Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

Aug 21, 2016
by Official Crankworx  
Style Trumps Speed

The Crankworx World Tour, born out of Whistler’s 10-day celebration of gravity mountain biking, will grow to add another international location for summer 2017: Innsbruck, Austria.

Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

Innsbruck is the only city in the world to have hosted three Olympic Games and have a history with the kind of competition Crankworx does best: defying gravity. Having staged the famous Air and Style Contest since 1993, several Boulder World Cups, and the UCI road biking World Championships, it is the perfect place to set up the fourth Crankworx World Tour stop.

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“No other summer sports event fits so perfectly to Innsbruck as Crankworx. World-class mountain biking, combined with a festival for real bike fans all over the world, it will definitely inspire Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps, in the same way as the participants and spectators will get fascinated by Innsbruck’s unique alpine flair,“ says Karin Seiler-Lall, Innsbruck Tourism CEO. The 2017 calendar year marks a decade and a half of Crankworx competition, and the third year of the Crankworx World Tour. Innsbruck will become the fourth stop of this tour, joining Rotorua, New Zealand, Les Gets, France and Whistler, the Canadian home base of the tour.

Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

“We’ve had a vision for a while to share Crankworx with some of the best mountain destinations in the world. It has been the defining celebration of this sport for some time, but taking our community out to new international locations for fans to connect with and ride alongside the athletes has really taken it to a whole new level,“ says Darren Kinnaird, Crankworx World Tour General Manager.

Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

An ancient city with plenty of European ambiance, Innsbruck’s burgeoning trail system has also received strong reviews from those who have raced or ridden in the area.

“I have been riding a few different trails there and it’s insanely good riding. I was surprised by how many trails, good mixture—some flowy, technical and some big hills around. It’s a cool scene to go to,” said Colombian downhill star, Marcelo Gutiérrez, who won the Garbanzo DH for a fourth time this week.

Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

Innsbruck offers a unique combination of urban and alpine lifestyle, and will likely combine both elements in its Crankworx stop, potentially even working in competitions like the pump track into the inner city scene.

Crankworx Announces a Fourth Tour Stop for 2017

“As Crankworx grows, we’re learning the locations and cultures we visit like to put their own spin on the festival and it’s definitely added to how we perceive mountain biking and its fans. We’ve been influenced by our stops in Rotorua and France, and never cease to be surprised by the number of fans who make the journey to other international stops, inspired by the athletes they’ve seen compete,” says Kinnaird.

Exact dates for all of the 2017 Crankworx World Tour stops will be released in the fall of 2016.

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 That awkward moment when there will be more Crankworx stops than there will be UCI Downhill events
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 Well then you can expect the UCI to enforce (again) the rule about UCI riders entering non-UCI event to stop this competition. It may well come again before there are more Crakworx than UCI DH.
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 That moment when you realize most trails around Innsbruck are still illegal to ride and the park is ... how should I say ... pretty one dimensional. Hope the event helps local riders in getting their trails legalized.
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 @Gamsjaga: A struggle all over Austria with 'trail legalization'. Hopefully it will shed more light on the issue and the groups lobbying for more legal trails will be spotlighted.
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 @Gamsjaga: Same thing I thought....a lof of trails but only 2 are legal. And it took the city around 20 years to get this done.
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 i like kangaroos
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 not Australia, Austria
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 @The-Benster: Dude, he is from Austria so it was a bit sarcastic...
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 @winko: he's almost as sarcastic as "bringing crankworx to inssbruck"
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 hahahaha, I've never heard anything so funny!
I am here in Innsbruck, not sure where you want to hold this so called competition. The only "track" here in Innsbruck is at best a single trail!
The "infrastructure" is again a joke! 1 lift to take all the tourists to the top of the mountain and the bikers wait and go up 2 at a time every 15 mins. Not sure when the last time Karin Seiler-Lall went to go check it out?! But i can count on 1 hand how many DH riders actually go up and ride over a weekend.
As for the facilities, yes its help the olympics here a few times, thats due to having a Bobsleigh track, Ice rink and a Ski jump. So what has that got to do with holding a SUMMER DH bike festival? hahaha. These people are deluded! These are the very people that stop us from riding and building new bike parks! Apart from privately owned land resorts, such as Bergeralm (Bikepark Tirol) and Muttereralm, In the past 5 or so years, nothing has changed or is new! A new "trail" has been built from half way up the hill at which your expected to push up!! Which isn't really the whole point of the DH idea as thats kind of encroaching on Endure ;-)
This whole festival would be suited to Leogang or Fiss, But i imagine they're not allowed due to their own sponsor bike festivals they hold each year. The nordkette dh bike race is lets face it wank! We get a few good standard riders come to make an appearance and to bring the crowds in, but lets not kid ourselves in thinking if they had a better offer they would decline pretty quick!
IMHO they messed up giving it to a city that doesn't believe in DH or biking at that point, Not really the standard to be setting...
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 i completely agree non local people must read the other replies to understand the real situation here in Innsbruck
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 "wankworx" hahaha
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 That had me in tears, not sure I want to watch wankworx haha
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 I laughed too!!
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 @ctd07: Pretty sure its broadcast on the Redtube player..
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 google : Innsbruck, Austria.
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 hahaha right
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 This place has huge potential - The massive gondy uplift starts literally under the centre of town, the vert gain from the one gondy is unbelievable and the wide open areas available to ride back down feel almost unlimited with the only thing lacking being not many single track trails built relative to places like Whistler/Queenstown.... oh and the towns pretty chilled too. Bring it on
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 Hope this kind of anouncemanet will get more resorts to invest in their Parks. Dont get me wrong there are lots of parks around however I have the feeling bikeparks are still considered a necessary evil for the resorts managers. opening times for 2 months a year ?? Closing at 5pm on a summer day?? no wonder people do not go for a parkride after work (I wish I could). Not to talk about poorly maintained trails.

good news though to have another european resort hosting the event
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 As sick as Europe is and I'm not against this decision... But I'd love to see a different venue in another different continent with different culture and mountain views. Somewhere like South Africa or in South America, just adds even more variety to the stops of crankworx and maybe lets us as viewers see mountain biking all over the world in a variety of really cool places. I know a lot of monies would be required for everyone involved, but it would be awesome nonetheless!
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 I hope crankworx will brake down walls for us in tyrol/austria. we have lift access to almost every mountain but nobody wants/is allowed to build trails. if you start something on your own, you can be sure that police shows up soon. I hope bikeparks will be popular in austria one day.
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 So cool to see another wankworx!
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 Shoud be called Kurbelworks
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 Its weird how much negative comments this announcement seems to create, there are more than enough reasons to be excited about this!
Due to its wintersport resorts Austria has an amazing infrastructure for mtb tourism, the distances between fairly high quality bike parks are tiny compared to other countries and although you might not see it in DH WC there is a strong growing DH scene and full parks on every weekend and not only locals.
In addition to this, Innsbruck is perfectely located (still pretty close to munich airport) and easy accessable via the highway and seems to have massive experience in hosting big events in the past.

Also everyone who ever witnessed the Nordkette Downhill Trail knows this does have a lot of potential, plus it probabaly can help the problem with illegal trails, create new ones and build awareness for mountainbiking within the city's community/public.
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 Just no. The problem here, is that the sport politics is driven by over60yo Tyrolean that know only two sports : hiking and on slope skiing.
Luckily , younger Tyrolean are pushing to kick out these idiots, and are trying to bring a smart input to the decision making and thanks to them, we are getting some official trails, but there is still a huge work to be done. An other problem is that this place is not BC, it s the Alps. And here it's steep, full of cliffs, and one day it's sunny, everything dries, the day after you get a storm. The consequence is that the erosion is really high, and therefore, building sustainable trails is very hard.
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 @zede: Hard maybe, but not impossible. Maybe the guys from Crankworx already have something in their mind. And they already prepared all the necessary resources. One thing for sure,if Crankworx decide to pull an event near my hometown, i would gladly lend a hand to make the course ready.
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 @zulki-fly: Yeah i will probably not be there to see it anyways but let's see
On an unrelated note : are the waves nice these days ? im flying tonight to bali
  • 1 0
 @zede: A bit windy right now in every part of Indonesia. The weather pretty good for surfing though. And the mountain biking are booming now in Bali. Just give me a shout if you decide to go mountain biking in Bali. Im not in Bali right now, but i can connect you to my mates right there. Have a nice vacation mate.
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 Its crazy to me that both the UCI and Crankworx tour won't have stops in the USA. Not saying they have to, just that there are so many major brands, it seems weird.
  • 3 0
 Visa issues makes it very hard to makemajor events inside the US
  • 13 1
 @selanavot: that and most of us don't have 35ft foot ladders and 35 foot long ropes to get down the other side Frown
  • 5 0
 @thestigmk1: Besides, all my ropes and ladders are in metric.
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 A Crankworx stop without a full scale bikepark?
  • 2 0
 500.000 budget Wink
  • 3 0
 I think we should add a bit more to this.
They want to do it in Muttereralm... Last year, the first trail in this "bikepark" was supposed to open in June... it actually opened in august (and full of flaws). This year, a second trail was announced for June, then delayed to the beginning of July and then to mid July.The second race of the "Innsbruck downhill cup" was supposed to take place on this trail on the opening day, and was cancelled...
Innsbruck is an awesome place, but there are clear structural deficits in the mountain bike scene here, and it s just stupid to organize such event when it s 95% sure it will fail.
I will just finish with a simple fact : Innsbruck is the most windy city of Austria, and muttereralm is subject to frequent wind from the west (20% of the season), and south (foehn 5% of the season but ultra strong) that generally lead to a shut down of the lifts...Now you want to ask to the locals the number of afternoons thunderstorms per week...
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 @trickadoodle13: last time they got a 500k€ budget was to build a wave (similar as the one in Munchen) in the sill. They made some elementary design mistakes and the wave never worked... just sayin
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 @zede: totally agree with you. Innsbruck is the wrong place. Even Kufstein (hometown Wink ) would be better, we would only have to build trails. the rest already exists. slopestyle btw on the castle Big Grin
leogang would also be a way better choice but I think they dont have the budget.

Liebe Innsbrucker Gemeinde,

blamiert uns nicht vor der ganzen Welt !!!!!!!!
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 I have ridden the mutteralm park a few weeks back and there is only one trail open and there are even flat parts in it and it is only from the topstation to the middle. i spoke to the guy who builds the trails etc. and they where working on another one that is a bit longer but that one is still 'under construction' and he also mentioned that they want to built at least 8 tracks also at the left side of the lift where it is a lot steeper, but they cant because the landowners and farmers dont allow anything being build around them.
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 I say YES
  • 2 0
 Another CrankWorx in Europe = morning live viewing hours for North America

Slopestyle at 10:30= 1:30AM PST and 4:30am EST
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 Where guys walk around in funny sneakers and capris. What self respecting man wears capris!
  • 3 0
 Same folks that wear a beenie half way on head, looking like a condom?
  • 3 0
  • 3 1
 PFFFtt Sagan is going to win all the events
  • 1 0
 What is it with you Sagan? Unrequited man love?
  • 2 0
 @charlielynes: im trying to make it into a meme but dont tell people
  • 1 0
 @fercho25: Ha ha.. Seen it on a few pages now.. Clementz v Zink.. Austria.. Keep it up man, I'll prop you Smile
  • 2 0
 I'm waiting on the Rampage world series!
  • 1 1
 Another far away land that we can see only via the piss poor coverage There is sick dh riding there
  • 1 0
 Yeaaaah CWX in Austria See you there!!
  • 1 0
 Northstar at Tahoe would be sweet!
  • 1 0
 Why les gets again .... it was shit les 2 alpes was better ..
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