Photo Recap: Whip Off - Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Mar 21, 2019
by Andy Vathis  

Every Crankworx Whip Off is a crowd and rider favourite alike. After a perfect day of sun and action from the speed and style, the lights came on, the bugs came out and riders got ready to go sideways. Brett Tippie and Cam McCaul were on MC duties keeping the crowd hyped and rolling out the Dad jokes.

Peter Kaiser boosted higher than most and got beyond 90 degrees all night long while keeping his landing effortlessly smooth. In the women's, last year's winner Casey Brown was dethroned by Vinny Armstrong whose aggressive carves off the lip made her a stand out for the judges and earned her a second Crankworx Whip Off win.

A clear, starry night set the scene for an evening of style.

Casey Brown is always a main feature at Whips Offs.

Whistler winner Alan Cooke taking his whips worldwide.

As usual, there were tricks other than whips being thrown down but only the purest carves will impress the judges.

Ryan Howard, doing Ryan Howard things.

Kaos picked up an injury earlier in the week. He finished second in the whip off here last year but has been taking it easy this week.

... Not that easy though.
Eliot Jackson closely follows Bernard Kerr.

We say jump, Peter Kaiser says how high?

David MacMillan shooting the moon.

Vinny Armstong came out swinging and was getting further round than some of the men. A well deserved win for the Kiwi.

Peter Kaiser soaring high to slap the moon.

Casey Brown

Ryan Howard awaiting the final results.

What a day for Billy Meaclem, winning the dual speed and style and following it up with third in the whip off.

The difficult juggling act of judging and 'gramming.

Plenty of Treks on display there...


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 Where are the photos of Vinny riding? .... Or did all the media squids only bother to come out for the big names who have already made their name in the sport on the female side? This is actually ridiculous - not least because its the SECOND time Vinny has won the whip off... how are young new shredders who put their riding before their social media accounts supposed to break through if the photographers don't actually document the event properly. Poor show.
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 You do realize it’s incredibly hard to shoot one event from different angles as a one-man show, let alone a whole week’s worth. Andy’s been busting his ass all week shooting all the events for PB solo. He’s had to shoot speed and style, then whip off, then after that he has to sit down and edit everything and then post it on here. And that’s just one day. Give him a break.
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flag nevertoofast (Mar 21, 2019 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 @kazyamamura: Bruh he dropped the ball big time.
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 @kazyamamura: Respect to Andy, but in journalism, missing the shot is not an option. You have to get a relevant photo somehow! Maybe an after-the-fact spotlight on Vinny's success is in order.
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 It's hard to see through bloodshot eyes at 3am! We misplaced a photo of Vinny's insane whip but it's been added above now.
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 @aidanoliver: Respect guys, nothing but positivity for this.
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 No pics of Vinny's whip?
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 exactly my thoughts...
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 Vinny? Two pics of Casey - no pics from the winner ?might b blind ?!
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 I'm on board with the "Where are the Vinny" shots. Sure, it's a very different scale but if someone other than a known rider won a world cup can you imagine the uproar over no photos of that? FWIW- there are photos of Vinny that were captured and are online. Just do a little searching.
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 This is the best time of the year, new teams, new bikes....I'm loosing my mind here Wink
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 Kaos was robbed?
  • 4 0
 Billy won speed and style earlier.. not dual slolam Smile
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 We have just uploaded our video from the Whip-Off to our Youtube channel:
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 Ace vid, made better with a mute button.
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 Ahhh my ears!
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 Classic, despite it being 3am Aidan would not have lost the pic of the men's winning whip...
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 Billy looks a little shell-shocked
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 Looks like a Session session.
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