Video: Ride The Crankworx France Course With Martin Söderström

Jul 4, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

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 dont get me wrong open loops are cool and all but not the place for one on a true slopestyle course kind of a gimmick that is more appropriate for a 30 second edit
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 i cant see many if any tricks being thrown of it, but i think its different and creative and i like it
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 Since when did loops become a gimmick appropriate only for 30 second edits? Wink

They could be a "fad" in contests and they'll disappear eventually but remember that drops were once considered gimmicky because everyone hit them but didn't trick them. Just wait until the open loop is built to perfection and people start tricking them regularly.

Hell, even if it turned out to be a gimmick, who cares? It's something different and it keeps things interesting. That's how slope contests should always be.
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 Cooner666 have you forgotten how cool this thing was?
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 ye the old crankworks courses were creative and cool as fuck
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 its the circus
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flag cooner666 (Jul 4, 2014 at 18:14) (Below Threshold)
 anything that bring a rider to almost a complete stop should be a no brainer to not have in a slope comp
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 he got a cool cork flip out of it, for sure it'll get barred or at least back-tabled. maybe a little awkward, but slope style really needs something new, at least they're trying.
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 People can too do tricks on them. In this video alone soderstrom did a flatsip on it...
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 a double flip of this......
  • 5 0 i think you may be wrong,

(thanks csaszee)
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 Just because it's new doesn't mean it doesn't have potential... I bet in the years to come riders will find new tricks to pull, and ways to make this feature the norm all slopestyle courses.
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this shit is gonna be sick... just sayin.
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 Insane. Hope he stomps it in his run!
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 Very cool, never imaginged they'd be doing flip whips off it already.
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 that mandatory open loop is crazy ..... if riders crash on that ill be ....upset.
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 Brett Rheeder should feel at home...
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 Nah its alrigt
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 Anyone else happy to see Soderstrom back?
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 why didnt he ride and Pilgrim aslo?
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 He is one of my favorite riders. Just seems like one of those guys thats always having fun.
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 i can do that, hold my beer!
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 funny how far soderstrom has made, when keeping in mind how much he hades doing flips Smile but i guees the tailwhip madness, is what makes us all love him (and his energy and attitude)
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 The course is next level. If soderstrom is struggling to get through a run it its got to be difficult. Can't wait to watch the show tomorrow it's gonna be a banger for sure!
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 Will mostly be going home then..
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 So stoked to see what tricks riders will be throwing off of that loop!
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 Jeaaasus.. Go big or go home!!
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 That course looks massive!
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 Not to keen on all those ramps. Like the look of dirt in a slope style comp. just my 2 cents.
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 Such a sick dude
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 And I thought my gopro vids were cool.....
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