Deity 2017 Preview - Interbike 2016

Sep 21, 2016
by Mike Kazimer  
Interbike 2016

Big changes are underway at Deity Components, and according to the company's owner, Eric Davies, this February they'll be revealing the complete details of their new product line, one that replaces 95% of their current offerings. Why take on such a massive revision? According to Davies, he felt it was time to leave the brand's original West Coast Chopper-esqe logo behind, and to come up with something more modern, one that looked fast standing still. It's not just the logo that's changed, though; Davies said that the last three years have been spent developing the new components. A preview of the upcoming products was on display at Interbike, including new stems, bars, and grips.

Deity 2017
The mix of patterns on the Knuckleduster grip are meant to add comfort without making it feel too bulky. There are two different ribbed patterns on the top and inner portion, and a waffle pattern where the ends of a rider's fingers will rest. The grips use a tapered internal sleeve and a single lock-on clamp to stay secured to the bar, and have a 32mm outer diameter.

Deity 2017
Slim and simple, the Waypoint grip measures 31mm in diameter and use a Kevlar infused rubber that's said to increase the diamond pattern's durability.

Deity 2017
The Blacklabel handlebar are constructed from 7075 aluminum and now measure 800mm wide, with a 9-degree bend and 5-degree upsweep. The bars have a 31.8mm clamping diameter, and 15, 25, and 38mm rises will be available.

Deity 2017
Aluminum bars with 35mm clamp diameters can sometimes feel overly-stiff, at least for some riders, which is why Deity went with a 825mm length for their Holeshot downhill / freeride oriented handlebar. That extra length gave the bar the on-trail feel they were looking for, although how stiff the bar feels will increase should you decide to trim it down.

Deity 2017
The Skyline is Deity's new all-mountain / enduro race handlebar, with a 787mm width, 31.8mm clamping area, and a 9 degree bend.

Deity 2017
According to Deity, the new Copperhead stem can withstand everything from all-mountain riding to slopestyle, with a 31.8mm clamp and a 30mm stack height.
Deity 2017
35, 50, and 65mm lengths will be offered in a range of colors including black and orange.

Deity 2017
There are two versions of the Intake DM stem, one for 31.8mm bars and one for 35mm bars, both with a zero-degree rise and 50mm length.

Deity 2017
The successor to the classic Decoy pedal, the new Black Kat pedals have 100x100mm platform and spin on a bushing and cartridge bearings.
Deity 2017
A truly concave shape should help make these even grippier and more comfortable than their predecessor. Final MSRP hasn't been set, but expect it to be less than $120 USD.

MENTIONS: @deityusa


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 So rather than tuning wall thicknesses, using different materials, or just keeping a 31.8mm clamp, we're just going full on up to 825mm because THAT gives you the same stiffness? I just think there's better ways to make the bar more forgiving rather than adding a whole lot of length to it.
A legitimate question, is anyone out there riding 825mm bars comfortably?
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 @Thustlewhumber: I guess the whole 35mm clamp thing is lost on me.

I know it's intended to make handlebars stiffer, but all I ever hear about in regard to them is how they are too stiff.

Whatever, I'll stick with 31.8 until I have no choice. By then, everyone will prob be back on 31.8
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 With a 120mm stem they're a dream...
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 @Thustlewhumber: I'm not entirely positive what he's riding at WC's, but his signature ENVE bar is 808mm.
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 I have 840s but I'm 6'8....
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 Not wide enough. We need 880mm.
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 I rode 820 bars for the better part of this season and just trimmed to 790. I don't know why I waited so long to trim. I'm tall as shit with gorilla arms, but the negatives steering bars this big far outweigh any benefits of stability.
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 @davidsimons: I'm waiting for rudder tiller style steering: 200mm stem, no bar.
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 @polarflux: What?! Udder Titter style steering?
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 Why do they make the 35mm portion of the bar so long?
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 35mm bars are another 'development' that we didnt really need. As you say I wonder what the point is in a 35mm bar when brands are trying to push bars that have vibration damping and Diety here had to make the bars overly wide to try and prevent them feeling harsh - What a total joke that is. So in short, ride the 35mm bar if you want to use a bar so wide it is pretty much un-useable or if you want to stay in the world of an actually rideable bike then stick to 31.8mm bars. I am sure the bike-park kids will buy them though!
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 @Racer951: Speak for yourself. 35mm bars and stems are one of (If not the only) recent bike developement that I actually like and have been willing to spend money on. I bought a raceface atlas 35 bar/stem combo and as soon as I got on the bike I could instantly feel a difference. Way more control over the front end of the bike, super stiff and reliable, and look f*cking amazing. Love it!
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 @Racer951: 35mm diqmeter handlebars were developed in order to allow brands to produce wide eg 800 or +mm bars which are light and have the same stiffness as 800mm bars and 31.8mm diameter. Whether or not that was worth while is another question. What is known is that 35mm diameter bars that are under 800mm wide feel too stiff.
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 @its-joe: @its-joe: What bar and stem were you running before, something cheap and noodly or are you 25 stone?

If you ride a longer / rougher track you may find out why, a super stiff bar doesnt allow increased control if you cant hold onto the bars any longer. I think 35mm bars are too stiff, I am not alone here as many WC racers feel the same and stick with 31.8mm.

Look at this article, Deity themselves think 35mm bars are too stiff - thats why they made them to an insane 825mm width and state that they may feel too stiff it cut dow.
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 @its-joe: Take a look at this statement on Pinkbike (look in the next interbike report)

"Regardless of what you think of 35mm handlebars and stem clamps (they're silly, by the way), it's apparently a really easy way to make everything too stiff and unforgiving, which is why Renthal has been using a neat data acquisition system that measures the force being put through the handlebar via sensors plugged into each side of it"

Whoever wrote that agrees with my view of 35mm bars and Renthal are obviously going to great length to make sure their 35mm bar doesnt ride in the ultra stiff manner you think translates to increased control.
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 Making the bars absurdly wide to induce compliance instead of actually engineering the bar is perhaps one of the more ridiculous things I have seen.
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 @its-joe: Ditto. I had 785 mm bars with a 31.8 clamp previously and switched to RF 800 mm and a 35 clamp. I think they feel awesome and the control is phenomenal. As far as increasing the bar width...hey, whatever turns you on. When I ran the 785 bars my hands were always out on the ends of the bars with the side of my palms hanging over the edge. Now running the 800's the sit centered in the middle of the grips and I am cornering much better. I don't really think I'd want anything much bigger than 800's, but I won't go back to smaller bars at this point.
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 Short frame and wide bars makes for a super fun park bike
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 @davidsimons: 120mm Stem! Why have you put them on a road bike???
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 I went back to a 31.8 diameter because 35mm was too stiff. That's what she said.
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 I'm absurdly tall (6'6") and have broad shoulders so I bought some of the Minnaar bars, the 810mm, 45mm rise, 9 degree sweep envy's and honestly they felt too wide. I wouldn't have said an additional 10mm would have made such a big difference but it did. Maybe Shaq needs some 825's but I dunno.
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 I'm still hoping to see the Yard Bar soon
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 i wonder if 33.4 would be just right...
  • 1 3

Need to go to 1000mm, and have a note stuck in the box saying "Just cut 5" off each end, poser."
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 @BryceBorlick: that will be next year.
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 Edit, double click....
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 At lot of this comes down to personal preference. I have friends around 6ft 2" running 760mm bars quite happily, for me at 6ft, 780s feel awesome. Running Easton Havoc 35mm carbon bars cut to 780mm on the Gambler and love the feel personally. Feels slightly more accurate to me than the previous 31.8, 780 FatBar. But then what would I know, not like I have experience of the product in question or anything...
  • 3 0
 780 on the dh bike and 720 on the dj
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 I don't see the problem. If 825 is too wide, but the 800mm Blacklabel. Choices are good.
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 This !!!!
  • 3 2
 Amen brother
  • 2 2
 No, because then if you smash/bend a pin, you have to cut the top off before taking it out from the back. Smash a pin that threads in from the top and you can just spin it out with pliers.
  • 1 1
 @amishmatt: Unless you break it off, then you have to tap it out. Which is a pain, and sometimes un-doable. I can say I have never bent a pin that I can remember in 10 years of riding flats. They always have sheared off flush with the pedal. No way I would ever buy a front threading flat again after dealing with that poor design for years.
  • 2 0
 @gdnorm: my experience is exactly the opposite. I've bent pins that screw in from the back, which have been way more of a pain to remove than those that screw in from the top. I'd also rather break a thinner pin that screws in from the top than severely bend a thicker pin that screws form the back, which can defore the hole before it breaks.
  • 21 2
 What do they mean by kevlar "infused". Are we brewing ice tea now?
  • 19 3
 825 mil bars! This must be the peak soon enough it will go full circle and we will be riding 600s again.
  • 20 2
 Not yet. Superstarcomponents has their yardstick (one yard = 3ft long). Then SRAM/Truvativ will say that's silly and will go all metric and release a 1m bar with a 50mm clamp diameter and which takes 20mm diameter grips. With handlebars twice as wide as oldschool XC handlebars it would be silly to keep the bar all for yourself and Surly will release a similar bar but with imperial dimensions (40" long, 2" clamp and 1 3/8" grips) with two grip areas to simultaneously clamp the bar on two bikes. Crankbrothers will be very innovative and release their (as of yet unreliable) dropper bar giving you handlebar adjustability between 1000mm and 1020mm, conveniently adjusted by a remote under the saddle.

Darker days ahead brother...
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 you can buy 915 mm bars,and syncros had 1 meter prototype Big Grin
  • 4 2
 @Hyperx: If you really need to compensate for something... Razz
  • 12 0
 F*ck Yea!!!
  • 9 1
 I might be the only one that cares but that "old" logo was my favorite thing about deity. Not a huge fan of the nascar racing text.
  • 7 3
 "he felt it was time to leave the brand's original West Coast Chopper-esqe logo behind, and to come up with something more modern, one that looked fast standing still" Idk if its just me but I always loved deity for this fact, you knew there components from ways off based on the logo and graphics. Most other companies look like dime a dozen parts with very safe branding, deity your old logo and product line embodied your company and riders way more than this generic "fast" print you revamped with..
  • 3 1
 Wondering if the name in general is too 'dark' for oem sales...dunno, but i have 787 bars n love em
  • 5 0
 I always loved their older dark advertisements, they were the mtb version of Cult. now they're just a basic looking company. BRING BACK THE DARKNESS
  • 7 1
 Where did I leave my damned wallet I'm going to need it REAL soon cause damn
  • 9 2
 Good stuff. New Blak Cat pedals look amazing!
  • 3 11
flag h82crash (Sep 21, 2016 at 21:04) (Below Threshold)'s pronounced petals.
  • 9 1
 @h82crash: Sure, if your riding a flower.
  • 4 1
 I was referring to the spelling under the pic, which has been since corrected, with a bit of a Simpsons reference thrown to keep it light hearted (re:nuclear-nucular)
  • 3 1
 Oh, an interesting 32 mm grip design. Is it just me or are thick grips far and few inbetween? I'm riding 32 mm Superstar Excels and i also tear any glove under XXL on the thumb and index finger (due to too short fingers of the gloves), so i'd like to try out any 33 or 34 mm grips if there are any at all...
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 Race face Strafe are 33mm
  • 2 1
 Easton Lock-On grips are available in a 33mm diameter.
  • 1 0
 ODI Rogue is 34mm and nice deep channels
  • 1 0
 Thanks guys!
  • 3 1
 Umm, there will never be a good time to leave the old logo behind, it was great! Forward progress is great, but these parts look too generic. I know business is about making money, and if you can get the masses to buy your product then you start bringing in the dough. I just feel like these products don't have the edgy look, and will turn away a lot of the people who bought there product because it was great, but most importantly because it didn't like like every other manufacturer's stuff.
  • 2 1
 I used to think Deity was the Real but after that Inside Deity's New HQ article a while back I m not so sure. Never read so many cliches in one article and it looks like they manufacture nothing inhouse but image. The lead of this article is about their logo being too WCC? I liked the OE letters and devil tails but whatever. Image is NOT everything. I'll still buy a Cam Zink 38 special bar when they go on sale even though I'll need a new stem / my bike came with a 35mm stem a over year ago and I don't think the 38s come in that size. I have 2 set of Decoy magnesiums 2 old white bars and 2 first gen Fantom stems I still run on various bikes - not a hater.
  • 4 2
 Need to just jump up to 1000mm already. Syncros tried it 6 years ago.
  • 1 0
 They were ahead of their time. So innovative.
  • 4 0
 @deityusa when will your products be available in the UK
  • 2 0
 knuckledusters look very similar to dmr's death grips (which is a good thing), but it's a bummer they didn't feature any kind of flange.
  • 1 0
 Riding in the trees of New England as I do, if I could have a 800+ wide bar and keep my hands in at roughly 800-810 and not worry about scrubbing trees with my hands, I think that would be pretty sweet.
  • 3 0
 Could an aluminum frame be in the works?
  • 4 1
 Really dig the Copperhead stem!
  • 6 3
 Deity always killing it with time-tested tech and perfect execution!
  • 7 4
 No 100mm stems, well they lost me as a customer!
  • 2 4
 I did a few rides on my crappy HT with 130 stem and 760 bars. It was kind of interesting...
  • 5 2
 @WAKIdesigns: I imagine you have a minimum of 15 bikes. Tell me it is true.
  • 2 0
 @deityusa Are you ever going to release those Fox/Deity Blacklabel handlebars?
  • 4 1
 Happy to 9 degree backsweep
  • 3 1
 Been trying to get the T Mac pedals in England and can't find them anywhere, so sadly I'll be purchasing another brand..
  • 5 2
 I use an 8ft threaded gas pipe for handlebars.
  • 5 2
 If you are under 6ft and running 825mm bars kill urself
  • 5 3
 That is a goofy wide handlebar
  • 3 0
 no new zink bar designs?
  • 1 0
 Deity Kat pedals almost as big as my ancient Speed Play Drilliums. My size 14 gunboats may like these better.
  • 2 0
 Just got my T Macs , super user friendly .
  • 2 1
 Decoy pedals are the best ever
  • 1 0
 damn...I love Deity but thats way too wide for the Black Lable.
  • 1 0
 All this new stuff looks great @deityusa !
  • 2 2
 cough, cough, catalogue products tidied up.
  • 2 2
 Wheres the Carbon?!
  • 1 3
 Unless you are a 7 ft alien, 760-800 mm 31.8 bars are fine, the rest is bs!
  • 3 6
 Those pedals are not concave, they have a massive bulge at the axle, the TMacs and perals like the DMR Vault are concave.
  • 3 5
 Noticed the same thing. Marketing jargon at it`s worst.
  • 2 1
 I have a serious hate for pedals with that hideous bulge in the middle, feels terrible under foot, feels more convex than concave. Neg proppers have no idea what they are talking about.
  • 1 3
 @bigburd: This is a completely pro Deity audience. Even pointing out the truth isnt acceptable.

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