Escaping the Winter to Finale Ligure - Video

Mar 5, 2018
by ANVILfilms  
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Travelling to southern countries during the cold days in northern Europe is a part of winter training for the upcoming downhill season. Riders from CTM Racing Team attend two training camps. One with their enduro bikes and one with DH bikes. This enduro training camp took place a few weeks ago in one of the well known enduro locations - Finale Ligure in Italy. Training was oriented on both downhill technique and fitness. Lukas Ucen, Martin Knapec and current Slovak national DH champion Adam Rojcek are riders who took part in this trip along with team manager Tomas Toth. It was also a good chance to test a new modified CTM Scroll which is an enduro bike from CTM.

CTM racing team training camp

Words, photo and video by ANVIL Films


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 The video is password protected. I tried my password: ebikesarebadm-kay6969 and it shows me Sam Pilgrim doing backflips on the Tesla roadster.
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 Sorry guys, the password has now been cleared!
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 I love finale, but I think it is a bit misleading as the weather is changeable until May. I've been over Easter and had loads of rain and mud. Even in June once there were wet days. That being said, there are always some tracks that dry quickly and it sure is fun when the sun shines!
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 I was there one week ago and Nato base had 15cm of snow....all lies! hahaha...need summer
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 I was considering going, but didn't because of the weather forecast. I was already feeling bad scrolling through the pictures, so I'm kind of happy to see your reply...
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 Brave move... The weather there is more volatile than you'd expect. But February? Screw that. The pool's not even usable then.
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 What a bunch of fair weather pansies. Says the pot to the kettle. Also canceled our trip due to snow forcast. Frown
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 @Boardlife69: off there next Thurs, is this going to be a terrible idea?
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 @pbuser2299: i don't know. Do you like ice cream?
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 @CTM. Mondraker called - they want their Dune back.
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 Giant has bikes that look like these too.
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 KHS. Giant never stuck a shock through a seat tube.
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 @BenPea: That's true, only through the downtube. It was the steep "seatstay" (if you can call it like that on a fully) that made me think of Giant.
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 @vinay: I know exactly what you're talking about. 2009 Reign. Pre-2010 Giant geek here. Don't know much after that... And it is a seat stay.
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 Was riding there on the 17th Feb, was 15 deg and sunny, the next day in rolled the storm and boom, but it's perfect in winter, juts ride the lower trails.
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 Never heard about CTM anyway.
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 Never heard about video anyway
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 Password was reeeealy easy to figure out... just try the name of their destination Wink
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 nice vid and the song suited it
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 This web needs to able gifs for entries like that one!
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 3rd! Smile
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 Video is not working Smile

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