Cruz Fest Highlights - Video

May 18, 2016
by Fest Series  

Huge shout out to Clay Porter and Chris Seager​ for slaving away on this masterpiece​, all for the love of mountain biking! Another shout out to everyone that helped Kyle J and Jeff Herb along the way, FiveTen Shoes, Colege Cyclery, Clif Bar, GoPro, the SwanPound inc, and all the friends and family that came together to make this happen.

MENTIONS: @TheFEST / @j-herbs / @FiveTen / @CLIF / @GoPro

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 Look at all those obsolete 26'ers and those outdated bikes! Those punks, don't they know their bikes will have no resale value! Besides why ride a downhill bike when you can get a do-it-all trail bike! Fest, mother fuckers.
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 Pure F$@!#%^ adrenaline.
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flag chyu (May 18, 2016 at 19:57) (Below Threshold)
 Where is Rotgakin?
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 @chyu: looking for his visor
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flag Zuman (May 18, 2016 at 22:29) (Below Threshold)
 @anchoricex: wheelsize has nothing to do with this video.
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flag otty11 (May 19, 2016 at 1:24) (Below Threshold)
 The jumps are still smaller than pure darkness though.
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flag NiklasRausch (May 19, 2016 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 @otty11: wait for LOOSEFEST, Belgium, we'll see..!!! Would be nice if Macduff be a part of it. Don't think "the Semenuks" will join.. :p
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 @NiklasRausch: You know semenuk is good buds with a lot of these fest guys, right? Ran into him at CGP the weekend before Cruzfest, he was pretty psyched on going to it. Asked if he'd be doing the other Fest events and he said maybe but he has other projects he wants to work on, but the other guys don't treat him like he's not one of their own. Only you commenters on Pinkbike do. There are actually other slopestyle riders who do nothing BUT dirt jumps and slopestyle, but nobody ever says anything about them. Semenuk throws down on just about everything with two wheels, but people have to be snarky and comment about him in a fashion similar to yours. End rant, that shit is real dumb.
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 @anchoricex: Dude, I'm sorry, didn't want to attack you ore Semenuk this way.. I'm watched him riding the last 10 years and it makes me nervous if I push the playbutton to see a new edit the first -and also the second time. Was surprised to see him in this video, in a positive way for sure! I would love to see him and also some of the others at any Fest. So, you interpret my words the worst case, but yes, wasn't smart writing a comment which can be provocative and pushing the thing you talked about Maybe my imagination comes from reading all the other stuff like that.. . Think it was the first and the last one, next time I will explain my words in more detail. Saw him riding live two times but hadn't the luck to meet him face to face, I guess he's a nice guy and I have a lot of respect for what he do. Have the impression he's a perfectionist and keep things more serious than anyone else, that's impressive too and also the reason I believe he unfortunately will not come around to Belgium. Because for me he is the man who pushed the sport in the direction like it is an Olympic discipline, being an pure athlete and full focused on the competitions. There is nothing wrong with, it's simply different. On the other hand Lacondeguy going the way of having fun, nothing else. Don't care about judges (Rampage excluded maybe Wink ). That's a strong contrast. So, I was at Loosefest last year and the whole thing seems to be a party, far far away from competitions, perfectionism and (don't missunderstood) expensive movie productions. That point has nothing to do with the size of the jumps, we all know he can throw a lot of crazy stuff. In my imaginations he's a bit of an concentrated "untouchable guy". But hey, Brandon, if you read this, please take the plane to Europe and come around from 19.-24. July, for you I will take some more tasty beers with me. I don't know you but hope to see you riding some more times and if I'll see you, I will come over with the tasty beer I talked about Wink . Would be a big pleasure for me to see you all guys riding the FestLine in Malmedy. Unexpected but definitely the best event I'll watched this year. To repeat the sense of my reply.. I'm sorry (for my English too), didn't want to attack anyone, guys like you, Brandon and Andreu doing a lot for our sport and I really hope we'll see us in Belgium.

Peace and RIDE ON...
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 This is the shit I do like.
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 M E L I K E !!!
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 Downright dangerous
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 STOP downhill bicycling NOW. Unsafe and recklessly destroying these peaceful dirt mounds.
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 Mother would not approve of these reckless activities
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 Downhill bikes ain't going anywhere.
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 off course they are not, who says otherwise?
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 @Zuman: you aren't very good at this internet thing are you?
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 No they are not! Mine serves as my "do it all bike". And with the Pinion gearbox set up we are doing, the range is going to be perfect for climbing it.
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 that late whip from Aggy.... mind blown
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 did anyone not expect the tuck no hander after the one footed can in semenuks flip
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 @codyjbikes: those were some video game shit! if he had done an x-up one footer flip then i would beleive that he's no longer human,
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 @Zuman: hey guess what, x-up's are impossible on a downhill bike! holy shit, i know right!?
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 @csermonet: what i mean is an x-up footer flip to tuck no hander, not x-up to footer flip to tuck no hander.
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 @Zuman: you're still not understanding, AN X - UP IS NOT POSSIBLE ON A DOWNHILL BIKE. Do you understand now?
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 Those whips from Aggy and Semenuk were insane!
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 the steeze on those two is un-fuckin-real. wish there was more Semenuk in this edit, hopefully there is more footy to come
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 Whips have to be the best looking "trick" even if they are not the most difficult.
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 Brandon is next level in the style department...unreal how small he makes those jumps look, even compared to the other guys. Bring on the was great muted....
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 gotta say the standout for me in this piece was ryan howard. brandon is sick but r dog is bringing some new filth to his riding. downright nasty.
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 Why is this video 5th news on main page after no-one-cares EWS stuff and kona's commercial? Shame... This site is dying slowly Frown
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 3 Inches of Blood! YES! That was amazing. Dusty Wygle in at the end just for good measure. Love it!
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 So pumped on the music selection! 3 Inches of Blood for the win!
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 man, even if they play Sesame Street OST.
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 canadian heavy metal at its finest!! that edit had metal shavings hitting my eyeballs
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flag RedBurn (May 18, 2016 at 12:00) (Below Threshold)
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 Clay porter is a God. I don't know where I'd even start with the making of this- the best in the world all turn up at the sickest set of jumps going and it's your job to capture it? No pressure! I think my mind would implode. Can't imagine how long he's spent in front of a monitor to pull this together and the top comment is 'finally' !!!! ????
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 good grief. That was a like a who's who of going huge. awesome!
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 That bastard front flip a Glory! I'm so jealous of him
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 Greatest event ever..............
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 Ethan Nell is doing the sickest flat spins out there right now!
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 Best thing in mountain biking.
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 Take that enduro dads! Legalize 26"!
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 @anchoricex: We are fully legalizing 26" on our steeds.
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 I was yelling at that last frontflip like I was yelling for a hockey goal. Unreal.
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 your move FISE series...
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 Aggys little wrist drop on the whips is one of the things that makes it look so stylie. Almost like he is just revving it to the limiter on a dirtbike... Gotta try and copy that, looks sick
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 Bah. Bunch of old guys. kidding. Enjoyment. Can't believe sometimes that you can get a DH bike up to that much speed to clear those things. Next time, more Kyle Strait please. Flow like water, he does.
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 Wow. Semenuk's level of steeeeze is unreal.
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 So Metal! Loving the retro graphics on Andreu's Kawie. Reminds me of my KX125 I had when I was 15. The Fest vibe is rad. These dudes rip for no other reason than the love of being on 2 wheels with their homies and pushing the sport
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 I love watching anyone send a mountain bike... but I find it much more riveting when the terrain illuminates what a gravity sled can tackle, that a motorbike cannot.
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 That is why i think i prefer my mountain bike over my motorcross bike. Different feeling on the gravity bike and something surreal about not having the engine. Not that i do not love a motorcross bike, just diferent.
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 Thats freeride!!! Sick !!!!!!!!!!!
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 So stoked the footage came out this rad! What these guys hit is seriously unbelievable!
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 All the world's nutters in the same place, at the same time, fuck yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Was loving the 3 show, than semenuk went up with his combo back flipper, than at the last moment......the fronty........HOLY f*ck YEA! FEST RULES......... :0
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 AWESOME AGAIN!! From the Fest Crew, love watching these guys. Some names I ain't heard before too, great use of slo-mo'
too. Good to see Brandon joining in, anyone who can hit those jumps is more than welcome in my eye's;
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 Man. I can't even imagine how much more banger footage there is to be seen.
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 Mr. Vink with a seriously stylish toboggan on the left hip. this video was so good.
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 Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally a great song on a great video!!!! Thanks Gods of Heavy Metal and Mountain Biking!!!! Dubstep my unwashed @ss!!!!
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 Hangtime overload!
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 Awesome course!! Love the car wreck built into it!!
Can u buy the fest tees?
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 they should have a mountain bike royaltee to go with this vid
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 Excuse me while I go clean up after myself...
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 Holy shit. All of them absolutely exaggerating as always.
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 Sorge's moto whip off the hip. Words dare not describe it's excellence!
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 SOOOOO much talent in one place..... FUCKING MINDBLOWING.. FEST RULES...
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 Been waiting for this!! Semenuk might as well land those whips fakie.
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 Only a matter of time...
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 THAT WAS SICK !!!!!!!!! the seat grab is such a classic, Vink you are a true gentleman hehe
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 I was thinking the same thing! Sick!
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 How these guys hold down their regular 9-5 with this going on is amazing. Looks dangerous if you ask me. Heaven help them if their employers OR mothers see this.
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 Wow, HUGE step up in filming from last year. Really showcasing what goes down at the Fest events. That was awesome.
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 holy shit Dusty
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 fest series is so amazing!!!!!
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 f*ckkkk yea yewwwww. Gotta love the riding here in santa cruz cali. ????????????????
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 WWWTTTTFFFF??????!!!?!?!?!!??? Who rides like that????
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 I think I just sh!t myself...
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 So good! This and the Pure Darkness trailer makes for a good day
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 Holy fuck semenuks whip. What the fuck man.
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 So pumped after watching this, I fealt I could've built a ramp on my neighbors Honda Civic!
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 vinks table seat grab nuff said!
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 Are you kidding me...that song, perfect. Stevie was smiling all day watching this from above.
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 That was sooooooooooo rad I can't even begin to say how sick that was! Super stoked!!
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 Thank you! now I can go to sleep with a big smile on my face counting downhill bikes jumping the fence Wink
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 a high quality freeride video
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 finalllyyy....awesome to have brandon this year...can't wait for the next one
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 Kinda feeling sorry for those poor jumps, they have been straight up slaughtered.
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 one of these guys deserve the king of the mountain jersey during this tour(fest) of cali!
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 fuck. yes.
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 Best music selection for the riding in the video! Love fest!
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 I want more of this!!!!
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 HIjodelagranputa! That thing was mesmerizing!
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 The Fest Series and Pure Darkness are taking it to the next level!
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 Woooo so stoked!
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 Shut the door.
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 right next door to fest!!!
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 tired to listen the noise. sorry "music"...
rad video
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 must be a roadie
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 @joevalbert: sure look my galerie, pfiou too many road bike. i don't like this noise so i m roadie... i haven't the "freeride package"? lol...
for idiots like you :
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 @joevalbert: He must listen to classical when he rides like the French driver on Talladega Nights

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