Video: Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b

Nov 10, 2015
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
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Aaron Querol is only 14 years old and like a lot of young riders, loves to ride downhill and isn't afraid to go big. But finding a bike that won't let you down when you're still too small for a big DH bike and too tall for a kids bike isn't easy. Enter the new Commencal Supreme Junior. Sporting 160mm of travel in the front and 150mm in the rear, this capable mini-shredder was designed to bridge the gap between a kids bike and an adults bike without affecting performance or the ability to choose the right components for the task at hand.

Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b

Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b

Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b

Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b

Introducing the Commencal Supreme Junior 650b



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 This is silly. My son is 10, he's transitioning over from 24" wheels to 26, he won't be tall enough to consider a 27.5 bike until he's on his own. I want more XC demo's, or similar DH bikes with frames small enough for kids, that use 26" wheels so they can roll through shit. Jumping from his 24" wheeled grom hit to something like this is silly.
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flag ollyforster (Nov 10, 2015 at 8:39) (Below Threshold)
 The value of 26" wheels here in undeniable, but lets look at the facts. 26" wheels are on their way out and for how much longer will manufacturers of tyres and wheels support this standard? We're already seeing new tyres and wheels being released in only 27.5 and 29" options. It is sad, but its just the way things are and you have to give Commencal props for trying to solve the issue and bridging the gap between a 27.5 bike and 24" kids bike.
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 I'm 14 I have a 2015 a canyon full dh rig in a medium. Fits perfect. they still run 26 on all their latest dh bikes so I think a small would be great for so one just under 5ft as I'm only 5,3
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 I guess if the manufacturers only want to sell bikes to adults than that's cool. But if they want lifelong customers they should probably make good affordable kid specific bikes in all wheel sizes so my 10 year olds don't look like monkey's f*cking footballs on 32" wheeled bikes.
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 when i was 13 i was on a medium status
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 when i was 12, i had a Raleigh M55 with 26" wheels that cost 200 bucks. Now I ride a Devinci Troy, I transitioned fine
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 Wow who downvoted @ollyforster? I don't like what he's saying but it's tough to argue with the logic.
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 when i was 12 i had a skateboard when i was 18 i had a dubble suspension local walmarkt 110 dollies, when i was 20 i had my second susp fake freeride for 400 buks (look to my profile for the 23ft huck). when i was 22 i had a third hand big hit, then i started to go big destroying both rear and front susp. now i am 27 and have since 3 years my freddy budget freeride. wich i sended so many times yet. still so happy with it
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 Im 14 and over 6 feet tall and ride a large
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 my comment should say XS Demo, as in the 26" XS demo, not XC demo. Regardless, jumping up from a Grom Hit 24" bike to a 27.5 bike is kinda silly. I realize the tires are not much different in size, but every little bit helps when you're 52" tall and only weigh 60lbs.
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 I think it's a good stepping stone for someone that can't afford to buy their kid a shredding machine every two or three years. The full size components would allow them to just replace the frame and maybe a few incidentals while the kid grows.
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 Big wheels / very small frame. I don't understand.
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 Marketing shit!
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 I'm a big Commencal fan, but the proportions of this bike in relation to the size of the kid look like shit.
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 @llarrggee Bikes for 14 year olds + parents with deep pockets = MONEY MONEY MONEY + more money when the kid gets too tall
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 Same as a 29-er all mtn for an adult. As much in proportion as a Enduro 29 say. I see nothing wrong with this and props to Commencal for making it available instead of the crap that other brands offer for kids.

Yes expensive but it''s the same for all sports. Just look at dirt biking which has a huge family following. Some folks have the $$'s.
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 This is a brilliant idea I just wish there were bikes like this when I was a kid.
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 The industry wants 26 dead thats the problem haha
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 There is already a perfect wheel size for this kind of bike. I'm missing the point. That kid would be better suited to 24 or 26 inch surely.
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 I'm a kid... i don't want no stinkin' 27 point 5 monkey juju, malarky I say!
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 on the commecal store it says

"The logic was to choose the 26 inch wheel size but it has been all but abandoned by almost every brand making wheels, rims, tyres and forks which has led us to choose the 650b format"

clearly haven't looked at maxxis, conti or schwalbe catalogues then. 26 still has the best range of tyres and wheels and since when did SRAM stop making the pike in 26.
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 I believe Danny Mac is on a new line of Spank 24 inch wheels which has just been released.
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 My kid's 13 and rides a 26" Glory (he's lanky).
I've got a mate who's 30, short and doesn't want to sell his Summum 26" because all the new bikes are 27.5" and feel wrong.
I finally bought a 650b AM bike and can't believe how much better it feels than my old XL frame 26" bike even though they have almost identical geo.
The older I get the more I think wheel size should be in proportion to frame size.... really happy we've got the choice these days but the marketing guys are busting a gut to sell us bikes that aren't well 'proportioned'.
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 LOL Commencal go home m8 you're drunk. That's the dumbest idea ..
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 I'm struggling with this. If my kid is big enough for 275 wheels, there are already a lot of small-frame big wheel longer travel choices out there. The new size Small 650B Uzzi would do similar work with more travel, as would others.

It's not about "fitting" into the frame, it's the ability to ride the bike. Bigger wheels take more power to get them rolling. Once a kid has them up and rolling, they will be just as fast. But getting them rolling with smaller legs and less power is a detriment. Put the kid on a tight tech course on 650B and put him on the same course on 26 or 24, and he'll be faster, as the kid can explode and excellerate on the little wheels.

At local races at Whistler, the top 12 year old pulls out his old 24" wheeled DH bike for tight bermy and corner-filled courses as he's way faster out of the corners and pretty much kills the other kids on 26" wheels. My son at 10 (tall kid) went to 26" XS frame this year (Reign SX) and on drops and when rolling fast tech, he loves it, but he knows he's slower on acceleration and twisty sections that require putting the hammer down. 650B would only add to this.
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 I think 26" or even 24" wheels are probably a better size for this kids bike. the wheels look a bit large and hard to manage on this smaller bike? bike looks sweet though
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 I was hoping the long top tube trend would trickle down to kids bikes so I could finally get a 24 inch bike I could squeeze onto. This is very disheartening.
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 I am amazed at the hostility. Here is my perspective as a parent who has an 11 year old downhill racer. The hardest part of finding a downhill bike for kids, until recently, was finding one that had a short enough toptube and that you could get the bars low enough. In my case, when my son was 9 and about 4'8" we ended up getting him a used Giant Faith in XS. This was close enough on the reach (at 13.8"), but even with stem as low as we could go, the bars were still high with a stack height of 24.16". Keep in mind this is with a short 4" headtube, the height being dominated by the 180mm fork.

Jump forward to this year. My son has grown like a weed, and is now 5'3". We demo a YT Tues and he is way faster on it. The Tues is 650b, but has a lower stack height than his Faith at 23.9", but is much longer with a reach of 16.14". His comment was after riding the YT, the Faith felt like a BMX bike. It worked well enough for him to win the points series for Cat 3, 13 under at Northstar. He has no trouble handling the long bike and does whips and table tops all the time.

So what is my point here? The difference between 26" and 650B is minimal. What is important is the reach and stack. With a short headtube and a 160mm fork, you can actually get the stack height down to about 22.5" which is much better for the 4'9" to 5'3" riders that Commencal is targeting the bike. Would 26" give you a little lower height, yes, about 1/2" for the same headtube length, but Commencal is absolutely correct, 26" development for parts has virtually stopped and existing inventories are dropping. Trust me, the other 7 mountain bikes in the garage are 26" and every time a new tire comes out I groan, because they aren't available in 26".

Finally, as to pricing, it seems pretty good to me. $2200 for a ready to roll grom bike that weighs 31 pounds and a junior can competitively race on is a good value. Take a look at used XS bikes and you will see that to get a decent one is $1500 plus (ala Giant Reign or Faith). Hell, when I sold my son's XS Santa Cruz Nickel frame, the guy that bought had me ship it to New Zealand, because he couldn't find a decent XS anywhere else.
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 26 development stopped because they finished. Once 650b development stops where to then?
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 I think 650B is here to stay. It allows manufactures to replace all of their 26" line and part of their 29" line with one item. You are preaching to the choir on the need for 650B, I have not rushed out to buy them. In fact my new DH bike is 26" because parts are so cheap.
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 " I think 650B is here to stay."
I was thinking the same for DVD. And then, for BluRay and HD screens. And a few years later for Full HD. And for 4K. And 8K.
Damn! Did they lie to me ??
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 Great video, excellent riding . If a kid is serious about riding and has the skills- what is wrong with having a good bike? Big Wheels? As long as the reach in particular is right, I think a good rider can easily manoeuvre 650B wheels around. The kid will get a benefit of being able to roll through the rough stuff easily.
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 Soooo A JUNIOR downhill bike is the same as an everyday trail bike?I am 14 and I ride a 27.5 Scott Genius so i could say it´s a junior dh bike?
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 I am a 36 old kid with a 26" wheel bike :-) and that's all i need.
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 I don't know if I like this as a dh bike for kids because the wheels look huge in that bike. 650b for am junior bikes but stick with 26 so they have more control. It's like putting 29+ on a dh bike for adults
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 Give it another product cycle...they'll be trying to ram the 29+ DH rides down our throats.
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 After selling overweighted bikes for kids...
After selling unusable mountain bikes for kids with only one gear... (Supreme 20, in the mountain really ?)
They did it : oversized wheels for kids

Guys @Commencal, have a look a little on Lil Shredders, Norco, Early Riders, MTB Cycle Tech, ProPain.
They know how to do bikes for kids and this has nothing to do with wheel size.
When your kid's bikes weight nearly the same weight as the rider, that the rider can't climb a small hill and can't learn turning, I call that an anvil.
Go back to your office and design real kid's bikes. Nice painting & marketing is not enough.
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 the wheels are like half the size of the kid, ridiculous
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 This kids amazing on a bike.
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 I think alot of you miss the point with kids bikes. My boy just turned 6. He has a Specialized Hotrock 20 which is the worst bike money can buy and is so heavy even after I stripped the crap off it. He tries to jump everything and has that thing airborne at every opurtunity. However, things go wrong the moment he hits rooty rocky sections as his wheels are too small and jam in the gaps.
My point is dont under estimate the skill and strength of a kid. In their case it really is about blaming the tools.
I have the remains of a 26" hardtail (because 650b is the future so stop whinning) in the garage and am pondering getting a really small frame and building it up for him. I dont care what it looks like and nor does he. The last laugh is on who has the most fun.
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 My buddy is 5'2" and 30 years old. Every small frame we tried to get him on was too big but obviously 24" wheels were too small. He found a 26" Supreme Jr. a few years back and f*cking loves it. Now he has the option to join the 650 club.

Not just for kids. Great for short folks too.
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 Aaron that is some great riding!! I hope you got to keep the bikeSmile
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 the commencal junior bikes are awesome I rode and raced one for 2 years, I now ride a 650b and I definetly believe there better than 26", its the size of the frame which is important for small riders , I am a 14 year old girl and I can manage a medium 650b downhill fine and actually have benefited from it loads as it hits stuff much faster, and I have much more confidence as the 650b gives you more stability, which is also great for steep stuff. I think a small frame with 650b wheel is great advantage for small riders as it gives you the same stability as a big bike due to the long wheelbase and big wheels but kids can also fit on it.
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 I'm 12, and yes I am very tall for 12, but I ride a small framed 29er! It's been an awesome all rounder and I have loved it. But I am now converting to a medium 27.5 which will probs suit my riding a bit more. So I just don't get why you would want such big wheels on a small frame. He will have grown out of that in a year or sow, and he will look get a few stares out on the trails until he does! Sweet video though.
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 Nawesome that manufacturers develop kids bike, however i'm more interested in a product life cycle; for adult it 3-5 years of ridding, for kid 1-2 years; in that case i will able to buy just new frame and swap components rather than offering whole new bike which is smart choise i believe;

In a long run kids are growing fast, the more smooser transition for parent - the better and more loyal audience of the brand
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 Why not just offer a consisting bike in a smaller size, when the kid is big enough for 27,5 wheels then there is no need for an extra frame for this kid.
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 My son is 14 and rides a small demo 8 26" wheels and rips it just fine, but my friends son that is 10 rides a 650b small Intense 951and can shred PBR at Stevens pass on it!
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 Great ! a 14 yr old just made me look like ive never ridden a bike Frown haha but glad to see some young talent rising up.
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 Doesn't everyone just love a good wheel size debate?
Aaron is 1.5m tall and as we said, 14 years old. Before riding the SUPREME JR 650b (and indeed a 650b for the first time ever in his life) he always rode a 26". After trying it he loves the 650b size.
First of all, let us appreciate how comfortable and effortless he looks having never ridden the finished product before filming. Secondly, looking at what is available on the market today and more importantly, into the future, 26" wheels are fading and in order to provide a product to the young public that will grow with them and stand the test of time (and also be resellable and customisable with standard industry components being produced in factories around the world), it is necessary to use a 650b wheel format. Our first thoughts/choice was to go with the 26" but it's just not logical.
Finally, it is important not to concentrate solely on the wheel size but everything that goes on around it. When we design a bike for a kid (or anyone for that matter), it's important to get a good balance between the reach and the stack height. There are many other factors to be considered other than just wheel size because after all, the difference in radius (measured to the rim) is just 12.5mm!
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 The fact that you guys had to post an unsolicited comment in the section below your own post proves how hard you're trying to sell a product to a market that knows you're only doing so for cash. The bike looks ridiculous and many of the other posts have already reiterated why it is much more valuable for kids that size to be riding 24" and 26" bikes. Don't disguise a trail bike as a "Mini DH" for groms.
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 propain have a 26 bike for kids, norco have a 26 inch bike for kids, trek have a 26 inch bike for kids. The propain has 140mm travel, kona have a 24 inch 140mm travel bike.

12.5mm for the wheel plus the extra for the fork, say 10mm (pike difference 26-27.5), thats over an inch in hight added.

I'm curious to know what the logical reasons are for not using 26 other than marketing BS given the huge range of forks, wheels, rims and tyres you get in 26
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 Really? That is your justification? 26" parts are hard to find and are fading? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad someone is making bikes for our kids, but not building a proper 26" bike that they can ride and fit properly is a poor excuse when you make bikes in even more obscure wheel sizes.

Good 24" mtb tires are hard to find, but you make one of those.

Good 20" mtb tires are hard to find, but you make one of those sizes too....
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 Forget wheel size just watch the riding he quite obviously doesn't struggle with the issue or even care!
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 I take my hat off to Commencal for their foresight in developing bikes like this, it may not suit everyone but for those it does will have a great bike to shred on. A few years ago we built a 20" wheeled bike up for our son because there wasn't anything decent enough for his ability. It was one of the best things we ever did! see link below
Once he grew out of that he had a Commencal 24" mini DH which was a fantastic bike for little kids and he loved it and won quite a few races on it as well!
He is 14 now and has just got onto his first 650b wheels his first comment after riding it for the first time was how much smoother it made things and the grip level was a lot better. So well done Commencal I hope it does well for you.
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 I am 14 and lucky to own a session park 8 in a medium and i'm only 5,6. this bike just seems unnessecary
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 one sec.. small bike with big wheels... are we devolving back to the penny-farthing?
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 Bigger wheels for smallest riders...... Brilliant.
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 Bikes designed for kids makes me look forward to having a few of my own one day!
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 Bridges the gap in every way except price I'm guessing? DVO. Enve. I could go bankrupt trying to source two decent bikes (and I'm not talking crazy builds or anything) for my groms.

Some days I wish I was a dentist.
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flag GH29orBust (Nov 10, 2015 at 8:20) (Below Threshold)
 My dad's a dentist and I only have a carbon XC race bike, a carbon enduro bike, and a carbon road bike. so I don't know why you would want to be a dentist to get more bikes...
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 But no downhill bike
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 looks way to big for the kid
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 I'm 13 and I would never be able to afford this and by the time I would have saved up the bike would be to small! This is stupid...
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 PLEASE DONT PANIC! All the sheepple WILL BUY one...Making sure this becomes the new kids standard. ...2 tyre sizes 20's and 650b + boost...Its the future of KIDS MTB
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 To everyone saying "Rich Parents" maybe. But thier is no denying you would have wanted a nice bike like this at his age, and you might be a bit jealous.
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 I'm a kid of the same age and i run 650b wheels and and adult medium frame size. It's a great idea but a kid at 14 shouldn't need a "junior" bike.
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 The size of the wheel is irrelevant. There are small women -- probably not too much bigger than your average 12-14-year-old -- who ride 29ers. There are short guys who ride 29ers. It comes down to frame size, geometry and all that. I'm not saying 650b is the greatest solution in the history of all things on two wheels. I'm saying this bike will likely fit its intended consumer just fine.
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 It's like the equivalent of a 29er dh bike for a fully grown rider XD
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 Wow that kid ripps! He looks right at home on that bike.
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 so basically the are trying to pawn what looks like an xs meta as a kids downhill bike?
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 This riders style looks just like Finn Illes. And I love it!
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 So many people called 150/160mm rigs "Mini DH bikes" that Commencal actually made one.
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 If this works for this kid can my 29er be a 32er please.
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 Totally unnecessary, I am 15 and can fit on a full size dh bike no problem
  • 3 2
 Already gloveless.. poor kid
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 29er for kids.
  • 3 2
 rich parents Smile
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 Hey kid, those wheels look way too big for you! Fuck these marketing schemes.
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