Day 2 eMTB Randoms - Eurobike 2021

Sep 3, 2021
by Ralf Hauser  

The brand new Centurion No Pogo R25i is a 25 year anniversary edition, limited to only 250 pieces. High-end spec and a 750Wh battery take the No Pogo to the next level, it's going to take a bit though until it will be available in versions, other than the anniversary edition.

155mm of travel in the rear, 160mm up front.
If you want one, you better be fast. Only 250 are available in this version.

A magnetic cover protects the external charging port.
Mad Max meets Bosch, protected but still ventilated.


Not here with a booth but found sitting at Abus was Cube's new Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Actionteam. It too is equipped with Bosch's large 750Wh battery. The 29" 140mm travel all-mountain rig is using a Fox 36 fork and DPX2 rear shock. The front triangle is using Cube's C:62 grade carbon, the rear end is made from 6061 T6 aluminum. A 66 head angle and 75.5 degree seat angle are to be considered conservative, these days. Weight is 24.3kg.

KTM Bicycles

KTM's Macina Prowler Exonic means business. 180mm of travel in the front with 170mm in the rear (with high anti-squat values), powered by Bosch's revamped Performance CX system with large 750Wh battery. A carbon fiber front triangle reduces weight. The prowler is sitting on a 29" front and 27,5" rear wheel.

Named the Power Tube Top Loader (PTTL), the battery can be removed towards the topside. A bottle mount is sitting on the cover. A lock is located at the bottom underneath a dust cap.
The charging port with magnetic cover is sitting near the head tube.

Very similar in features to the Prowler, KTM's Macina Kapoho comes with less travel, namely 160mm front and rear.

Bosch's new LED remote is coupled with a Kiox display on the top models. Extra feature: maximum exposure in case of a crash.

Gaspi's Mondraker

Freerider turned adventurist Richard Gasperotti had his custom Mondraker Level on display at the Mitas tires booth.
Never heard of these tires, but they actually don't look half bad.


German brand Storck has been around for quite a while now. Their e:drenalin.2 is available with Shimano's EP8 motor, but more interestingly as the SRS model with Sachs RS powertrain with massive 112Nm of torque. A Sachs RS battery is sitting in the down tube. Travel of the 29er sits at 160mm in the front and 150mm in the back.


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 ...."Hey Storck! Microsoft Clipart called and they wanted to known if you've finished with their font?"....
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 Yeah with such a font I would at least make a smaller logo.
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 uh, no, typography man, learn about it.
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flag BenTheSwabian (Sep 3, 2021 at 13:41) (Below Threshold)
 I'm quite sure that Storck and their logo have been around for longer than Microsoft Clipart has been a thing...
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Nope, Clipart came around with Word 6.0 in 93, Storck were founded in 95, so in fairness that logo would have been ‘cutting edge’ at the time

Just for the record I googled that, I didn’t just happen to know those 2 useless facts
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 I hope they consider switching to Papyrus.
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flag KellChris (Sep 3, 2021 at 15:08) (Below Threshold)
 Logo looks like the founder's wife needed something to do and was given a job in Marketing dept.
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 The saltiness of some of you commenters never ceases to amaze me....
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 I kind of like it. It's a throwback
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 @ChupacabraOffroad: We come here for the salt LOL
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 @deepcovedave: Quite frankly I'm a little disappointed. Normally the comment section for an E-bike article would be unrelenting, merciless and savage. The Pinkers must be at rest, or headed the pub. I'll circle back in a few hours...
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 I can remember working in Germany in the late 90’s and this local shop had a Storck in. Coming from the UK in the midst of the freeride/street/jump times, id never seen anything like it. It was an xc bike through and through and so friggin’ ninja. It was beautiful. But looked harsh to ride. Not just an xc bike, a euro xc bike!
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 @me-at: don’t you mean comic sans? the most hated font in graphic design but it’s the go to for kids/children school teachers.
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flag blackthorne (Sep 4, 2021 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 Nothing wrong with their logo at all. It’s a custom logotype not an off the shelf font. So it’s in serif therefore ms word? Have you no idea or are u just grasping for votes?
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 @ilovedust: did it come with a pair of extra tight and extra short Lycra shorts?
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 Serifs were cut into the stone first so the stonecutter would know where to end a stroke. Doesn't seem to translate to carbon fiber.
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 Ran into a guy who was trying to tell me he was to old (49) for a normal bike and that when I got as old as he was I'd understand, I'm 63
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 I'm in my 40's. Unfortunately my knees are 267.
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 Username almost checks out
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 I'll take "Shit that didn't happen" for $500, Alex.

Also, I hope you realize that age doesn't necessarily mean much when it comes to joints. There are people in their 30s and 40s with joints that in worse shape than people older than them. Age is not the end-all be-all.
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 @UncleGrandpa62 We are in that same area, so I know I have passed you a few times on my eMTB.
I converted to an eMTB at the age of 58 and wish I would have done it at 55.
Interesting thing is more comments under the eMTB Randoms - Eurobike 2021, then the MTB Randoms - Eurobike 2021, I guess nobody eMTB filters are workingSmile
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 Run into a guy who found it necessary to tell me that I'm too young (near 40) for an ebike, pronouncing with pride that he is in his 50s.
That was weird, he knew nothing about me. I wasn't in his way either. That was not friendly, and I don't even see how it was his business. I think there are better ways to feel good about yourself.

To the point: I never had so much physical stress on an normal MTB, as I have on my eMTB, - you work as hard on a climb, but cover three times more distance in the same time, and you do three times more downhill, that's exhausting!

That reminded me of the past:
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 "Extra feature: maximum exposure in case of a crash." I was wondering if Bosch was gonna tidy up their messy cockìt for 2022 and it would seem not. I'm the guy who thinks the mode buttons on Shimano are too bulky so however good the Bosch system is compared to the rest, having that parrot perched on your bars is a non-starter for me.
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 The good thing with the new Bosch system is that the display is optional, so can just take it off (apparently) which is the first thing I'd do.
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 Agree, Sir. Bosch!!!! What are you doing!?!? The goal of all EMTB component and bike makers should be to make the bike look as much like a normal bike as humanly possible. Streamline streamline streamline. People should talk to you on the trail for five minutes before they realize you’re on an EMTB. Kudos to Specialized, Norco, Commencal, YT, Santa Cruz, Vitus, Nukeproof for doing this.
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 It’s a shame too because by all accounts the Bosch motor is incredible.
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 @PHX77: Yeah, and look at the Transalpes E1 way of doing it in the other post, minimalist.
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 All look like robo-boners
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 hawt, right?!?!
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 Mitas tyres , not Midas! , been around off road motorcycles for years , good spell check as always PB!
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 Yep, great for adventure/dual sport motos
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 Been rocking Mitas on the pbike for some time now. Dont think an E07+ would translate well to mtb mind….. Smile
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 Mitas sponsor the UCI XC World Cup so they're definitely out there
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 I am wondering to what extend it makes sense to use carbon as a frame material when looking at ebikes. I get the reason that carbon creates a certain look or feel, but weight? I'm not convinced. Aren't ebikes great because you dont have to care about weight and it creates this unique planted feeling?

"A carbon fiber front triangle reduces weight"
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 Beacause it's more expensive. It also looks more bulkier like a real Moped
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 Most most hold-outs (like me) don't want to have muscle and toss around the weight of a DH bike on local enduro/all mountain trails. I've demo'd a bunch and hate the extra work needed to move the bike around. They need to get into the high 30's before I'd even consider one. Point is, yes, weight matters.
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 @islandforlife: Specialized has been making SL (superlight) ebikes for 3 or 4 years now. I currently have a 56ish lbs Kenevo and had the pleasure of trying an 37 is lbs SL Levo. That is the future and a no brainer. It weighs the same as my non-electric aluminum Slayer (36 ish pounds). Was a little underpowered for my preference since I like to bang off laps as quick as possible when I'm powered up. Waiting another year to see how the SL line evolves...but I will convert shortly!
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 You lot are ridiculous, just lift some damn weights and get rid of those roadie arms. I can barely tell the difference riding my Rail or my Ripmo
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 @rudymedea: One day, when you learn to ride hard trails, you'll appreciate a nimble bike.
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 @LucaP: ok Randy
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 @rudymedea: i think his name is Luca
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 @rudymedea: No sweat, Jerry.
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 @LucaP: I don't get you guys. I think HIS name is Rudy.
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 @LucaP: lmao, you got down voted by the acoustic army for speaking the truth. @rudymadea probably rails the kiddie park in leeds, then posts about how fast he is. Typical pinkbike.
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 @shredddr: does he live on the 2nd floor?
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 @hypa: sound a bit bitter there mate, did that roadie arm comment hit a bit close to home?

I’m not gonna get into a pissing war on who rides ‘harder trails’ on the internet. Maybe you’re a better rider than me, maybe not. Who cares? Anyway I can’t see where I posted how fast I was, just that I enjoy riding all my bikes
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 How is any of this mountain biking? There was a time when men roamed the mountain and scars were badges of honour and a test of character.....
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 It isn’t. Pinkbike is in the business of convincing you itherwise
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 There were times when men inhabited trees, and here we are riding ebikes... that's called progress!
Good thing about free choice, is that you can still pick trees if you feel nostalgic Wink

As far as scars and testing of character are concerned, ebike do allow for these opportunities equally well.
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 Look at all that carbon, plastic and lithium. A year of use then straight in the bin.
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 Mitas used to be called Rubena which has history back to 1928 making tires for tractors, heavy machinery etc
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 I really don't hate the idea of e-bikes. being able to shuttle yourself to the top of trails with just your bike would be really nice. I just can't bring myself to drop that kind of money on any bike, e-bike, or real bike. It's just too much for a toy.
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 I get form should follow function, but surely for that much money they could make functional ebikes that aren't so ugly. I'm starting to reconsider the Pole as the fugliest bike around.
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 @Dogl0rd: May you choke on a truffle, dear Sir!
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Specialized seem to be the only company to have managed to make an ebike that doesn’t look like something out of Tron.
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 I bought mine used for 2500$. 2020 model. It's amazing exactly for that reason, shuttling yourself. All the fun on downhills and uphills are a breeze.
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 @notthatfast: the new orbea looks good
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 If you think bikes are expensive as far as toys go, wait until you hear about roadsters or sailboats
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 Turn the rebound all the way up & the No Pogo turns into a real Pogo
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 Already seeing ads on pinkbike for ebike limiter delete mods. Only a matter of time before ebikes jeopardize MTB access. Not a hater, RideKanuga rocks for ebikes. But they are private one way trails with a paid trail crew.
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 I think if you have fire roads to ride up to get to the trails ebikes are perfect. Who wants to be on a fire/gravel road for longer than you need. Single track uphill debatable. I still enjoy the up in single track with no assist. Get jealous of all the ebikers who pass me on the fire roads.
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 Eddy current would be interesting front tire in some parts of the world. I'll show more interest towards emtb when total weight becomes more relevant than torque.
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 Why is weight on its own a consideration for you? The power to weight ratio of you on an eMTB is much better than the power to weight ratio of you on a non eMTB. I
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 @notsofastoverfifty: how does that ratio help me with manoeuvrability? I'm not worried about climbing, I like sweating my ass off.
I'd be interested at increased range but don't want to ride a pig if that makes any sense.
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 I'm guessing E-MTB's are pretty popular in Europe?
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 they're pretty popular everywhere despite what the PB comment section thinks.
  • 4 0 dh bikes from 15 years ago
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 No double crown forks, the industry is still so lost.
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 The future of eMTB are here to stay ●
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 switch the logo font to wingdings II
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 Gash looking mopeds.
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 What's with those pedals on the Storck and what are they? Visible in the 3rd to last picture from the bottom of the thread.
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 Isn't the rear shock on the cube the Float X and not the DPX2 it's replacing?
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 That KTM looks like a nice ebike, however the Bosch bar mount and stem mount system looks like a disaster if you crash.
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 When does the Dave Scott ironman version of the Centurion drop?
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 @jockojones. Centurion bikes sold in the USA back in the 1980/90'
s where made by Diamondback. Diamondback did not have the rights to the Centurion name outside of the USA. That is the reason you don't see them anymore. The Centurion has been owned by a European company for many years. Someone at Diamondback did not do there homework when they started the brand. If they did all those bikes would have been Diamondback Dave Scott models.
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 Centurion? Looks like a Rail
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 Looks even more like a Scott
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 The tab lever on the dropper makes me want to punch someone.
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 No kick stand shots! Wtf pinkbike!
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 And all of them look absolutely ghastly.
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 Cool motor bikes
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 Wait but ebike bad
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