Video: Crankworx L2A Slopestyle - Full Recap

Jul 7, 2014
by Fraktiv  
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Title Image: Nathan Hughes

Filmed by Last Light Cinema, geebeebee media and Ryszard Syryczyński
Edited by Last Light Cinema
Produced by geebeebee media

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 NIcholi rogatkins style and tricks would look better without the squid lid
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 if you're wearing a squidlid all i can think about is joeys
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 Holdin it down for the Jabronis around the world
  • 8 1
 Brah reminds me of Jay Miron. Same build, same style, even their faces kinda look the same. Beast!

Like how Drew Bezanson looks like Ace & rides like Ace. Say'n?
  • 11 1
 how can one make an ugly helmet uglier.
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 His riding style and fashion sense are definitely a little out there, but you gotta love the kid for being a little bit of a sh*t disturber. Showin' up all BMX banger style and putting it down against the style cats. Not my favorite rider personally, but I'm super glad he's on the scene and crushing it.
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 Hot dang those guys can shred!
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  • 1 3
 yeah why doesent he wear a visor??
  • 14 2
 Better question... why does anyone care? Wink Not much purpose for a visor in a slope comp. anyways. Plus I love seafood. Power to the squid!!!
  • 1 0
 Well said. I applaud the simple removal of the visor purely for how many knickers it gets in a twist.
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 for the insane amount of coordination these guys have, you would think a slow-mo high five would be a piece of cake
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 03:40 That awkward moment when you are going to make "an awkward moment" comment about missing a high five, that you realize, you're seven years older than someone that you look up to and idolize.
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 I understand commentating on these things must be hard, but I just wish that guy would sound a bit less like he is presenting a wrestling match. Maybe replace him with someone british. "Another barspin? I say, that's a bit shit." Then when someone pulls a double backflip he would be able to go "huzzah!", whereas this current guy had uped his excitement level so much his only choice is to just make a sound that only belongs at the messy end of a porno flick.
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 Watch it with the sound Mute and your own music makes it less annoying
  • 3 0
 i couldn't watch it with sound. Man it was shait
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  • 1 0
 Ha Totally agreed Sam Pilgrim was a good commentator
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 I think that's the best slopestyle recap vid iv ever seen!
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 I understand why a lot of the riders like Watts were pissed and didn't like the open loop, but personally I love they added a unique challenging feature.that's what slopestyle is all about, being able to adapt and throw down on a variety of features, otherwise it's just a dj comp
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 Hi everybody, I have just a question about the soundtrack, I know is a remix of the White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl but I don't find in any platform (soundclouds, youtube, ...) this remix, Someone knows the name of this ?
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 Thank you so much Jamie !
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 i love the white stripes, and i love slopestyle. With the commentating fighting jack white the whole time it did my head in though. If youve got commentating please keep the soundtrack instrumental only. Even dubstep! Riding was sick though, god damn!
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 360 dswhip my arse, more like decade ?
commenter is SHITE
  • 2 0
 messere's was a full on decade, no question. sick trick
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 Tomas Zelda a dick, he crashed into spectator and walked away like nothing happened.
  • 7 0
 Yeah fuck Zelda man
  • 4 1
 Yeah his attitude is as disgusting as the mismatch of colors on his bike. Wink
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 God I miss thoose nice solid Crankworx highlights with no commentator audio in them.
  • 3 0
 Bizet' first run should win !!!
  • 1 0
 whoever made this video really should have used an instrumental song... the singing blends in with the commentators and it just sounds like gibberish.
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 Ryszard Syryczyński, how do you pronounce your name?
  • 2 0
 depends where you're form :-)
  • 1 0
 replace y with i.
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 I missed the whole event because I was out having a super sick surf session. Why didn't Semenuk do good? I saw his corked 720 in this video.
  • 2 2
 Because it's not easy to oppo.
  • 1 0
 he crashed on a regular whip on the last jump
  • 2 0
 exceeding limits all the time. I wonder how it will be in 5 more years. nicely insane!!!
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 Is it a requirement that slopestyle/dirt jump videos have to have a terrible song or a good song-made-terrible via remix?
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 Where is Martin ?
Something is wrong with him Frown ((
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 Martin didn't ride as he crashed earlier I'm the weekend and suffered a concussion - the second in two weeks - so he didn't want to risk riding.
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 bizet get robbed on 1st run
  • 2 0
 Biz got robbed! Norbs got his phrase robbed
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 Super annoying commentators. Cold not go through to the end of the video. Sorry.
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 awwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeahhh
  • 4 2
 Brett reeder be like.... Where's by bar?
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 Watching these guys throw down never fails to make me feel like Jon Snow Frown
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 Putting Surrey on the map........................just kiddin. Congrats Anthony.
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 Messere is the kiddy.
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 Champagne doesn't taste so good for this young boy !
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 Underage drinking is against the law
  • 10 1
 Fortunately he was in France and not the States.
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 Isn't Messere 18 at this point? And from Canada?
  • 2 0
 in BC we can't drink until we are 19.
  • 1 0
 21 here
  • 1 0
 France doesn't have min drinking age, just a min purchasing age. Interesting way of doing it.
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 After the run he threw down, I think we can let him get away with a few sips. Congrats Anthony, I wish I had your energy!
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 That camera at 3:50 Big Grin Big Grin
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 Backflip superman seatgrab! yeah cam! omg that was so so sick!
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  • 3 0
 The White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl
  • 4 2
 correction: Fell in Love with a Girl (horrible remix version)
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 Thanks mate!
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 What is that remix of this song! Can't find Frown
  • 1 2
 We'll that just happened...
  • 3 5
 The aerial front flip was dope Not 1st place material but dope
  • 3 1
 What other type of frontflip is there..?
  • 2 0
 a forward roll?
  • 2 1
 At 1:55

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