Damien Oton Breaks Scaphoid - Will Miss First Two EWS Rounds - Crankworx Rotorua 2019

Mar 18, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Damien Oton was enjoying the dusty conditions ahead of the Rotorua Enduro World Series this weekend before an unfortunate crash which resulted in a broken scaphoid. Oton consistently placed in the top ten last year which landed him in second in the overall rankings. We wish him the best of luck with his recovery and that he'll be able to come back strong.

bigquotesAt least the photo is fun! The way to start the season less fun. Gutted on how the hard work can fly so quickly with noting. Had a crash when training yesterday and my scaphoïde gonna put me off the next two @world_enduro. I’ll be back in no time. Sorry guys.Damien Oton

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 PS: good chance to point out this would have been 100% covered by NZ’s outstanding, universal accident insurance that covers citizens and visitors.
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 yeah, if it was on Rampage he’d need a campaign on a kickstarter
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 Yup if there ever was a place to have an accident for visitors, it's NZ.
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 @pacojj: If you want the same in Europe, come to Slovenia.
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 Forgot electronic drivetrains and infinitely adjustable suspension stuff - if only someone can find a way to make a scaphoid protector that doesn't impeded your grip. Such an annoying little injury that lingers forever. Good luck, Damien!
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 They do -- shop.troyleedesigns.com/5205-wrist-support-right

I broke my scaphoid late last season, off the bike for 5 months and have been wearing that brace since healed.
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flag handynzl (Mar 18, 2019 at 23:55) (Below Threshold)
 @plxmtb: 5 months? Damn... I broke mine in the mid 90s and as soon as the big white plaster cast was changed to the fibreglass one two weeks later, I had the palm cut out and was riding trails on my Diamondback Apex hard tail with 50mm of plush Manitou elastomer suspension. Please don't tell me you're a millennial too lol

Can't do palm down push ups now though, mind you.....haha
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 @plxmtb: Seconded. Badly broke my wrist a couple of years ago (permanently lost range of movement and grip strength), been riding with the Troy Lee 5205s ever since. Tried a couple of other options (eg the 661s) but the Troy Lees provide better cover (extend further up your arm past the joint), don't get in the way of grip, feel way more secure and still allow a bit of movement (I understand they're intended for moto use). Short of getting a custom medical brace made, there is always gonna some compromise involved - eg depending on your natural stance/wrist position, you may need to adjust for your wrist being held in more of a straight line thru forearm and hand.
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 @handynzl: when you are around your twenties you heal much much faster compared to when you are 30+
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 @pr3dator: yeah, I think I was 22 or 23. And double that age later, you bounce even less...
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 Broken scaphoid is a shitty injury, had mine broken and 6 weeks with plaster...

Regarding the healing process, it depends quite a lot at what part of the scaphoid it breaks. It is a nasty little bone, with only one vein circulating inside it to bring nutrients & take crap out. If the vein happens to be damaged, it will take a lot longer for the bone to fully heal. Also, if the bone is operated and small screw can be placed to hold it together, it'll take less time to heal and you can use it much sooner..
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 I ride with an Allsports dynamics wrist brace since i broke my scaphoid (dislocated everything and tore my SL band). Fell on the hand again, did a good job until now.
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 I’m healing from a scaphoid break now thanks for the link on this brace @handynzl:
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 I broke my scaphoid in September 2017, right at the end of my first season getting back into MTB. After having a cast on for a few weeks it became clear the bone was not healing (pretty common for this type of break - there's very little blood flow to that part of your wrist). I ended up needing surgery, and had a bolt placed in there. I was back on the bike in February, so all told it was about 4 months of recovery.

Anyways, now I ride with these guards and I think they're pretty great. They give some protection from palm-strikes, but also from rolling on your wrist (which is what I did!). They don't seem to impact my grip too badly, I forget they're there most of the time.

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 sounds like there was no way this could've been scaphoid'ed. heal up soon, buddy.
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 I appreciated that lol.
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 According to Functional Movement specialists what feels like an injury in one place can actually mean imbalance in another.
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 Fractured my scaphoid, distal raduis fracture, and ulna fracture while riding in DuPonte Forest, NC last September. Plates and screws later getting range of motion back slowly but I'm sure I will not get it back all the way. Getting all the hardware taken back out next month and that should get me some additional range of motion. It has been a bear getting it back. I would have taken just about any other type of fracture instead of the wrist. Not fun at all.
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 DAM...ien. That sucks. Heal soon brother
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 They take FOREVER to heal. Bummer
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 Right... varies by case but still
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 @mtbmaniatv: I'd rather have broken mine. I tore the scapholunate ligament and cartilage. 3+ months and never will have range of motion again.

Apparently I have strong bones so they don't break, but everything around them goes...
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 @krashDH85: ughh that sounds awful. I was the opposite growing up. Muscles developed faster and rallied too hard for the bones.
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 @mtbmaniatv: lucky if it does ever heal
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 Broke my hip last season, just getting back on now. Healing vibes Damien!
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 Saloperie de scaphoïde!!! Bon retablissement Damien, et patience surtout!!
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 Dude scaphoid breaks suck! I’m 7 weeks into a 10 week sentence, and let me tell you it sucks. I hope he has a quick recovery!
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 NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hails to a speedy recovery!
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 I'm wearing the same cast right now. It sucks
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 Bon courage Damien!
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 noooooo! good luck and fast recovery!
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 broke both scaphoids in separate mx accidents in the seventies. All good now though.
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 AHHH nannnnn fait chier mec ...Courage !!
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 Ahhh. Scaphoids are a bitch! Mine is good now though.

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