Design Your Dream Fizik Gravita Shoe

Sep 9, 2021
by fizikofficial  

Words by Fizik

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a bike shoe designer – or if you’ve just wanted some very cool custom MTB shoes – then this is the contest for you. Fizik is bringing you a competition like no other: design your dream Gravita shoes.

The rules are simple:
1. Download the template
2. Do your creative thing
3. Share it in your Instagram stories, tagging both fizikofficial and yourself.
Pro racer Thibaut Dapréla will pick one lucky, talented winner to receive their own custom pair of Gravita Tensor MTB shoes from fizik.

But that’s not all! In addition to receiving a custom pair of fizik Gravita shoes featuring your own, unique design, you’ll also see your creative juices flowing all over the trails next season on the feet of Daprela himself. That’s right, we’ll be sending a second set of Gravita Tensor shoes to the talented Commencal / Muc-Off rider to wear in the opening race of the 2022 season!

When it came to creating the powerful Downhill performance of our Gravita Tensor MTB shoes, we enlisted the expertise of industry-leading engineers, footwear designers and race-winning pros. But now, our team needs one more member to take the Gravita Tensor truly over the top—we need you!

So don’t wait—download the template today and start designing. Get colorful, creative and even a little crazy. But be sure to design a shoe that you want to wear because who knows? You just might be soon enough! Contest ends on September 30th.

Download the template


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 What if you're not a child and have never been on IG?
  • 4 2
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 Why do people keep saying that only children are on Instagram? I'm 37 and I've had an Instagram account for about 19 years. It's a fun way to share photos with your friends. All of my friends who are of similar ages have accounts too. I also follow a bunch of other mechanics and technicians and glean new techniques and tricks for bettering myself in the field of bike mechanics.
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 @seraph: I don't actually disagree with most of what you said. It just seems a bit impossible for you to have been on istagram for 19 years when it was made in 2010. Razz
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 then you should be wise enough to know this is just a promo
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 @seraph: they just mean immature. Which is exactly what Instagram is for.
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 @seraph: I commend your commitment to the new internet
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 Coloring inside the lines is not designing
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 It's not not designing.
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 the right colour is black! Wink
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 What if you don't care about the color. but really want a bike shoe shaped like a foot?
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 Have you put these on? They’re quite ergonomic.
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 @erikkellison: I haven't, but there is a picture of the shoe above, and it is shaped like a bunion, just like every other bike shoe I've seen.
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 Can I design it in 4E wide?
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 Can I change the closure system to BOA?
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 Can you submit multiple?
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 Amazing shoes, amazing design. I've got mine couple months ago and totally love them.

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