Day One Results: NotARace - iXS Cup Test Session

Jul 2, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

The results are in from the first day of the iXS Cup Test Session event with David Trummer and Vali Höll setting the fastest runs of the day. Although the event is designed to be more like timed training at a World Cup than an actual race it is always interesting to compare times of the top riders. With more riding set for tomorrow, there will be another chance for the racers to put together some fast runs.



1st. David Trummer: 2:20.660
2nd. Greg Williamson: +0.172
3rd. Adam Rojcek: +0.389


1st. Vali Höll: 2:37.652
2nd. Nina Hoffmann: +0.189
3rd. Melanie Chappaz: +6.005

Full Results:


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 If Gwin was there, he would finish last by a large margin! This is only timed training after all. Smile
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 And Luca Shaw would have a good chance for the win.
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 Vali Holl's no longer a junior, definitely one to watch whenever racing starts back up again.
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 I think most of them will retire by then :/
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 Manny Lettenbichler!
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 Surprised to see him here in Schladming. Seems that he is also fast without a motor. Respect!
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 If Zak had kept going he'd have probably won the race on Run #11
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 Trummer looking fast af.
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flag likeittacky (Jul 2, 2020 at 9:00) (Below Threshold)
 Apparently a bluejeans fan boy, just looking at who won without looking at the other times. Top 6 were within micro seconds of winning all of which fast AF.
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 No surprise, he lives near schladming
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 @likeittacky: Trummer doesn’t wear jeans...
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 @AGriez: Yep, got that one wrong; i stand corrected. It's Johannes Von Klebelsberg known as the "Denim Destroyer". but you cant refute ("just looking at who won without looking at the other times. Top 6 were within micro seconds of winning all of which were fast AF.") The people like a good arrow down anyway here on PB its satisfies their voraciousness.
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I actually saw a video of him in action in Schladming.. thats why i made this comment.

You are just salty for non reason.
Cheers bud.
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 @matijaslovel: Ah quick to debase a person without proving the point made is incorrect.

The Pot calling the Kettle Black.

Prost Bud
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 Adam Rojcek on FIRE! Wink
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 All the stress of late has made Martin Maes age at least ten years.
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 The womens field is staaacked
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 That's actually pretty close at the top for not a race.

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