Replay: Slopestyle - Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Mar 23, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

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Broadcast times

NZDT 15:00
PST 19:00
GMT 02:00
CET 03:00

Get ready to show your skills for picking winners and you could be in the running to win a trip to Crankworx Whistler, a RockShox Lyrik and a Maxxis prize pack. With a fictional budget of $1.5 million you will choose your ultimate team of 6 riders to go to battle during each Crankworx Rotorua live broadcast. Before each of the four broadcasts, select your team of athletes to collect the most points possible. For every event, you can select your dream team. You can change out your team up to the start of each live broadcast event.

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx


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 I love what RB media has done for MTB in terms of streaming the events live... but I'm slowly getting driven crazy by the fact I can never watch the replay without seeing who has won first. Even now, I'm still waiting to watch the replay on a screen that has links to the 3 winning runs with the rider's name right there!!! No reason to watch it now. It initially really pissed me off and then I realised I now have 2 hours of extra riding today.
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 I loaded up the stream in a tab last night before the event and just refreshed the tab and watched it spoiler free today. Be sure to not use the event breakdown when skipping through the video because that displays the riders score...
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 There’s always a slight delay from when the event ends live and the replay is available
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 Holy shit it's a Wipeout fest today
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 this competition was close to a "last man standing" mode
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 Hey hey, there it all is with options to go to specific runs and everything. Thank you!
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 Poor Tommy G, dude was in a lot of pain Frown
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 Yeah. And no mention about it. He deserved more attention
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 I love watching this event but I get this feeling every time that the judging is biased and is shit. I watched the first two runs and that feeling is already here... I don't know how the riders put up with this. It's super frustrating at every single Crankworx slopestyle event.
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 Did you hear the head judge at the end of the event...Rheeder fan boy...prob used to be a Semenuk fanboy. Even Rheeder tore apart his own run when talking with the McCauls at the end of the event. He prob would have scored his own run at 90 tops - head judge...98 with no bobble...pffff....FANBOYS. Rheeder is a class act still though. I like how he's leaving Rogatkin style to the others while still dialing in his own style...not like he's not dialed but still working....legend...better than Semenuk in my opinion.
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 @rcrdrvr: Did not hear it but ok with Rheeder winning it. His run was amazing. Couldn't believe the tricks and the stylishness. Him and Rogatkin are a class above the rest for sure... but the young ones learn fast!
The judging though... that has to be better. It's super inconsistent and makes no sense so often that I often think that they don't know what they're doing. No one seems to point that out though.
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 Has there been a course preview with Tippie?
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 i hope lemoine can stand on the podium today.
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 Yes agreed!
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 rheeder looked like he was about to cry everytime the camera looked at him
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 Brett Rheeder so good again! Mad respect for going with Cliffbar helmet rather than Monster or Redbull, way to be a good role model to the kids! Looking forward to more like you in action sports.
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 Pinkbike and redbull do it again...
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 These guys have a really tough job! And we love then because of that.
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 You don't really want to know Wink Looks like 2am GMT
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 @sarahmoore: What's the problem? 3am CET wasn't a problem for me and the rest of Lucas Hupperts fans from here Wink
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 Does anyone have a YouTube link.?
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 Why wasn’t it on YouTube? I wanted to watch it with my family but it wasn’t there
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 Where is my reply (((
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 Anthony Messere run vs. Lucas Knopf run... 76 vs. 77.25??? Seriously...
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 couldn't agree more...esp with your first boy judges
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 dang. i was looking forward to watching this
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 found it on redbulls site just as brett was dropping in. I cant believe he didn't get a higher score.
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 @gabekeating: They gotta leave room for more and he slipped a pedal. As they said before, the score ist just a tool to order them in a list, not to give a 100% realistic representation of the run.
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 @NickBosshard: I know it. Front flip can though, that jump is huuuge, I stood up out of my seat hands high then the quark 7 bar I yelled ..100!! haha. makes sense when the judge said if he didn't slip a pedal he would have gotten a 98. That I can live with. that whole event was intense. rheeder is insane. sucks about all the guys who didn't get to get yo compete, they all have what it takes.
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 @NickBosshard: They need to wait to score because they are not using this tool right. It needs to be a grade on the run, not a bracketing system.
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 @patrickbatemanworldtour89: But people want a score, not just a ranking. The scores make somewhat sense, but not 100%. It's just very hard to do a perfect run, ther are always little flaws that are accounted for in the score to be able to reward people, If they didn't make them.

Not saying his run was bad, his run was insane, but not perfect to the point that 100 points are justified.
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 @NickBosshard: and even Rheeder tore apart his own run after the show...90 would have been better after hearing that.
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 How did Lucas Knopf just walk away from that crash!?
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