Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing Looks to be Signing New Bike Sponsor

Feb 29, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

The Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing team will no longer be riding Nukeproof bikes as it appears to be signing a new bike sponsor for the 2024 season.

In the latest news coming from the fallout of the troubles at Wiggle and Chain Reaction, the Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing will be switching to new race bikes as team rider Veronika Widmann announces: "our team Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing will continue with a new bike sponsor."

Veronika Widmann also says she is "incredibly grateful to keep doing what I am doing" and that with just two months until the first World Cup, "getting used to a new bike will be a challenge." In her post on social media, Veronika also thanks the people behind the Nukeproof brand and says a further update on the team will follow soon.

bigquotesI was hoping not to have to write this post but here we are. Unfortunately, things had to come to an end with Nukeproof Bikes. This is so much more than saying goodbye to a frame sponsor. The people behind the brand were incredible people and the memories we made in just a short time, I will never forget. I made so many friends in the last year which will last beyond these strange times. It truly does make me sad ending this amazing relationship.

Special thank you to Rob Sherratt, Katie Wooster Michael Cowan and Dale McMullan.

I hope everyone involved after the latest events is doing okay. It puts it all in a different perspective. I am still so incredibly grateful to keep doing what I am doing and things are moving forward in some shape or form. The first World Cup is in only two months away and getting used to a new bike will be a challenge but I accept the challenge and promise I will be ready to race again. At this stage our team Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing will continue with a new bike sponsor and we will be an elite team also this year. Updates to follow soon.
Veronika Widmann

We have contacted Continental Nukeproof Factory Racing about the change in frame sponsor and will provide an update to this article if we receive any further information.

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 I sold NP bikes for about 12 yrs here in the US. Every year, the brand grew bigger and bigger. Even in the last 2 yrs, after I closed my small shop, the brand was growing. To watch it come to one end with noe foreseeable future is heart breaking. The folks who worked for CRC, Hotlines are absolutely stellar humans. Andrew, Matty, Chris, Steve, and Callum provided customer service and contact a company could only dream of. To see them go through this loss of employment is heartbreaking to me. I never once met any of them face to face, but I consider them all friends. If you know any of these folks and are in the bike industry, you would be smart to take them on. You won't find better people. And someone with a couple bucks, buy NP and get it back up and running. Please.
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 Hanging onto my V2 Scout now. I Had the Reactor, Digger, and Scout 290 also. Great bikes and had no issues buying from CRC. Also, I have their horizon wheelset which have held up without issue for over 3 years. Hate to see them go.
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 It's staggering to think that such a successful brand and operation was so deeply tied into the CRC/Wiggle corporate structure that their failure has impacted Nukeproof so heavily.
Mike Ashley is always after brands to zombify for his Sports Direct empire, but Nukeproof feels/felt like it's so much more than a name to be slapped onto to OEM stuff, it is/was the products they produced, the customer service to end users and distributors, the interaction and development with athletes.
All of that will end with M.A. and that is tragic.
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 @ROOTminus1: From someone I know who worked for Nukeproof. The house brands (NP, Vitus, Ragley etc) are so tightly integrated into the structure of Hotlines/CRC that it is almost impossible to make them seperate entities that could be sold off as is and operate as viable buisnesses.
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 Agreed on the Hotlines team. Had the pleasure of working with them for a few years, another great bunch of humans. Same goes for the wider Nukeproof team. I pray the WCRC house brands get untangled and can make a comeback.
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 Nukeproof evolved from offering wallet-friendly workhorse products to reasonably priced but premium quality products. Haven't owned one of their bikes myself but have owned a few of their components and they are all well designed and executed. Close mate of mine used to own a Mega and it only made him faster. He's also been running the HZN wheels on his current steed and they haven't missed a beat in two years. Their bike prices increased when Vitus was introduced as the budget alternative and went further up after Brexit, but the components remained top VFM.
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 A great tribute
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 Well said, easy to forget Nukeproof really is (or rather was :-( ) a team of great individuals, not just a corporate entity.
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 Well said, they've been a good brand over the years, even the clothing is pretty damn good stuff. I hope something is salvaged but I don't hold out much hope given the new owner.
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 I was surprised to get a call from someone at nukeproof/CRC (he said nukeproof but could of been CRC I guess) a few weeks after I bought a giga last August, just checking that I'm happy with it and asking for anything they could do better etc. Such a shame such a company has gone and I wish the employes well.
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 If I would be on the market for a new bike, the Giga would still be one in top 3. I really hope they survive all this
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 Soon to be another Commencal team?
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 Commencinental factory racing or somthn like that
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 Danny, stay on yeer bike!
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 ...whatever bike that ends up being...
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 The original Nukeproof was out of Grand Rapids Michigan back in the 90's it was decent stuff and they were always at the races with schwag and support.
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 I remember the starting with the carbon fibre hubs, I'm old
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 @naptime: I remain unclear on the relationship between the 90's Nukeproof and the current version, and would be interested to know the story, I assume only the name carried forward but maybe there's more to it. I too remember Nukeproof in the mid 90's, for example, sponsoring to my knowledge the only Afro-American XC racer for the 1995 Cactus Cups and presumably Norbas etc.
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: I would think...? The originals went bust an sold the name. I got back into MTB 2007 an I can't remember when but I do remember Hotlines buying the brand.. Not dissimilar to now
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 So has Mike Ashley bought the Nukeproof name with no intention of carrying on any part of the business as it was with all the great designs and manufacturing set ups, bikes, parts and clothing, all quality popular kit, it's seems aI crazy travesty to let it all sink, what's the point of buying a name if it's not gonna keep hold of it's quality and customers.
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 He'll do the same to Nukeproof as he's done with Karrimor and other brands, use the name to sell cheap shyte.
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 @commental: so he will continue with the nukeproof model pre Sam hill
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 @dkendy1: I had a mark 1 2012 Mega (hence my name) and it was an amazing bike. Except the single pivot design had so much brake jack the shock would practically lock itself out if you pulled the back brake. Still an amazing bike that was a trend setter for modern Enduro bikes.
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 @Mega-Man: bikes I can’t speak to but I mostly refer to the parts. I bought a set of wheels that were rebranded sun rims on some cheesy hub. Turns out as I learned more I’d taken off a set of DT Swiss branded in Specialized. Talk about downgrade. Live and learn
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 This was inevitable but surprising it took this long. Maybe just the announcement took a long time but I suspect the team has been waiting just as long. Glad they will carry on with a new sponsor but its a shame to see Nukeproof go. I just bought a Reactor last summer on a very good sale. I like the bike and plan on keeping it but I am assuming I have no warranty now which is a bummer.
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 They are going to milk it like the team press releases - release this now, then tease a bike frame, release 3 letters of the new frame sponsor name each week until you have the whole anagram to solve!
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 Clicks an likes an ad revenue an dollar dollar bills you
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 Nukeproof going down is really beat dont own one but love the brand and their components top notch i hope somesome buys them
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 The name and IP has already been bought, but nothing else in the deal. My expectations of anything following on from the NP we know now aren’t high
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 Slight off topic but good god did anyone else see the discounts wiggle put out on Monday… Z1’s for 158 quid, hope pro5 wheels for £60, XX T type cranks for £100
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 They are blowing things out but no longer accepting international orders.
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 Shame they dont ship to the US anymore, some very good stuff on sale, would not be surprised if they maybe cleaning house entirely.
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 Hope Nukeproof somehow survives. I had the Mega with wich I raced the Mega. The parts are very nice, their pedals among the best. It would be a shame to loose such an iconic brand.
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 Shame to see nukeproof go always liked the brand
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 Banshee, GT, Kona, Evil, Devinci.. jump on this opportunity fam
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 Who among those actually have a DH frame? gt for aure and maybe banshee? The rest can forget it.
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 @shredddr: let me day dream in peace hommie
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 Apparently Danny was riding a GT at Dyfi Bike Park yesterday.
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 I'd love to see Danny on a Legend but they are such a small brand its highly unlikely....
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 Nukeproof bikes were cracking bikes.....
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 Mike Ashley won't see the value in racing. He'll just slap the Nukeproof name on BSO's and sell them in Sports Direct.
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 Sam Hill should Buy NukeProof.
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 The brand and intellectual property have already been sold to mike ashley
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 Yeah when I heard they were selling off swingarms and frame parts for almost nothing. I knew it was bad news. Such a shame
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 Sounds odd saying it but it’s gonna be Fezzari
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