What's Your Favorite Commencal Video?

Dec 30, 2016
After another year on the road following our riders on their mountain bike adventures around the globe, we’ve shortlisted our favorite videos from 2016 and we’d like you to have the final say!

Vote for your favorite COMMENCAL video…

Rob Warner / META TRAIL V4.2 / 19th September 2016

Views: 25,253    Faves: 191    Comments: 19

William Robert / SUPREME DH V4 / 27th May 2016

Views: 24,994    Faves: 428    Comments: 16

Kyle & Pef / SUPREME DH V3 / 20th July 2016

Views: 21,706    Faves: 161    Comments: 15

Remy Metailler / SUPREME DH V4 / 10th August 2016

Views: 50,872    Faves: 871    Comments: 38

Remi Thirion / META V4.2 / 18th November 2016

Views: 33,544    Faves: 431    Comments: 9

What is your Favorite Commencal Video?

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Commencal have produced a ton of videos this season and want to know which one is your favorite?


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 My favorite video is the one with the advent calendar full winners list...... Still waiting for that
  • 11 1
 Pretty sure we would've been informed if we'd won by now.
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 7 Years on pinkbike not a single win Big Grin damnit ^^
  • 4 1
 @kingpin2607: Tell me about it.
  • 6 22
flag diego-b (Dec 30, 2016 at 9:57) (Below Threshold)
 A bunch of the winners have opened their account within the last year or month. Its a shame. I think plues user should get 5 tickets per entry.... @pinkbikeaudience
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 @diego-b: go buy a lottery ticket
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 Brendan Howey - Island Winter v2......... Should be an option...
  • 1 0
 yep my choice aswell
  • 4 0
 same here, recount please...
  • 10 0

or this one... Flowey
  • 1 0
 @Panamaman: wow that was amazing cant believe i hadnt seen this one.....my new fav
  • 21 1
 "What's Your Favorite Commencal Video?"

More like "What is the damage of loosing our best rider, how do our other video compare to Remy?"
  • 2 0
 haha The first thing that came in my mind also!!
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 i wouldn't say best. ultra talented and a prolific video maker. remi t is quick and snagged 6th over all, myriam could be a contender against atheron if she can stay 100%, cecile killed it this season in the EWS too.

solid team adding another fast talented rider to its ranks while unfortunately losing another
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 Brendan Howey -definitely the best Commencal rider out there !
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 The sport wouldn't b where it is now if we didn't have the likes of Warner....makes me laugh every time I watch a vid with him in it!!!! lol Big Grin

"F off mountain biking" lol lol
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 2015 will be made for you.
  • 2 0
 My favorite as well.
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 The "face" and the "voice" of all things mountain biking.....with quotes a plenty.......Mr Rob Warner
"Smith goes 1.18 up, it's the greatest comeback since Lazarus!"
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 Got to say that "Flowey" was mindblowing !

Liked the one with Willy Robert, mainly the soundtrack. Though Thirion's one is my choice.
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 Yes! I wanted to say this earlier today but I had forgotten the name. Flowey: www.pinkbike.com/video/462307
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 I like the one where the marketing shtick outperforms the product itself. So, it's an all-way tie.

Gun to my head, I'd pick "Adios Remy" since it was fun to see all the pearl-clutching about the music. The butts! They were so hurt.
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 Arbr would have done well to launch their Saker bike with a video like the Remi Thirion one or something like what Evil does. I have always loved Commencal bikes and the Thirion one makes me want a V4.2 like right now. So, yeah, that one because it's how I like to ride and it's not too out of reach.
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 1- Everything with Remi Metailler, especially those with old hip-hop music!!

2- William Robert. I had only see the Quebec video and it was cool but this one, woowww!!! Feeling bad to say this but I think I like it more than the Remi Metailler on this page... :/

3- Rob Warner was pretty cool too!
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 Ok I just watched the Remi Metailler once again and I must admit it is high quality filming!! Too late to change my vote but well....there's something about it. Don't know, I think it is the lack of roots and rocks and the beat is good but I think it would have been better on a trail bike film with nice views... Remi needs something a little bit more hardcore (remember Ante Up!?) I guess! lol
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 The one thats still coming with Yo Barelli in it...
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 I liked the one where they built the sickest pump track right out front of their warehouse/HQ. probably no one else will agree
  • 2 1
 Yeah put this on the list
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 Wow, they must have LOADS of money for such a commercial here on pb!
  • 3 1
 Commencal videos make me want a Commencal Bike, and ride. Everyone of them!
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 Going to school near santa cruz, I was given a false impression of the bikes being ubiquitous everywhere...do they make videos ever?
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 Voted Warner but the ones with the Bass note on the logo rattled the whole house. All videos should begin with sub sonic bass notes.
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 None of them, this one is

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 Flowey for sure !
  • 4 1
 Remy metaliar whistler.
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 had to watch remy metaliar vid again after voting
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 QUERE ATTITUDE 3 !!!! Sorry .........
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 Remy Metailler is one with Commencal, should be single item, you buy a Supreme DH and a Remy arrives in the box.
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 They're all excellent, but as an older guy I had to keep it real and go with Warner. lol
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 thirion's. grey bike, burnt and spooky forest, the music and he is not killing birds like kyle straight.
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 hey santa.... can u bring me a commencal v4.2 pls ?
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 Rob Warner/10
  • 2 1
 Any of those with that guy who you just allowed to leave Commencal
  • 1 0
 How's Howy not an option?
  • 2 1
 only Remy, only hardcore!
  • 1 0
 Brushed Meta by a country mile Big Grin
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 What about Remi Thirion on Rainbow Mountain?
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 Kyle Strait... And the music is awesome too!
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 something with brendan howey that dude is ur best rider
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 good tunes! sounds like blockhead
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 all are
  • 1 3
 None what's a meta?
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