Danny Hart & Stacey Fisher take the 2019 British National Downhill Champs at Revolution Bike Park

Jul 25, 2019
by Jerry Tatton  
Ad Brayton surely wins the whip off

Once again the British National Champs returned to the Welsh hills and the amazing Revolution Bike Park and also back from a short break was Mike Marsden and his Borderline organisation. Here is an unofficial report from DialledinUK's Jerry.

This race is the most prestigious downhill event in the UK and is extremely hotly contested by Britain’s most elite riders both male and female. I headed down to have a look around and see who would come out top, here’s how the weekend unfolded.

Slime, mud and off camber roots created the riders early on in practice

You would have thought that in mid-July the weather wouldn’t be a problem but all eyes were on the ruthless forest throughout the week. The saying “it’s always sunny in the Nog” was definitely false advertising. Leading up to the weekend there was biblical rainfall, with some riders doing track walks on the Friday posting videos of torrential rivers running down the trail.

Dropping into a slick and slippery rocky chute.... Keep off the brakes

Those riders out early on the Saturday practice were greeted by slimey, greasy and lethal mud, but to be fair, throughout the weekend, despite a few light showers, the track started to dry out and became faster and faster. The worst section was higher up by marshals 4 and 5, into thick wooded areas and steep mud and berms, riders were sliding all over the place. The course itself was good and varied. Starting with some gravity trail centre tables, and into super-fast berms, then into straighter steep chutes and tighter sharp turns. Eventually breaking into the open bottom section again with fast trail centre jumps and berms.

Finishing with style


Here is a summary of the top results for the British National Downhill Champs 2019.

Elite Men

1st. Danny Hart: 2:25.758
2nd. Charlie Hatton: +0.99
3rd. Joe Breeden: +2.13
4th. Joseph Smith: +2.20
5th. Gee Atherton: +2.22

Danny Hart British Downhill Champion

Elite Women

1st. Stacey Fisher: 3:04
2nd. Chloe Taylor: +0.84
3rd. Becci Skelton: +6.07
4th. Megan Whyte: +10.90
5th. Corinna Brisbourne: +15.78

Stacey Fisher British Downhill Champion Women

Stacey's biggest battle was on the podium!

Junior Men

1st. Luke Williamson: 2:31.715
2nd. James Elliott: +4.82
3rd. Luke Mumford: +5.77
4th. Dan Slack: +8.19
5th. Declan Willicombe: +8.73

Junior Women

1st. Rosy Monaghan: 3:21.211
2nd. Tea Jensen: +7.17
3rd. Megan Nevard: +9.57

Looking at the overall timings, the future is looking very bright for the British Downhill future stars. Luke Williamson [17-18] breaking into the top 10 of the Senior Champs with a 9th overall fastest time. With James Elliot [17-18]12th fastest and Luke Mumford [17-18]hot on his heals 16th fastest. Then you’ve got Dennis Luffman (15-16) and Jordan Williams both breaking into the top 20 fastest times of the day, both beating a good number of the Senior Champs, in 15th and 17th fastest of the day respectively. I’ll always give a shout out to the fastest veteran of the day, and that goes to James Hughes (40-44) recording the 31st fastest time of the day.

The women’s race was a tough fought fight also. With some of the top flight women out including Rachel Atherton and Tahnee Seagrave it was a very open field. Stacey Fisher took the win after being forced into a rerun due to an obstruction in the crowded open finishing stretch. Are we seeing this right? Stacey with 6 races under her belt 5 of which she has placed 1st took the senior champs women title for 2019 and only -0.84 seconds ahead. What a battle for the champs title. For a full run down of the results head over to roots and rain.

Overall, this was one weekend to head to Revs, not only was there some top flight downhill racing for the coveted British champs, but Saturday night, after practice provided some superb riding by the 50 to 1 guys plus the screening of Vision presented by Adidas and Five Ten. A film about Veronique Sandler a former world cup racer and a female led Freeride Mountain Bike film and her vision for the future of the sport.

Vision, the screening of Veronique's Freeride MTB



The 50to1 display attracted a sell out crowd alongside the screening of Vision

So there you have it. Danny Hart and Stacey Fisher are the National British Downhill Champs for 2019. Revolution Bike Park and Borderlines provided another superb weekender of racing, entertainment and beers.

Danny Hart British Champ (men)

Stacey Fisher British Champ (women)

The unmistakeable view of Revolution Bike Park

Words and photos by @jwdtphotography

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 Chloe Taylor was robbed
  • 1 0
 It's certainly turning out to be quite controversial. Sometimes, racing is damn tough this way.
  • 1 0
 What actually happened ??
  • 2 0
 Apparently there was no transponder on the re-run as already been cut off so they went for “manual method of timing” ????‍♀️ Hence no splits on results
  • 3 0
 @savmeister: A dog walked onto the track beneath the last jump, she unlikely even saw it, doesn't look like she slowed for it at all but somebody called for a re run and somehow a BC official agreed to allow a rerun. The dog owner owes Chloe big time! If I'm having a bad run with a chance of a rerun I'm getting my mate to let his dog on the track for me to jump over ;-)
  • 1 0
 If i was racing the national champs with a chance of winning it, i'd want a re-run too! Weather you notice her slow down or not, just the slightest hesitation could have lost her the race. The only person that should be being blamed here, is the owner of the dog! Two fast racers and an unfortunate event led to the end result.
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 She had already crashed further up meaning the re-run then meant a lot more than if it was just the dog incident @r0bman:
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 @dewdementry: I see your point.
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 Having the 50/01 jam on the door step of the DH champs must have been the best atmosphere ever. Bryceland is like, completed it mate.
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 Yes, that was pretty awesome, plus the film screening.......beers and good food. What more could you ask for.
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 Yeah she was robbed

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