Working her ass off helps, so does riding with her brothers no doubt. No need to throw Claudio under the bus for some miscued words.
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 @ianswilson815: Yeah she has an ax to grind just like Gee, he looks like someone pissed in his porridge if he doesn't win.

Maybe she should race in the men's class to be humbled a bit, she'd place 90th something there.
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 @mfoga: I agree
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flag jojotherider1977 (Aug 31, 2016 at 16:49) (Below Threshold)
 @mfoga: The problem is that he gave credit to the brothers. Was there any mention of the effort she puts in? I don't think so. Why does the credit go to her brothers? She makes sacrifices, works hard, trains hard, and rides hard. She's is the one riding the course on her race run. Not them. She would be dominating the series without her brothers and you know it.
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 @poozank: Lyndsey Dyer has been trying to do that for years, but FIS rules don't allow it. Being too lazy to research the matter, I'm going to assume the same case here.
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 The "she rides with her brother" comment has come up more than once. It's completely true that frequently riding with someone faster than you can help push you and make improvements. While Gee hasn't been on the podium as much lately he's still one of the best riders in the world and his times are faster than the pro women. Ergo, it would help if she rides with her brother a lot.

HOWEVER, as she pointed out in her comment, that is far from the only reason she does so well. You can bet that she works her ass off training and that she also has a generous amount of talent. So if she keeps hearing, "how is she so fast", "Well, she rides with her brothers a lot." then it starts to sounds as if that's the main or ONLY thing that makes her fast. She'd probably appreciate an acknowledgement of how hard she works and the depth of her talent.

I seriously doubt that Caludio meant to imply that riding with Gee was the ONLY thing that makes her so fast.
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 Well , if he asked her for a tandem ride as well.... no wonder she refused. That and the brother stuff as well .
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 @jojotherider1977: It was a quick off handed remark, you think he's going to go into an in depth discussion on her diet and training regimen while doing a off the cuff commentary? Stop reading into it.

Riding with her brothers has unquestionably helped her, obviously she has trained to build on that foundation. You really can't claim she would be dominating without the foundation of riding with her brothers, you are talking out of your ass.
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 @jojotherider1977: So she is saying the other girls don't do that? There is something obviously different between her and the rest of the field. So either she is basically talking major shit on the other girls or its the push she got from her brothers. She has said before when she was younger she as competitive with her brothers. Besides Tracy who else has WC level brothers to follow growing up? So yeah its a factor. Her and Gee need to be sponsored by preparation h, maybe it will help with the butt hurting they get.
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 MSA was the THIRD time this season Claudio has made that comment on air.
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 @corvus1: Honestly, it's probably the largest single factor that distinguishes her from the other top female riders.

There are likely at least a few who work as hard, but she's blown every single one of them out of the water at every race this year, and the main difference is she rides with her top male racer brother constantly. How is that not worth mentioning? And further, why is it something to be defensive about? Having awesome training partners isn't some kind of embarrassing privilege.
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 @mfoga: how does Rachel simply wanting recognition for her hard work constitute a slap in the race to other riders? Unless you are saying that she was simply born a great mountain biker your statement could be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

She's clearly miles ahead of all the other female riders out there for a reason. She made herself into that, wether it be through hard work or simply having the stones to push the limit more than anyone else, she's gotten to the level she is at and no one else has even approached it. So clearly she is doing something the others are not and she deserves the credit for it. And I don't think any other female racer out there would take any offense to her saying what she did.
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 @poozank: do you think other female riders don't train with men? Do you think the other girls just go out and do little chick rides together all by themselves? They all train with guys. These teams all train together and ride together.

Tracy Hannah has a big bro that's an elite rider too, why isn't she anywhere near Rachel's level? Tahnee has a lbrother who races world cups too. Whats her deal?
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 @sino428: I am saying she grew up chasing her brothers and lets be realistic is makes a big difference. If she is saying the only reason she is that much faster is the work she puts in , that is saying the other don't work as hard as me. Go read her statement, she is basically saying she works harder has, better trainers, has better mechanics and suspension setup ( I would be pissed if I was also a sponsored fox rider because she is saying they do more for her). Unless there is another factor, ie growing up competing with two future WC level riders. What he said is true its a factor. She is just another butt hurt atherton.
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 Here is just one quote about growing up with her brothers.

"Growing up with brothers is the best thing for a young girl to do - chasing the brothers around on the bike. I started comparing my times with the guys and then I started to get hurt a lot, because maybe I was going too fast. I've backed off a bit but it's always there in the back of my mind."

Tahnees brother is younger so didn't push her as much as older brothers would have. Tracy, not sure but I have never heard her say she was competitive with her brother when younger. Also lets not forgert she was out the WC for 5 years.
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flag freestyIAM (Aug 31, 2016 at 17:50) (Below Threshold)
 what Rach/Claudio thing?
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 @mfoga: that is not what she saying at all
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 @mfoga: sounds like you're butt hurt
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 @mfoga: Riding with her brother would help at a weekend level, but at the professional level you can't be serious.
The easiest way to get faster is to ride with someone faster than you, regardless of gender/family. The other girls train with their respective teams who are all fast as f*ck. Want to beat Rachel in two steps? Get on the ridiculous physical level all the WC riders have achieved (read easy, in a weekend, no worries mate) then train with Gwin (This is the key step, skip the first if you cbf gyming, road riding, and eating like a saint all year round)
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 Lets be honest here, training with the best, in any sport will give you an edge. If this wasn't the case why do athletes and teams in any sport spend millions on superstar coaches and trainers. There is no better way to push your riding to the next level than through peer pressure. You hear all the pros talk about how they feed of each other and push the limits when they ride together. She's had that advantage from a very young age. Chasing, or being chased by someone thats faster than yourself will inevitably make you faster. Rachel and Red Bull even turned the concept into an event called Redbull Foxhunt. Claudio never said she's doesn't work hard, and riding with the best is hard work in itself. She should stop B'tching and be happy that she's had that advantage. Sounds like the Atherton's have a chip on their shoulder and need to mellow out, they're too serious.
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 @ianswilson815 @thestigmk1 @mfoga @NotDannyHart @ross005 @SebSilva @StormLord @Highrevkev @bman33 @claudiocaluori @robwarner970 @rachybox

For what it's worth.... I feel she brought this upon herself and painted this picture for all to think! Ever since Clay Porter's Between the Tape (and his movies following that), her interviews and her sections were depicted as she never wanted to ride. It was her brothers that would drag her out to ride.

Sorry Rachel, yes, you turned into a bad ass rider, but don't publicly call out Claudio and Rob for something you clearly put into our minds. Many times you gave credit to your riding and passion to your brothers in all of those films.
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 @mfoga: you just don't get it do you? Even if her brothers provided motivation (which most agree they did) she still had to put the work in!!! You don't get to be a great rider simply because your brothers ride. She still had to push herself. She still had to put the training time in, she still has to push passed her comfort zone riding with them. She did all that herself.
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 @sino428: You cant read can you? I never said she didnt work hard nor did Claudio. I am saying her early years with the brothers is the difference between her and the other girls. There is a clear difference between her and the rest of the girls. So why is that? If you say its her hard work then are you saying the other girls dont put in as much work? If not again what is the difference.
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 I totally understand why Rach would be pissed. I thought about it every time Claudio said it.
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 @sino428: So how is saying "Because she rides with her brothers", a bad thing? Like you say, this implies is that she needs to be damn fast to keep up them, which in itself is hard work and takes a lot of effort, training and talent. If you do this from a very young age you will have an edge on other racers that might not have had that kind of upbringing. She's mentioned it herself in countless interviews. And there're so many examples where people that come from a family of athletes in a particular sport seem to have an edge. There's nothing wrong with it.
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 @ddd: that's exactly what she's saying
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 @sino428: who's saying she didn't put work in? Only you!
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 Rachel blew it on this one.

Firstly, the comment was true, and it holds true for anyone who rides and trains consistently with better riders.

Secondly, it was not a dig at her. Listen to it. And does Claudio really seem like the type of guy to make some ignorant sexist remark about one of the best female dh racers? No.

Friggen feminist nonsense. I recently read an interview with Tahnee where she was asked, "Do you consider yourself a feminist?" Her response was classic and classy: "No, I consider myself a woman".

Get some class Athertons.
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 @cyclo-maniac: you really don't see how someone would be offended by that? It's a bad thing because it discredits everything she's done and basically says she wins because she was lucky to have older brothers.

Think about it this way, do people say Ken Griffey Jr was a great baseball player because his father was a major leaguer? No that would be silly because many major leaguers have kids that grow up playing baseball and they don't all grow up to be great players. Are Peyton and Eli manning great quarterbacks because their father was? It might help that they were guided into it from a young age but Again its silly because many NFL quarterbacks have children, that vast majority of which don't grow up to be NFL stars themselves.

I'm also sure that many top level men's DH riders have little sisters as well. Where are they? Why aren't they winning races? Since having big brothers who ride makes a girl a great rider right?

Bottom line is that riding with her brothers certainly helped guide her and push her. No one denies that, and there is nothing wrong with mentioning it as one of many things that makes her great. But when a commentator is asked why is she so good and the only thing he can come up with is 'because she grew up riding with her brothers', that's insulting.
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 On second thought, I'm calling bs on the whole "I'm insulted so I'm not doing the course preview with Claudio."

She just didn't want him to have to be constantly braking behind her! Especially after all her big girl talk
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 @dtm1: "Friggen feminist nonsense."
yeah, please, tell us all about having class.
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 @dtm1: you are confusing what was said with what you wanted to hear. try again.
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 @ross005: in Australia we will take the piss out of you if you come in first place, last place or anywhere in between.
If you ride XC, downhill or anything in between.
If you're a pro rider or an absolute muppet on a bike.
If you're male or female or anything in between.
If you're white, black, yellow, brown, or especially a red head.
I really don't think the Athertons would like Australia very much......
Claudio would love it tho
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 If you all read Rachel's comment about the subject, she was super nice, wasn't bitchy, all it really brought to attention was that she would like to be acknowledged about how hard she works, not the "because of her brothers" shes not saying that her brothers didnt help her, just that she wants how hard she works to be recognized. and to be fair she ended the post with a smiley face.
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 Jeez what a bunch of whinging flogs you guys are.
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 @treymotleyDH: tbh man - I don't know what you read - but she was definitely bitch vibing hard.

While she might feel like she is in the shadow of Gee and Dan a bit - it's not even a question that riding with them has shaped her into the best female rider in history!
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 If you watch the post race interview from Lenzerheide at 36.30 The guy on the mic asks rach the same question that Warner asked Claudio and she cannot give a good answer but for some reason she feels that it's ok to complain about Claudios answer.

Also she has even said herself in previous interviews and comments that the reason she is fast is down to riding with her brothers.
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 @sino428: Nah mate its not insulting, why? because it wasn't meant as an insult, we all know that, and she knows that. Claudio has no reason to insult her or think lowly of her. Its a given that she works hard and is extremely talented, that goes without saying. That also goes for the others. What does she want him to say?, that she works harder than the other riders? That she is more talented than the others? He gave an honest evaluation on why she might have an edge over the others that work and train just has hard. He might be wrong in his opinion, but its not insulting to suggest that riding with the best makes you faster.
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 @Larkey1: there's no denying that that's probably the main reason, and she isn't denying it, my guess is she's just tired of hearing it's cause of her brothers. Kind of like with the Olympic swimmer who won gold and they said it was all because of the husband (he's her coach). Like yeah he helped train, motivate, and all that. But she's the one that went out and did it ya know? And for aspiring girl racers that maybe wanna be like rach, the idea that she got there because of her brothers may not be the best motivator. I mean yeah she went a little overboard but comments like Claudio's are happening a lot in girl sports.
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 @ddd: lol
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 @ddd: lol
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 @LiquidSpin: He also said it every single time the cam was on her during the last couple of seasons. It was almost his trademark statement xD
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 @Murph86: this is the best strayya
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 @sino428: no one is disputing that dingus. The issue is her shitty attitude.
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 @treymotleyDH: the whole post was bitchy just because it had a sarcastic smiley face doesn't change that
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 @poozank: orrrrrr it was an honest smiley face that shows Claudio that she has no hard feelings and she was letting him know in adult manner that she doesn't want her success to only be seen as "oh she's gee's sister" and that she puts in the work? But nah she made a post so she's a bitch
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 She just became the biggest looser in My eyes. Butthurt to a whole new level.
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 @corvus1: Absolutely. It's true that riding with her brothers has certainly helped her over the years. I don't believe Claudio meant anything insulting by it, the comment was just one of those spur of the moment things commentators say that maybe didn't have enough context or explanation.

Whilst I also get that Rach has probably heard that said in a more insulting context many times over the years, I don't think this is one of those cases and needs to relax a little.
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 @treymotleyDH: An adult manner is not chewing him out over instagram in front of thousands of people, that's the exact opposite of adult. What she did was childish.
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 @poozank: solid point but it was more like a strong lecture lol. But I believe it was more to bring light on the fact that comments like that are made on women in all sports and it needs to stop. but thats all I have on the topic, if you don't see where Im coming from thats cool, I could be completely off base. good talk
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 One last note here is her IG comment not exactly a tongue lashing......... 73.6 KM/h ???????????????? THAT is what I'm talking about!! Beating most of the guys thru the speed trap was pretty unreal & made for some interesting talk at last nights party!! Sorry boys - that's just how badass us girls can be ???????????? on a more serious note @claudiocaluori @robwarner970 how about when rob asks "why is Rach so fast" instead of always just saying "cos she rides with her brother" why not say the truth?? Because I work DAMN hard!! I train damn hard with my coach , my mechanics and I work on my bike setup and suspension like there's no tomorrow, I focus on every aspect of racing, I analyse & doubt myself, my experience with injuries has taught me my limits & my abilities, I live for racing, it makes my heart beat!! YES I do ride with my brothers a lot, but I also ride ALOT on my own , and it kind of takes the piss when all you say is "because she rides with her brother" I am, along with all the other women, athletes in our own right, bike riders because WE have the SKILLS, not because we blindly follow the boys with our eyes closed. So Sort it out please boys!!! Otherwise it's good commentary & a great show @redbulltv ????????????
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 As has been pointed out elsewhere, she herself has always credited her brothers with getting her into the sport and helping her.I think it was OTT for her to have reacted the way she did to a comment made in the heat of the moment during her run. It was never stated or implied that she didn't work hard or was not extremely talented. We also all know that riders progress in no small measure because of the mentoring and experience they get from senior team members, or at our level, simply riding with friends who are better riders than we are.
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 If she's upset because of this comment, she definitely needs to chill. Her brothers ride faster than her. Riding with people faster than you help you going faster. That's a fact.
He never denied she was training hard...

@treymotleyDH please don't be that guy/girl... Who cares... Everybody knows everyone trains super hard. Training with her super-fast brother in unquestionably a huge additional factor that cannot be forgotten...
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 @corvus1: i agree that Claudio didn't intend to insult her, and in her comments Rachel seems to understand that, and even compliments the job Claudio and Rob do. But if Claudio is the "expert" in the booth he should have better explanations than 'she rides with her brother,' is the point i think she was making.
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 @treymotleyDH: i agree.
i don't think most of the commenters here have read what she wrote
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 @poozank: did you read what she wrote? because she compliments rob and claudio. the shitty attitude is here, in the comments section of pinkbike, by butthurt bros.
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 it's loser, loser.
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 can i just say I'm supper happy riding a Big Hit, that Maxxis have released a 24'' DHF for 2017. oh yeah. and the Athertons thing.
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 @poozank: True. She made that big hulabaloo about beating the guys through the speed trap on instragram. Not entirely sure what that means since she would have ended up 3rd to last overall in that race.
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 @treymotleyDH: I thought the same about the smiley face initially- oh good, she is just trying to show younger girls to not accept being "talked down to" In a male dominated sport. However, this video shows that the water isn't under the bridge, and that is why people are annoyed. Rach will likely win every world cup this year, no one doubts her training. If people say Loud Bruni is fast because his dad took him riding and he is still a senior world champ that wouldnt be controversial. She had a point and made it with the post on IG. This is just petty now.
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 @bikounet: it's more of a devils advequate kind of thing. Everyone here is so quick to call her a bitch or whatever but aren't really looking at her pov ya know?
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 @VwHarman: fair enough
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 It's ok to be a little pissed if somebody has been a d*%k the entire season. Props to Rach. I believe gentlemen will put their act together.
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 @ddd: Yes, its been public what she wrote its not a secret people are talking out of their asses about. If you can't pick up on the shit attitude she is laying down you might have autism or a similar social impairment.
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 @mfoga: You are off base on this one. There are thousands of people who can ride fast and jump the big stuff. Putting together and executing winning World Cup and World Championship race runs is the hard part. Bruni's managed three. Rachel is far and above her brothers in that respect and it belittles her when the best accolade the announcers can come up with is to repeat the "riding with her brothers" line. Don't bag on Rachel for standing her ground once in her entire carreer. Her attitude is rock solid - one of the most pleasant and grounded Pros I have ever met. Read her MSA FB post on the subject - It's professional and positive, but it makes the point, which is: There are a great many alternatives they could use to describe my performance. Please use a different one next time.
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 I don't think they meant it like that though, they were just trying to mention, for new viewers, that she trains with her brothers and as we all know, riding with faster riders makes you fast, I can see her point though, fair play to her for standing up for herself if that's what she believes
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 @RichardCunningham: I think the reason for repeating that comment is because 1) she trains with her brothers 2) not everybody knows that, there are more and more new viewers watching every race and 3) because it's really unusual to have siblings all at the top of the same sport. All the top athletes train incredibly hard, but riding with faster riders from a very young age is definitely an advantage that's worth mentioning. I can see her point but it clearly wasn't meant maliciously. It's good she stood up for herself though in this case, it's opened everyone's eyes.
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 @Rich-Downhill28: Well said and I agree completely. Rob and Claudio are professional announcers, however, and in that respect, they should be held to higher standards. Their heads are in the right place, but like most of us, they need a little prodding to up their game. Warner used to call out male racers as men and female racers as girls until he was called out for it. PB used to do the same thing - it's not professional, however one may rationalize it. Rachel has successfully raised the bar for female racers and narrowed the gender gap in the results nearer to where biology suggests it should be. There is also significant room for improvement for announcers and the media to do the same.
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Hear, Hear. It wasn't sexist or insulting. Only if you try and make it insulting. Not cool IMO
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 It would be insulting to say that riding with his sister makes Gee slow...
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 Let's remove gender from this issue shall we: James Stewart/Malcolm Stewart. "Where does Malcolm get his pace from for 250? Must help growing up and riding with James so often"; Sam Hill/Troy Brosnan. "Where does Troy get his lines/speed/style from? Must help having Sam mentor you"; Same for Sam Hill/Mike Jones; Same for Peaty/Ratboy; (insert countless other examples) It's a professional sport. Hard work and race mentality are a given. Claudio made an innocuous statement that is kept as stock commentary for many other riders regardless of gender. Gee and Dan are fast riders and Rachel has followed/ trained with them all her life. What makes her situation unique that she can't tolerate a comparison drawn across countless sports and multiple pairings in her own?
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 @treymotleyDH: This. *insert emoji claps*
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 @thestigmk1: The point is not that Claudio mentioned her brothers when he was asked why she was so good. Everyone agrees that having older brothers to ride with and mentor her helped her in her career. The issue is that it was the first and only thing Claudio came up. Its not an issue if its mentioned as one of the many things that make her so great.

To use your examples, if Claudio was ask about Troy Brosnan, would his first and only reason why he is fast be that he was on the same team as Sam Hill for a couple years ago? Or if asked what makes Ratboy so good all he would be able to come up with is that he's on the same team as Steve Peat? To suggest that its simply stock commentary that is used for all riders is pretty off base. They may mention it, but its along with many other reasons.
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 @sino428: Please reread my comment. I offered no suggestions. I listed examples, stated some facts based on evidence and asked a rhetorical question.
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 @mfoga: kinda butt hurt feminazi move by her to not agree that riding with faster riders will make u a faster rider...DAH
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 Guess she missed the modern day pc liberal progressive memo about micro agressions...
You just cant make this stuff up
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 @jrocksdh: shes not, not agreeing, she just doesn't want people to see that as the only reason..
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What about this:
She just didn't want to do it. Like, sometimes I don't want to hang out with friend and am better staying home.
Not everythong has to be related, and not everything has to be about agressions, feminism and micro politics.
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 Hey bloke. Go read Rachel athertons instagram. Do you really think it is more likely that a champion who is widely recognised as being personable and friendly wouldn't do a lap with Claudio because she chipped him once ina fairly minor way. Or do you think that it is more likely that she has a back injury making it hard for her to walk around?
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 @karoliusz: Haha to be far it probably doesn't push him hard enough
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 @RichardCunningham: OR they are human? and in the heat of the moment of commentating an off the cuff comment can be mis-spoken and misconstrued, regardless of their intentions and neither "raising the bar for females" and the f*cking gender gap etc has NOTHING to do with the comment( not at all to discredit her achievements and what she has done for the sport)
It seems you are simply bowing out to social constraints that you cannot speak out against anyone and as a moderator for PB it may have seemed better for you to not comment at all? (again not to say you don't have the right to etcetcetcetc)
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 @cyclo-maniac: Why? Because this is not her first or second season racing. She is a veteran of DH, and has earned that respect well and truly. At this stage in her career she does not need to be referred to in comparison to her brothers, any more than the top guys need to be compared with the other guys (or girls) they grew up riding with or aspiring to ride as fast as.
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 @cyclo-maniac: Why? Because this is not her first or second season racing. She is a veteran of DH, and has earned that respect well and truly. At this stage in her career she does not need to be referred to in comparison to her brothers, any more than the top guys need to be compared with the other guys (or girls) they grew up riding with or aspiring to ride as fast as. Simple.
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 @sino428: exactly.
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 @Murph86: this was not simply taking this piss. Apparently Australians are thick as shit too.
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 @Murph86: Tasmania is part of Australia?
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 @RichardCunningham: I don't think Rob and Claudio need to up their game, I think people need to have a little thicker skin and stop feeling the need to be offended. The main reason why I love Rob's and Claudio's commentary are for the same reason others get upset. The swearing, the mistakes, the political incorrectness its all part of the package that makes Rob consistently deliver the best commentary. I know yanks prefer the squeaky clean PC stuff with a high five thrown in, but to be honest, I'd much rather have a drunk shit talking Rob Warner than any of those Crankworx or Rampage commentators.
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 @cyclo-maniac: True, we love the for being honest and funny commentators, and it might hurt some people from time to time. But at the same time you can't blame Rachel for having taken the piss when Claudio said his sentence, especially if it was a redundant. I'd say the Atherton have already grown a thick skin given all the hate they get for their seriousness.
  • 2 3
 @RichardCunningham: absolutely agree Rob and Claudio need to up their game. You only have to listen to a motogp or TDF commentator to hear the difference. I have been told that they do work hard prior to every race and prep themselves so perhaps its just down to talent...
  • 2 0
 @mfoga: tbh it's all down to her natural ability. That's it. You need the genes in the first place. I could ride all day long with gee or whoever and I wouldn't be a pro! Her brothers got her into the sport but without the actual ability she was born with none of it could happen. Her reflexes,her physical strength,her natural fitness level,muscle shape and her body's ability to adapt and progress. This is what separates the very best to the rest. Not whether you ride with a faster guy. If that's all we had to do and train hard we'd all be doing it. Their body's are better than most. From strength to lung capacity etc etc. The cream always rises to the top.
  • 5 2
 @RichardCunningham: "where biology suggests it should be"? Are you serious, or just putting words together in order to appear like you have one iota of journalistic talent?

Where does your biology suggest you should be?

And while you're at it, take your own advise you give CC and RW and do your job right! If you're going to write a shameless hitpiece I order to "start a (fruitless) conversation" why not interview CC and get his take on it? Or report on his apology?

Pure nonsense dribble from you, you should be ashamed.

And I find it interesting how you're here commenting, but silent on your other defaming post.
  • 3 4

I noticed that there is no post on the exact quote, so I'll just leave it here...

--"Rob Warner asked Claudio Caluori: “What makes her so good, is there one thing?” To which Claudio replied: “Well, we always say she rides with her brother, who’s one of the leading men in the field, so that certainly helps.”--

Rachel is an idiot and has lost my respect. She can be the best rider in the world, but if her ego is too big for her she will merely be a piece of trivia after she retires.

I know that Rachel wont be reading this, but if she was I'd like to point out; 'you're still working your ass off to keep up with your brother!'
  • 1 0
 @dtm1: agreed, his biology comment made no sense.
  • 2 1
 @XCMark: Agreed, she was way out of line. He did not say it was the only reason, he said 'it helps' and there is nothing wrong with saying that riding with some of the best helps improve your performance. He also acknowledged the fact that this has been mentioned before. It was clearly not meant in a bigoted or derogatory way. Athertons need to chill!
  • 4 2

I think you and several others are missing Rachel's point.

First of all, in her response, she never attacks Rob or Claudio. She started off by saying "...why not say the truth?? Because I work DAMN hard!! I train damn hard with my coach , my mechanics and I work on my bike setup and suspension like there's no tomorrow, I focus on every aspect of racing, I analyse & doubt myself, my experience with injuries has taught me my limits & my abilities, I live for racing, it makes my heart beat!!" I totally understand that because Claudio's response only involved her riding with her brother. It wasn't like he said, "well we all now how hard she works and it certainly helps training with her brother..." He only mentioned riding with her brother, as though the only way to be that good is to have that in your arsenal. It completely negates the heart and passion she puts toward being the best and (arguably) most dominant DH racer we have today.

I think the reason most people on this thread have a problem with what Rachel said is because they've never come close to putting as much blood, sweat and tears into anything in their lives as much as Rachel does into this sport. But imagine there's something in your life that you have put this much time and effort into. Say it was running the 100m dash in the Olympics and your coach was Carl Lewis (not the best ever, but very good in his own right). Now let's say you win the Gold and the commentator asks "What makes him so good?" and the other commentator says "Well he does train with Carl Lewis, that certainly helps." What this negates is all of the work you've put into getting that medal. Carl Lewis can't do the work for you, you have to do it. Can you at all related to how Rachel must feel?

Now imagine your a girl in a male-dominated sport and you're constantly being compared to the other sexes' accomplishments. How can anyone blame Rachel for what she wrote? I sure as heck don't. Furthermore, I applaud her for having the class to not go into name-calling, cursing or any other sort of vulgar language. She actually ended with a nice nod to them by saying it's a good show. She still has my full and utmost respect and I think you should all reconsider your stance after looking at the situation from her viewpoint.
  • 3 0
 @lobohusky: It's a dead horse mate. Slip of the tongue, a bit of context, shut the book.
  • 1 0

"why not say the truth?? Because I work DAMN hard!"

Yep, that would be the part where she worked at keeping up with her brother. For you, me, and once her, that's a damn hard feet!
  • 92 1
 Feeling really blue balled after that tandem tease
  • 9 16
flag darkmuncan (Aug 31, 2016 at 17:01) (Below Threshold)
 I stopped watching when they switched bikes..
  • 3 0
 Trying to figure out wtf would happen on the tandem on the steep section... And what kind of brakes are required.
  • 1 0
 @darkmuncan: u missed the epic brake what beand does bruni run?
  • 62 1
 vanzac's would have hucked it
  • 18 0
 Yeah I bet Eddie would of run the whole track on that tandem. Be interesting to see Eddie masters on the steep bit on the tandem.
  • 2 0
 @delcol: he did the Fernhill frenzy in Queenstown on a tandem last year. I'm sure there's videos of it on here
  • 1 0
 @delcol: As Fabdemaere pointed out - your wish has been granted!
  • 58 0
 When it even looks steep on POV helmet cam you know that its really fuckin steep.
  • 51 0
 Finally they got him a gimbal, was always wondering why red bull has so much money and allows him to do this but not throw a damn gimbal for his chest. made it perfect!
  • 9 0
 unfortunately it didn't make it all the way down to the bottom. The footage was soooo good too.
  • 2 0
 @jojotherider1977: any idea what type of gimbal it is?
  • 3 0
 @J4m3z420: looks like the feiyu tech wg.
  • 2 0
 Oh that's why the footage was finally clean ! Thanks for the info !
  • 1 1
 I was mentioning my test to this gimbal on one of his videos.
so he probably went and buy one :-)
  • 45 1
 They should have Loïc every time!
  • 28 1
 Are you alive bro!?
  • 5 11
flag kalbi777 (Sep 1, 2016 at 7:35) (Below Threshold)
 are you serious ?
not for me ahaha
i hate that french english and then yelling 20x times bro,bro,bro
  • 40 2
 Loic is such a down to earth guy and awsome shredder, it get why he gets so much sympathy from the public
  • 7 1
 Are we objective enough ? ^^'
  • 20 1
 @Matt-Pau: French rider talking about Bruni in Garcia's backyard. What could be biased?
  • 2 1
 @polarproton: I don't see any problem, indeed ! :p
  • 37 2
 Gotta love these. And Sram brakes....
  • 11 3
  • 35 1
 I wanna see Tippie and Claudio on a tandem downhill rig!
  • 3 1
 ^^^ This!
  • 2 0
 I was sure it was going to be Warner.
  • 29 1
 Claudio apologised, invited Rachel to the course preview with the expectation he may get smoked, and then graciously conceded that she was smart to focus on the race when she didn't show up. These are not the actions of a classless individual. Claudio, you have my respect.
  • 3 3
 She should be happy with the comment about her bros...that's where it's at. Whether it's your fam or riding budies pushing you. The minute Casey Brown was riding with Master's I thought...damn, this girl is gonna be next level soon, cause she was already pretty sick. No harm intended either way.
  • 22 3
 Is there something more stupid than RedBull mediaplayerr on earth?
  • 1 0
 Donald Trump
  • 22 4
 Rachel was going to do a run with Claudio but elected to follow Gee down instead as she needed to up her speed.
  • 7 1
 She should've gone tandem with Gee.
  • 3 2
 @yerbikesux: or who's faster
  • 2 1
 Ohhhhhhhhh nice one bro
  • 19 5
 What a style and flow Loic has even on the gnarliest places. Too bad those SRAM brakes couldn't keep up with the Saints... Smile
  • 12 11
 I love my saints. I have to bleed out the air bubbles as often as a baby gets nursed on the tit. Fucking shimano.
  • 3 1
 @anchoricex: I never had problems with them just replacing the brake fluid once in a season and that's it. Unfortunately I cannot tell the same about the Guide RS that I had on my enduro so I put them on my XC bike.
  • 4 2
  • 14 0
 Gwin woulda finished the run... JUST KIDDING... obviously a pro isn't gonna take the chance of crashing three days before the race.
  • 13 0
 By far best split-commenting in those previews! They were all over the place Big Grin
  • 14 1
 I feel dirty cos my favourite racer is French but I don't care
  • 7 1
 this track is so much steeper in person, got to ride parts of it a couple of months ago and it's insane! especially on an enduro bike with only 130mm at the back, surprised my XT brakes didn't have the same problem Loic's had...
  • 41 6
 Don't you know 130 mm is trail, not enduro bro.
  • 11 6
 @jabrones: Because enduro is a race format. its called all mountain.
  • 13 2
 @scott-townes: used to be called mountain biking...
  • 9 1

  • 1 0
 @jabrones it had 150mm at the front does that make it slightly more enduro? but yeah your probably right to be fair haha
  • 1 0
 @scott-townes: i disagree - the proper response is "YOUR FACE used to be called mtn biking."
  • 9 0
 They should have completed the tandem!
  • 7 0
 We may not be world champions like Loic but we didn't chicken out of a proper tandem DH run:
  • 2 0
 Was that your wife with you? Either way major props.
  • 2 0
 Holy crap! Telonics on a tandem?! Crazy.
  • 2 0
 the vallnord dh course might be just a tinnny bit gnarlier than that one though Wink
  • 2 0
 @Albatrosse: For sure, Telonics is still no picnic on a tandem though
  • 6 0
 Damn that would have been funny but super scary had they committed and rode the tandem Haha

As for Loic's brakes giving out I wonder what the hell happened. SRAM brakes?
  • 1 0
 think the hose just wanst done up enough and it feel out
  • 1 0
 @johnl2: Loic needs to have a serious talk with his mechanic hehe j/k Glad he didn't crash and injure himself, it's just mental to think about not having brakes on a DH course like that~
  • 6 0
 I don't understand all the red bull media player hate. I have an old ass mac and garbage wifi and everything streams hd.
  • 1 0
 If you use Ad-Block it makes cross-site embedded media players act funky, or just not work at all. One could go into their settings and whitelist redbull to allow cross-site use, but for some reason I constantly have to go approve redbull videos to play, and not through a pop-up, but through the settings. Annoying as all hell, but I still want the securities provided by Ad-Block.

To note; I have Ad-Block turned off on PB!
  • 1 0
 I've never had an issue with the red bull player here. Works like a champ in Edge on my 950 XL as well.
  • 5 0
 damn! was about time they use a gymbal on his camera, chest cam footage is 150% better to watch now...
  • 10 8
 Suck it up buttercup. By buttercup, I mean @rachybox . Words don't hurt when you care about what you do and not what you "think" someone implied.

My words are implying that she is pouting or searching for motivation where there is none needed.
  • 6 1
 I cant wait for Peter Sagan to beat evrybody!
  • 6 3
 Bruni is really different from the Atherton familly! More open minded i think...
A big champion in his attitude !
He reminds me the great Steve Smith...
  • 2 1
 Doesn't really matter how she got to be the fastest lady on a DH bike! She's the one on the bike, doing it on the day for herself and her team. There also seems to be a lot of second guessing going on to fuel the debate and the comments. I fear the real situation is far less contentious and far less interesting. People seem to be forming opinions on RA, some negative judging by the comments, based on assumptions and suppositions. Fantasists can ruin reputations!!
  • 4 0
 Would have loved to see a Peaty course preview for his 'last orders'.
  • 2 0
Should have done the tandem with eddie masters
  • 4 1
 So, is someone in the pits getting along with the Athertons these days???
Trouble with Claudio, Masters....
  • 3 1
 I smell a bitter move by Atherton. "Yeah sure I'll do it Claudio, no problem". Come the day, "Oh no sorry can't be bothered. Bye."
  • 2 0
 Claudio's previews are class entertainment. His enthusiasm, commentary and happy go lucky approach reminds me of Grover from Sesame St (no disrespect intended).
  • 5 2
 You can never trust avids
  • 2 0
 wouldn't mind a higher resolution than 720 to get a better look at the track.
  • 3 0
 Avid breaks sucks shimano best break ever...
  • 3 0
 Prefer the chest cam over helmet cam... way livelier
  • 4 1
 Athertons take themselves waay too seriously
  • 1 0
 "Where does Eliot Jackson get his speed and style from?"
-"Probably because he rides with his white friends all the time"

Sounds pretty f*cked up, right?
  • 2 0
 @hbar314 - Here you go bro. Start stroking.
  • 1 1
 Glad to see that they came to their senses and got on single bikes. Tandems need to die.
  • 3 1
 Yikes. Good thing his brakes didn't go in his race run.
  • 6 0
 He wouldn't have to clamp down on them so frequently or far as long if he's not waiting for someone to catch up.
  • 2 0
 @plyawn: yeah brakes shouldn't be pulled that's mental and will only result in one thing - broken brakes
  • 3 1
 Even at that speed loic blew his brakes.....steepness!!!!
  • 4 0
 The slower you go, the more roached your brakes get.
  • 2 0
 Bruni absolutely shredding those berms
  • 2 7
flag david-kooi (Aug 31, 2016 at 22:50) (Below Threshold)
 Was too close for comfort on a couple of them.

He's still learning the limits. But man is Loic consistent. Gwin level consistent.

Troy has speed like Loic. Both at the edge of their game.

Danny seems to be finding it too.

Minnaar has had it for a loong time. Great to see him shepherding the culture in a good way.

Finn & Loris are top material.

Peaty, Rat, and company keep things from getting too heady.

Sam's doing what feels best, gotta love him for it.

We sponsor an amazing sport folks. While Red bull does okay at coverage...
Pinkbike is absolutely rocking it.

You know that race platform with real time chest cams people talk about?

The one with awesome angles and raw sound?

Real time stats and updates?

Well that a big project to tackle.

To stream in data from distributed devices, to process, then to transmit video to a viewer anywhere in the world requires tight band width; complete high speed data coverage of the track: specialized radio infrastructure.

It needs this in line with a strong data handing system and web interface.

If this existed I would subscribe to that service.

Would also be great to work on something like that...

I wonder if Red bull is up for that task.

Anyways, we're in an amazing time for our sport.

Now don't even get me started on freeride (;
  • 2 0
 @david-kooi dat line spacing
  • 2 0
 Claudio would have stilled smoked Loic on the tandem!!
  • 4 2
 put on the rubbish these avid brakes Loic! shimano brakes for life!!!
  • 2 0
 This was the best course preview ever haha. Amazing.
  • 1 3
 Good job Claudio, you made your point about Atherton and you made it clearly; she could have shown up. Personally, I don't judge women by how fast they can go rolling down a hill on an overpriced bicycle, there's more to consider than that.
  • 2 0
 OMG !
1) Claudio is on fire

2)This GIMBAL is do damn awesome
  • 1 0
 I hope the other girls will destroy her this race and onto the worlds. To pop that baloon head up.
  • 1 0
 Awesome - Pure Awesome!!!
  • 2 1
 cant get a good quality image (mobile)
  • 2 0
 Me too I feel they had a better quality picture in the 70's
  • 1 0
 Shity image tryed to watch the video and quit in the first 30 seconds. Even with good wifi and on a Samsung S7 the image is worst than VHS. Red Bull player sucks a lot when this shit will end?????
  • 2 0
 @mikeyspaff: My mobile in the '70's had shit quality as well.
  • 1 0
 Would love to see a tandem run at fort bill
  • 1 0
 Best Preview Ever!! Track is Insane!!
  • 2 0
 Loic , what a pro
  • 1 0
 Claudio, Solo on the mic; is always more Zany and exciting !
  • 1 0
 Issue for the wkend, brakes be blowin!
  • 1 0
 I'm sure sram isn't too happy with this one.....poor brakes
  • 1 0
 Best idea ever?
  • 1 0
 lol claudio's haircut
  • 1 0
 A win for the ages.
  • 1 1
 That s where cameron cole almost got paralyzed :/
  • 1 0
 Awesome footage.
  • 2 2
 About the brakes....Sram vs Shimano....nuff said.....
  • 1 1
 this course preview is pointless...
  • 1 2
 Lol. Claudio getting smoked by Rachel. Giggidy!
  • 2 3
 Gotta love sram brakes!
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