The deity softgoods continue to expand!

Aug 8, 2007
by Tyler Maine  
Bound by attitude, style, and not conforming for anybody, the deity crew continues to expand their ever growing Softgoods designs to reflect their vision, passions, voice, and influences. Now offering 11 shirts, 6 hats, 1 zip up hoody, and a lot more to come for the 2008 season, the deity crew is proud to introduce five of their new designs…The Matador, Vengeance, Death Bird, Youth, and Propaganda Tee to the masses. A late summer release, you can expect to see the line grow throughout the 2008 season as new designs are introduced, old ones are retired, and new gear comes to the fold.With riders, musicians, producers, horror film directors, and more wearing the deepening deity range on their chest, the deity lifestyle encompasses the MTB game and more. Known for their pure love of cinema, bikes, and art, the support and embrace across the globe continues to reassure that the deity voice is strong, unwavering, and held tight by an army of people who proudly wear deity on their chest and ride deity metal on their bikes.

“Anybody who knows us understands where our style comes from. We love film, art, music, and our influences, so from our web site, our catalog, our softgoods, our products, to so much more, we channel our passions directly into what we do. I always wanted deity to be much more than just a parts company, I wanted it to be a reflection of my life, surroundings, and loves. It is funny to see riders, peers, and friends come to our place, or even my home, and within seconds they realize that we live who and what we are.
I know more than anybody that our style may not suit 80% of the people out there and we love that. It simply means that the remaining 20% understand where we are coming from and those are the people who we are here for, because I am one of them. Sure we could sell a lot more clothing if we put pretty and accessible graphics on our tees, but that is done well by many other companies and we are not one of them. It is simple, anything we touch comes from our vision and is not trying to conform to what is or is not acceptable within this industry or in life. It does not mean that our style may be right for you, but if it is, you can rest assured that it will not shift and change as we are not rolling with the market, we are creating our own.” Eric Davies (Designer and Owner)

A 110% Rider owned, operated, designed, developed, and funded company, deity was born on 04.04.04 in an attempt to deliver something different to people looking for a company they could relate to. Since 2004, deity has grown into a small company that is proud to have the devoted support of so many riders and people who understand their direction and realize that it is only the beginning. With many plans in store for 2008, the deity crew will continue to be a growing presence throughout the world as they set forth on the release of their new product line and introduction of their new site on 01.01.08.

Make sure to check out the “News” page at for the latest news on the deity roster of riders that is comprised of Cameron Zink, Kyle Strait, Lars Tribus, Nate Adams, Emily Johnston, Carter Holland, Adam Hauck, Taylor Sage, Griz, Zach Hensley, Lance Mosley, Kyle Ritchie, Chris Donahue, Joe Prisel, and Lisa Sher.


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