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Cody Kelley Confirms His Return to Specialized

Feb 5, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Cody Kelley has today confirmed he is back riding with Specialized in 2020. Specialized was the first brand to sign Kelley back in 2010 and he has now come full circle a decade later after racing for Yeti and Alchemy.

bigquotesSTOKED to tell you guys I’m part of the Specialized mtb family again! These guys ignited my mountain bike career with their support from the very beginning of my time in this industry back in 2010. So it feels great to be part of the team once again! Ohhh yeah! This bike..... yeah it’s something else Thanks for bringing me back on boardCody Kelley

It sounds like Cody is headed out on another EWS campaign this year after posting his best ever result in Northstar last year with a 7th.


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 Congrats Cody! We're stoked for you and for what the year has to come!
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 Most stylish rider out there
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 Yasssss can't wait to see what he does especially gaining a lot more consistency with his absurd speed. Its going to be a fun year on the EWS!
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 Timotei are his main hair sponsor!
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 Good for him. But how does PB cover so many riders coming and going from teams but can't write one news story tipping a hat to Dirtrag and Dirtfest folding after decades of being a fixture in the East coast mtn biking community? Why the conspicuous silence? I'm seriously asking
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 I am also grieving for DR, been a loyal follower since 98. I thought for sure they would have said something.
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 I'm sure it's coming. Hoping the delay is due to the write-up being a more quality piece than most articles
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 @azogas413: I hope that's the reason. I can't be the only mtn biker wondering the same thing
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 that is terrible news! Dirt Rag is what got me into MTB RIP
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 East Coast MTB gets no love as a rule of thumb.
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 My friend and I were discussing this last night... The radio scilence by other media and why they're cancelling Dirt Fest this year.
I'm not sure what the final cost to Dirt Rag was, but here are some assumptions:
For camping and parking, $160
For just camping, $140
30 vendors on the fairway, each paying some sort of vendor fee.
Beer is sponsored
Pivot has a huge by in as title sponsor
3000 participants

So you'd guess like $500k to 600k of gate and vendor fees.

I have no idea what porta johns, and garbage cost or what the USACE charge for a site fee. But I've rented porta johns before and they were around $250 a month for five johns with biweekly service. But they have probably 200 there for a weekend.

I'd guess that there isn't a lot of money left over after all the bills are paid.

I just hope that everyone gets their money back. Me and my crew hadn't all committed so we hadn't paid our entrance fee yet, but there was only a total of about 450 spaces left for camping and camping with parking combined... If Dirt Rag would commit to having a final year event I'd sign on and pay my fee, but right now it's too dodgy.

Shame though... I remember getting my first issue of D R at 14 years old in 1992 at my first bike shop job. The cover art was incredible, the columns were funny and insightful, the contributors were unique and it didn't drip with the typical major brand gushing. It'll be missed.
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 Yeah man spot on.
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Big Bear bike bash will replace Dirt Fest WV.
July 17-19 2020
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 @johnherod: thanks... I'll pass it along to a Facebook friend.
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 There was a piece on Vital about Dirt Rag.
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 Dirtrag was awesome but its print media. Like all print media, its dying. Its time to move on. I haven't read a Dirt Rag or MBA on the toilet in years.
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 I have been reading Fortran since 2001. Only magazine sub I had left paper. It will be sorely missed. In the words of one of the best mtb articles I ever read by the father himself Maurice Teirney.

No matter what you ride or what you do while riding.


No matter if you are on a clunker or a superbike everyone is having the same amount of fun.

It has been a good run my friends R.I.P. May the miles of dh be climbless in heaven. As I say with a tear on my cheek.
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 Dirtrag. F*!#ing autocorrect
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Single Track World ran an article on it. They said that they considered Dirt Rag to be peers on opposite sides of the Atlantic
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 Singletrack have written a nice piece on Dirt Rag.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: well, Sea Otter has about 75,000 people come through over 4 days. their topline revenue is about 25 million. assuming some amount of economy of scale, I would assume a 3000 event to garner closer to a million dollars. If DR was unable to clear 10-15% from said event, then they had no business in the business any more. Sometimes people and companies are unable/unwilling to change with the market landscape.
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 I was praying for a RC Long form written in the topic!
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 @Cspringsrider: that typo says alot about you Smile
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 Congrats Cody!
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flag Hugo26 (Feb 5, 2020 at 14:11) (Below Threshold)
 I like your name
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 @Hugo26: You may like his YouTube channel even better.
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 Man this guy is going to sell some bikes!
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 Wow hopefully a bunch of Cody edits this year! Congrats
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 Dude is an amazing rider. He'll be deadly on that bike. He and Joe make a great team.
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 We´ll see how many races he will be riding the Enduro and how many riding the Stumpjumper...
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 @cebolla: all Enduro!
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 @cebolla: It'd be so so sick if he was on the stumpy
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 @cebolla: I'd love to see him on a revamped pitch
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 Add some boing to a Stump Evo and let him loose! Or the Enduro on the rough tracks. Either bike is really sweet... let em rip, Cody!
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 Is the Enduro team back on fox again ? No öhlins anymore ?
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 Maybe he didn't want to pay for it?
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 That's so cool. I was just watching a video about how everyone wanted to be sponsored in like grade 7, and I was like, "I'm 30, and can barely walk some days, and I still wish I was sponsored, LOLOLOL"
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 only 30? :0
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 @FUbob: Yeah, I'm on Humalog, and Lantus, and a monthly sedative, and I'm an alcoholic. Trying to shorten things up.
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 Holding it down for Utah!!!! I'm seeing a few podiums in your future!
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 When is Pinkbike going to investigate bike/frame prices? All the US companies increased their prices when Chinese tariffs were enacted, but they are not dropping them now that the bike tariffs have been dropped. What a surprise, huh?
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 That's awesome. I love this guy! 'Love.' You know what I mean. Best riding style out there!
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 that was only you
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 ThT rock gap in the beginning of his vid is actually so big. But I will saw gwin made it look easy af
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 I want a go. Trails look mint.
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 "But I, Will, saw Gwin made it look easy?"
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 iPhone auto correct ain’t what she used to be @honda50r:
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 @honda50r: "But, I will say, Gwin made it look easy af"
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 @cebolla: Ah ha! Nice work
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 @honda50r: I read it more as an oddly placed declaration: "But I will saw! On another note, Gwin made that rock gap look easy AF!"
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 I fully expect you (Cody) to carry my fantasy enduro team now! Congrats man!
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 lots of riders going back to their old teams/families - Aneeke Beerten went back to spec, Graves back to Yeti, Cody back to spec
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 ....and the rest went to Canyon.
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 Love watching him ride. That Trinidad trail yet again, must be an upcoming mecca!
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 Normally I would be sad that those valves don’t line up with the Maxxis logos, but I love watching Cody ride too much. So fun to watch this guy ride any brand, but glad he is getting the support he deserves. Congrats, Cody!
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 Fuck yes! Just glad this kid gets to keep riding with support.
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 Glad Cody is back with a sponsor....Kudos!
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 do a table !
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 This EWS season is gonna be of the greatest I tell you, not only because of this, but it will. And congrats!
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 Sorry off topic but I have not seen this posted anywhere else. Embargo buster?
Santa Cruz e-bike
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 Fooook that bike looks really good at work.... I was happy to leave Specialized a few months ago... but now I fell pulled back again....
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 sick van tho
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 He reminds me of JD Swanguen
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 He's fast down there ain't he?!
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 he's gonna rock that machine....
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 That rock gap looked enormous
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 Cool, so now he's team mates again with Anneke.
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 Would be awesome if they did an updated pitch and he rode that
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 Love this guy....very stoked for him!
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 Cody Kelley on the new Enduro? I just splooged on my IPad.
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 that orange fork is still a thing huh
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 Go Cody!!!
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 To the top big dog!
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 Anyone surprised?
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 Mullet Enduro??
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 looks kinda like it to me, but hard to say for sure
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 @hamncheez: no its not. the rear is in a concave drainage so its sitting lower. the space between the rear tire and bridge is the same distance as mine. My friend has his mulleted and the gap is bigger
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 @privatejoker: good catch
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 Maxxis tires?
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 Great news!
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 Welcome back Cody!
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 what a aminal
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 @novajustin told you, dumbass
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