Danny MacAskill and Endura Launch Signature Helmet

Nov 26, 2020
by rasoulution  

Press Release: Rasoulution

Who would not want to have their own product, designed exactly according to their own wishes and requirements? That is exactly the case for Danny MacAskill, who just launched his signature helmet together with long time partner Endura.

bigquotesI am with Endura since 2015 and still very happy to represent a company from home – from Scotland. We share the same values and identity and that’s an important base for a successful partnership. Danny MacAskill, about his partnership with Endura

Before his career really took off Danny worked in a local bike shop. His first introduction to Endura was a pair of waterproof gloves, which he bought back then. When it came to the design and development of his signature helmet, there could be no compromise between fit and low weight in Danny’s mind. The challenge was integrating these two aspects into a traditional 'piss pot' look whilst also incorporating a modern fitting cage.

bigquotesI am stoked about my very first Endura signature helmet! It’s a great helmet and I especially appreciate the comfort. It’s light, fits well and the blue signature colour looks pretty cool.

More info on the PissPot helmet:

When Endura set out to design the PissPot helmet, the target was to pack as much tech into it as possible while retaining the classic piss pot look. The result is an industry-leading, ultra-lightweight, well-ventilated helmet with a great fit that is ready to shred, whether on the street, in the park or your local dirt spot.

The standout feature of Endura's all new PissPot Helmet is the inclusion of a one hand micro adjustment fit system. Often missing on this style of helmet, it enables you to really dial down the fit. This not only makes it more comfortable, but safer as well.

• Lightweight in-mold cycle construction ready for the city, street, park and dirt
• Multiple external vents for great airflow and internal air channels to direct air through the helmet
• Antibacterial, fast wicking, removable padding
• One-hand micro-adjustment fit system
• Colours: Blue (Danny MacAskill Signature Edition)
• Sizes: S/M (51-57cm head circumference) and L/XL (57-63cm head circumference)
• Certified to CE Standard EN1078:2012 + A1:2012
• Price: RRP £49.99 / €59.99


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 ** Disclaimer: This product will not actually make you look or ride like Danny MacAskill. Endura is not liable for any trials related injuries by fools wearing this helmet and jumping off houses. **
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 "lightweight" = __ grams?
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 Didn’t they release this a few months ago? I’m sure I’d already seen this press release
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 But... Christmas

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 Looks commodious. I suppose it could be useful on the moors with no trees to pee behind.
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 Nice to see a pisspot with actual fit adjustment not just thicker /thinner pads
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 Absolutely. I have the POC street/DJ helmet. Only reason I bought it was for fit adjustment and this one is cheaper and the adjustment looks better.
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 @twhart20: bell also have fit adjustment
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 it is a nice lid for my wall collection but the reality is they are so uncomfortable... those BMX style headgear lids.
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 Sewage wasn't always a thing. Not really sure why this shape of helmet got that monaker though. Anyone?
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 @friendlyfoe: I don't know. It's got holes in the top so it isn't even watertight. Useless as a toilet.
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 In medieval times urine was used to tan leather and make fabric dye. So people would piss in a pot that was a similar shape and sell it to the tannery. If you were really poor you didn't even "have a pot to piss in".
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 2 months later... still no MIPS (other concussion avoidance also not available)
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 It really bums me out that there aren't really any skate style helmets with something like MIPS. I've been needing a new BMX helmet for a while now, but the options out there are pretty disappointing. VA Tech has only reviewed a few bucket style helmets, but they've all done pretty terrible.

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