Watch Again: Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle

Mar 12, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Rotorua
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 I had to kick my 18 year old brother off of minecraft so I could watch this. It felt great.
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 lol this is my favorite comment. shout outs to our neckbeard siblings, we still love yall
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 I'm 18 and can't believe people my age play games like that. They need to get out and have a life!
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 I'm 29 and play computer games since 15 years. FeelsGoodMan.
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 1080' was insanity..... :o
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 Sick run for sure. He lands it clean and he walks away with it. I guessed his score correctly at 93, so I can't fault the judging.
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 how did he get robbed? his run had sick tricks but it was not very clean. probs to him though
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 talking about clean runs... yannick got soo clean run with some big tricks and only manage get 74 points.
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 Wish he beat Brandon's first score, to force Brandon to go all out on the last run...
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flag JustYourAverageJoey (Mar 12, 2016 at 3:51) (Below Threshold)
 If the judges are always all about that smoothness, I don't think that the sport will evolve much over time. And if the pros don't do something new/revolutionary in the competitions, who else should?
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 Yeah I also think granieri was robbed
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 What is wroooooong with judges these days.... WTF!!!
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 Judges were fine. Were so used to seing Brandon an Rheeder land perfect 720's I think they have lost the 'holy F' factor. Rogatkin's landing are not nearly as smooth. The judges said that was main reason.
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 reasonable explanation, but I don't know man. Rogatkin was pushing boundaries. And I mean, big boundaries. I enjoyed a lot both runs from the Canadians, great runs by the way. But judging seems weird these days. Take for instance rampage, speed'n'style this year (the guy who won didn't perform a single trick. It is just weird!!!
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 Posted this in another thread, it wasn't simply that Rogatkin didn't nail landings, it was also that outside of the 1080, the cash roll and the 720, the 6 other tricks were super bland, in fact he did a double whip twice. However despite that, and despite landing his last trick completely sideways, he still scored a 93. Sounds like the judges did reward him for the 1080 and the 720 step down and the cashroll, but as a whole his run kinda played out like a best trick contest.
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 if this had been a slopedestroy contest rogatkin would have won... but in the end, it was only slopestyle... which is less obvious to judge apparently...
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 If you look at the tricks jump by jump and as a run it makes sense that Semenuk won. I agree at first it seems like Rogatkin got robbed but realistically Semenuk's was a better run. Plus a 720 barspin has to be at least as difficult as a 1080 and Semenuk landed so clean. Semenuk had 1 tagged landing and Rogatkin had 2 tags and a tire blowout.

Semenuk: Rogatkin:
Stepdown = 360whip vs. Cork 720
dirt to dirt= Tuck-to-whip vs. double whip
Step up = flipwhip vs. cashroll
Boner log = Flip tuck vs. double whip
Hip= 360 downside vs. fronty tuck
on platform = oppo 360 vs. barspin
drop= flip can vs. fastplant
long and low = whip vs. tuck
boot = 720 bar vs. 1080
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 Have to give it up to Rogatkin for shrugging off the obvious disappointment of his score and pointing to McGazza on his jersey. Class act.
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 I've lost all respect for Crankworx, Rogation's Cork 7 drop, cashroll, front flip, 1080 - Still doesn't beat Semenuk's run. What horse shit.
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 judges seem to be very picky on the landings, Rheeder got an insanely low score on his second run too.
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 i feel like he missed some other stuff between the bigger tricks, and its not like there was a huge difference in score. i think everyone really rode well and was entertaining to watch, i still like crankworx Wink
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 Said this in a comment below, I think we're so excited to see new tricks that we don't care as much about the landings and linking everything together smoothly. The judges have consistently established time and time again that this is a huge factor in your score. Every year, however, we still act surprised. I know we would rather have tricks > smoothness, but until the judges change that I think we should know what to expect. I'd love to hear from more of the competitors in Crankworx slopestyle and their thoughts on that, they might have a different perspective then we do since they actually ride the course and might vouch for the insane difficulty of throwing down a run perfectly. With that said though I really wish I could've seen Nicholi nail that run with finesse, but I'm not going to pretend I'm surprised at his score. I've been hyped about that turkey twister all week.
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 I agree that trick progression should be weighted heavier than fluidity. Having a super smooth run is extremely impressive and fun to watch, but it is nowhere near the excitement I get when watching new tricks that will raise the bar for future contests! I get why the judges scored the way they did, but I definitely felt bummed out while watching everything after.
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 ^ @applewhat Don't get me wrong I 100% agree with you, and I really do hope it is something that the judges revisit and hopefully make some changes to. I was gutted for Rogatkin because the bigger the trick the bigger the risk and there's really no incentive to push that envelope if the judges aren't going to reward it, so hats off to the riders who are still trying out new things regardless.
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 @applewhat so basically you want run with a trick like barspin up,360 down and other not hard tricks,but with one next level tricks for the win?
It's called the show,you can see all what you want on nitro circus show Smile
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 @robaussie99 Rotateking*
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 I dont agree with the judges; however, hes got a reason to go home work on it and land clean next contest and stick it to em.

I gotta say its been a while since I watched any contests (any sport) but man, that gave me the same feeling of when tony hawk was trying that 900.
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 Maybe the judges are encouraging the "safeness" of the riders, this guys are throwing insane tricks at high altitude and high speeds, so if you make them land smoothly you are obligating them to throw tricks that they have totally dialed.
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 @josebravo - god i hope not.
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 McGazza forever!

Please share & donate - every dollar counts
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 @pinkbikeaudience make a post for this^^^ more publicity
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 Gotta say, the non Cam Mccaul announcer is actually doing a decent job. Here here!
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 rogatkingotrobbed. I mean he threw a 1080 for gods sake. What does this dude half to do. The judges need to start emphasing trick difficulty over silky smoothness. Thats what encourages progresion. Nicolia is a examply of a dude willing and able to throw the gnarliest shit, sure he might get a little sideways in doing so but as far as im comcered thats the most exciting and inspring part of his riding, hes constantly pushing himself and everyone else, and i think its time they reward him for it
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 tbh, slightly robbed after that score. Wasn't the smoothest, but that was the most ambitious.
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 Was it the cork 720, Cashroll or cork 1080 that Rogatkin lost points on..........Frown I am confused!!!
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 I know right?? Can't believe he pulled off all three in the same run
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 Nah man, it was definitely his front flip.
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 WTF is with Nicholi's score?!?! He got ripped off!
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 Rogatkin was robbed!
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 Mo' like Testa got robbed!
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 Love Semenuk but Nicholi got robbed
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 to go out, party, and get laid by the usual chick or stay in and watch this......i think ill watch this
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 the only chance of you getting laid is to crawl up a chicken's ass and wait
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 Must. Stay. Awake.
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 Haha, my girlfriend had set alarm to wake us up and don't miss it :-)
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 Rogatkin's run definitely wins the max stoke award. That guys deserves more respect from the judges!
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 Season officially begins
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 ya so stoked have been waiting all winter
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 Rogatokin should be winning
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 rogatkin was robbed!!
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 but dat oppo 720 tho
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 seriously under-rated, slipped under the radar
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 Amazing of them to make this a tribute event.
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 no Brad J??? thank you crankworx! he seems like a pretty genuinely nice guy but god damn is he ever annoying haha
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 I was literally just thinking before the broadcast that if I have to listen to "stacked and racked" one more time I'd kill someone.
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 I did get sick of "redemption" and "wherewithal", but was happy not to hear "Shut the front door!".
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 Who cares about the commentating, its all about the riding you wankers! Congrats to Brandon, Nicholi, Brett and Tommy G great comp boys. Crankworx delivers another great show. Cant wait until Les Gets.
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 "Shut the front door" is not Brad Jay, it's the other Brad - I forget his name, because he was so annoying. I actually thought Brad Jay and Cam made a pretty decent team at Whistler Joyride last year. This new guy here, Pat, did a pretty good job too, and Cam is great doing color. Solid career option now.
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 Judges should be shot... Nicoli destroyed! Everyone else is battling for last place in my mind... run of the fucking year!
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 Aw an poor Rogatkin, the trick level there was out of control. Really wish I could see him clean that up. Congrats Brandon. I think we're so excited to see new tricks we don't realize how difficult it is to link everything up smoothly. How often do we drop a foot when we ride trails on our own? I'm honestly surprised all these riders don't slip up less then they do, to be judged so viciously for that and still be able to do your runs without sketch landings or dropping a foot just ups the stakes so hard. These riders are top notch, we are lucky to see them throw down. I can't imagine just airing every jump and getting down without slipping once or having a sketch landing. Well done to them all!

On another note, Brandons been playing it safe for a while now, I think it's time for him to head back to the foam pit and start bringing in new tricks and creativity. After seeing Brett/Nicholi go at it I think Brandons safety runs won't cut it anymore.
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 slip up more then they do*****
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 Rogatkin's 1080!!!!
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 Rogatkin's score is total BS.
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 HOLY SH*T there's no Brad J! Praise Tippie it finally happened.
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 Judges will never hear the end of this one...

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 That cork 720 bar was super gnarly tho...
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 For me rogatkin run was not the best, okay big tricks, world first... But no flow, pedaling trough, and shitty landings, semenuk was all flowy so he won.
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 Flowy because he wasn't throwing down as big
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 Just because he has finesse, does not mean he is not throwing down as hard. 3 whip step down, flip tuck off that banked hip boner, flat flip can, and cork 7 bar are gnarly af, and more consistent difficulty the whole way rather than 3 bangers with some filler.
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 Rogatkin - great run
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 winning run
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 Congrats to Brandon Semenuk for win (and cork7 bar), and to Rogatkin and Rheeder for the new moves.

Where is Loagn Peat?
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 I think the judges need to rethink the way they look at clean landings. This isn't skiing or snowboarding, where if you get sideways on a landing its a relatively easy thing to correct. On a mountain bike getting sideways can spell disaster on a landing, and riders pulling those botched landing back, some with blown tires no less, deserve quite a bit more respect then they were given in this competition. Landing a 720 and putting the landing gear down to land perfectly does show control and mastery of the trick, but coming in on a 740 washing out and holding on with both feet on the pedals is just as good in my mind. You put a foot down? Yeah dock some points. All 4 appendages on and rode away? Count it.
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 Sweet event!

but I have to ask, what is with the "Redemption" thing?

must have been said over 20 times in this event alone...
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 ahhhhhh fukkkkkk.. no shit, Rogatkin surreeee got robbed. no way. so much bether run tham semenuk
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 Holy Jesus Nicholi! #rogatkingotrobbed
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 Just watched it. ROGATKIN GOT FUCKIN' ROBBED!!!
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 Rogatkin's run may have been absolutely insane but it wasnt a super clean run, if he would have landed those tricks clean he would have won 100%
  • 3 1
 The propel with that is it encourages riders to pull tricks within their limits rather than push the sport
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 Semenuk is one in a trillion... his riding skills is beyond this planet!!! But I strongly believe Rogatkin won this time!!! I don't know what happens, but it seems every time Semenuk enters a competition, he already earns offset points. This gotta stop!!! Semenuk ball suckers, you can start neg propping me now!!! That won't change anything!!! Rogatkin got robbed!!! So was Zink!!!
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 Let's go Carson! All of us at Bend Cyclery are watching with baited anticipation!
  • 5 0
 what a back flip trip can can
  • 5 0
 Honestly most of the field is getting robbed.
  • 8 3
 #rogatkingotrobbed Nothing much left to say
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 Where's LP?
  • 7 3
 can we please get some judges that aren't trash!!!
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  • 2 0
 2am showtime here in the UK but, that's why the baby Jeebuz invented coffee!
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 Zejda got robbed!
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 He shown big progress against last year huh?
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 It looks like all the riders on full sus bikes are struggling to maintain speed. Almost all of them are casing heavily in their runs.
  • 2 0
 You ever try DJ on a FS? I made the switch from HT to FS last year and couldn't believe how much more difficult it was to pump and maintain speed. Balls out, and still not reaching the speed OR height when riding a hardtail. Depressing, actually... but, what I lost in bike response was made up for with ability to ride bigger and gnarlier terrain. Rhythm sections out, drops and big gaps in. Its a trade.
  • 3 3
 Not to take away from Brandon but I think rogatkin should have taken the win, even tho his run wasn't the cleanest it will be talked about for months now, and I think that deserves a first place.
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 Is it me or does Tina Dixon have a giant crush on Brett?

oh yeah, Max Fredrickson's balls must HURT.
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 What gives? I started the stream 45 mins late and now I can't watch the end?! @pinkbike
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 Semenuke run was smooth but Rogatkin and Reader (opo cork720) runs was bangers hope they will make it cleaner next time
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 It almost seems like the judging was paid off by trek. Brandon must just fit as many *easy* tricks in the run as possible. I agree trick difficulty/originality should score higher. It looked like Rheeder and Brandon knew to throw bars whenever they possibly could to combo an otherwise easy trick into a winner. Rogatkin got robbed. Sam pilgrims run was steezeburgers with that three over the long jump. Granieri had a good one. There were a lot of sick runs which scored significantly lower, apparently only due to number of combo tricks.
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 This was a great way to start off the diamond series! Great way to commemorate Kelly McGarry!
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 scores should be given after all riders do their run. potateking got.... you know
  • 4 5
 To the people complaining about clean landings and fluidity being rated too high please remember this is a slopestyle competition and not a dirt jump competition. Personally I think tricks look more impressive when they are really clean and seem effortless as opposed to when they are forced. Whilst I was stoked on the 1080 but it would have been even more exciting if he had landed it cleanly - like it was easy for him. I think by judging it this way it forces riders to perfect their new tricks which makes them look cooler when they do them.
  • 5 3
 So what you are saying its doing a 1080 is stupid because its hard to land, just do a 720 and win l #progression
  • 2 1
 No he's saying get the 1080 dialled and it'll be a winner. 720s are hard to land clean too, but pulling everything perfect is the only way to the win
  • 1 2
 is anyone even talking about the fact that Nicholi Rogatkin's tire blew upon landing his 1080?, and he still rode out... at first you might call this a miracle and deservant of even more points, but then upon re-thinking it, i was wondering if maybe BECAUSE his tire blew upon landing, that is why he was able to absorb the awkward landing and still ride out? hhmm, just a thought... what do you all think?
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 He botched the landing. He landed on his rear tire really hard off center, (leaving a big divot), and blew out his tire.
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 yes @SteveDekker that is obvious, i was pitching the question, "did he only ride out because of his blown tire" i.e. if he didn't blow his tire he would have crashed. this is kindof an important conversation as it was the first 1080 in slopestyle. it deserves a dialogue as to why he actually pulled off the squirrelly landing. thank you for chiming in!
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 Is there a video on pinkbike or anything of the kelly mcgarry tribute thats on in the first 8 minutes? That tribute needs to be in my favourites! RIP mcgazza!
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 yes finally im so exited for this
  • 2 0
 Well I'm going to be tired for riding later today
  • 2 0
 Looks like those guys should go back to tubes again...
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 Brandon is insane! Cork 720 barspin!
  • 6 1
 This post seemed totally legit 30 minutes ago...
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 i know that was just amazing cant wait for france
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 I don't understand the judging anymore...
  • 5 3
 Looks like judjes ate some shi* before Rogatkin's run
  • 1 0
 Noo, this won't load up on the PC at work! I don't finish for another 2 and a half hours!!!!!
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 The judging promotes smoothness over pushing the limits tis ducked
  • 6 2
 Rgatkin got robbed ... and he knew it when he saw the score
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 guess im watching this instead of riding tomorrow
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 Logan peat for the win
  • 1 0
 martin sodertrom
  • 1 0
 Tyre blowouts is the trend today. Seen 4 so far in practice and the comp.
  • 1 0
 This is going to be one crazy year!
  • 2 1
 I thinking judges have been smoking to much of the NZ herb
  • 5 4
 I wonder how much Trek had to pay the judges.
  • 3 2
 why cant someone else but semenuk win? gets boring
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 The coverage of the drop...
  • 1 0
 It was an awesome comp. PBTV is pretty cool.
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  • 10 10
  • 2 5
 It was written into semenboy's contract that he would win. Slopestyle contests are like professional wrestling... The storyline has already been set
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