Deep Summer Photo Challenge - Viewer's Favourite

Aug 12, 2015
by Official Crankworx  
Deep Summer Photo Challenge - Viewers Favourite Vote Here

Gary Perkin - The Ways of Man

Grant Robinson - Ride For Your Life

Ryan Worcester - The Illusion vs The Experience

Sam Needham - Life Is A Journey

Laurence Crossman-Emms

Tim Koerber

Deep Summer Photo Challenge - Viewers Favourite Vote Here

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 The one with bikes in it.
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 So what you're saying is Tim Koerber's is the best.... riiiight? Wink
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flag xCri (Aug 13, 2015 at 21:42) (Below Threshold)
 No his sucked
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 Amazing work from everyone, but that pump track shot with the light trails from @Laurence-CE is POY
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 So from someone who was in the crowd... even though it was a judges event... the people spoke... LCE came out waaaaaaay on top
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 Lawrence got robbed.
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 100% yes
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 he sure did.
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 All amazing. No doubting that LCE had the best shots but it just felt like a highlight reel with not much story or feel for what goes on at Whistler. I liked Sam Needhams and Tim Koerbers.
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 Sam Needham yes !
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 Laurence Crossman-Emms for sure.
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 here's my two cents:

2nd place: Sam needham had some amazing photos, but it seemed to lack the story line that some of the others had and really felt like a hi-light reel (and a very good one at that). really loved a lot of his photos, especially the black and whites near the beginning. Still definitely a stand out among the group, but not quite first place.

1st place: Laurence CE had some incredible photography, very creative lighting, and wonderfully varied styles and compositions. His slideshow also had a very original story, and I liked that it was a bit of a deeper message than the usual story lines for this contest. All around, his slideshow felt a cut above the rest, and I really appreciate the effort he put into coming up with fantastic lighting and angle choices. For those that said his slideshow lacked story, Im not sure exactly what you are talking about. I thought it did a fantastic job melding that story theme with the photos, and the show just fell very well rounded as a whole. Laurence stole the show in my book!
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 Great slideshows.
Sam Needham with a creative banger there.
But for me the most creative photographer on the planet today in mountain biking is @Laurence-CE .
Amazing work yet again Laurence,
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 Laurence and Grant are battling it out for me. Laurence CE had the most banger-shots overall.. Grant Robinson had some unique angles for places in the bikepark, that have been shot to death over the years. I appreciate that a lot, as have been there taking photos and i know how difficult that is. Good post-production aswell. Third place might be Sam Needham Thanks to all participator for keeping me from studying...!
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 They all have great photos, but The Illusion vs The Experience was the only one that I wanted to keep watching. The others just didn't keep my interest.
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 Lawrence better win. That was crazy amazing.
And photos of people texting ... that is a thing now? Seriously ... ew.
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 Laurence C-E. Like, wow. PODs and POYs everywhere, truly painting with light. My toast got cold while I watched. That said, watching Sam Needham's slideshow totally reminded me of trips to Whistler and any other place I've gone riding with friends - got me in the gut.
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 Really nice edit firm the Wild Card LCE, something to prove? Nothing like the right motivation to bring it all together. Can't remember did he have a cell phone shot at the start????
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 Waaay too many god damned iPhone shots in Flipper's (Perkin).
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 Rewatched a head to head Sam and LCE... and I can see where Sam put up a good challenge but I still think LCE had better overall shots. Where he may have fallen a little short was the categories but he clearly wasn't going after category wins. Still the better show in my mind.
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 @Laurence-CE for sure!
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 Who won? LCE put out one of the coolest things i have seen in a while
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 2:10 on Gary's video ???? what an image
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 I was really impressed by Sam Needham's slide show and I am glad he was the Judge's winner. Laurence CE's slideshow was also impressive... and so I voted for him as viewer's favorite.

As for the other photogs.... WTF were you guys thinking?

Sam deservedly won the judge's vote bc he had a simple yet powerful story, brought out by his choice of music and amazing photography. Oh... and that last line was hilarious!!!
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 What were the other photographers thinking? My guess is they were thinking they had total artistic control of their own show and could do anything they wanted to without any outside influence. It's not often photographers get a chance to do a big project with an audience as large as this unless it's commercial work (in which case they then don't have total artistic freedom). I personally enjoyed the fact that every show was totally different. It was good to see people try new things and go in a different direction.

I do agree with you on Sam's show though, it was f'n incredible!
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 the one with iphones to wake you up
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 The one showing NO BRAND names on every other picture... or at least out of focus...
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 anyone got a track id on LCE's slideshow?
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 garys, even if it was a rather good rehash of the 2013 heckler launch video.
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 It's Whistler and you're still in bed at 11am?
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 Ryan Worcester FTW!!!
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 Was the message enjoy your bike or not to buy one? Confused
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 Enjoy what you got and it doesn't have to be the latest and greatest. It's not what you ride it's how you ride it.
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 Sam Needham 0:45
Laurence CE 3:53

Sam's the winner for me though.

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