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Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle Highlights - Video

Mar 12, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Rogatkin destroyed...people's choice no doubt
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 Love when he said "bangers or nothing"
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 @sup3rtallguy 1st if he didn't blow his tire on the booter
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 He's coming isn't he. Semenuk 's days are numbered, and I mean that in the best possible way. Once Nicholi gets the consistency, he's going to own everyone
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 ive watched the 2 top runs multiple times now, and every time I think the other guy's is better. sometimes its just that close.
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 idk if Rogatkin would have won even with a clean run because the judges would have been looking for interesting combos and i feel Nicholi didn't have that, he had more double tricks like double whip. and single flip combos. Semenuk had interesting combos and the big tricks. Not to mention nice landings. I wanted to see Rogatkin win though.
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 No way, not my choice. This guy has nothing to deal with the style of brandon semenuk or brett rheeder or even the real slopeSTYLE of thomas genon. Ok he has his own comitment when it's about triple flipping something... Bug definitely not my choice. No offence intended.
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 Judging was probably right. Scores a little closer maybe? I think after the initial disappointment Rogatkin should be quite happy, with a couple of cleaner landings he would have taken it, Cork 7 step down and the twister for the 1st time in a comp for him/anybody. With some more variety and slightly better tricks on the smaller features he could have completely smashed it! (of course we don't know what SemenUK had left in the locker for the 2nd run).
Incredibly high standard, Rogatkin dialled Cork 7 step down, cash roll, and the twister/cork 10 in 1 run, cork 7 bar and oppo cork from SemenUK and Reeder after varied and dialled runs.
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 He throws crazy tricks no doubt, but not enough style IMO...tone it down and do it stylish instead of hucking uncontrollably...
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 ya not my choice either... Semenuk still has WAY more style and is just fluid on the bike.
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 Not my choice. I thought the right guy won. Rogatkin is freaking nuts. He pulled out some crazy crazy stuff. But I find his tricks to be lacking style. I'm tired of seeing how many times people can spin around or flip. It's the same in snowboarding. O.K... so you did a 1660 or what the hell ever it is depending on your theory of counting spins and flips... I don't care. I'm way more impressed with the dude doing a 900 with a tweaked out grab 26 feet out of the pipe. That is going to be why Rodatkin won't win as often as some folks think he should. Keep those bangers in there... smooth them out. But toss in some more of the style tricks. I think he wins this one if he's a little smoother. Half the tricks he was hanging on for dear life. Dude's nut's. He's young. He's gonna get a lot of podiums this year. He'll get a lot... a lot of wins... soon. But this one got scored the right way. I had 1-5 the same.
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 MikeyMT- Your version of uncontrolled is very different from mine. That cork 7 drop and the fastplant 360 were just as stylish as the other couple of riders who have ever thrown those tricks down in a comp. The bobble on the cashroll 7 and 10 landings were the only spots where he didn't look completely in control and with as much style as you could have throwing such difficult tricks. He may have been docked more for throwing two double whips in one run. I hope Semenuk competes more this season just to see him, Rogatkin and Rheeder battle it out. That was insane.
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 I won't disagree with that. LOL! Any of it. I thought the plant 3 was odd looking but that's just me. I think he lost out on that final landing. He pretty much sketch landed and then jumped off the bike immediately and went nuts. Don't blame him but maybe if he rides it out further or just rotates another few degrees he's got it. Or rotates opposite on that plant 3. He definitely landed some crazy stuff. But there is definitely a difference between the way his tricks look and the way that Rheeder and Semenuk's look. Even if you put the same trick side by side. I see him polishing it and winning with that exact run at some point this year... or something very similar.
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 Great tribute to Kelly by Brandon!
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 Can we take a moment to appreciate that really long, slow 360 table from Messere??

Everyone else was either tucking that jump or even straight airing it, took me by such a surprise when he 3'd it and it was sooo dialled.
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 That was the best part for me. Yeh 720 cashroll or sev bar or flip triple pendulum but that flatspin was butter.
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 straight up.
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 agreed. Messere is my fav rider out there.
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 If we are talking about THE trick, then give it all to rogatkin, not a winning run though... Semenuk killed it and deserved the win, but Rheeder should have been second.
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 Rheeder missed the tuck on the long jump, if stomped it I would give him 1st!
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 Yup. He cleans that run it's a toss up for first but he definitely ends up in at least second.
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 What happened to Logan
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 He had an off and his bike had a major enough mechanical that he couldn't continue iirc....
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 I am a huge rogatkin fan and think it could have gone either way, but from my view the cork 7, cashroll, and twister are all kind of the same category of tricks. Some riders are great at spin and flip tricks, some are great at barspins, tailwhips etc, when you do 3 spin/flip tricks although they were all INSANE in the same run, it hurts a little. not saying i agree with it, but in the eyes of the judges...
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 I think you're right on point with this... except I agree.

Side note... I'll toss this out there to set some people on fire. That's not a 1080. That's a 900 with a turn down 3... I'm tired of people counting corks as spins and flips. Make up your mind. Sure it sounds cool to say 1080... but that's not a 1080. Just like that dude that did a quad quark 1660 snowboarding the other day... not a 1660. It was a quad quark with a 180 at the end.

I think they need to rethink the way they're calling some of these tricks. It's getting to the point where people are starting to glaze over... at least in snowboarding and skiing. That'll happen to mtb/mbx as well if people aren't careful.
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 semenuk deserved! And rheeder for me got robbed. Nicholi is nuts yes, but man, pedaling, getting a flat, probably (together with Kabani) has the worst style on the MTB history. I prefer to see semenuk sending those stylish bangers than a robot spinning and pedaling in every jump.
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 Rogatkin would have won if he didn't have a squid lid on
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 Nah man he channels his power from all the squids over the world
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 No he wouldn't have. But yes he needs a new lid.
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 I want to see that opposite core 720
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 What would you rather see, a perfect corked 720 or a guy trying to send a 1080? I've watched Rogatkin's run over and over
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 True Semenuk's "last years run" was cleaner but the judges need to stop hating Rogatkin. The guy is doing multiple tricks nobody else can do.
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 That was sooooooooooooo sweet!!!
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 Rogatkin got robbed
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 Don't agree. 3 gnarly tricks but no style and he wasn't smooth. Best trick... I'll give you that. But the right dude won this one.
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 Rogatkin win a first place for me ...
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