Cotic Announce New BFe for 2020

Sep 12, 2019
by cotic-bikes  
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PRESS RELEASE: Cotic Press Release

It feels crazy to think that just two years ago the BFe established the blueprint for our Longshot geometry revolution, but it's true. Fast forward to today and Longshot has rolled out across the range, establishing Cotic as being some of the best handling bikes around. Learning from the constant development of our droplink full suspension bikes and our award winning SolarisMAX, we've made a few key tweaks to our genre defying, 27.5" do-it-all hardtail.

Sunny Yellow

Ben Tyas & Dave Camus at Leeds Urban Bike Park

The new BFe brings in revised angles and better bike fit. The steeper seat angle puts you in a more effective, central place on the bike; making climbing even easier. We've slackened the head angle by a degree to match this, giving you more confidence than ever on those critical steep trails and fast corners. Optimised around a 140mm fork but can be ridden raced & rallied with anything between 120mm and 160mm. Paired with a 35m stem and low standover from the dropped top tube; this bike handles sharply, and loves to get airborne. Due to popular demand, we've also added an XL size for the first time in the BFe's life.

Gloss Black with X & Y graphics

Boost rear spacing and our Super Clearance stays for the latest generation of 2.6" tyres gives the stiffness and clearance for all types of 2-wheeled fun. From pumptrack sessions, enduros, trail centres and everywhere in between; there's nothing the BFe can't do. Crabapple hits? Done. Podium top steps? Also done. Have you completed your hardtail apprenticeship yet?

Dark Grey

Frames are £549, and builds start from £1799. They are available worldwide with free shipping on frames and bikes throughout western and central Europe, and subsidised shipping to the rest of the world. For more detailed information head to the product page:


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 One of the best shredits I have seen was the Cotic one with Craig Evans.
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 Always love to see some Cotic stuff. But no more 26" I noticed?
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 Didn’t you get the memo? 26 is ‘cough’.. you know
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 @tobiusmaximum: still going strong? Wink
Honestly, last week i rode a 26“ bike for the first time after 4 years on 27.5, damn that was fun
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 Just stick 26 wheels on this baby. I did it on a Dee Dar - no issues with pedal strikes. Just run a 160 fork.
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 @tobiusmaximum: Until recently, Cotic had both a 26" and a 27.5" BFe model. Maybe two weeks ago or so (was looking at the regular Flare model) I noticed that the 26" BFe wasn't being mentioned anymore. Too bad, as it was them who came up with the popular 26aintdead tag.

26" is far from dead. Still having loads of mine, which frame was built only last year May.

That said, I'm just about to leave home on my 20" (BMX) for a quick pumptrack session Smile .
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 @vinay: yeah I was just messing buddy, ride a bmx if you like. Smile
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 @vinay: 26 ain't dead but it's scary as hell when you're trying to follow 29ers on horrible gnar in Finale like I was doing yesterday. Horses for courses.
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 @headshot: Sames. 160 Mattoc on my DeeDar, on 26" wheels. 2.8/2.4 on wide rims. Thing rips.
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 @headshot: yeah exactly. Run shorter cranks if you must
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 As George Carlin wouldn't say, 26 has passed away
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 @vinay: 26 is the new 20.
BMX roots always help though!
Last ride I did on my old SX felt like a 20" compared to what I'm into now.
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 @BenPea: yeah, but being able to keep them in sights puts a big grin on my face.
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 @es7ebanlv: young man's game. I had to take the next day off.
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 @Stokedonthis: Got 26" wheels in my '18 bfe. So much fun and all my old parts fit as it's non boost. Got the frame for 350 rand new and couldn't be happier with it. No need to upgrade but when the time comes i won't thintk twice. Sweet bikes. It was meant to be a winter bike but I've ridden it loads so far.
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 @fielonator: same here - BFe26 built up this summer for 350 quid, with a -2° angle set from superstar components and a 160mm durolux. rides really well, and as you mentioned, all the good 26er parts are happily enjoying a new life on a very modern frame.
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 I recall when they first came with those bigger wheels. Dirt magazine had a couple of DH racers do comparison laps. Not exactly sure who, probably Nikki Whiles and maybe Rowan Sorrell too. They were sure they were faster on the smaller wheels as it just felt quicker. It turned out they clocked faster times on the biggest wheels.


If you're in a hurry, get the big wheels. The uplift won't get any quicker though so relatively speaking you're going to spend more time in the cable car and will feel slower on the descends.
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 @vinay: this is akin to riders who look like they’re going fast (aka a bit out of control) and riders who don’t look so fast because they’re smooth and precise. Don’t wanna get all Jordan Peterson but it’s the balance between order and chaos. You have to go faster to be in chaos on bigger wheels. This is what people call ‘fun’ about little wheels. A similar comparison is a snowskate vs a snowboard, you feel like you’re absolutely flying on a snowskate because it’s tiny, when in reality the snowboard is already at the bottom without even breaking a sweat.
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 @tobiusmaximum: exactly, a little bit of chaos is good, but you can have too much of a good thing. Fighting for your life through long rough trails gets old pretty quick and you end up more beaten up than is pleasant.
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 @tobiusmaximum: +1 for Jordan Peterson Smile
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 @BenPea: Yeah, horses for courses as you say. I honestly doubt the overall majority of people riding mountainbikes is fighting for their lives. Not saying they should get 26" wheels but just meant to say that this wouldn't quite be the reason to stay clear of them. I once read an interview with Fabien Barel. He said the big wheels are better at maintaining momentum over rough terrain. The smaller wheels are better to work with the terrain. Get it right and you can use it to gain speed (through pumping etc), get it wrong and they are less forgiving and will make you lose speed. I think he's right. I just don't happen to care too much about the straight stuff. I love corners, terrain I can pump, catching some backsides. Sure I may be slower on other sections but still, it is far from the kind of stuff that would kill me even on my 26" wheels.
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 @vinay: it only arose as an issue for me when riding hideously rough and twisty shit with people on 27 and 29ers. Was I running out of juice because I'm old or because my bike is old? Objectively, the suspension works well, but when you're going deeper into every hole and fighting harder to keep everything in check as a result you start to wonder if bigger wheels aren't a good idea (who woulda thunk it?). It's not an issue on trails that aren't completely overflowing with chunk and on which you aren't trying to keep up with those better armed than you, but I had a Pivot Firebird 29 and a previous gen Nomad to chase, and it wasn't pretty.
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 @vinay: That's exactly right. It's the same characteristics that make big wheels excel at minimizing the lead edge of terrain that limits their ability to capitalize on the backside of it. Easier rollover comes at a price. But the average rider is weak at pumping, so it's an easy wager for the industry.
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 @AllMountin: Because I stand up when I ride, I'm not really great at high cadences. My frame doesn't accept a bigger ring than 36t (so not bigger than the 34t oval I'm running) and my hub doesn't take smaller than 11t. So beyond a certain speed, I rather pump than pedal. It also feels more fun Smile .
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 But can you ride all the way out to BFE on your BFe?
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 Sure, no BFD.
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 Just built up a BFE and my full suss has been sitting unused since! This bike is fun, the geo is dialed and at least for me, the "old" frame with 142 rear was perfect so I could pillage the wheels from the full suss. #142aintdead
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 Just put together a BFE this summer. Asked Cy to give me static numbers, he said the HT angle was 64.8 with a 140.. I measured it built up and it was 64.8 dead on. I run it now at 150 and HTA 64.3 is what it measures now and feels perfect. Only thing I wished was for steeper seat tube angles. The frame is remarkably smooth and light-ish for steel, it is the 4th steel hardtail I have owned, some were too stiff or too flexy side to side but this frame feels super smooth but not flimsy or too much lateral play. I even like the color options on this new one, yellow looks rad.
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 Nice! I also built my BFe26 this summer, with a -2° angleset (superstar slackerizer) and a 160mm durolux, which brings the head angle down to about 63.5° static, measured with a smartphone app. Based on the numbers you state, it should be even slacker...guess measuring with the app is not accurate enough.

As you note, the seat angle is very slack at 70.7°. I have the same impression with regards to weight and ride feel. The bike is super fast!
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 Looks like a party to me.
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 Sure, they seattube angle is steeper than the last BFE... but 74* sagged is like 72.5* unsagged. Still pretty slack, compared to most others on the market.
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 I know I should want a Chromag hardtail living in the sea to sky but my God I want one of these so much more....with some Chromag bits on it.
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 The stack seems way too low for the xl.
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 Dave Camus still riding bikes ay!
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 Trying dude!
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Haha, you popped into my head randomly the other day. Good to see you're doing well mate, looks a nice gig riding for cotic Smile
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 @sam264: Good to see you're living the canadian dream!
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 @bigbluebike: haha yeah it's not bad over here Wink
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 Local to leeds and love riding there, on my Cotic. Really nice bikes, through the range.
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 No one ever dissed one of these. How is it possible to omit the head badge photo?
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 best friends ever'
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 Yella looks sweet!
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 Looks like zaskia cotic.
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 A 360 on a ht, did I travel back in time oh what a world.
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 lol what do you mean? Are we really at the age where people think they even need full suspension for spinning? it's much harder to spin with a full squish but when you drop a disgusting amount of money on one and even finance one I guess you would think that everything is better with full suspension haha. Man hardtails are the original spin and trick machines. just ask I don't know... the bmx community?
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 Nice one! Smile
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 Not welded in the UK :-)
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 that's to bad. I hear the electrons used for welding in the uk are much more secure.
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 @gorideyourbikeman: I heard they had their application for settled status turned down and had to move back to Taiwan. Something about a highly charged atmosphere.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: not a very positive outlook for them.
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