Destination Showcase: Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 19, 2022
by Tory Powers  

Photo & Words: Tory Powers
Riders: Courtney Knott & Teddy Jaramillo
Presented by Visit Albuquerque

In mid-May 2022, the U.S. Forest Service closed several national forests in New Mexico due to dry conditions. Before heading out, always check the latest information at

The sky is filled with hot air balloons and the burritos are filled with hot green chile, right? Yes, but Albuquerque is so much more. Albuquerque has a rich history of iconic events, food, and culture. It’s a place where diverse cultures are reflected in the art and architecture and vast landscapes invite you to get outdoors. And while Albuquerque is a major city, it somehow doesn’t feel crowded at all. We never managed to get stuck in traffic, never really waited in a line - it was wonderful.

When you’re not watching the balloons in the sky, look for film crews around town. Albuquerque is a major production hub for the movie and TV industry, with notable media shot here such as the latest season of “Stranger Things," the film “No Country for Old Men” and of course, the “Breaking Bad” series and “Better Call Saul.” A number of tour companies offer guided tours of local film spots, including a cycling tour that visits familiar “Breaking Bad” locations by bike.

Albuquerque is turning into a hotspot for the outdoor industry as well with trails for mountain biking popping up all over the place. With over 600 miles across over 400 trails, you’ll likely never run out of new terrain to ride. If you’re looking to come down to New Mexico in general for mountain biking, Albuquerque is the perfect place to stay while you check out the area. There are countless trails not only in town, but also within a short drive. On our shortlist for Albuquerque and the surrounding areas were the Sandia foothills, Oak Flats in Tijeras, and White Mesa just outside of Bernalillo. Some other honorable mentions are the extensive Mariposa Fat Bike trail network as well as the Sandia Mountain trails.

Also, the food here was so good that I’m giving it its own section at the bottom of the article. If you need some recommendations, or want to know where you can get green chile on your gyro, check out my recommendations near the end of this article.


Up first was the Sandia Foothills. This area is comprised of a handful of different trailheads all along the Tramway road on the east side of town. Most of these trails meander and connect to one another, which makes it feel like it’s all just one big riding area. We checked out the South Foothills which has over 21 miles of primarily cross-country riding and 42 trails. This whole zone was incredibly unique with its short, punchy climbs on loose dirt and different terrain at each turn. With each trail averaging just half a mile, there are nearly endless combinations of rides you can do here. The six different trailheads allow you to mix it up even further.

The riding here was fast, flowy, and occasionally pretty technical. The loose gravel over hardpack keeps you on your toes since traction is at an all time low in the rocky bits. Wide tires are your friends here.

We primarily rode trail 365 and its offshoots, but this is the perfect place to leave your phone and Trailforks in your pocket and see where you end up, because you’re bound to have a blast no matter which direction you head in.

Ted finding a way to make the techy sections even more technical.
Courtney charging through a fast rock garden on 365.

The desert ecosystem in the foothills made me feel like a true cowboy. The different types of cholla cactus, beautiful peaks, and views of town were a spectacular combination.

Sandia Foothills - South mountain biking trails


Were you missing the hard pack and tree cover like I was? Then you’ll enjoy taking a break from the hot sun over in Tijeras, just a short 20 minute drive from downtown Albuquerque. Tijeras is a tiny town just off the scenic byway to Santa Fe. Tijeras has about 80 miles over 46 different trails. However, this area has mixed usage. You can expect to see everything from hikers to ATVs here, but we only ran into one local on a normal weekday afternoon.

This zone is best suited to a short travel bike as the trails aren’t nearly as technical. That’s not to say there aren’t any rocks here, though. There are a handful of tricky one-off rock gardens to keep you things interesting.

The thick shrubs were a really nice change coming from the high desert we had experienced the day before. Tijeras felt a lot more like Colorado with the type of terrain. It was just really interesting to me to be able to find a shift this drastic by driving just a mere 20 minutes from the Sandia Foothills.

We did one of the more popular rides here - Otero Canyon to West Ridge. Riding this clockwise as we did is probably the best direction as the climbs were more sporadic and technical which allowed the descending to be flowy and consistent. Once you reach the top of West Ridge, you’re greeted with a new perspective of the south side of the Sandias as you poke out of the thick shrubbery.

An evening ride here like we did was perfect to watch the fading light touch the mountains.

All smiles from Courtney here.
Ted carrying speed through the chunder.

Otero/David Canyon mountain biking trails


On our final day of riding, we took a bit of a longer drive northwest to Bernalillo, a small town just off I-25. Another 15-20 minutes up the road from Bernalillo is one of the most unique zones I’ve been to in a long time. White Mesa (AKA White Ridge) is a geological masterpiece, with sulfur deposits, pointy ridgelines, and multicolored dirt.

This particular area is just 9 miles, but was by far my favorite location to ride while we were here. We checked out Dragon’s Back, the local favorite, as well as Central Spine.

Exposure makes this riding feel a bit tougher than your average blue trail. The brittle salt-like dirt and vast landscapes gave the impression of an otherworldly experience. At times you’re battling off-camber singletrack, and at others you’re flowing through rolling hills along a true spine.

Every direction you look is extremely picturesque and mesmerizing. The Sandias to the east, rolling hills and monumental formations to your right - more of this, please.

White Ridge Trail System mountain biking trails

Now, onto the real reason you’re here, right? The food.

Sawmill - Food hall-style small restaurants fill the modern warehouse at Sawmill. All of the food here was top notch. We ate at XO Waffle (my personal favorite), Hawt Pizza Co., Kulantro, Neko Neko for multiple fun soft serve treats (get the melon chocolate, trust me), Paleta Project for a popsicle, and Tulipani Pasta. If you don’t know what you want, you want Sawmill.

Duran’s - A small traditional New Mexican eatery in the back of a gift shop/pharmacy. Duran’s has the legendary Duran’s green chile which was to die for. Be wary though, the green chile down here has a kick. The stuffed sopapillas were the must have here.

Modern General - A fun LA style spot that is great for breakfast/brunch. Coming from a food/service background myself, it was really cool to see that this restaurant was specifically a “no tip” restaurant as the workers here are paid a much higher wage than your typical restaurant.

Slice Parlor / Marble Brewery - Marble was a great brewery that’s been expanding like crazy. With multiple locations in New Mexico as well as growth out of state, you know you can get a great post-ride beer here. Right next door is Slice Parlor where you can get a cheap slice of pizza, because what’s better than pizza AND beer?

Whole Hog Cafe - Holy moly, the brisket and mac and cheese here - wow! Take a one block walk over to Whole Hog from Slice Parlor or Marble Brewery to grab some amazing southern style barbeque.

Naruto Ramen - Were you looking for a bowl of ramen that’s bigger than your head? Me too. We found it. Naruto is right off Central near the UNM campus which is typically where you’ll find the best bang for your buck, near a bunch of poor college kids, right? $12 gets you the deluxe ramen in an environment that makes you feel like you really just stepped into Japan.

Gyros Mediterranean - Remember how I mentioned you can get green chile on your gyro? This is the spot. I was too nervous to do it, though, so I can’t tell you if that part of it is good. The rest? All time. We got mediterranean salads here and they definitely fit the bill.

Blake’s Lotaburger - It would be a crime if we came here and didn’t eat Blake’s, a local staple. We can’t always be craving salads, so when you aren’t, take a trip to Blake’s for a solid burger and even better seasoned fries.

Range Cafe - If you're looking for amazing baked goods and breakfast in a stylistic location that lots of famous folks have dined at, make a stop at Range Cafe in Bernalillo after riding at White Ridge.

I had only ever driven through Albuquerque on my way to other riding destinations, or been in proximity while heading to Angel Fire. I wish I had known of the diverse cycling Albuquerque had to offer before now. From what I heard around town, the cycling is growing each year and there is a ton of terrain that has yet to be utilized down there. I already plan on making it back down in the fall when the weather is perfect and the events are starting to pick up. When you’re here, make sure to check out the amazing riding, and the even better food.

Albuquerque mountain biking trails

Suggested Restaurants/Breweries:
Bike In Coffee at Old Town Farm and Kickstand Café both cater to cyclists and are located adjacent to the popular Paseo del Bosque trail.
Breweries: Marble Brewery, Steel Bender Brewyard, and Tractor Brewing Company
Farm & Table – located on a permaculture farm, this restaurant sources local meat, produce and dairy for its menu
Sandia Crest House – great views, a casual spot with an outdoor deck for cyclists to grab a snack after riding their bike along the Crest trails, open only late spring through early fall

Local Bike Tours/Guides/Shops:
Routes Bicycle Tours & Rentals - a large selection of Mountain Bikes, Elite Road Bikes, and bike racks for cars available for rent. Also offers bike build services when folks travel with their own bicycles.
MST Adventures – offers private mountain biking skills clinics and guided tours
Heritage Inspirations – offers e-bike tours of Albuquerque neighborhoods
Free-to-Roam Ebiking – Offers bike tours and rentals

Suggested “Must-Do” Activities in Albuquerque:
Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway – the longest aerial tram in North America
Electric Playhouse – immersive games plus food and drink
Hot Air Ballooning – balloon rides are available in Albuquerque year-round, and this year the city will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (Oct. 1-9, 2022)
Historic Old Town Neighborhood, including museums in the area
ABQ BioPark system, including the BioPark Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical Garden and Tingley Beach
Rio Grande Nature Center – easily accessible from the Paseo del Bosque trail
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center – learn about the 19 Native American pueblos of New Mexico, see traditional dance performances, dine at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen
National Hispanic Cultural Center – art museum plus one of the largest frescos in North America (the 4,000 square foot Mundos de Mestizaje, located inside the Torreon)

Suggested Places to Stay:
Bottger Mansion of Old Town – this B&B has all the character of a historic home, offers huge breakfasts perfect for carb-loading, and is convenient to shopping and dining.
Hotel Andaluz – a LEED Gold-certified hotel, the historic property is recognized not only for its sustainability efforts but also for its rooftop lounge, in-house tapas bar, and Spanish-inspired décor.
Nativo Lodge – many of the guest rooms here feature murals individually painted by contemporary Native American artists, making each stay unique.
Los Poblanos Historic Inn – located on a historic farm, the property features lavender fields, organic gardens and a wellness spa. The inn provides bicycles so that guests can explore nearby areas, including the vineyards at Casa Rondena Winery and the Paseo del Bosque bike path. Guided bike tours are also available.
El Vado Motel – located on Historic Route 66, the outdoor patio is surrounded by a tap room, food pods, live entertainment on weekend evenings
Painted Lady Bed & Brew – instead of breakfast, this B&B specializes in local craft beers. It is located on the grounds of a 19th-century former brothel and saloon.

Presented by Visit Albuquerque

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 ...and if you crash and wanna sue for damages, I happen to know a great lawyer!
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 It’s all good man
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 @Quincybuickerood: a great TV ad is starting to form in my head...
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 @hardtailpunter: just like Saul!
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 How ironic that this comes out literally the day before practically the entire state goes into Stage III fire restrictions (i.e. total closure) due to the very real, very extreme fire situation happening right now.
If someone in the PNW could please send some of there excess rain our way right now, we'd be eternally grateful.

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 It’s so so toasty out here. Add in Angelfire pushing back their opening date too!
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 So sad to see Nuevo burning. I grew up skiing and riding all of northern New Mexico and still have many friends and family there. We are doing our best rain dance for you all. Frown
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 @fumando: In that case, definitely dance for Sipapu! they are scary close
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 It is beyond sad! Respect the closures and pray for rain. Both Sipapu and Angel Fire in the Calf Canyon crosshairs right now
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 NM food and riding is terrible. Avoid Hatch chilis at all costs.

Just ride the McTrails and fried food of Gnarkansas. Everything an "expert" rider needs.
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 Add "ride skateboards in Indian School Ditch" to Must Do's as well!
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 came here to post same!
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 We wanted to get a shot riding but unfortunately didn't have the time!
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 Nice writeup! We go out to Santa Fe/Angelfire quite often. Like you, we never seem to get down to ABQ to ride or hang out. This article might inspire us to try it out. Also glad to see Teddy getting put to work. Solid dude who does a lot for the NM scene.

No mention of Le Cumbre brewery, though?
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 This was presented by the ABQ Convention and Visitors Bureau. La Cumbre is not a dues-paying member of that organization. Hot tip though, best beer in town despite what the article says.
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 @RS291: La Cumbre is legit, fun little tap room as well. Glad they distribute into CO now as well.
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 @RS291: Yup, the best beer, to the point where they shouldn't have to advertise.
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 Albuquerque is a pretty awesome spot to ride. Just moved north to Taos but I'll add shuttling the DH pirate trails on the backside of the Sandias is amazing, there are dirt jumps in the center of town, and La Cumbre makes the best beer. Tin Can Alley is a great spot for food too, and I can't not mention El Patio.

Probably some of the strong points of ABQ riding is you can ride good trails all year round, and it is generally uncrowded. The footies and White Mesa don't get much snow (and melt out fast when they do), and the backside of the Sandia's stay reasonably cool midsummer. If you want to not *only* bike all year there is also amazing hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, and even decent kiteboarding all within 3 hours or so.
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 Are they still riding Red mesa? That place was fun too.
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 @ATXZJ: yea I think so, to be honest I never actually ended up riding there
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 @IsaacWislon82: I would never have known about it, but was able to tag along with some of the Bandoleros way back in the day.
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 Where is the kiteboarding near ABQ?
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 @jmd07aa: Elephant Butte, about 2 hrs ish south. Windy season is spring, bring your wetsuit (20+ knots wind at 10% humidity gets cold!)
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 @ATXZJ: Can confirm Red Mesa is still there and still sick (if you're okay with a bit of suffering)
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 I did find it odd that the second photo is taken from the crest -- where all the best trails are -- but they didn't show any riding there. My guess is that this was written earlier in the spring when that zone was still a bit snowy.
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 @ATXZJ: Yes, I have friends who actually like to ride Red Mesa. I gave it two tries, and just found it too rocky, technical climbing to have enough work to fun ratio. Yet, two friends still always want to go out there! They go on about Tron Trail in particular.
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Cochiti lake
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 Visited ABQ, SF, and Taos for the first time least year. Main reason was for skiing/boarding but we did tons of hiking and lovely sight seeing also. Rich in history and culture. As an avid mtb and rock climber as well, I wish I had more time to spend there. The environment is quite unique too. Easily could've snowboarded, shredded mtb, and climbed all in the same week. NM is a bit of sleeper state. Def has the goods for the outdoor enthusiast all year round and not once did it feel over crowded. Hopefully not everyone catches on!
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 @ATXZJ: Dude the Bandoleros! I was out there with them for a ride or two *looks at calendar, scrolls waaaay too long* 2009.
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 I ride ALL of these trails regularly...
But you all killed it on the photography so incredibly that I just want to go out and ride them right now anyway.

Awesome stuff, great job. There's even more trails than these out here (Otero and Tunnel Canyon, Coyote-Chamisoso Network, Placitas Trails, North Albuquerque Foothills - and that's not even touching on the Sandia Ski Area or Santa Fe trail offerings).
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 @tehllama how high up can you ride in november before snow becomes an issue please? i'm looking on trailforks at the trails at all the areas you've mentioned above. thanks!
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Lately, we haven’t gotten our first snow until late Nov. The first snow generally shuts down all of the east mountain riding
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 @hllclmbr: thanks for the info
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 My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 87104
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 You want the pizza on your roof or at your doorstep?
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 Blake’s green Chili burger ain’t nothing but the truth! Land of entrapment! Miss it out there every day. Now for a joke my grandpa still tells to this day- why is it so windy in New Mexico?…..cause Texas sucks and Arizona blows!
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 "I knew I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque?" - Bugs Bunny
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 Glad to see the green chilis mentioned among the local eats. Doesn't get more New Mexico than that.
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 Gotta go xmas style! Love Duran's red chile too...good to see that tiny place make it into an article.
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 These foos aint even from Burque! Those are Santa Fe heads!
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 Blatant localism? "Yep, checks out Bob. This foo is New Mexican"
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 @chezotron: I get the point though. Why highlight local trails and not call upon local riders?
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 @dreamlink87: Teddy seems to be the main guy everyone goes to when they want to experience the NM MTB scene. Good ambassador and even better person so im not bothered but i understand the issue.
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 @IdRatherBeDHing: lol aint an issue! just playing Smile gotta represent for the Burqueños!
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 @IdRatherBeDHing: Oh for sure! They’re both awesome people who do a bunch for the sport/community. I’m just surprised that the Abq tourism arm didn’t find an Abq resident.
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 @isick: Same here. Always gotta give the NMans sheet. Wink
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 Cool writeup. Did a trip out to NM last year and did a bikepacking ride outside of Sante Fe. Afterward, we stayed in ABQ for some R&R. ABQ was an awesome place to hang out, and wish we had some energy in our legs and our normal bikes to ride the trails there!
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 Golden Pride....#9 breakfast burrito...mmm. Blakes is also super solid.
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 If you do come here know this. Burqueños are SOOO sick of Breaking Bad/Walter White references.
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 Good 2 know
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 It's odd to me that Visit Albuquerque didn't ask PinkBike to put this article out AFTER the forest trails open again.. I don't know about White Mesa or the foothills, but the Tijeras trails close tomorrow. And the east side of Sandia, & Santa Fe forests... And they'll stay closed until December, unless we have a good rainy summer. So, come now for the restaurants and beer.. but riding is limited. Also air quality is bad.
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 ABQ is a really cool zone... just make sure to lock up your catalytic converter.
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 Sometimes I ride in NM just so I can have Blake’s afterwards
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 I never miss a trip to ABQ, SF, or AF without going to the Rattlesnake Museum!
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 Way back when I was just a little bitty boy Living in a box under the stairs In the corner of the basement of the house Half a block down the street from Jerry's Bait shop You know the place...
  • 2 0
 I lived in NE ABQ for a little over 2 years and I miss the riding there every day. The entire state has a ton of great riding and it’s rarely crowded.
  • 2 0
 The back of the Sandias is pretty legit, too. Challenge, 10K, Faulty, North Course, Armijo, Ski Area, etc. Too bad everything closed today..
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 If you enjoy a special place for coffee, don’t miss out on Cutbow Coffee.
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 Jesse, we need to ride!
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 Yeah bitch
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 Nice article, but it didn’t include what the funnest trails in the area: Tunnel & Otero Canyons, Sandia Park, & Sandia Ski area…
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 Lots of good riding to do while I'm looking for Walter White's treasure.
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 Should'a turned left ...
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 Something's cooking...
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 Looks great. Both the riding and the food! Too bad I always take a left turn when I get to Albuquerque.
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 orgullo burqueño!!
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 Dont get shot by Todd !!!
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 I like how they didn't mention back of Sandia, and it's not always that fun to ride because it is hot as hell.
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 I gave it the honorable mention, but we didn't have time to check it out Smile
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 Blakes Lotaburger was a locally owned business that sold out to an out of state corporation. Now it's half as good.
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 Apparently, every night, from 6 to 605, the Desert dirt shimmers, like a sea of watermelon light...
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 yes! blow up spots that arent my local!
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 Mi pueblo natal!
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 the salamanca twins riding would be a great advertisement for this place
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 Hot dog - Jumping frog...
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 Jesse, we need to bike
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 The food is mediocre at best
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 Place is a shit hole, avoid at all costs.
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