Replay: Fox Air DH - Crankworx Whistler 2015

Aug 12, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

Wednesday August 12 - Fox Air DH
15:30 - 17:30 PDT
18:30 - 21:30 EST
10:30 - 00:30 (+1 day) UTC
00:30 - 02:30 (+1 day) CEST
07:30 - 09:00 (+1 day) AEST

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx / @Fox-Head-Inc

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 Why is brad jay back? Someone please tell me he's not commentating the slopestyle, I want to be able to watch it without constantly cringing
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 I asked that last year and I think (was drinking) at NZ's round. He posted about everyone being a hater. Just little things he could do to change stuff up. It is hard to be an expert on everything "extreme" but when you are getting paid to talk, you should be prepared, like knowing who the big riders are and who they ride for.
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flag gouty (Aug 12, 2015 at 19:31) (Below Threshold)
 Must've forgot this is free eh
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 They are not working for free.
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flag gouty (Aug 12, 2015 at 20:07) (Below Threshold)
 Still, no money is coming out of your pocket. You could simply not watch it.
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flag gouty (Aug 12, 2015 at 20:09) (Below Threshold)
 Or you could do it.
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 No comments on Hannah Bernard!! Is she there as eye candy or a serious, knowledgeable interviewer?
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 This is the exact reason why I always look forward to World Cups, but never get excited about Crankworx. It's the complete opposite setup, WC has good cinematography for most rounds and always a pleasure to listen to Rob Warner (and now Claudio too!). And, this being coverage which is paid for by advertising, it's in everyone's best interests to get as many people watching as possible, otherwise your viewing figures drop, your sponsorship/advertising funding drops and the event slowly becomes shite. Just replace Brad Jay with someone who isn't Brad Jay and everyone will be happier
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 Crankworx has massive potential to be the best of everything mtb and to hugely boost the profile of the sport but it's over commercialised with poor commentary and usually fairly poor coverage of events that aren't in a small area (like the dh and enduro). It's just a shame that crankworx isn't what it could be
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 crankworx is insanely fun! If you have never been there to see it live, you are missing out. Crankworx progression over the years is crazy. There were no webcasts when it started and now it's blowing up in a good way. Thank you Crankworx and Pinkbike for giving us a rad event to watch for free any where in the world!!
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 Please take note of your critics Brad, learn more about the sport and tone down the "bro talk". It makes you sound like a bellend
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 As always thanks for your input timsim07, I will continue to strive and work harder at delivering a better show and scale back the bro-talk. Thanx again
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 face it dude you are no Caminator or Tippie but you are still excited and seem to want to improve. Big ups dude it takes guts to enter the Pinkbike forums.
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 You have to watch it on mute. The announcing is so bro heavy it blew my speakers.
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 Sounds like theyre faster than the racers... lols
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 We need a few more camera angles. Too much waiting for a rider to show up. Why no camera on the A line drop or the big jump after it?
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 What's up with these commentators? What a lot of blah coming out of their mouths.
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 Why do they keep using Brad Whatever as a commentator?? He knows nothing about the sport and he's been doing this for years...
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 mysterious i can't listen to him.

Why? i might watched it without him.
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 Embarrassing camera and commentary coverage!
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 I'm not alone this year either, Brad sucks. Change commentators please.
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 Wtf! How can such an awesome event be SOOOOO poorly covered?!?!?!?
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 Good race but they need to hire more camera people so we can see the runs from top to bottom. Same thing for the Garbo DH.
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 ya I complained about other "air DHs" thinking it was the actual DH. We are fortunate they film the event.
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 Congrats to Smith. Commentators talk so much nonsense it hurt my ears.
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 Lack of camera angles is killing me.
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 How does Brad J get so much work for a guy who's effort into the sports he commentating comes up shorter then his own attention span for watching them. Crankworx needs to seriously look into who they hire for commenting, they need former riders who's feedback can be deemed vital for those who are trying to watch and understand the sport thats being showed to them and not by turning down the volume of the computer to block out the loud mouth middle aged BRO who's doing a poor job at trying to stay current and come off as young and knowledgable to those at home. STOP BRAD JAY HES EMBARRASSING OUR SPORT !!!
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 Oh man first time watcher of the coverage of the downhill, it seriously sucks ass big time. International readers might not get this but how many Inbetweeners moments of say "Fox Air DH" more!!!!!!! The World Cup Downhill by Red Bull blows this out the water.
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 Entire crankworks coverage is extremly boring with poor commentary, lots of ads and almost no biking.
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 Air or dh? I don't see any of either. Worst camera work yet for Spankworx. I already know that mute is the only way.
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 I was thinking it's more like Fox XC pedal? not DH Air? Where were the jumps?
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 A few more cameras please, but thanks for the replay. Steve is back! #DopeStash
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 What plugin do I need? Or is it just not live yet....
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 Im messing the same plugin...
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 WTF me to.
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 Apparently it's a firefox issue. Try it in chrome.
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 18:30 est (eastern standard time) is 7:30 edt (eastern daylight savings time)
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 Commentaries sucks. Really sucks! Why they keepĀ“em? I would like to wath it but its just blah bla...
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 was that sponsored by Fox? couldn't tell.....
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 No one else going to point out what he said about Stevie's bike?
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 his "troy"
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 More cringe than an episode of Peep Show....
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 Will there be a replay of this? ill be gone in half an hour Frown NOOOOOO
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 Not 100% but usually there is.
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 Sven Bohm - no words.
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 That blonde made it all worth it
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 the crankworx player sucks so much, FUCK

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