Video: Dean Tennant - Ready To Go

Sep 26, 2019
by Noah Allman  
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"Anyone else like to watch mountain bike edits to get amped before a ride? I go to classic Larock edits, the latest DH World Cup footage, or the newest pinkbike shredit for inspiration. When cool autumn weather sets in sometimes you need that type of extra motivation to get out. Here’s a little something Noah and I cooked up to get you “ready to go.” Watch it, get stoked, and go shred!" - @dean

Working with Dean on this project was great! I grew up on the island watching his videos and getting so stoked to ride whenever a new one would come out. Over the years I became friends with Dean through coaching and the race scene and I was honoured when he asked if I'd make an edit with him. So here it is "Ready To Go"

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 Definetly not my type of music - but hell yeah finally a new Dean Tennant edit ! Sweet since nearly a decade !
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 agreed, music was awful, but dean is the man. awesome riding as usual!
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flag Endurip (Sep 27, 2019 at 3:34) (Below Threshold)
 @trainboy17: Yes, I had to mute the sound because of the retarded "music". Excellent riding!
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flag YakuT (Sep 27, 2019 at 4:52) (Below Threshold)
 just turnoff sound in this video and turn on Royal Blood - Little Monster in iTunes. Done!
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 Haha fair enough, music is perhaps not for everyone but the artist is Canadian, lyrics relatable to the video and beat was fast. Glad you liked the edit though!
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 @YakuT: that’s actually a great song too, i like that
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flag tomasinbc (Sep 27, 2019 at 13:44) (Below Threshold)
 why do they all drive tacomas ? are bikers looking for crap towing capacity and a sticky accelerator, 159hp? ?
so fign tired of seeing all these tacomas
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 To each their own- I think that track is hard.
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 Hard on the ears, if you have those.
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flag tomasinbc (Sep 27, 2019 at 23:57) (Below Threshold)
 Downvotes me like a bitch when u know I’m right
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 Music doesn't bother me. I just wish the video woulda been mixed to allow for the sounds of riding to actually come through. Tires on dirt is a good sound.
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 @tomasinbc: damn dawg its just pinkbike
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 I've said it once before, and I'll say it again right now. Dean Tennant is SICK !
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 Some of his videos is what made me want to come and ride in Canada. Sick one dude!
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 Hey Remy! Thanks so much man Im a big fan of your riding, keep killing it
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 Sick! Been waiting so long for a Tennant edit. Great work Dean & Noah. #readytogo
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 Dean Tennant YES !!!! The music was always so sick in the videos ...what the hell is this :O Frown
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 Yeah Dean! Nice to hear you're still in such high demand from the PB masses.
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This music summed up!

Yes Dean!
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 That's funny thanks for sharing
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 Trevor Noah is hilarious! Haha music is tough to please everyone but glad you liked the riding Smile
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 Sick shralping Deaner! Yeww!!
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 Always a banger with Dean. Sick trail.
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 Another rad shreddit. Thanks Dean for the inspiration. #notwashed
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 Dean the machine still got it yo... sick.
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 Can’t ever miss a Tennant edit, always make me want to ride . But holy hell what’s wrong with hip hop? Maybe I’m gettin old but...
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 Fu#k yeah!!! Dean Tennant still killing it!!!!
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 Awesome edit Dean!!!! Music too!
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 I'm grabbing my bike and heading out right now. Thanks for the stoke!
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 Definitely my type of music, love it!
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 @applesauce42 No way man, that music blows!
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 @applesauce42 Ya, you're right!
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 @applesauce42: having a good conversation there mate?
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 Watched this. Then watched Higher Calling 1 and 2. Respect.
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 Dean still killing it. Love his style on the bike.
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 sick bit of production! I quite like the music, has a bit of punch and a good contrast to the pretty bleak forest!
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 Where is it that he’s riding looks awesome. Defo some inspiring stuff
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 Great stuff guys!
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 YES! I love this so much! ????????????
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 Anyone know where this is?
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 guessing Prevost?
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 Most of this Mt Prevost in Duncan
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 Such sick music!

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