Crankworx Crowns New King and Queen of Pump Track

Aug 15, 2014
by Official Crankworx  


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 caroline buchanan is the sexiest thing since sliced bread!
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 Didn't she win a 4X world champs on a Rock Hopper a few years ago in Canberra? Props to Paul B too.
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 anneke's physique.
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 kinda lame that the women's top prize check is so much less than the men's...
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 I agree, but oh no here we go again!
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 kinda lame that even though this happens in literally every event for almost every sport, people have to bitch about it. That's how things are, get over it. The biggest draw isn't the women, it's the men because MTBing is mostly compromised of men. It doesn't make sense to have the same purse and if you think it does, then why don't contests with junior categories have the same prize? I mean, they're competing also, right?
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 There's more entrants to the men's, why WOULDN'T the prize be more? More people paying into the pot = bigger pot = bigger prize.
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 @scott-townes @Alias530
That is bullshit. It's not all about the men in every sport/work, we girls can as well. And if we would get the same prizes as the rest more womens would compete in these sports. Same goes with Rookie/Junior/Senior. All should be treated equally!
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 jezz- actually its not BS. There's a reason why they attempt equal prize money for men + women in other sports but only once and it goes back to how it was before. Simply put, women don't attract as much attention as men do because it is a sport mostly watched by men. In a perfect world everyone should be treated equally, we're not denying that, but that's not how the real world works. Prize money doesn't determine how many people compete, it works the other way around.
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 Why the hell would the prize be the same for the segment with 2 contestants vs 100 contestants?

If they charge $50/ea to participate, there's a LOT more to play with for price money for the male category when there was $5,000 paid towards it (hypothetical numbers).
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 There is no rule against the ladies racing for the big prizes in the men's division.
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 @scott-townes in this case I don't think your theory stacks up because the womens race features some very big names. Looking at the athletes who made the podium in both races you could easily argue that the womens race was actually a bigger draw in terms of star power, even if it did have less contestants.

Yeah, mountain biking isn't the biggest offender in this area, in the UK soccer would be the prime example, but As a relatively new sport we can do things a bit better than the old boys club of traditional sport.
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 Comparing "big names" to how much "star power" they have is based completely on your opinion. Prize money isn't solely determined based on how many people watch the awards, either. Simply put the male market is massively larger than the ladies in terms of people competing and overall the people who watch the race. I guarantee you if Red Bull could determine ratings, the men racing will always draw a bigger audience.
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 Didnt mike day come third ?
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 pumptrack - serious business!
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 aww how cute 3

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