Video: 2 Young Rippers Ride Whistler Bike Park in 'Co[h]en²'

Nov 5, 2021
by Coen Skrypnel  

Coen Skrypnek and Cohen Johns - even though there is a handful of years between them they still both have high, World Cup level aspirations. With Skrypnek having completed a number of WC races over the past season, and Johns hoping one day to ascend to that level, they ride together forming a long lasting bond. The biggest takeaway from spending time together is they like riding bikes and having fun while doing it.

Coen Skrypnek
Cohen Johns

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A buddy of mine and I were going up a lift at WBP this summer beside two 9 yr olds. They were comparing who had more sponsors. I lean forward and start asking them questions. Sponsored? But they're 9, right? Top of the lift we run into one of the dads. Start chatting to see what these kids actually do. I mean, they're 9, right? Dad pulls out phone and shows vid from day before. These 9 yr olds were hitting 30 ft gaps!!! I think 9 at Whistler is different than anywhere else. . .
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 Amazing to see what kids who are in the scene are able to do. Growing up, the upport and understanding for mountain biking as we know it did not exist yet. The future is bright for these two.
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 Nice job Coen’s. Shedding ! Train hard this Winter and I will
See you in Europe next season
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 Best whistler edit of the year right there
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 I want to be like them when I grow up. ( I'm 26 )
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 Cohen for Pinkbike DH Team!!!!

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