Cotic Expands Droplink Suspension Range

Jul 12, 2016
by cy-cotic  
The 2016 Cotic droplink range. Available now.

Our proprietary droplink suspension system - a compact linkage driven design - gives our suspension bikes the attributes all Cotic bikes must have: interactive handling, durability, grace, clean lines and fun. The droplink system delivers a direct, interactive ride feel, along with the immediately recognisable, slim, clean and uncluttered Cotic look.

At the heart of the system is a custom designed and heat treated steel seat tube. This, combined with large pivot points, keeps the frame solid front to rear and provides an ultra-stiff platform from which to base the suspension. All of our droplink bikes feature air hardening Reynolds 853 steel front ends, which are durable and super strong.

As well as our beast of an enduro/trail machine, the Rocket, we can now unveil its super fast brother, the big wheeled RocketMAX. And it doesn't stop there... we also have TWO new shorter travel bikes, the Flare and the FlareMAX. No half measures; a whole new four bike suspension range from Cotic...

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Flare is our mid-travel, lighter, sprightlier model line:

The Cotic Flare 27.5 130mm trail bike. http product flare
The Cotic Flare 27.5 130mm trail bike

You asked, and we delivered... 27.5" wheels, 130mm travel. A bike with the heart of the Soul, adding lively droplink suspension that keeps you in touch with the trail, and helps you squeeze the maximum fun out of it. Soul owners know what we're on about, and we're sure lots of you will be as excited as we are about this model finally being released. We've sweated the details long and hard on this one.

But there is another Flare... The FlareMAX. This is the big wheeled version:

The Cotic FlareMAX 29 275Plus 120mm trail bike. http product flareMAX
The Cotic FlareMAX 29/275Plus 120mm trail bike.

MAX by name, Maximum versatility by nature, MAX is the new branch of the Cotic range which can run either 29-inch wheels with tyres up to 2.5" wide, or the latest Plus sized wheels in 27.5 x 2.8" width. Boost148 rear axles are paired with new tubing and swingarms refined to offer the stiffness we know big wheeled bikes require.

The FlareMAX is a riot to ride and a bit of a shapeshifter: Fast and fun in a way its 120mm travel doesn't even begin to hint at, yet comfortable and long legged for those pedalling-and-look-at-the-view days. Confidence inspiring and with you all the way. Fun and Fast, Cut and Thrust. The Flare burns brightly.

Introducing RocketMAX....

The RocketMAX 29 275 Plus 140mm enduro bike. http product rocketMAX
The RocketMAX 29/275 Plus 140mm enduro bike.

Here we have the addition of the 140mm travel RocketMAX. Like its established 27.5” wheeled brother the Rocket, it is your enduro / all mountain weapon of choice. Prototype versions of this baby were raced by our team to great success. Since then we've made it stiffer, faster, and more responsive. We've MAX'd its versatility with both 29 and 275Plus wheel compatibility using a Boost148 rear axle. Bombproof, reliable & progressive, it’s everything you need to haul through that rock garden, rip through those turns, and ride those crazy steeps.

The Rocket continues:

The Cotic Rocket 27.5 wheel 150mm travel enduro bike. http product rocket
The Cotic Rocket 27.5" wheel, 150mm travel enduro bike.

For those wanting the lighter, livelier feel of 27.5” wheels, in a long, slack, 150mm travel format. Both Rockets now feature a new XL size... roomy and confidence inspiring. Remember, our frames have loads of standover clearance, so going up a size is viable if you want a longer bike, and all our bikes can now be spec'd with a stem down to 35mm. Fast as hell. Rowdy and Rad. Light the Rocket engines.

Do YOU fancy a go?

Like something you see here? Fancy a ride? Then get in touch for our Demo To You service. Sam, the Demo Man, is out on the road most weekends in the Ay-up Team van, Black Betty, holding open demos around the country at popular riding locations or in conjunction with our UK dealers. These are relaxed affairs; simply turn up with your riding gear, chat about which bike you're interested in, then get set up and take it for an hour blast around the trails.

However, if you and a few friends are interested in trying any of our bikes, you can book an exclusive Ride Day with Sam and he'll bring bikes to ride with you and your mates on your local trails. You get a proper ride on trails you know, so you can tell exactly how much fun your new Cotic will be. We're really flexible and can join you at weekends, weekdays or evenings. All of our demos are completely free. All we ask is that you leave us some ID and collateral, and leave your email so we can keep in touch. Check our for our calendar of events, or email or call 07398189114 to see when we're next in your area.

Our next demo event is at Northern Grip festival on 23rd July, and after that is our home Launch/Demo weekend at our base in the Peak District on 30/31 July. Head down to have a look at the new bikes, and indeed our existing range, and get yourself booked on one of the guided demo rides. We'll be riding every couple of hours from 10am-4pm both days. You can find us at Calver Works, S32 3XH.

Pop Up Showrooms

Following the launch weekend, we will be doing a Pop-Up Showroom event at The Holt, 156 Arundel St, Sheffield S1 4RE, 6pm-10pm on Wednesday 3rd August. You can come and have a Thornbridge Brewery beer on us and have a look at the new bikes. We'll be on hand, so you can chat to the people who designed and developed them. There is also a Pop-Up Showroom event planned in Bristol at Roll For The Soul, 2 Quay St, Bristol BS1 2JL on Thursday 15th September from 6pm-9pm. We'll be bringing these events to different venues across the UK, so keep your eyes peeled for one near you.

All the bikes are available to order now, for delivery next week. Prices start from just £2799 for our no nonsense Silver build, and head up to £4299 for the dream bike Platinum option. You can also go custom on our bike builds and add upgraded suspension from X-Fusion, Cane Creek or Fox, switch stem lengths, handlebar size and shape, Hope or Shimano brake options, Joystick finishing kit, even WTB Ci24 carbon rimmed wheels, hand-built to order right here in the Peak District by our friends at 18 Bikes. Just click 'order' on your desired model, choose your 'base' build kit, hit the 'Go Custom' button and build your perfect bike.

Frames start at just £1499, and we ship worldwide from our base in the heart of the Peak District. It's been a huge effort to get these bikes ready for you, and we have loved developing and riding them. We're excited to finally be able to share them with you and we'd love to know what you think about them. Cheers!

Learn more here:

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  • + 20
 Was I just transported to an early 90's video game?
  • + 10
 LOFL that music was so bad couldn't work out if they were taking the piss or not! Editing was shocking too!
  • + 12
 Yee yee! I love my Cotic BFe 26 but have been considering replacing it with a short travel 29er.. looks like I found my new bike!
  • + 5
 Just don't sell that BFe! I did, biggest regret in my biking life.
  • + 3
 @OzMike: second that. Im gonna be buried with my 26 cotic! Godknows its gonna outlast me!!
  • + 10
 sooo clean. some of the best looking bikes in the world imo
  • + 7
 What the hell is interactive handling and how does it differ from normal handling?
  • + 6
 I think it's the opposite of ghost-riding the whip.
  • + 3
 I like Cotic so much, I hope this works out for them. Jumping straight from one to four different mid travel full sussers seems like a bit of a leap. I hope there is enough of a market for it. Then again there are already so many good UK brands with proper steel hardtails that they're indeed filling a void here. Deep down inside I know the new BFe26 is the one for me, I just can't betray my good old (cramped, twitchy) DMR. Sorry Cy, my heart is torn. Now don't tease me with all these beauties!

That said, Cy sure has been busy lately. I knew the new BFe26 was coming up, but I didn't see this coming.
  • + 4
 They might be jumping from 1 to 4, but the platform and frame shape are so similar it wouldn't surprise me if they used the same jig for all of them. The market is so saturated with complex Al and carbon bikes with proprietary bearings and bolts, feels like a bike rooted in simplicity is what a lot of British riders are desperate for.
  • + 2
 @bluumax: Pretty sure it aren't just the British who got desperate, especially after that sneaky assassination of the SC Heckler and Superlight. I'm casually looking out for a (longer yet still low) replacement of my Cannondale Prophet frame and not run into a nightmare of pivots and the ability to transfer most of my components. The Kona Process 134 is nice but doesn't go frame only. Orange four would be amazing but is still a bit beyond my budget. So it would be between this Flare and the Alutech ICB2.0. The Alutech is cheaper, simpler, takes a wider range of fork lengths and looks a bit more playful (shorter CS and lower toptube, it seems). But this one is (mostly) steel (a steel ICB2.0 exists but is more expensive) and takes my 200x50 shocks so it might get close if Cotic keeps the shock. And I don't know the wheelbase of the Cotic so the chainstay thing might balance out. Still one to look out for!
  • + 2
 @vinay: Frames can be bought without a shock if you already have a shock that'll fit. Check out the order pages on the Cotic website.
  • + 2
 @Spittingcat: Thanks! Yeah Paul (or Cy on Pauls e-mail account) kindly answered all my questions. The frame without shock goes for 1399 pounds. Yeah I love how even on completes they allow you to leave components out instead of put you up with something you're not going to use.
  • + 2
 Almost just impulse bought the red Rocketmax 29! better slow this train down a bit. If it had a horst link rear suspension it would have tipped the scales and I don't think I would have looked back....might still not be able to get this one out of my head though....Love almost everything about this bike on paper!
  • + 5
 I love that fast red colour!
  • + 3
 So these are just steel full suspension bikes? Are they heavier than aluminum?
  • + 5
 Steel front, Al back. From experience of my Mk1, I'd say my size L was about 1lb heavier than an all alloy bike the same size. However, it's also much stiffer than any non DH bike I've ridden or owned, you get the weight and you get pivots mounted to a big ass steel tube that's not bending for anyone. I really like the bike.
  • + 7
 @Fix-the-Spade: i can take a several pound poop before i ride then to equalize things
  • + 3
 A little heavier but not as much as you might think; its 853 steel, the ride is nice. Every Cotic I've tried has been really fun.
The rocket is a killer bike!
  • + 3
 @hamncheez: I have to take said poop or I can't clear the gaps...
  • + 3
 Those are some sexy clean bikes the sight of straight simple tubing makes happy!!...
  • + 3
 This bike looks really hardcore!
  • + 3
 Beautiful bikes! I love steel full-suspension bikes - so cleanSmile
  • + 2
 Owning a cotic soul, and knowing how amazing it is, I could almost guarantee these bikes will ride UN real
  • + 3
 I suddenly want to play streets of rage 2? Super clean bikes though.
  • + 1
 Whats with the graffiti looking graphics.
  • + 0
 Is that an English Heckler? WTF? Single pivot. Alloy. Sprightly video though...
  • + 2
  • + 1
 the flaremax looks intriguing but where can I get one in germany?
  • + 5
 Cotic sell direct, get one whilst we're still in the EU and there's no import fees!
  • + 1
 Nice steel works. Should sell well in the UK.
  • + 1
 These bikes look spot on! Very fun looking nimble Rockets!
  • + 2
 Love those lines!
  • + 0
 They look amazing but ideally i'd see the pivot a bit higher.

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