Commencal Announces New Meta Power With Shimano EP8 Motor

Aug 31, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  


The appearance of the power in our range has shaken things up. When we decided to create electric versions of the Meta, the first point was clear - stick to the Commencal DNA. In short, create a fun comfortable and efficient uphill and downhill bike.

When we say power we mean motor, battery and electronic controls. This year again we trust Shimano. We continue to collaborate with the Japanese brand because of their technical advantages and the reliability of their engines.

The reliability of our bikes has always been our priority and Shimano's reputation for that is well established. The numerous service centres all over the world are also an asset for a well-controlled after-sales service.

Compactness, engine management and shape are the main advantages of these Shimano engines. A compact engine allows us to make a mountain bike as we understand it at Commencal, with geometry and kinematics that are not compromised by the size of the engine.

Therefore we offer the following:

- A 27.5" model, the Power SX, which is the 'edgy' Power of the lineup. A bike made to lap as many runs as possible, with the rider being able to push through turns, jumps and try the steepest sections every time.
-A 29" model, the Power 29, which represents pure performance. A monster on technical climbs with an uncompromising ability on downhill sections. Definitely a friend of those who go up what they go down. It helps the rider through difficult sections and allows them to find flow where they wouldn't think it was possible.

META POWER 29 Signature


META POWER 29 Essential

For 2021 we're using the new EP8 motor. It now features a higher torque (85 N.m) whilst the power output curves are improved.

The result is a smoother bike with better control of grip and more reactive to pedal strokes. Not only does it gain in performance, this new motor is also intended to be much quieter and more discreet than the older generations.

The new 630Wh battery hugely increase its capacities, and that's not all. The positioning of the motor has allowed lowering of the battery which helps to improve weight distribution. A new motor mount combined with a new generation motor guard both keep the unit neat in size and reduce the risk of impact with the ground.

SHIMANO EP8 - 85 N.m
Battery SHIMANO 630 Wh

SHIMANO E-tube Control
Captor & Sensor

Finally, with the seat tube angle straightened by one degree, the Meta Power is more responsive, more acute. Combined with the performance and quality of the EP8 motor management, this bike can go anywhere!

The look of this new bike has also evolved in depth. It's very simple, everything's new. The sharper lines clearly underline the improved performance.


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 If I had infinite money, I would gladly throw it to Commencal for one of these beauts. Even now I'm waiting for my 2021 Clash to arrive any day! This thing barely looks like an e-bike even compared to the Turbo Keveno.
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 Yes once ebikes stop looking pregnant I am sure quite a few anti-ebikers will come along.. If it gets more people riding, not sure why people care so much what others do?
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 How long is your wait for the Clash? Heard they hit some big delays , some people looking at December?
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 @Molesdigmyjumps: When I ordered back in Aug it was showing availability of last Friday... so hopefully this week? Got the Blue Origin build which is no longer on the website but seems like most other builds aren't available until December now.
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 @stumphumper92: It’s funny how most haters care how they look eh. Image issues
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 I don't care if ebikes are allowed on my local trails, I don't care how they look, I don't care if brands want to make them (though I'd rather see them using R+D resources for actual bike development, or lowering costs across the line). But I have had 2 separate negative experiences with ebikers over the last few months:

1. very out of shape older guy came around a flat corner hauling ass, I was pulled off to the side of the trail nearby in a clearing/commonly used break spot. He ate shit, as (nearly) anyone would've coming into the corner as fast as he did; keep in mind the trail doesn't set this corner up fast, he presumably pedaled/throttled into it. I ran over to help + make sure he was okay, he proceeded to yell at me for being in his way and for stopping in a dangerous spot.

2. very out of shape older guy + out of shape son on two ebikes, son came into an odd section of trail too fast, hit a roller and went OTB, broke his wrist + sprained ankle or something similar. Dad was very friendly, but they were out on a remote trail (a single black) they would have never pedaled to on their own, and a rescue team with a stretcher had to be called in to come get the kid out as he wasn't able to walk himself + the bike back.

Completely anecdotal but just a good example of my two biggest concerns with ebikes. Idiots going too fast for the trail, not realizing these trails weren't all built to go 25 mph on at all times. And people getting further away from safety than they should, with false confidence in their abilities due to the bike getting them there easily.
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 @transam711: I wonder how that compares to people on dirt bikes and motos?

I imagine the challenge is that for the most part, only really experienced moto riders end up way in the backcountry - where as e-bikers might underestimate the risks and over estimate their skills ("it's just a bicycle!") and end up in situations over their head.

I don't even own an e-bike and I can carry speed into some sections of trails with blind corners where I've nearly plowed into people coming the other direction. I couldn't imagine riding at those speeds all the time, regardless of how much flow or elevation proceeded it. E-Bikes will (and should) shape our trail designs, and it will be interesting to see the data of this type of "injures as a result of skill deficit related to e-bike use" when it becomes available.
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 @PHeller: oh absolutely not even approaching the level of danger that a dirt bike has, but people definitely seem to treat those with more respect than ebikes (no 50 y/o would go hop on a 250 after not riding moto for 30 years, and then go for a 2 hour ride out into the wilderness by himself). These random old fat dudes seem to think they're going to be some sort of bike-handling god once they slide their geriatric ass onto the saddle of their 8 grand 'TURBO THICC BOI E BIKE SPECIAL', and they're going to cause issues for the rest of us: how many times will emergency services respond to a remote-rescue call at a local trail system before the trail system gets called into question and potentially shut down?

This past weekend I also saw multiple groups of what I assume were busy-schedule dad's: 30-40 y/o guys bullshitting and self shuttling, not posing a risk or danger to anyone. In other words, the perfect application for ebikes, getting in some extra laps while having fun with your buddies.

idk this is just kinda me musing, I have no real point.
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flag ybsurf (Aug 31, 2020 at 13:18) (Below Threshold)
 @stumphumper92: it's not the look for me its the fact that it's not the same sport. Still love the satisfaction of earning my turns
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 @transam711: I’m with you man, but on the plus side it got three chubsters out and about.
  • 5 3
 @transam711: My experience (so far), was some older random guy with a beer gut on a fat e-mtb monstrosity going way too fast (it had a throttle so no pedalling here). Basically he was cutting people off, riding the wrong way on clearly one way trails, and being a general dick, without realising it. Annoying thing was my neighbour (who specializes in selling shitty overpriced fat e-bikes to clueless idiots), sold it to him.
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: your neighbor is a c*nt, mate
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 @transam711: A friend of mine had a really, really bad accident that looks like your first example. He's a fairly new rider and he was bombing down on his ebike that it made me think he was on full throttle. I already knew something bad was going to happen because that speed was insane, it was like a pro going downhill. He crashed and his body skipped the trail like the way stones skip water. He wasn't moving when I got to him and I thought of the worst, but thankfully he just got the wind knocked out of him. It was a good thing the park rangers did not get involved because ebikes are not legal on that trail system.
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 @ybsurf: Have you ridden one? You still ‘earn your turns’. You use your legs. It’s not a freakin shuttle. You just get three times as many turns.
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 @transam711: It could have happened on an”organic bike” with an unexperienced rider. Class 1 e-bikes cut out @18-20mph. When I’m riding mine, you are actually only going a couple or mph faster.
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 Waiting for my Clash 2021 too...any day now...can't wait, perfect bike for here in VS!
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 @transam711: THIS. All day this. Happy to see eBikes sharing trails, problem is all the NOOBS who tend to ride them don’t know the first thing about etiquette or safety...
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 Long-time e-bike hater...but damn this bike is sexy. And I think the first e-bike that I would love to shred. Quite a value too, $7,200 for the fully-blinged out version? Not bad.
  • 5 4
 prefacing your comment as a "long time e bike hater." you are a shill! ban this account!
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 They are incredibly more expensive than their similar specd 2020 Meta Powers. Prices are now on par with carbon YT Decoy. I think Commencal missed the mark this year.
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 A lot of my rides are 40-50 minute fire road climbs and then 5-10 minute descents.
I like the idea of earning my downhills but it would be nice to get up the hills faster.
I’ve only been riding a year so seems like I’m a bit too new to spend two mortgage payments on a bike.
Once I feel like i have some more skill I’ll get an ebike.
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 Looks cool for an eBike (great photos) but I just don't have 8k+ in the budget for 1 bike and I'm not poor! Is everyone richer than me or is the booming eBike market credit card driven?
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 There's a lot of people getting in to debt for bikes right now. Take an 8k bike on 0% finance or credit card. 2k down, 200 a month for 30 months. Sell the bike after 18 months for 5k and the whole ownership period has cost you 600.

The problem comes if the second hand market takes a dive due to new tech or new bike saturation. We should be taking about residual values and PCP monthlies rather than RRP, same as with new cars.

For what it's worth this is why I put my money in a Turbo Levo. It might not be the most exciting ebike on the market but it's the safest place for my money over 12-24 months.

Insert £, $, € - the numbers are similar.
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 This is great stuff for looking at. Good pictures, expecting a sequel to "Momo vs Wild"... I don't care too much about the bike and will happily ride what I have, but we need companies like Commencal for our viewing pleasure. Bring it on!
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 @brit-100: if one borrows 8k and sells the bike for 5k, they still owe 3k. Just because one has only paid 5600 off doesn’t mean the rest of the debt isn’t owed anymore
  • 4 0
 @fartsmellow: no wonder bike makers are hiking the prices up so high when people can't figure out their finances...
  • 2 0
 @brit-100: I think of resale value to a degree, but not matter how much you rationalize it, dropping 8k on a bike is 8k on a bike. If you feel better only dropping 3k on the next bike cause you get 5k for your existing bike, you're still out 8k for bicycle riding and still only own one bike. I guess people do it for lots of things, but people are so fickle with bikes and I rarely see someone drop topdollar on a bike and then ride it stock for 5 years to get their money's worth. Guess I'm just surprised that these numbers are so easily justified. My first 'real' mountain bike was 2800CAD and that felt huge. Salaries haven't gone up much since then.
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 All about how much you want to sink into a hobby I guess. That said, bicycles in general are super spendy. Right up there with photography.
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 @fartsmellow: Yeah, apologies. Fairly shameful brain fart there from me.
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 Looks awesome with good numbers too! Shimano needed a new motor update and here it comes.
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 This looks sick as f*ck. Competitive price and spec with the Decoy.
I understand concerns with e-mtb, but not the hate. Recently borrowed a e-mtb for a day of big logging road climbs and steep af descents.
It really inspired exploration and feeling stronger/confident on the gnar.
  • 6 1
 Given the huge boost from a motor, why wouldn't one always opt for the performance of a coil shock? CS or fully open - enjoy the extra 85 watts.
  • 7 0
 Only thought is maybe air shock allows for a greater variation in rider weight. The motor should free up designers from caring about efficient pedaling so that's a plus.
  • 5 0
 I imagine the added pop of an air could help to reduce the feeling of being weighed down.
  • 2 3
 @carlitouk: Ha! Nope
  • 2 0
 @carlitouk: Thats right!
  • 6 2
 85 N-m is 65 Ft-lbs. My old suzuki Sv 650 street motorbike had 70 ft-lbs. And it weighed 400lbs. Ebikes are getting crazy good... look out haters. I think ones in my future.
  • 1 0
 My 250 four stroke (Cross) has 37 Ft-Lbs! :O
  • 1 0
 What's this mean? That you can stay in a higher gear and it will mash harder? What's the difference between higher RPM in a lower gear, and lower RPM in a higher gear? Less peeling out?
  • 1 0
 @Varaxis: You get more assist in higher RPM in a lower gear & get fitter?
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 I applaude for this. What I need is a sub20kg Enduro ebike mounted like this for 2h ride. Half the wattage, half the battery. Just an Levo SL kitted for Enduro instead of trail that doesn't cost like a multivan
  • 3 0
 85Nm... we are getting bs levels of torque now due to the power limitations (more torque, less revs.. run a taller gear) This is way more torque than dirtbikes (just a lot less power).

That being said.. first decent looking e-mtb and great geo too... I'll be buying the non e version of this bike soon (The Meta AM 29).
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 Not an e-bike fan for the most part. That said, best looking one on the market so far. Well done Commencal
  • 7 2
 Commencal is killing it with the bikes, athletes and teams. Would love to see the lacondeguys on those things
  • 2 0
 At my age (62) E-Bikes are looking like the way to go, I really want to buy but can't afford, you're looking at close to $6,000 just for an Essential, would be nice for getting up some monster climbs for those DH rides but just not in my budget.
  • 6 2
 This will be my next bike. What a beautiful design.
  • 3 3
 6000 euros for the cheapest version with a laughable SX drive train? No thanks ???????????? I'll just wait for new Shimano motors to come to other brands as well in a few days. For that kind of money, I can buy a Carbon Norco with the new motor that shortly will follow.
  • 3 0
 The Deore version is 5500 USD
  • 3 6
 and that my friends is the problem with ebikes. excessive consumerism with no appreciation of what we currently have
  • 3 0
 Moi ce que je vois sur cette photo c'est surtout le phare de Ploumanach!
  • 1 0
 The Signature SX Power 27 looks like an amazing bike. For us in the lower mainland of BC we can collect from the outlet store in Squamish. I've ordered one.
  • 3 1
 The motor acts as a built-in bash-guard. Innovative! ;D
  • 1 0
 It looks to have a cover but I'd like to know how strong that is. I smashed the motor off a rock just looking at the picture.
  • 1 0
 What’s the weight and price of this ebike? Why aren’t these things listed in the article? Lol
  • 2 0
 Very nice bike, time to pimp out the misses to get the cash
  • 2 0
 Best looking e-bike to date! Would love one of these bad boys!
  • 3 2
 Great ... now pls bring back the normal meta 27 ... just the old one with 2cm more reach ❤️
  • 1 3
 I still don't like them. If you wanna ride get fit like everyone else has too. The extra weight and speed damages trails. Digging up more of the planet for high carbon footprint, non recyclable batteries, and needing a power station to recharge it, more short lifespan technology destined for landfill. Biking for me is feeling alive through exertion and exhilaration at speed as the reward, being outside in amazing places with zero sound AND GETTING AWAY FROM THIS DIGITAL LIFE!
  • 2 0
 Thats a bit of a selfish attitude DG370, what about disabled or older riders or indeed unfit or new riders? E-bikes surly allows entry to this Wonderfull sport for the less able; as for the carbon footprint, do you ride or drive to the trails or maybe fly to Canada for a holiday?.....he without sin, cast the first stone! I don't have an e-bike but my wife does and it means she can use it on some hills to keep with me, (she is also 8 stone as apposed to my 13.5, so as for destroying trails I think this is relative) we both get a good workout and everyone is happy, I'm lucky if I charge it one a month (we ride 5 times per week on local trails). And when she uses the bike to commute to work it gets charged one a week with over 60 miles between charges, this has to be better than using the car....e-bike still give you a full workout, you just cover more distance in the same time; you you try it before you have such a Debbie downer on this subject....
  • 3 2
 SX for me..... but I would love to see a carbon version
  • 3 1
 unfortunately, commencal has yet to do any bike with carbon. interesting approach, but smart for sure! I reckon they've got 1/2 of the warranty claims!
  • 1 3
 Commencal is anti carbon material just like guerilla gravity was.... Look at gg now. #sellouts #doyourresearchb4buying
  • 1 1
 A commencal press release with no english teachers in the comments?
  • 1 0
 Great shots.
  • 1 2
 Is it just me or does the 29 Team versiom look like orca?
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