Course Preview from European DH Cup #1 Maribor with Troy Brosnan & Brendog

Apr 13, 2018
by Racement  
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Get ready for a wild one with Troy Brosnan doing the talking in the back following Brendog down the glorious track from the first European Downhill Cup of the season in Maribor. Friday the 13th delivered!

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 This needs to be back on the World Cup circuit. Such a cool course.
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 Losinj Croatia they said
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 What!? Bu... but... there's no pavement. Those trails haven't even been buffed- There are holes and roots everywhere! Totally unsuitable for a WC Downhill course.
The UCI.
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 IXS > uci
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 The Croatia UCI course is cool. It's different, what's wrong with that?
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flag Deuce-DeuceAndAHalf (Apr 14, 2018 at 14:21) (Below Threshold)
 @jamesdunford: It kinda defeats the purpose of a DH WC when riders would be quicker on a TT bike than a DH bike for a considerable chunk of the course.
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lets wait and see.
if you are right some guys really will use a beefed up Enduro. think that would be an interesting turn of things. like "this one race, where you have to think outside of the box"

but i wouldn't like to see that on the whole series. you are right. dh wc should generally be super duper step and as technical as possible. what i also like is a broad track, that allows a lot of line choices.
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 @dodobob: I didn't say that an enduro bike would be the best tool for the job. I'm unimpressed that the last 15-20% is all on pavement, with zero vantage points for crowds and no features to justify a bike with suspension from what I can see. So why not swap to a road bike like the guys do at the TdF? Would that be enough thinking outside the box for you?
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 @dodobob: in 2014 at the world champs in Pietermaritzburg weren't a load of riders riding enduro bikes
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 @felimocl: there was load of rider converting enduro bike with triple crown fork .. ????
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 Legendary World Cup DH track that isn´t part of the world cups any more,this is such a waste for all the world cup racers it´s one of many racers favorite.Prop´s to IXS organisation adding these awesome tracks.
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 "Sweet over the bars". Whenever I go over the bars I usually cry.
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 He could be the future Claudio, it takes some serious talent to talk on a gnarled downhill run.
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 Its so clear to see the influence Sam Hill has had on these two, particularly in Troy's riding. They're both so sick, and paying homage to the godfather in the process! Rad video.
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 Oh look, a proper WC downhill track. I hope everyone collectively who organizes UCI downhill gets a flat tire
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 That the truth
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 Bring back Maribor and Schladming!!!
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 Yeah Schladming would be sick- such a good, steep and enjoyable track. Instead of Leogang for example but I dont think it would be reasonable for Schladming money wise.
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 @NotNamed: Maybe in the near future? I heard something about Schladming and the complete make over of the park, i could be wrong, can anyone confirms that?
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 @DuelingBanjos: new lift will be added next summer
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 This is a piece of riding history... unreal ability even when "taking it easy"... brilliant.
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 >> "I don't know how Claudio does it"
I love Claudio but in all fairness Troy is going x3 faster than him...
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 Well it is fairly easy to get down most WC DH tracks, but a different story to riding at speeds that racers do now
I retired from racing when was twice as slow as the fast guys ( I was over 40), not enjoyable spending most of your time trying to get out of others way
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 "fairly easy to get down most WC DH tracks" -some random guy on the Internet

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 @raybao: Yeah not even "one line Leogang" is all that easy to just get get down. People forget that cameras still take away alot from the reality. Especially every track that is located in the alps, the sheer gradient alone make even the simplest track a fair few gradients more intimidating.
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 I think you’re right bud, any track can be ridden slowly, but at the speed the pros ride would probably scare the shit out of most of us@aljoburr:
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 @raybao: I'm a random guy on the internet too with average mtb skills. I've tried a few wc tracks and Aljo is right. There are some exceptions of course, like Val di sole, Shladming and others. But most are fairly easy to ride. The real challenge is speed.
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 I’m going to say it : that was way better than 90% of current World Cup tracks
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 Will this race be streamed somewhere live? Or how can I watch it? It’s an amazing track!
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 Please switch between losinj and this track, this is actually a real world cup track, for urban downhill there is Valparaiso and other stuff like that....
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 Brendog's pop its crazy. How he can clear those doubles at that speed?

Oh and.. bring back Maribor. Drop leogang.
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 Was anyone else straining to see the quick glimpses of Brendan's new Gambler?
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 Yep, can see the simplified linkage right at the end :-)
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 paused it a few times to get a good look myself
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 it looks like a...
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 Get over to Vital for a slightly better look and an interview with Brendog.
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 Take note uci/redbull
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 I know we have to show some respect for the injured... poor guy.. hope he is recovering ok... but the preview would have been much better (not saying it wasn't good) if they could make another run I guess? glad to see Troy surviving that crash... insane track as far as I got to see it... nice
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 love the Maribor track so much. Had a rainy weekend there a couple of years ago hooning & hucking through the roots and ruts.
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 One of the funnest bike parks. I went for a weekend when visiting family in Hungary. Rented a demo, rode one of the funnest race courses out there!
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 why can't they just use youtube for these videos?? I don't understand
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 So you don't have to put up with Youtube advertisements.
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 @mammal: i take ads over not having cast any day
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 @makripper: Cast? I don't compute. The PB video plays fine... Youtube is a pain in the ass.
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 @mammal: where you press a button and it shows whatever YouTube vid on your phone on to your tv. Google it. That's a shit explanation
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 @makripper: with iphones you can play the video on thetv no matter what the source of the video is. But you need an iPhone, and the apple tv.
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 @zede: Or an Android device and any recentisch TV, or old tv with chromecast, or any other similar device...
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 Exactly. Shall I watch it on my massive lounge tv or tiny phone screen. Hmmm.
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More brap, less chat!
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 @mammal: Ads only show up if the owner wants to make money on the video and “monetize” it—you can publish videos without ads.
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 That track is amazing, wow.
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 Would think Troy could get hold of a slightly better GoPro for a sponsored video haha.
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 It looks like someone filmed in ProTune and didn't bother to colour grade it during the edit process.
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 Does anyone know if there's going to be a live stream of this race?
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 Best track of the 90's.....and not a slow run Troy! haha Nice one boys, good luck!
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 I wish I could cruz down the track at that speed!
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 That's exactly what I thought!
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 Troy is killing it with the commentary!
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 "Sent the Gap, What a Legend!" Agreed
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 Fuck the uci. Maribor is legendary.
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 "Let's just cruise" - goes warp speed.
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 the classic
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 Is it 29er Boxxer fork that Troy has on his Canyon?
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 No, he has the new Boxxer but 27.5 model.
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 Guess what? I got a fever, and the only prescription is more CLAUDIO.
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 The riders were just flying downhere today????????
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 C’on Troy center your saddle :-)))
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 rad video! def one o the best course previews i've seen
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 Looks wicked
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 Sick track.

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