Crankworx 2014: Video - CLIF Bar Dual Speed & Style

Aug 10, 2014
by Official Crankworx  
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1. Kyle Strait
2. Greg Watts
3. Ryan Howard

Video: Jasper Wesselman, Max Berkowitz, Connor Macleod, Scott Secco and geebeebee media

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 As much as I love crankworx, a World Cup replay would be very much appreciated
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 Legend mate cheers
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 TFDH- for future reference, Red Bull always has the replay up pretty right after the event is over on their website. It's pretty tight/impressive how they do it so quickly.
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 Yeah I know, I checked it before I asked to make sure
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 Too much slow mo and cut out shots
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 Did Zink crash cause his wheel tacoed or did his wheel taco because he crashed? This event is getting better and better in terms of riding but the commentating and judging still has a ways to go. Case in point that bullshit when they said Straight lost a jump with a tailwhip vs no trick at all. What were the commentators looking at? They should have picked that up. Also not having any style should be some kind of penalty. Any 'racer' can do a table, x-up, whip, bar turn or tuck.
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 he over rotated on that wooden hip thing.
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 I would love to see the scoring changed so that the speed and style are a little more on par. If one rider nails awesome tricks, while the other bombs the course, the one second bonus won't really do much. Maybe instead of just judging just the two jumps, the judging should be on the style of the entire run and the time bonus should be the difference in the riders scores
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 MrNovember- That's always been the core issue with speed and style... it's impressive how well they got it right from the first time. Being a new event, I'm sure they'll keep on tweaking it because it seems impossible to accurately judge an event that's based on something definite (time) that's incorporated with something subjective (tricks/style). Although I don't agree with judging style on the whole course because that would kind of eliminate the racing aspect. I think they should have a slightly longer course with some techy rock garden sections and maybe an extra jump if that helps balance it out.
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 Yeah that's a good point. You shouldn't really be able to win the event with just speed or just style. I mean it's called speed AND style, so really you should need both to win the event. Being so new I'm sure there will be many tweaks and iterations and that it can only get better from here. It's still a pretty awesome event to watch
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 World Cup replay > Crankworx dual speed and style
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 the lazy Dude takes the big Win ! Legendary
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 One of them is running a kona process in there as well, very interesting.
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 Yeah aggy
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 Was one of these dudes in this video on a Norco sight?
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 Nick Geddes and he was on a carbon Range
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 Yea watts get her done !!!!
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 how did watts not win that?
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 I can no longer stand the constant slow motion.

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