Crankworx 2014 Retrospective

Aug 20, 2014
by Rachelle Frazer Boobar  


Crankworx kicked off with the Fat Tire Crit, an 800 meter loop of dirt and gravel raced on mountain bikes. For the women it's 20 minutes of riding plus three laps, for the men, 25 minutes plus 5 laps. Cash Primes were offered throughout the crit as incentive to go hard, plus the chase moto would cut slower racers out of the mix at any moment.

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Cream rising to the top eventual winner Craig Richey driving hard for one of the race cash primes.

Leah Guloien edging past eventual winner Jean Ann Berkenpas as the two worked the break away--the two got away mid race and stayed away until the bitter end.

Fat tire crit Podium Leah Guloien 2 Jean Ann Berkenpas 1 Chloe Cross 3 .

1. Jean Ann Berkenpas
2. Leah Guloien
3. Chloe Cross

Men s Fat Tire Crit podium Kris Snedden 2 Craig Richey 1 Spencer Paxson 3 .

1. Craig Richey
2. Kris Sneddon
3. Spencer Paxson

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On this day racers went head to head to in the Clif Bar Dual Speed and Style, where it wasn't only speed that mattered, but how many points you could rack up by throwing down stylish tricks along the way. Kyle Strait proved that he was the man of the day with enough speed to blow off doors and style that went for miles.

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The final run and final jump. Kyle Strait narrowly beats Greg Watts for the win.


1. Kyle Strait
2. Greg Watts
3. Ryan Howard

Watch the full replay of the Clif Bar Dual Speed and Style.
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This was be the longest and toughest day of the 2014 Enduro World Series tour yet, with riders spending almost eight hours on the bike, attacking multiple grueling climbs and navigating extreme technical descents. With the men's field tightly stacked the race could have gone any which way. Jared Graves' day started out with a blown fork followed by brake issues, which would seemingly put him out of contention for the overall. Martin Maes came out all guns blazing, taking the win on stage one and with consistent results throughout the day, but a mechanical in stage 5 would pull him from nabbing a podium spot. Local boy Jesse Melamed put the fear into the field when he crashed three times on stage one and still came 5th, then rode his way to his first ever EWS stage win on stage two. Curtis Keene put his local trail knowledge to good use laying down consistent times all day and he would jostle with Damien Oton, Martin Maes, Florian Nicolai and Nico Lau all day. In the end, Graves had a near impossible comeback on stage five, dominating the course with so much determination that he would take the overall win for the day.

In the women's field Cecile Ravanel would finally have her day taking her first ever Enduro World Series win. The steep Whistler terrain would play to her strengths throughout the day as she battled primarily against Ann-Caro in each of the stages. Moseley would not be on form in Whistler leaving the two French women to push each other to the limits until bitter end. When AC got a flat on stage five, Cecile's victory was sealed.

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Cecile Ravanel dropping into the very start of the best day of Enduro racing she s ever had...

Local rider Jesse Melamed was the star of the morning. He wiped out three times on the first stage and still managed fifth. Then he won the second stage his first ever EWS stage win.

Jared needed a moment or two to compose himself before he could talk about the day s exexrtions.

1. Cecile RAVANEL
2. Tracy MOSELEY
3. Anne Caro CHAUSSON

1. Jared GRAVES
2. Nico LAU
3. Curtis KEENE

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While the enduro riders slaved away in the 35 Celsius heat, Liv Giant were hosting an all women's Aline shred session; no boys, just the ladies.

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The question of the day was whether or not Marcelo Gutierrez would repeat his win in the Garbonzo DH from 2013. Unlike most years the weather held off and the 7km track was running fast. The competition was hot, but not hot enough to contend against Marcelo's blazing fast time. In the women's field Claire Buchar took the win, proving that although she's not racing the World Cup circuit anymore, she is still a force to be reckoned with.

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Hands down the man with the best name in mountain bike racing Nick Beer pinning it through upper Garbo to the second step on the podium. I flew from Windham on Sunday with a hangover--ouch and was so beat from that World Cup and the travel I could only put in two training laps Monday and two today. I m pretty stoked to get on the podium.

Marcelo Guitierrez the defending Garbo champ getting ROWDY with the outside line in the upper Garbo zone while the course marshal looks on.

The Women s pro field had their start times moved up by ten minutes meaning the entire pro women s class went by before fellow PB shooter Margus Riga and I were set up. Apologies to women s racing fans for nothing but a podium shot Casey Brown 2 Claire Buchar 1 and Swiss Miss Lorraine Truong 3 .

1. Claire BUCHAR 14:22.64
2. Casey BROWN +17.66
3. Lorraine TRUONG +1:46.67

Nick Beer 2 Marcelo Guitierrez 1 and Mark Wallace 3 getting some bubbly.

1. Marcelo GUITIERREZ VILLEGAS 12:24.65
2. Nick BEER +18.65
3. Mark WALLACE +19.55

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In the evening, the GoPro Dirt Diaries competition would see Ross Measures and Matt Denison win with their film "What I Do in Whistler." The competition sees teams of six create a five minute film that combines riding, story telling and passion.

Day Six

With Stevie Smith out of contention, the predictions run wild as to who will take the win for the Fox Air DH. At the end of the day Sick Mick would stave off his commonwealth counterparts Chris Kovarik and Danny Hart to take the win. Jill Kintner was hungry to hang on to her title from 2013 and managed to keep Anneke Beerten and Tracey Hannah at bay, sealing her victory for the second year in a row. In a surprising twist for this year's event the Nitro Circus crew showed up to race, with the boys having their own side bet as to who could throw down the most backflips on course. It may not have all been smooth sailing, but it sure was a good show for the track side fans.

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Travis Pastrana lays it down in the dirt.

Winner of the Fox Air DH was Mick Hannah narrowly edging out local-ish boy Chris Kovarik by 1.2 seconds.


Men s Pro Air DH Podium Chris Kovarik 2 Mick Hannah 1 and Danny Hart 3 .

1st - Mick Hannah
2nd - Chris Kovarik
3rd - Danny Hart

Final results for pro woman Jill Kintner 1st Anneke Beerten 2nd and Tracey Hannah 3rd .

1st - Jill Kintner
2nd - Anneke Beerten
3rd - Tracey Hannah

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As the sun went down and the stars came out to play the masses headed to the Olympic plaza for the Deep Summer Photo Challenge. 6 photographers and their athletes had three days to put together a slideshow showcasing the abundance of riding the Sea to Sky Corridor has on offer. Ale Di Lullo and his team took the grand prize of $5,000 for their slideshow, 'One With the Flow.'

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Ale Di Lullo - Gone With the Flow.


Day seven began with a break from racing and instead featured a fun, jam style formatted event, the Official Whip Off World Championships. Earlier in the week local youngster Finn Isles had been granted last minute entry into the event, so the crowds were eager to see what the kid had up his sleeve. Jamming with big names such as Danny Hart, Brendan Fairclough, Bernardo Cruz and the Coastal Crew was a dream come true for Finn, but in the end his sideways skills outweighed the heavyweights of whips enough for him to walk away with a giant check and likely a few new sponsors.

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Official Whip-Off World Championships.

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Finn doing his thing.

Graham Agassiz at the Official Whip off Worlds Crankworx 2014 Whistler British Columbia Canada

Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham at the Official Whip off Worlds Crankworx 2014 Whistler British Columbia Canada

Danny Hart at the Official Whip off Worlds Crankworx 2014 Whistler British Columbia Canada

Finn Isles at the Official Whip off Worlds Crankworx 2014 Whistler British Columbia Canada

1st - Finn Iles
2nd - Bernardo Cruz
3rd - Andreu
4th - Aggy
5th - R Dog

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In the evening riders descend upon Chrystal Viper Five Cinco de Die-O for the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge presented by RockShox. An array of riders with strengths in different disciplines tend to show up for this event each year and 2014 was no different. From 4X World Champions, to slopestyle riders to enduro racers and BMX'ers the pumptrack challenge is a place for the cross section of the bike community to meet and compete. As it turned out, 2014 would be the year of the BMX'ers, with pro Barry Nobles and his girlfriend, current world BMX champ Caroline Buchanan making fairytales and taking the win.

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Ultimate Pump Track Challenge Crankworx 2014.

To say the race for the pump track woman s title was close was more than an understatement.

BMX vs 4X with Barry Nobles taking the win over reigning world 4X champ Joost Wickman.

Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan have been racing more BMX than MTB this year and at the Pump Track Challenge it served them well.

1st - Barry Nobles
2nd - Tomas Lemoine
3rd - Mike Day

1st - Caroline Buchanan
2nd - Jill Kintner
3rd - Anneke Beerten

View the full Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox replay.
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After narrowly missing first place in the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge the day previous, Jill Kintner would give it her all and hit the top spot in the Giant Dual Slalom edging out Anneke Beerten in the final run. Mitch Ropelato earned his first gold medal of Crankworx by holding back Barry Nobles and Danny Hart from taking the win.

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Power couple Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner warming up together in practice.

Mike Day rolling out of the gate against a very determined Mitch Ropelato... Ropalato has always had great speed and losing out in last night s pumptrack challenge had him pretty fired up for some redemption.

Pro Women s Podium Anneke Beerten 2 . Jill Kintner 1 . and Caroline Buchanan 3

Pro Women
1st - Jill Kintner USA
2nd - Anneke Beerten NDL
3rd - Caroline Buchanan AUS

Pro men s final results Mitch Ropelato 1st Barry Nobles 2nd and Danny Hart 3rd .

Pro Men
1st - Mitch Ropelato USA
2nd - Barry Nobles USA
3rd - Danny Hart GBR

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When it comes to slopestyle competition, the Red Bull Joyride is the event of the year. A Platinum stop on the FMB world tour, riders will lay absolutely everything on the line for points and for the mass of fans track side. Brandon Semenuk has had a love/hate history with the event, taking the win twice before but also having faced bitter defeat and all eyes would be on him to see if he could put down a solid run on the day. The competition was fierce, with Brett Rheeder putting in an impeccable performance on his first run. Anthony Messere and Logan Peat brought the heat with solid runs that would make the other competitors sweat, but once Semenuk had seen Rheeder's cards, he got to work in pulling off an immaculate run which could not be beat by the rest of the field.

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Views: 58,645    Faves: 298    Comments: 17

Brandon's winning run ender.

Anthoy Messere

Brett Rheeder s perfected corked 720 into a run of his life.

Semenuk cork 7 on his first run. That first run sealed the deal for local kid.

Rheeder 2nd Semenuk 1st and Messere 3rd at 2014 Joyride at Crankworx Whistler BC

1st - Brandon Semenuk
2nd - Brett Rheeder
3rd - Anthony Messere
4th - Logan Peat
5th - Louis Reboul

Watch the full Red Bull Joyride replay.
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With the big show over, Crankworx announces that it will be adding New Zealand to its roster for 2015.

Good times in NZ

View the full announcement.


Marcelo Gutierrez clearly excels when things get rough. After taking out the field in the Garbo DH, the Giant rider swept the field again on Sunday bringing fellow team mate Danny Hart along to the podium with him. Aussie rider Connor Fearon rounded out the top three for the men, while Tracey Hannah scraped the win from Casey Brown's plate by .63 of a second and Claire Buchar came in for next best in show. Oh, and there were a heck of a lot of hecklers on course, as is to be expected for the Canadian Open DH.

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Marcelo Gutierrez keeping his eyes on the prize.

Dark horse on the rise Connor Fearon putting on a show under the chair and coming home for third place.

Keeping the hecklers at bay...

Winner Tracy Hannah dropping into the finish line edging out Casey Brown by .63 seconds.

Canadian Open DH Podium Bernard Kerr 4 Danny Hart 2 Marcelo Gutierrez 1 Connor Fearon 3 Mark Wallace 5 .

Pro Men
1. Marcelo GUTIERREZ VILLEGAS 2:50.92
2. Danny HART+ 0.71
3. Connor FEARON+ 1.05

Tracy Hannah stoked with 5k CDN in hand.

Pro Women
1. Tracey HANNAH 3:18.96
2. Casey BROWN+ 0.63
3. Claire BUCHAR+ 2.31

Watch the full Canadian Open DH replay.
View the full photo epic.



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 I'm gonna be a kill joy and point out the 5,000 CAD difference between 1st place pro men's and 1st place pro women's prize in the Canadian open.
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That's just messed up, c'mon people
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 Spencer Paxson wins the Crankworx overall title for NOT wearing spandex on the podium. Thank you Spencer!
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