MooseDuro Course Release: Moose Mountain Enduro Returns for 2017

Sep 21, 2017
by Laura Mislan  
MooseDuro, the second ever Enduro race at Moose Mountain in Alberta will be held Sunday, October 1st, 2017. The B.C. Enduro Series raced at Moose in 2015, but now the local trail society – Moose Mountain Bike Trail Society (MMBTS) and guiding and coaching outfit – Alberta 66 MTB, are bringing Enduro back to the mountain.

Race Registration will close by noon on Friday, September 29th. There will be no race-day registration. All racers must have a MMBTS membership in order to have valid insurance to race. Bring your MMBTS membership card – it will be checked the morning of the race.

Jeff following Nick down Toothless
Descending Toothless Trail

Course Release

There will be long (advanced) and short (intermediate) course options. Note the elevation profiles are overestimated in Trailforks. The long course will actually climb and descend ~1,100m elevation and the short ~900m.

MooseDuro 2017 Long Course

MooseDuro 2017 Short Course

Local Supporters

• B.C. Enduro professional timing system sponsored by local ripper and realtor Heather Cleveland
• Race day mechanic and prizes provided by Ridley's Cycle
• Well stocked aid station provided by Bike Bros
• Finish line BBQ supported by Amie Hautz at River Life Real Estate
• Extensive prizes for racers and volunteers by Loam Coffee, Valley Retreat Revy, Outdoor Research, Icebreaker and Osprey

MooseDuro Course Release Moose Mountain Enduro Returns for 2017
MooseDuro Course Release Moose Mountain Enduro Returns for 2017
In the race all technical trail features will be marked and have ride around options

Race Information

• Full Face helmet and body armor is recommended for all racers
• There will be no shuttling for any of the racers to the stages, all courses and categories are pedal-powered
• Race day changes from Short to Long course will not be permitted, all changes and registrations must be complete by Friday, September 29th at Noon. Any questions, email info@alberta66mtb.com
• All racers MUST be MMBTS members in order to be covered by insurance. Memberships can be purchased online or on the day of the race.
• Race will be taped/marked by evening on Saturday, Sept. 30th
• Race course will be available via Trailforks to be downloaded as a route to your mobile device
• Cell Reception is available at the race start but is sporadic throughout the rest of the race course
• Closest accommodation is Paddy’s Flat Campground, Mclean Creek Campground, or hotel in Calgary
• All Racers and Volunteers are eligible for prizes – a raffle ticket will be given to you at the event
• Spectators and hecklers are encouraged to come out – tickets for finish line BBQ will be available for purchase for non-racers for 5$ at the BBQ tent.

Race Day Schedule Sunday, October 1st, 2017

• Racers and volunteers with bikes MUST park at Fullerton Loop/Allen Bill Parking lot, this is located 1 km east of the start, located at Station Flats. There will be NO PARKING at Station Flats for racers
• 8:00am: Station Flats Volunteers meeting – volunteers will be assigned locations and will be shuttled to their positions or can pedal to their spots. Bikes encouraged so you can return to the start without needed a shuttle
• 8:00–8:30am: Racer sign-in for all U18, all women and all short course registrants. You will receive a timing chip and race plate
• 8:30–9:00am: Racer sign-in for all Long Course – Open Men and Long Course – Masters Men 40+
• 9:00am: Race briefing Race start for all U18, all Women and all Short Course riders
• 9:30am: Race start for Long Course – Open Men and Long Course – Masters Men 40+
• 1:30–4:00pm: Finish line BBQ – you will get a food ticket once you return your timing chip
• 3:00pm: Race course closes – course sweeps will take down course markings and return to the start/finish area at Station Flats
• 3:30pm: Podiums and Prizes at Station Flats

Thanks a lot to our sponsors, supporters and to the racers! Stoked to see you all there!

Mooseduro sponsors and supporters


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 Anybody who thinks the course is "lame" maybe instead of sitting on your ass waiting for someone to organize an event. You should get involved in the community and understand what Jeff and Laura are after. The racing scene at moose is finally picking up again after the floods in 2013. Jeff and Laura are putting on an event to get people stoked on racing that probably don't race much and want something mellow and fun. So stop griping about the course, get out there and support the race and MMBTS and perhaps it can bring more people and money to MMBTS so we can build more "gnar" to race on. Don't sit behind a computer screen whining about a race because it's not on the three trails you actually ride regularly.
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 you are probably right buy if potential racers are not very exited about the course is it better not to whine behind computer screen,
or to give feedback to Jeff and Laura using this forum? Just asking...
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 @syncro: Feedback is entirely welcome. We thought about this course long and hard and had to make some tough choices. Overall length and ease of communication was a primary concern. However the goal of bringing in new people to the Moose Mountain family was also a big focus. This is what we decided would work best for this year, but we will see about next year.
As someone who has been participating in this format of event for the past few years I would encourage you to consider trying this or another Enduro, even if the trail isn't exactly as you would like it. For me the best part of these races is seeing what speed you can squeeze out of whatever trail you are riding, and enjoying the social aspect along the way. If you are waiting for your ideal course to be presented you might be missing out on a lot of potential for fun along the way.
In fact, when BC Enduro had the Moose race a few years ago I think I had a little less fun because I was so focused on trying to "nail" my favorite trails.
I would love to have your (and whomever else might be reading this) suggestions for potential routes for future races. Use the Pinkbike mail system to send them to me. Keep in mind; starts and finishes in same place, needs feed station location, needs uptrack as well as racing stages.
Again, thanks for any involvement in mountain biking in our area, and we hope to see you out at an event soon!
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 Agreed! So stoked they put this on, AB66 seem to have done quite a bit in their first year of operations and excited to see what they can bring to the table in future years. People need to realize that not everyone wants to race on all of the hardest trails, and having too challenging of a course will just discourage newer people from joining. A side bonus of this is that all the Moose shuttle bros might even be on a level playing field as it will be held on trails that they barely ever ride! For sure would be stoked to see a more advanced course in future years, but I think this will do a great job of getting all levels stoked on trying a race, and plus it will be a day of fun regardless! Wish I could join in this year but shoulder injury is still keeping me from riding out there. Even tried to volunteer, but it was full by the time I had figured out my schedule! Stoked to see what they can come up with for next year! Thanks for putting in all the hard work AB66, don't let a few whiners make you think the scene doesn't appreciate it.
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 @Hastings: you have a point, I might reconsider. Cheers.
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 Hey all,
We wanted to make this Enduro slightly more "entry-level" so it would be inclusive for folks newer to the sport but still be fun for more advanced riders. We'll be adapting and changing the course in future years as we get feedback from this riding community. Those who are excited about participating in this event, thanks for your stoke! We ride these trails all the time and know it'll be a fun day on bikes!
Laura & Jeff - MooseDuro organizers.
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 It's unfortunate that I'm a shift worker and unable to consider this...this year. If you wanted to get feedback from an absolute racing noob and lock for last place on a slightly inadequate bike on trails I've never ridden, I'd have been your guy. This is the kind of thing that will make me look for an MMBTS membership and events next year...really looking forward to your after-action report.
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 Obviously folks are gonna have opinions on which trails they'd prefer to see, but I just wanna say how happy I am too see some fun events coming to Moose! Finally a new event in the province that isn't another one of those all-day endurance bores.

Big thanks to the organizers for putting this on. Hopefully it stops snowing by race day Wink
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 I think this is a great course. Not a technical as it could be, but for getting people to try the Enduro format its perfect. I know from experience some of the BC Enduro courses can be quite intimating for people wanting to try out racing, and the only BC series race in Alberta was in Crowsnest Pass..... Good work on putting this on and I am looking forward to participating!
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 Thanks! Stoked to have you racing!
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 There was a short course option at the Crowsnest Race on some great blue trails trails. Would have been an excellent first race.
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 Rode most of this today - a few notes:
* With the rain/snow last week and a forecast this week of sun the trails should be mint
* The chute on toothless is gnarly in the wet; it's debatable which is faster
* There's a lot of climbing on roads but the climb up Elbow is killer - probably the steepest constant pitch in the entire area
* If next weekend is anything like this weekend it should be a great day!
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 You mean the 'walk' up Elbow, right?
  • + 3
 @shlotch @plyawn Walk for sure! we spent a couple hours cleaning up that climb on Sunday from a gravel/ruts/widowmaker-tree standpoint and it is still way too steep to bother pedaling. Save your energy and walk that section.
Also...carefully consider if that black line on toothless is worth it for you. Unless you can do it at speed (I can't) then the blue line is faster.
Final note, Brakeless has gone from zero to hero. Now some of the best turns on Moose (at the top).
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 @Hastings: Thanks for the hard work and I'm glad I won't be expected to pedal my lazy ass up those Elbow climbs Smile . Looking forward to Sunday!
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 What colour will the aid station Gatorade be? Will there be time bonuses for costumes?
  • + 1
 Anyone in a costume will definitely get a prize!!
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 Racing at Moose is a great idea and I had been waiting for the course release before I registered. Thanks to the organisers for putting together a race, but, where's the gnar?
  • + 1
 Toothless black line open for business!
  • + 2
 @Hastings: you've got me there. Was secretly hoping for a stage down Shhht-T-Dub.
  • + 1
 @RearBrake: I imagine that they had to stick to open and sanctioned trails. Shhht is not one of those.
  • + 2
 I was very excited about what was going to be my first enduro race, I was convinced we were going to race Shaft and T Dub but when I saw the course today I just decided not to race. I'll wait for next year but I won't register till I see the course. Have fun !
  • + 1
 @syncro: hit up the toonie races. They usually cover both those trails.
  • + 2
 @WolfStoneD: not quite the same thing tho. I was hoping for something different. We all know what's possible at Moose.
  • + 1
 @syncro: did you race the BC Enduro Series race when it was on Moose? If so, did you enjoy that route?
  • + 3
 @syncro: Or just race for fun, enjoy it and don't be a dick. Support whats possible now to help grow it in the future. The less entry's the less likely they are to push going forward.
  • + 3
 So bummed I'm gonna miss this! Looks like a ton of fun!
  • + 2
 Only one black and no double blacks? Gotta separate the boys from the men somehow
  • + 2
 Moose has double blacks?
  • + 1
 Slf boyyyyyy@WolfStoneD:
  • + 2
 @Ejohnson: An enduro stage on SLF would be a disaster
  • + 1
 @plyawn: oh i agree lol just saying it does have dubs
  • + 1
 @Ejohnson: fair enough. I was a little surprised they didn't use 7-27.
I was also *pleasantly surprised* that there's no climbing on pneuma. God, I hate that trail!
  • + 3
 The moose's bike's wheels are 6s! I get it now.
  • + 2
 Obviously the work of a marketing genius!
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 So if I understand the map... it's Toothless, 2 stages in Race of Spades and Brakeless ?
  • + 1
 Family Guy, Brakeless and Race Of Spades for the short race.
  • + 1
 Stoked! Proud new member of the MMTS. Cya there!
  • + 1
 I've always thought family guy was a climb trail
  • + 1
 Family Guy was built as an easier downhill track on Moose, but due to its gentler grades people do use it as a climb trail time to time. In this race it will be used only for a downhill stage in the race.
  • + 0
 @Lmiz: down toothless, not family guy.
  • + 1
 @WolfStoneD: short course appears to go down family guy.
  • + 0
 @YouHadMeAtDrugs: Noticed that after. I hadn't looked at the short course.
  • + 1
 @racerfacer My wife has never met my forum comment friends before.
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