Cotic Announces FlareMAX 132 Pack

Aug 21, 2019
by cotic-bikes  


You've all heard how versatile the Longshot geometry Cotic FlareMAX is, and how it carries speed over rocky terrain like a bike with much more travel. There's even a Pinkbike review saying as much!

As capable as the FlareMAX is, with the advent of our radical RocketMAX it left a space for people who wanted a little more strike capability in their trail bike, but still preferred the master all rounder feel of the FlareMAX rather than the so-fast-your-hair-catches-fire RocketMAX. Our Brand Ambassador Chris Hall from Downtime Podcast has been running this setup for about a year and is a big fan, and always gets asked about it. With this proven track record, and some shock tunes for the longer stroke, the 132 Pack was born.

By increasing the stroke on the rear shock to 50mm we've brought the rear wheel travel up to 132mm, and given it an extra dose of speed without sacrificing any agility on singletrack or climbs. As the overall shock length is unchanged from the standard FlareMAX, the outstanding handling characteristics of the bike are preserved. This really could be your One Bike.

Our 132 Pack is available as a frame and shock, and in multiple levels of complete bike build... from Silver up to Platinum.

Cotic FlareMAX 132
This one goes up to 132

We have two Cane Creek shocks available to take your FlareMAX up to 132mm rear travel, the DB AirIL, which is a no cost option on the complete bike builds. For ultimate big hit capability you can spec the DB Air CS Piggyback, which is a £200 upgrade available when customising your frame or bike choices.

Cotic FlareMAX 132

With this extra travel and speed you'll be wanting a front end set up on your bike to inspire confidence, so we've fitted our 132 Pack builds with the super stiff, super tuneable X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork with 140mm of travel. The Cane Creek Helm Air is also available with 140mm of travel for just £150 extra when customising your build.

The 132 Pack is available now in the gorgeous Mercury finish as per the photos, or our classic blue with orange highlights.

Frame and shock starting from £1749 / approx EUR1,900 / approx US$1,800, and complete bikes starting with the Silver 132 build at £3249 / approx EUR3,550 / approx US$3,350.


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 I like Cotic, but I have no idea what I just read. I think they're trying to announce a new bike? So many cotic-specific terms that I got lost.

Are they trying to say their Flare MAX (120mm) bike is now going to be a 132mm bike in the future? Or is there an option to order your 120mm as a 132mm? Or can you now convert your existing 120mm flare MAX to a 132?
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 I assume this is a steel bike? The "article" doesn't mention it anywhere....
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 From what i read, chris had sex on a pod cast with a tuning kit and this was born... i might be wrong tho
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 this is an option for the existing 120 bike to get sold with a shock making it a 132 bike. Not that complex.
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 @speed10: it isn't that complex, yet the paid article didn't communicate very well. They didn't even introduce the brand- which I think their unique selling point is that they have steel frames, but i still dont' know!!
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 @hamncheez: Yes, i was looking for that too. It looks chro-mo, but I wanted to verify. I didn't try to go the website yet...
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 Their entire lineup is steel. Sorry the information wasnt presented in the best way. The bike is still cool, and the company is rad.
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 I'm guessing either you commented before actually reading... OR the article was updated?? Cause it's pretty obvious they are selling a new version/edition/option, etc. with increased rear travel like a Yeti "lunch ride" build.
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 @speed10: They also do some titanium hardtails here and there. And I think the swingarm on their full suspension bikes is aluminium too.

I don't think the article was all that vague. They're quite iconic and have had more than a few articles here on Pinkbike. Heck when half the PB population is tweeting #26aintdead you'd say people know them by now.

Basically what they said is that they now offer a longer stroke shock (as an option) for their Flare Max frame to give you more rear wheel travel.
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 Extreme downc*ntry?!!
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 @steve9train: that's pretty accurate, ha ha
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 @hamncheez: I mean its sort of really obvious that they are steel frames by looking at them
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 I have found the webpage to be a bit cryptic and wordy too, they are definitely engineers and geek out on the detailed info, on the flip side, good for info hounds. Super intriguing bikes.
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 @hamncheez: Yes, just like the rest of our droplink FS bikes, and most of our hardtails, this is made from Reynolds 853 for the front triangle. We use our own spec heat treated cromo for the seat/shock stays and the swingarms are 6066-T6 aluminuim with forged parts at either end. Hope that helps.
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 @steve9train: What Chris does with his FlareMAX in his own time is his own business.....
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 @cotic-bikes: but it's soooo pretty!
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 @hamncheez: Their USP is that they make rad bikes. That they decide to use steel is a moot point.
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 @jorgeposada: We used to call it Mountain Biking (tm) ;-)
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 @speed10: Next time I do a write up I'll make sure I get some more sleep ;-)
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 Oh that chrome finish! Take my money! Oh. I don't have any money.
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 sandpaper and brasso, polish your cranks.. you'll feel better.
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 @tobiusmaximum: that’s a cool idea. But how do you keep them looking shiny?
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 @BeKwik: you would have to have them polished up with a buffer or electric sander... but after that just polish them with Brasso. Which I gather isn’t available in the USA anymore so another brand of ‘metal polish’ or import some. I used to have a ball burnished Zaskar LE in the nineties and I used brasso to keep it looking like a mirror. It was sick.
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 Damn! still remember when chrome finish bikes were all seen as supermarket bikes, actually had one supermarket bike, fs, chrome finish. In good true in my country all cheap bikes were aluminium chrome finish during the later half of the nineties.
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 @FCX250: all bikes were cheap in the late 90’s Razz
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 It's always a little tricky to know where to pitch these, as we have been appearing on Pinkbike for a couple of years now, and have been going since 2003, so I guess sometimes we forget that there is a whole bunch of people who haven't heard what we're doing yet. I think you can all relate to being in your own bubble sometimes? Hopefully you're all a little bit more up to speed now. If you're interested in what we're about, have a quick look at

If you have any specific questions, pop a comment in, and I'll be around to answer.


Founder and Director
Cotic Bikes.
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 It’s not an article, it’s a press release/ advertisement.

It may not make sense, that’s probably not the point. Does it create mystery and intrigue, does it pique your interest?

and yeah, it’s steel and it’s British.
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 Makes perfect sense. They are selling a current frame with the option of a longer stroke shock for more travel plus the full bike with a longer fork.
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 Hello, we ride cotic's bikes since 4 years now.
We ride flare max, rocket, rocket max,bfe,solaris max..
Bikes are steel frame with alloy chainstay.
Geometry are rads. Frame are nervous ,fun and comfortable. They preserve riders and limit the fatigue
If you have have questions about this bikes, do not hesitate to talk with us:
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I understand that it is the same front triangle and swingarm as the 120mm Flaremax, but with a 195x50 shock and a different bracket on the downtube, correct?
Is the bracket available to retrofit existing frames?
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 It's actually a 190 x 50 shock on the 132 Pack, replacing the 190x45 which gives 120mm. The frame is identical. If you already have a Longshot FlareMAX (January 2018 onwards) then you can either buy a 190 x 50 shock to replace your current shock, or - if you have a Cane Creek shock - the travel on the 190x45 can be extended to 50mm during a service. So, get your shock booked in to your favourite suspension workshop for a tune up and a little more travel.
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 they forgot to mention if you put a longer fork on there to go with that longer stroke shock you end up with a 73 degree seat tube angle... meh looks dam good though! Angleset maybe?
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 I've messed around with the seat a lot on mine and have ended up with it forward but not fully forward on the rails. I wonder if everyone measures their seat angle to the same point with all these double bend seat tubes that 29ers seem to need.
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 The seat angles we quote are at what we consider to be pedalling height for the average rider for each size. It's what you actually experience on the bike. I know it can seem a little slack compared to the claimed seat angles from other bikes, but as woots says, it's all variable depending on where you measure it.
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 @cotic-bikes: Would be nice to know where that is for each size. Would be better if there was an industry standard for that! Smile
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 That Mercury finish is awesome!
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 I've been faithful for the last 7 years to my Giant Trance but, but i need this bike. I'm doing 110km ride for charity in September @cotic-bikes how about a test ride?
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 We're open at our base in the Peak District this Saturday and Sunday, and you can demo most days we're in the office. Email to see what we can do for you.
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 Oh, and the Demo Tour dates are here if you can't make it to the Peak

Again, email to book on.
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 @cotic-bikes: Thanks, but i mean you give me one to ride the British Heart Foundation 110km from London to Brighton Wink
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 I wish they made their frames in the UK.
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 Your wish is predominantly granted
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 @ceecee: I see that, didn’t realize they had some production being done domestically. That’s awesome.
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 Mercury finish without the naff street fighter stickers and we are on
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 The “132” sticker is removable… and I’ll tell Rich (who’s idea it was) that you think it’s very Streetfighter… he’ll love that.
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 I quite like the "132" sticker, although it's not quite Perfect...
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 The noise from the key turn has me deaf at work
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 Oh snap ????
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 Shout out to all WordArt logo and decal designers

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