Reviewed: Counterparts & Match Videozine 7

Nov 10, 2005
by Luc 'Acadian' Albert  
Two great mid summer releases: Counterparts and Match Videozine 7. Counterparts is directed by Aaron Chase and produced by DH Productions. Match Videozine is the 7th installment by Aaron Lutze. Two entertaining flicks sure to keep you busy during those cold winter days when you can’t ride. Also perfect gift ideas for Christmas! Yeah, I can’t believe Christmas is almost upon us! Anyway, enough with me blabbing - onto the reviews.

Counterparts is Aaron Chase’s sequel to Killing Time. In collaboration with DH Production, Aaron Chase is back at it again – bringing you some of the best day-to-day riding footage. The riding in this flick is real: e.g. like anyone would experience it - no special editing, no bells, no whistles, just bros having fun while shredding the gnar (had to say it!). A good example of this is George Ryan’s section – bloody hell! That has to be one of the best video segments I’ve seen in a while! Just goes to show 1) How hard those guy work 2) How perseverant they are 3) How tough they are 4) How hard some of those tricks are 5) What riding is all about and how good it feels to finally dial in that trick. Man makes me want to jump on my bike and go ride!

But that’s just a sample of what this video has to offer. Sick riding footage from Eric Porter, John Jesme, Darren Barrecloth, Paul Basagoitia, Cameron McCaul, Jeff Lenosky, Aaron Chase and much more. All this prime footage in addition to the Bonus section is enough to keep you entertained for hours!!

Coutnerparts has some of the sickest moves/tricks I’ve ever seen performed on a mountain bike. I’m no expert when it comes to tricks, so I don’t know the proper names for all of them – but trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Let me just call them “jaw dropping” tricks!

Music, footage and editing are up to par from what you would expect from DH Productions! The soundtrack blends in nicely with the riding and there isn’t any boring filler that makes you want to hit that FF button.

Counterparts also has a few hidden “Easter Eggs” which will uncover hidden bonus footage. I’m not saying anything more…I’ll leave it up to you to find them!

One of the better non-racing oriented mountain bike videos out there. Highly recommend it!

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Where to buy: Pinkbike Store

Match Video Zine 7

Another great action packed video from the Videozine crew. This issue is loaded with tons of great street, dirt and park riding. Issue 7 covers many events such as the Bike Battle and The Gathering, which features many great riders like Chase, Holland, Zink, Berrecloth, Voreis, Jesme and more..

Outside the competitive scene, Match features road trip footage from Eastern Canada Cleveland and Europe. Again featuring some great street, park and dirt riding!

The video starts with the traditional into segment called “Revolution”, which is a glorified mix as Aaron Lutze would call it.

Ever wondered what the E13/Evil headquarters is like? Who are the working bees behind the company? Well Match paid them a little visit. John Pentecost gives you a guided tour of the facilities, while Dave Weagle gives you a little history of the company.

Super trials rider extraordinaire Jeff Lenosky teaches you how to “Abubaca” while Nigel Quarless shows you what a typical day is like for him. Nigel’s segment really demonstrates that no matter how long/hard you work – you can always find time to ride!

And wait, there is MORE! Evil D.O.C & Mongoose Ritual bike feature (Bike Check), Mushroomhead band feature (Sound Check) and a Bonus section.

Great video loaded with a good variety of footage and suitable soundtrack. Just like any good magazine, you’ll either have difficult time convincing yourself to hit the ‘stop’ button or you’ll watch it more than once. If you’re like me, you’ll do both.

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I'd like to thank Don Hampton and Aaron Lutze for the complimentary copies! Cheers guys!


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