Bas van Steenbergen & David McMillan Scrubbing Whistler Clean - Video

Mar 7, 2018
by DEITY Components  
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Burn in some laps with DEITY's David McMillan and Bas van Steenbergen as they hit some classic Whistler lines and showcase their timeless style on two wheels!

Filmed/Edited: Vince Smith
Music: Covenants by The Soldier Story

MENTIONS: @deityusa


  • + 64
 yo deity, put out more edits. sincerely, mountain bike community
  • + 14
 Proposition: we all buy some Deity components so they can spend time and energy on more edits. I took one for the team already Smile
  • + 9
 @Lookinforit: always a toss up whether it is deity or chromag. i can only run so many handlebars! but both make awesome products and support amazing riders and film makers and i think that is very good for this industry
  • + 41
 I scrubbed my toilet yesterday.
  • + 5
 And I whipped my dead horse
  • + 35
 never throwing big tricks and still easily two of the most entertaining riders on the planet to watch
  • + 27
 the riding is more relatable to me. ya i am not going that fast but i can imagine whipping and scrubbing. 720s are not relatable to me (hell 180s are barely relatable for me).
  • + 16
 that pre hop on the Aline rock drop is so high risk. Remember that guy who sued after breaking his neck on this. He lost, but shit. I always think of this when hitting this drop or pre hopping it.
  • + 3
 Not really.. that was being done 15 years ago when the rock drop was actually a drop. Now it's a bit more tame. Still a solid line tho.
  • + 15
 The berm press pre hop on a line is so impossible it’s not even funny. You’re frikked bas
  • + 1
 Dirtiest move in the edit. Damn!
  • + 9
 I miss the days of dry trails and shorts...... Winter, I'm done. K?
  • + 4
 Most or that edit looks pretty dry for there still being 2 meters of snow on the ground currently
  • + 2
 I can't wait to get back up there. I couldn't make it up the last 2 years, I'm shooting for min 3 trips up there this summer
  • + 2
 Nose bonk on the A-Line rock drop is always so fun...can't wait to get back up there again! Great cut Vince!
  • + 22
 LOL lets see your nose bonk on it
  • + 1
 @74tenomresc: The only nose I may bonk on it is the one in my face
  • + 0
 @74tenomresc: Plenty of pics of me shredding on my profile. No nose bonks filmed tho. Why the hate?
  • + 1
 You have no idea how good this is on an UltraWide monitor! That was amazing
  • + 1
 Bas Van Steenbergen. Haven’t heard that name in years. Pretty sure he rode for BH back in the day. I’m old.
  • + 3
 Wrong dude. I feel like a weenie.
  • + 2
 bass's trek is on fuego... er... rebranded trek
  • + 1
 I was there last year for opening week was sooooo much fun still paying the credit card bastards off but worth every penny!
  • + 3
 wish it was longer!
  • + 11
 that´s what she said... (sorry I had to Big Grin )
  • + 1
 Deity Riders always produce the goods.....
  • + 1
 Shit yeah Vince, that was so fuckin sick!
  • + 2
 Thanks Ty, stoked you like it!
  • + 1
 He makes slo motion look fast. Also 1:42 is just mind bending. So sick.
  • + 1
 Jersey and pants are sick!
  • + 2
  • + 3
 opening day for 2018 is may 18th........................................ 72 more sleeps. hells yeah.
  • + 1
 is it summer in Whistler yet? lucky canadians eh!
  • + 1
 nah whistler is over rated. or i'm just jaded.
  • + 1
 That ain’t no bubba scrub
  • + 1
 That nose bonk made me nauseous and emotional.
  • + 1
 I mean...I got pretty stoked on scrubbing...AM I DIRTY???
  • + 1
 Summer. It is coming.
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