Crankworx Innsbruck 2020 Postponed

Apr 1, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Crankworx Innsbruck, originally scheduled for June 10-14, has been postponed to September 30-October 4, 2020 in light of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic around the globe.

bigquotesWe have been monitoring the situation closely with our colleagues in Austria. We’ve decided the most prudent course of action will be to make alternate arrangements for Crankworx Innsbruck. There are so many people who contribute to the success of our festivals, including athletes, media, sponsors, and fans. Their health is our #1 priority. We considered all these stakeholders when choosing the new dates, mindful of the fact that the fall event calendar is filling up as many other events are forced to postpone alongside us. Looking at the calendar in Innsbruck, this was our best option based on venue availability and accommodation. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these challenging times. For now, we’re focusing on the future – we can’t wait to put on a great show in Innsbruck come September.Crankworx General Manager Darren Kinnaird

bigquotesThe decision certainly wasn't an easy one. After three hugely successful years, we didn't want to disappoint the athletes, fans, media, volunteers and everyone else involved in the event. That's why we have decided to postpone Crankworx Innsbruck until the autumn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and sponsors – first and foremost Innsbruck Tourism – for supporting us in these exceptional circumstances and helping ensure a spectacular conclusion to the Crankworx World Tour. I also want to thank all the Crankworx fans for their patience. We look forward to seeing you again soon in Innsbruck!Georg Spazier, head of the organizing team behind Crankworx Innsbruck

All tickets purchased so far will remain valid for the new date and Crankworx Whistler is still set to go ahead as scheduled, August 5-16, 2020.

bigquotesUntil then, let’s all focus on our own health and safety, and that of our friends, family and colleagues, in the hopes that we’ll soon be able to get back to the things we love and live for.Crankworx


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 i guess its outsbruck now
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 why do i upvote this shit
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 @anchoricex: I did too man
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 @anchoricex: asking the real questions
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flag RedBurn (Apr 2, 2020 at 0:39) (Below Threshold)
 WHY not directly Say all crankwork évent are CANCELLED seriously? Whistler wont happen folks !
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 @RedBurn: because bikeparks r hanging on to hope. they r losing big money.
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 @RedBurn: I don't need your negatively right now, Fitz is a few minutes from my house, we're gonna need that open
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 @AngusG: not to be a Debby downer but most ski resorts that are open in the summer for bikes make very little profit with exception to places like whistler. Highland Bike park will take a huge hit as they are no longer a ski hill.
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 At this point, I think the only real news would be if something IS happening.
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 Oof. The same days as Sea Otter and an EWS. That's going to be interesting
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 None of them will be happening so it won't be a problem. This won't be done in Sept at least not Sept 2020.
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 @vikb: with ya on that one
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 That's the spirit! @vikb
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 @pistol2ne: just using logic and reason.
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 @gilby82: I prefer math, expert's takes, and optimism instead. Thanks tho.
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 @pistol2ne: you must not be great at math and I don't know which experts you're listening to that brings you to the conclusion that thing will be back to normal by September, but good luck with the optimism. I'll gladly eat my words, but I'm guessing it will be at least a year before we're having large events.
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 Everyone's just "postponing" stuff but deep down we all know the whole year is over. You don't rapidly bounce back from shit like this. This will affect the whole world for whats left of the year.
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 SeaOtter had already announced that they were rescheduling the festival to these same dates. Why would Crankworks choose conflicting dates ??
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 Looks like September is going to be a busy month
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 Wonder how long before Whistler is postponed. In Aus it might be hard to get tickets at the moment for flights as the Corona is seen as a known occurring event so you might not get a refund dependent on airline.
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 Bike park is supposed to open in 44 days... holding on to hope and a prayer at this point.
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 @EvinReed: that's exactly what the healthcare industry needs right now.
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 2020 postponed
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 I'm surprised they don't follow the "example" of Ischgl and say "everything is alright, there is no corona here" and contribute to contaminate half of Europe just to make a bit more money.
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 “Postponed” lol
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 no shit. Im hopeful but at this rate its gonna be a while
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 China HAS CANCELLED 2020!!! , just in case you didn't know... and by removing my earlier comment just shows me that you(PB) are all cool with this, and that is exactly why we are where we are right now. Good job, would be a shame for china to get a bad reputation.
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 typical trump BS.
You could say as well, meat eaters caused the situation, or plane travellers or skiers because it spreaded from dolomites/tirol in EU, or hundreds other groups are to blame
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 Trump cancelled 2020 with his poor administration and decision making. Doesn't matter where or who caused it, it's the action taken to reduce or control this which is clearly out of his league.
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 @Jcolis1904: @Mateo-s : Easiest answer for the mindless! Trump's fault blah blah blah Trumps' fault. Shut up Hillary's, I'm talking about ACCOUNTABILITY ! Know what that is??? Recognizing a potentially dire situation, Denying the severity of that situation, doing Nothing about immediate containment, of potential dire situation, and then Lying about it...CONTINUOUSLY, to the tune of World-wide innocent death(S), and global shutdown/ economic disaster. Having a good time are you, filled with lots of fun, getting plans ready to shred your favorite bike park? Damn it's really gusty here today, probably won't be dirt jumping...Goddamn Trump's weather manipulation. EFF-U crybabies! It's pretty goddamn pathetic when my "I blame china 2020 comment" immediately garners me as a Trump supporter. I DIDN'T even vote for him you "let's-blame-everyone-not-like-us" dip-shits, so like I said EFF-U!
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Trump "there is no pandemic, this is manipulation from the democrats, it's a little cold, we have barely any case and everything will be over in two weeks"
Also trump , two weeks later
"It's a war, we're at war, I've said before everyone else, this is a pandemic, we are working very hard to fight this Chinese virus"
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 Didn’t we all know it was going to be canceled?
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 No sh**t
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 Haha ya. We wish
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